Temmuz 13, 2024

Love on the Mountain

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My name is Sarah Jane Carmichael. I’m thirty five years old, disappointed in my life and I don’t know why. I have a great career and a nice house and I am very comfortable. I’ve never had trouble finding partners. I was still attractive with long dark chestnut hair and big soft brown eyes. I looked more delicate than I was and I enjoyed sports and the outdoors more than I liked most people.

I suppose that’s what started everything. I wanted to be outside all the time. It didn’t matter what the season, and I preferred to be alone. I found myself more and more isolated. Eventually I looked around and it was just me knocking around my big empty house. It made me sad and frankly more than a little lonely. I decided a trek up Mt. Shelton was just the ticket.

I had always been a little reckless. Lately I seemed to need more and more challenges in my life and it led to me taking risks. Risks in my work life and my private life. It had taken its toll on me and I needed to get away for some time. Besides, I just couldn’t bear to be alone in the city on yet another Valentines day. I made my plans and took off.

I had no one else to inform so I just let the park service know my plans and started up. It was Valentine’s day weekend and I knew not many people would be up on the mountain so I extra prepped just in case. I packed heavy and brought a GPS along too. I had a bad habit of over confidence and this was to be no different. I failed to check the weather, a real rookie mistake.

This mountain was a beast at the best of times. It was why I had chosen it but I had not prepared for how hard it was technically. I managed to make it past a few really tricky parts but soon enough I lost the trail completely. That’s when the storm hit. Between the howling winds and heavy snow I was in trouble. I had to get off this mountain.

All my extra equipment was a blessing as well as a curse and all I could do was hunker down for the first day. I made a camp in a small lee and used my camp stove to make tea. With the winds trying to rip my tent away and the chill setting into my bones I started to get really scared. Night was falling and no one was coming to get me in this storm.

I began to realize I might not make it. Just as I started to really panic, the weather let up just enough that I thought I could move. I grabbed my pack and tent and as fast as I could I headed down. It was so cold and wet my hands and feet were soon frozen through. Still I moved, hauling my ass for all I could muster. Down I climbed and to my relief, just as the winds whipped up again, I hit the tree line.

It wasn’t much but It might mean the difference between me living or dying on that mountain. I kept crawling and sliding down until I had no choice but to stop. The blizzard was blinding now and all I could do was dig myself a snow cave and wait for some relief. I wrapped myself in my sleeping bag and then my tent and I curled up and slept fitfully with the storm raging around me.

I woke up and for a few minutes didn’t know where I was. Everything was still now and dark. I found myself short of air. Suddenly it all came back and in a panic I realized I was snowed in. I found a tent pole and poked up until I saw sky and the fresh air poured in. I dug myself out to find a surreal and gorgeous winter day.

I was still lost however and still not safe. In fact I was very very cold and shock was setting in. My mind started seeing things because suddenly there was a path through the dense woods. I started following it and just left my supplies there behind me, buried in my snow cave. I walked and stumbled for hours it seemed. I became sure I would die soon. Then just as it was getting dark I caught sight of a small cabin ahead of me.

Nestled amongst the pine was a dilapidated looking shack. There was smoke coming from the chimney though and one cheery window all a glow. I hurried on my frozen feet knowing it was my only chance. I fell against the door because I couldn’t bursa escort even lift my arms anymore. It opened and I fell in and for a time all was lost to me.

I remember things in flashes. Someone’s gentle hands undressing me. Rubbing my frozen flesh to warm me and to stimulate the blood flow. Then the pain came and strong arms held me as I struggled in agony. With warmth and tea and safety and comfort, slowly I came back to myself.

I was lying in a bed, warm and comfortable. I became aware of a body next to mine sleeping with his arms around me. I could feel his taut and muscled body warming mine. Skin to skin we lay there together. I could feel his manhood pressed against my back side and I started getting excited. I could feel his strength and smell his musky manly scent.

He must have felt me stirring because his arms tighten around me and he gave a sleepy moan. Yawning he rose from the narrow bed and stood stoking the wood stove. He was indeed naked and a magnificent specimen. He was tall and strong but slender too. His hair was long and unkempt and hung down his back. I couldn’t see any features in the dim light but I did see he was very well endowed indeed.

