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Lovers’ Rules Pt. 01

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This is the first story I published on another site whose rules about the age of consent are different than Literotica’s so I have re-written it to conform. I hope it still makes sense especially for those who saw the original version.

Thank you for all the feedback on my previous efforts and please let me know what you think about this. I don’t even mind the numb-nuts who troll me as it is at least a response. It’s better to have negative strokes than no strokes at all.

I try to proof read and edit all my stories but some things do slip through the net if the spell-checker accepts homophones (words that sound the same as another). The fault is all mine if I have not been vigilant enough.

Chapter 1

The July thunderstorms, which had been providing a free light show off the Croatian coast since dusk, finally hit the campsite about 10.00pm in a rage of wind and torrential rain. Dan had been watching it getting closer and closer whilst sitting drinking a few beers outside his VW Camper Van in the sultry heat and had enough time to take down his awning and store most of his outside gear under the van before the wind and rain hit hard. He was now stuck inside in the cramped interior of the small van trying to listen to music on his Ipod whilst the rain beat continuously on the roof and the wind rocked the van alarmingly despite the shelter provided by the large RV parked a few metres away.

Dan had arrived at the small campsite near the coast three days previously and been fortunate to get the last available place in a corner of the packed site. It was nearing the end of July and the summer season was in full swing. His van was jammed into a space between the RV and the external fence with thick forest beyond. It gave lots of privacy, but was a long way from the bar and the site amenities, not that he was going anywhere near them in this weather.

He was 3 months into a 6 month sabbatical from work, well, if truth be told it was an extended holiday and there was little chance that he would go back to the job and certainly not to the soon-to-be ex-wife and the small house they had shared in the suburbs of London. He thought back to the day when he’d told his boss that he would like to take a sabbatical and how liberating the feeling had been and how much simpler his life would be. He thought further back to the day he’d found out his wife of 10 years was cheating on him, helped, if that was the word, by an early return from his weekly 5-a-side football session due to a twisted ankle. He could still hear her passionate cries as he opened the door and started slowly up the stairs …

“Ooh, go on fuck me harder, fuck my arse harder … oh, godddd, yes, like that, more, MORE, YESSSS, I’M SO CLOSE! ….”

He recognized Gill’s voice but his first thoughts were: “Fuck my arse? She won’t let me anywhere near her arse, so this I need see”

He had stormed up the stairs as fast as his ankle would allow and into the bedroom to see the naked petite form of his wife spread-eagled on their bed with a guy he didn’t know pounding her shit-hole. Her hands were gripping the bedspread and her eyes were closed but he could tell she was enjoying it by the expression of bliss on her face, a look he used to know so well but not so much of late, now he knew why.

The guy saw him first and stopped just as he was about to hammer another thrust back into her clasping anus. Without opening her eyes she thrust her arse cheeks back at him and cried:

“Don’t tease me, fuck my arse, please, I need it so bad up my arse, godd I’m so close, FUCK ME”.

The last was said with her normal demanding tone when she wanted something and wasn’t getting her way.

The guy never took his eyes off Dan as he withdrew his cock from her arse with an audible pop, at which point Gill opened her eyes and saw Dan standing there. She didn’t move, just looked at him.

“Oh shit, Dan, what are you doing back”?

She continued to look at him with a slightly smug look on her face; a look of someone who’d just had a good illicit fucking, was found out but didn’t fear the consequences. However, the guy had a look of fear on his face as he collected his clothes and scuttled past Dan as he stood just inside the door to the bedroom. The front door slammed about thirty seconds later after what must have been a record for getting dressed, or maybe he had just left without any clothes on which would get the neighbours talking, thought Dan.

“Why?” he asked in a low voice, trying not to shout and scream, “Why do you find the need to fuck someone else. We used to have a fantastic sex life, but you obviously wanted something different. Who was he?”

“Who he is, is not important and, yes, I wanted some variety, we’d been getting boring” she said indignantly.

“So you just ride rough-shod over the marriage vows just to have some variety, well I’m glad you found it. Well now you’ll have lots of time to try many more new varieties. Get up, get dressed ataşehir escort and get out. Come back for any stuff you want when I’m at work.”