As though he felt my eyes on him he turned his back to me and continued to build our morning fire. I started to shudder again with his warmth gone and when he heard my teeth chattering, he came back to bed to warm me. I was suddenly aware that I was naked too and his body was wrapped around mine skin to skin. Before I could do much about it I was fast asleep again.

Days went by like that. I was only sporadically conscious and he patiently cared for me. I remember his strong hand holding my head as he brought nourishing meaty broths to my lips. He was never far from me and worked hard to save my life. One day I awoke and I was alone in the one room hut.

My wild man had left a hearty fire going and I was toasty warm. There was even soup warming and smelling delicious. I took the chance to really look around for the first time. It was indeed a largish one room shanty. The walls were insulated roughly using natural materials and the roof looked like a large piece of siding. It was rough but very clean and warm. I saw my clothes hanging on the wall neat as a pin.

Other than tools and natural materials there were little signs of modern man. I could see nothing that would help me identify this guy at all. It was almost like he was out of time itself. A true nomad living off the land. Slowly my eyes noticed some creature comforts after all. There was soap and shampoo sitting in a tub for instance.

A whole shelf of canned food ran along one wall. Fully stocked with modern food. I got up just long enough to grab the soup then got right back into bed. I still felt chilled in my bones somehow, even in the cheery warmth of the hut. Sipping the warm liquid I noticed a small collection of poetry books next to the bed.

Who was this guy? I was already sleepy again and gave up my musing to rest. He must have come back while I was out because the next thing I know he was gently shaking me awake. There beside the stove was the tub filled with steamy water. With a blush I realized what he wanted.

I was to bathe in front of him. We had slept next to each other buff naked for days now but I was suddenly shy. He smiled at my modesty and pulled me gently up. I stood before him and felt my blush creep down my whole body. He said nothing at all but led me to the tub and encouraged me to step in.

I was too overwhelmed to do anything but obey him. The water felt incredible on my feet and calves and the tub was large enough for me to sit in. He indeed gestured that I should do just that. Before I could object he began sluicing water onto my shoulders and hair. Was he going to bathe me?

He tilted my head back and soaked my long hair. Then gently he lathered it up. I was enjoying the sensations way too much to stay embarrassed and just gave in to him. His hands were strong and bursa escort bayan deft and as he rinsed my hair he gently worked out tangles. Once my head was done he asked me to stand and began soaping up my body.

I could barely contain myself as his hands slid all over me. He rinsed me and had me step out. Wrapping me in towels he encouraged me back to bad and handed me hot tea. Then to my delight he started his own bath. He cleared out my bath water first then when fresh water was added to the tub he stripped.

I caught my breath. He was beautiful. Each slender muscle was etched out and perfectly proportioned. I wanted desperately to be those hands running across his burnished skin. My breathing was getting faster as I imagined my mouth following my hands and tasting him.

When he started washing his large member I realized he was looking directly at me. He was fully erect and though I found myself blushing I deliberately licked my lips. What I would give to put him in my mouth and swallow his load. I watched him playing with himself faster and faster. He was going to come just looking at me.

My pussy was dripping and I reached down and rubbed my swollen clit. I came first crying out, then he came too with a deep resonate moan. He cleaned up and came to the bed. He leaned over and to my surprise he kissed me lightly on my lips. Impulsively I held my fingers to his lips. They were dripping in my juices and he licked them clean.

Pulling aside the blankets he opened my legs and licked my wet pussy too. His thick beard tickled me at first but then his hot mouth and tongue made me forget about everything. All I could think about were the sensations running through me. As he slowly and intensely ate me out I gave in to him completely.

My body was trembling and my breathing heavy as he built me up to orgasm. He slid his fingers into me and I exploded. He let me come but kept going until I came again and again. I felt shattered by that orgasm. He moved up my body and held me, kissing my shoulder and neck gently.

I must have slept. When I woke up it was dark and he was beside me sleeping. I could still feel the mighty orgasms he had given running through my body like waves. I could feel his breath on the back of my neck as he slept. I could also feel his large cock against my back. He might have been the wild man but I felt animalistic in my lust. I wanted him inside me. I wanted his hard cock, balls deep, in me right now.

He stirred behind me and I took the opportunity to reach back and put his soft member between my legs. Soon enough it was harder as I rubbed my sex against him. As he grew and woke I started pressing his hard cock to my clit. He started thrusting on his own and I came hard and fast.