Now her gaze wavered, uncertainty and fear clouding her face.

“You don’t mean that, we can work this out ….”

She tailed off when she saw the resolute look on his face.

“Where will I go …?”

“The guy who had his cock in your arse five minutes ago must live somewhere; you can go and finish what I interrupted …”

He tailed off, and then finally asked the question that had been on his mind since he first heard her: “He fucked you in the arse and you were enjoying it, loving it, but every time I’ve done anything anally with you, like rim your arse or finger you, you have stopped me and said you don’t like it. So why was it ok now, with him?”

She looked at him for a long time and finally said: “Actually I always enjoyed you rimming and fingering me but I always worried that your cock is too big and would hurt me. He’s a lot smaller than you but stretches my arse wonderfully to give me an itchy, burning sensation in the arse and with a finger on my clit I get better orgasms then even you give me with your cock in my pussy or with your tongue”

At she spoke she started to squirm and Dan realised she was getting turned on by the thoughts of getting fucked in the arse, especially as she moved one of her hands under her body and obviously started to finger her pussy and clit. He also realised that his cock was starting to stretch and lengthen at the sight of her getting turned on and the memory of what he had seen as he entered the bedroom. She noticed him attempt to adjust himself and smiled coyly.

“You like the thought of fucking my arse don’t you, if it will make things right between us I’m up for it. In fact, you look like you are up for it too, big boy! Come here and rim me first, get me nice and wet although we’ll need a lot of lube for that big fucker you’ve got there.”

He thought for about it for a long time but his little brain made the decision within 2 nanoseconds, a revenge fuck would be good and then she can piss off, and limped to the bed. She started to get up but he said gruffly:

“Stay there, face down, flat on the bed like the cock hungry anal whore you are”

A look of dismay passed over her face as he reached the bed and pushed her back down onto the bed and climbed over her and knelt over the back of her thighs, trapping her. He looked at her body as she lay there and thought what a fantastic arse she has, the first thing he’d noticed about her when they met for the first time. She thought her hips were too big and she also thought her B-cup breasts were too small. Dan had thought her boobs were absolutely perfect with large biteable nipples and the curve of her arse as it swelled from her back to the two round cheeks was one of nature’s wonders.

“There’s no need to be so rough about it”

“Well that’s what you are, aren’t you?”

“I thought we were trying to make this right …”

“No, you’re trying to make this right; I just want to fuck your arse”

He ripped his football top off and threw it across the room and then lay down on her back using his weight to hold her in place while he got out of his shorts and jock-strap. The latter was no easy feat as his cock was now a rock solid 8 inches which, once free, was resting in the groove of her arse cheeks. Gill was starting to squirm again but this time as a result of his 200 pound body pressing down on her.

“Dan, please, your hurting me”

“Not as much as it will hurt you in a few minutes”

“Dan, please, I know you’re cross but if you do it nice it will be better for you and me” she pleaded, starting to sound desperate as she realised the predicament she was now in.

Coldly he replied “I don’t give a fuck how it is for you”.

Her squirming got more desperate and she tried to reverse head-butt him to shift him off. He dodged the blow and pushed his left hand on her neck at the same time as he forced her thighs open with his legs. She started to sob and continued to thrash about trying to dislodge him.

“Look, I’m going to fuck your arse whether you like it or not, so you can help me or hinder me but I’m guessing that helping will make it easier for you. Are you going to help?” After a few moments she stopped moving and nodded slowly.

“Ok, pass me the pillows so I can lift your arse of the bed” She complied and he inserted two under her lower belly. He took the opportunity to run his fingers across her clit and pussy and felt that there was some residual moisture from when she was getting turned on earlier or maybe even when she was getting fucked previously. Leaving that hand to play with her clit he shifted sideways leaving the weight of only one leg to hold her down although she did not try to force him off. He licked his fingers of the other hand and ran them down over her anus across her perineum to her pussy where kadıköy escort bayan he gathered more pussy juice which he brought back up to her arsehole. Despite his earlier desire to humiliate her, he gently spread it across her anus and then repeated the process several times, dipping a finger tip into her sphincter every now and again.