Still spooning me he slipped inside me and buried himself in my wet folds. Then slowly pulling out he plunged in again. He built his pace slowly and when I was close he reached around and found my clit. With his deft hands he played it to orgasm as he came deep inside me. Twined together we slept.

The next day I woke up alone again. There was no fire this time and no soup either. There was wood though and the canned food. My clothes were still there as well. He was gone though. I was surprised to realize I didn’t know his name. In fact had he said anything to me? Had he spoken at all?

I got the little stove going and got dressed. It felt strange to be clothed again. So after eating and cleaning up I got back to bed nude and I waited for him to return. I realized I had no motivation to be ‘rescued’ anymore. I only wanted him now. I slept thinking of his body next to mine.

As if dreaming made it so I awoke to his arms around me. He was cold but soon the heat of the bed and my body warmed him. I could feel his cold lips on my neck and pressed myself closer to him. He tightened his arms and found a breast in one hand. His touch inflamed me further and soon his mouth was hot and kissing my neck with passion.

I escort bursa turned in his arms so we were facing and kissed him on the mouth. Pushing him down I climbed on top of him. I couldn’t get enough and I started grinding on his erect member. He pulled me down to put my breasts in his mouth. His tongue felt wonderful sucking and nibbling my nipples. I reached around to put him inside me.

I started slow, taking him all in then pulling out till I was at the tip before plunging his cock back inside me. Soon though I was riding him hard and fast. Throwing my head back and grinding I came gushing out over his raging cock. He kept going for a few strokes before coming himself. We collapsed together on the bed and slept again.

Sometime later I floated up through my dreams to consciousness. He was between my legs eating my pussy. Every nerve in my body felt alive as he worked my sex with his tongue and mouth. I had never woken up like this and it was amazing. Fully awake now and crying out he brings me to an earth shaking orgasm. While I am still coming he rises up and plunges his long, hard cock into me.

He fucks me fast and hard. I am shattered into a thousand pieces. I don’t know my own name anymore. I only know him and his body. I come again and again while he fucks me. When I think I can’t take anymore he pulls out and starts to eat my sensitive pussy again. I scream, in a voice not my own, my cries hitting the ceiling.

I belong to him now. Completely and totally. He knows my body better than I do. He flips me over and takes me from behind. He is merciless, fucking me harder and faster till he comes. Again we sleep entwined together. I never want to be anywhere else. I am not sure where my dreams begin and reality starts.

The next time I wake up the shanty is cold and empty. He is gone and I find no wood for a fire and finally realize I will have to get dressed and go outside to find some myself. Getting dressed is hard somehow. My clothes feel so awkward and confining. Shivering in the cold hut leaves me little choice. I put my real life clothes on feeling alien.

Outside my lover has left a pile of wood for me but not enough. I venture further to gather more hoping to see him come home. The bitter cold drives me back inside before long however but hopefully with enough wood to last the night. When morning comes he is still not back.

I realize the poetry books are gone too and I start to cry. I have to get off this mountain. He has left me a pack. Food and water enough to get me down. Still crying I leave our mountain love shack and start out. In only a few feet the hut disappears behind me, swallowed by the trees.

As I stumble out of the dense pine forest I find a trail. My feet are on even ground and surer now. I start to feel better. He is already receding for me like a dream upon waking. My body knows better though and I can still feel a deep longing for him drawing up from my sex into my throat. Even if I tried for a hundred years I would never find the shack again.

Suddenly I heard a voice calling my name snapping me out of my reverie.

“Sarah,” and again “Sarah.”

At first I couldn’t find my voice. How long has it been since I’ve spoken aloud? Then just a rusty croak. I swallowed and tried again.

“Here,” I say. Then louder and stronger, “Here I am.”

A park ranger appears before my weary eyes like an illusion.

“Sarah Jane? It sure is great to see you.”

The next thing I know I was swept up in his strong arms.

“There, there,” he said softly. “You’re safe now, everything will be okay.”

It was a week. One week that I was lost on that Mountain. Not lost for me but found. The ranger who carried me down the mountain? Well his name is Steve and we are married now. He doesn’t know about my wild man. He wouldn’t understand or believe me anyway. I spent another week in hospital and delirious after being saved.

My body still remembers though. Just between us I only have to close my eyes and think of my mountain man and I get wet and horny. A wildness comes over me and I become uninhibited too. Steve sure doesn’t mind. So that’s how I almost died on the mountain but found love too, twice.

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