Gill by now was starting to respond to the manual stimulation of her clit, pussy and anus and began squirming against his fingers and making tiny hissing and whining sounds as she revelled in her pleasure.

“Yes, go on finger my arse and pussy, ooooh, I love you touching my arse”

He removed his hand from under her which brought a grunt of disappointment from Gill but he then swung himself around so that his head was facing down her legs and his knees were either side of her head. Gill left her legs spread as he used both hands to part her arse cheeks and lowered his mouth to her crinkled rosebud and worked his tongue around it and into it, feeling the sphincter relax and hearing the cries of delight from her as his tongue stabbed into her again and again. Keeping her arse cheeks apart as much as he could he moved his hands down between her thighs so his finger tips could play with her pussy lips and gather moisture from her open cunt which, by now, was leaking copious amounts of pussy juice.

His touch on her pussy lips and the continued tonguing of her anus was causing her hips to move in small circles as she tried to milk every ounce of sensation from his stimulation and the volume of noises coming from Gill started to increase.

“Oh, fuck, you do that so well … stick your tongue in my arse again … Oh, god, like that, again … fuck my arse with your tongue”.

He moved his head away which brought a sigh of disappointment from Gill but then brought his fingers up from her pussy and spread copious amounts of her juice over her arsehole and then pressed his middle finger of his left hand into her sphincter. She grunted and pushed her arse up at the invading finger so that it entered beyond the first knuckle. He rotated his hand and she circled her hips against his rotation, stretching and relaxing the sphincter.

“Fuck, that’s good, put another one in and stretch me for that big cock of yours”.

He partially withdrew his middle finger and then pushed it and the index finger back in at the same time as he dropped a big wad of saliva onto both fingers and arsehole.

“Yesss”, she hissed, “that’s stretching me, I can feel it burn … its sooo good.

She scrabbled with her left hand towards the tube of lube that still lay on the bed from her earlier arse fuck and passed it to him.

“Here, grease your cock with this and put some into me as we’re going to need it to get that big cock of yours into my tiny arse”.

He applied the lube to his cock with one hand and continued stretching her anus with the two fingers of the other. He withdrew the fingers and pressed the nozzle of the tube into Gill’s arse and squeezed.

She looked back and giggled, “It’s cold, but it will warm up as soon you put your cock in, come on I’m ready for you to fuck my arse, isn’t that what you want?”

He nodded and swung his body around again so he was kneeling with his buttocks resting on the back of her thighs and his lower legs lying outside hers and his cock once again was sliding along the crease between her delightful arse cheeks.

“Reach back and pull your arse cheeks apart and lift your bum up some more”, he commanded and with a delighted whimper she complied, pulling the two globes apart with her small hands and laying her head down onto the bed.

“Are you going to put that big cock into my tiny arse? Will it fit? Please be gentle, I know you said you didn’t care how I felt but it will be so much better for you if we both get off on it”. She said in a small voice muffled by the bedspread.

Without a further word he manoeuvred the head of his cock towards her brown rosebud lifting his buttocks off her legs and pointing his cock down.

As a result of his thwarted desire to fuck Gill’s arse over the years he had never actually had anal sex with anyone and was unaware of the difficulties of achieving penetration. It looked reasonably straightforward on the pornos he’d seen but after several futile efforts to engage the head of his cock in Gill’s anal pucker she raised her head and looked back.

“Come on, get it in big boy, I need my arse fucking, what’s the matter, too big?”

“No, the angle is wrong”

“Ok, let’s try another way, lie down on the bed”

He quickly rolled off her and lay back with his thick cock sticking up at an angle from his groin looking at her as she climbed over him and sat down with his cock pressed between her pussy lips and his stomach with the head peeking out from between her thighs. She slid backwards and forwards a few times with gasps of pleasure each time her clit came in contact with the head escort maltepe of his cock and then slid all the way forward so his cock sprang free behind her. She lifted her buttocks up and reached back with one hand to capture his cock whilst balancing herself on his chest with the other.

“God, he’s even bigger today than normal, is it because he knows he is going to fuck my poor defenceless arse?”

She moved her buttocks in small circles at the same time as she presented his cock head to her anus and once aligned she started to descend and push back capturing the tip, which was now leaking pre-cum, in her sphincter which started to open against the pressure and the effect of gravity as she lowered her weight onto him.

“Oh, God, it’s like a fucking baseball bat, It’s going to rip me in two, but the stretching is burning soooo good! Oh! Fuck! It’s … Going … IN.” She hyperventilated like she was doing birthing breathing exercises.

With an almost audible pop her sphincter closed around the head of his cock and she rested for a moment to catch her breath and allow the pain of stretching to start to recede. Dan felt that he had a steel band around the head of his cock and desperately wanted to launch a massive upwards fuck to lodge it all the way into her tight clinging arsehole but, despite his early desire for a revenge fuck, he resisted the urge and instead reached up with both hands to capture her tits and the raspberry shaped nipples that stood firm and proud.

“Oh, yes, do that and bite them kiss them, lick them” she gasped and in doing so lost concentration on holding steady and dropped another inch so that the well lubricated cock moved further up the equally lubricated arse.

“Fuck, your cock is so fucking, fucking big, it feels you’ve put a log up my arse, I hope you’re enjoying this you bastard”

“You’re the cock hungry anal whore so you should be enjoying it too” he said viciously and then mouthed “sorry” as a look of hurt passed across her face and they both grimaced together as she dropped further onto his cock which was still only 3 inches inside her arse.

“Oh, good Christ, your arse is so fucking tight, it feels like my cock is being gripped by a giant fist”

Gill felt like she had fist in her arse but one that was being thrust up into her guts rather than the one Dan thought was gripping his cock. She had been right to be worried about the pain of anal sex with him but the earlier reaming had partially stretched her and now the pleasure of the burn was starting to kick in. At least this position allowed her to control the movement whilst she got acclimatised to the size of his cock but later, when she was well stretched, she hoped he would last long enough to really pound her arse. She lifted back up a couple of inches so the head of Dan’s cock sat just inside her sphincter. She quickly fucked her hips down and up a couple of times which brought gasps from both of them and she repeated the movement dropping further down each time until half of Dan’s cock was buried in her shit-chute.

Gill let her head and upper body fall forward as she found it increasingly difficult to hold herself upright and Dan’s arms moved around her as he pulled her head down into a long sensuous kiss while they squirmed together working a few more inches into her tight rectum. He moved both hands to clasp her firm buttocks and pulled downwards very hard at the same time as he fucked upwards so the rest of his cock surged up her arse until his ball sack rested against her very wet pussy. Gill threw her head back and wailed.

“Oh fuck your cock is in balls deep, I love it, I love your big fat cock all the way in my tiny arse” and then proceeded to pump her own hips up and down rapidly on the huge spike.

“Oh, god is it good for you? Tell me you want to fuck my arse again”.

All thoughts of a revenge fuck had now left Dan’s mind and all he could think about was fucking this gorgeous tight gripping arse for ever and ever. He looked up at her and said “Whose arse is it, who’s the only one that will fuck it from now on, what are you”?

“Oh, Dan, Oh, god, I am your cock hungry anal whore, I just love having your big thick cock in my arse, no-one will fuck my arse ever again, it is only for YOU” and she started to sob with lust as she continued to pump her arse up and down against his savage cock thrusts.

Despite the position not permitting any direct manual stimulation of her clit she was starting to feel the first tremors of an orgasm which was different from any she had ever felt before, she was going to come!

“Fuck me I’m going to come from your cock in my arse … keep pounding my tight little arse … make your cock hungry anal whore come with that big fucking cock” she panted as the tremors started building higher and higher.

Dan heard her cries and knew that he was not far away from coming himself and tried to match his thrusts with her increasingly frantic movements against his cock without much success. He needed more leverage so without losing contact he rolled them both over so Gill was underneath. The movement caught her by surprise and she then found herself almost bent double as he pulled and pushed her legs up so her knees were near her head.

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