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Lost Flight

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Life takes many strange turns, and it is the unexpected turns that keep it interesting. What seems at first to be insignificant, may actually be a life-changing event, and conversely, what seems to be significant may soon fade to a distant memory. Such was an odd twist of fate that put Jan in this place and this time.

The announcement came from the pilot that the plane had a minor problem and that they would have to set down at the nearest airport. Jan really didn’t like flying alone, now to have the concerns of landing with a possibly crippled aircraft was more than she wanted to deal with. Would she be stuck in the terminal of some god-forsaken town for the night, with no place to sleep and no change of clothes! She really wished that she had carried her luggage on.

The landing was uneventful and the passengers let out a collective sigh as the plane rolled to a stop and they were allowed to deplane at a jet way. Gate agents met the passengers in the terminal, and handed out room and meal vouchers and pointed the passengers toward waiting vans that would take them to hotels where they could spend the night. It wasn’t possible to get the luggage, but the hotels will have overnight kits for those passengers who would like to have them.

Jan caught a van to her hotel. She noticed a man sitting in the back. He was tall, and broad shouldered and handsome. He looked familiar as if she had seen him in a dream. He looked up and caught her gaze with his green eye. He smiled at her and she quickly looked away, inwardly embarrassed at her thoughts.

She left the front desk with her key in hand. The line in front of the elevators was too long and she decided to just take the stairs to the second floor. She found herself following the guy from the van, his jeans framing his tight kartal escort ass as he bound up the stairs two at a time.

He realized that she was behind him, and stopped on the stair landing and held the door open for her. She saw the strength in his arms and chest as he held the door open for him. Jan went to her room and started to open the door, his door was next to hers. He smiled and bade her good night as she disappeared into her room. She couldn’t quite explain the feeling that she was having. She thought that it was nothing that a warm shower couldn’t take care of.

The warm water felt good cascading over her body. It helped relieve the tension induced by travel stresses. She could feel the tension drain from her fingers and toes, magically disappearing with the warm water down the drain. The warm water running between her legs, over her lips, and down her thigh began to catch her attention. She stepped back from the shower stream, directing it against her pussy. The stream pulsated against her skin as she leaned back and sat in the tub. She moved her hips until the stream hit directly against her clit, sending shivers to her nipples.

She the steam from the warm shower entered her nostrils as she breathed the steam deeply into her lungs. She rolled her nipples between her finger and thumb as the water pulsed between her lips, causing her body to shiver. She thought of the handsome stranger and wondered if he could hear the water running in her room. She wondered if he was thinking of her in the shower and what effect this had on his body. She wondered if he were in bed, thinking of her naked with the water running over her body, wondering if he were stroking his cock. Thoughts of him, using her image to pleasuring himself . She spread herself wider, maltepe escort bayan taking the direct force of the water on her clit. Her hips rose towards the water and her body rocked with waves of pleasure. She lay in the tub, the force of the water striking her stomach. Her body quivered.

Weakly she rose from the tub. She turned off the water and grabbed a towel to dry her skin. Her privates were tender and swollen, but she still felt arousal. She looked in the mirror. ‘My body still looks good, I wonder what the stranger would think to see my like this’, she thought to herself.

She wrapped herself in a towel and left the bathroom. She saw the suite door dividing her room with the tall handsome stranger. Out of curiosity, she walked to the door and opened it; the door to his side was ajar. Jan pushed the door and started to step into the room, wondering what it would feel like to be in another man’s arms.

Through the dim light, Jan could see his form under the covers. The shower had only served to arouse her, she wanted to feel him inside her. She slid into the covers next to him, feeling the warmth of his skin next to hers. He reached out and pulled her closer to him, she pressing her lips against his chest, smelling his scent and realized he had just showered as well. She pressed her lips against his chest, running her tongue over his skin, circling his nipple, she could feel a moan rising from his stomach and him swell against her leg. The dampness between her legs had nothing to do with her shower now.

Jan slid her lips down his broad chest, over his stomach and down his right thigh. Teasingly, she slid her tongue over his balls as she slid over to the other thigh, then nibbled her way up toward his hard cock. She took his shaft into her escort pendik hand and slowly stroked it as nibbled at the tip of the head. She stretched her mouth to take him inside her, then let him slide deeply into her throat. She could feel his body quivering, so she cupped his balls and pulled back slowly, sucking the sweet pre-cum from the end of his rod.

Forcefully, she pushed him onto his back. Her pussy ached for him and she straddled his hips, taking his hard cock inside her. She loved the sensation as he split her, sliding between her lips, opening her as she slid down onto his shaft. She was hot and wet, getting only more so as she rocked on top of him. She grabbed his pectoral muscles and rode him, grinding her hips against him, feeling him deep inside her, her body shuddered and her juices ran down his shaft, between his legs.

The stranger pulled her to him rising up to his knees with little effort at all. She felt the power in his arms, and shoulders as he took control of her, firmly and gently. She put her arms around his neck and held onto him tightly, leaning back and taking the full extent of his staff inside her. Holding her by the hips, he rocked her on top of him and leaned forward and took her nipple into his mouth. He sucked it into his mouth and massaged the end with his tongue. Together they moved as though they had been lovers for years. The flames of passion fully engulfed her min, body, and soul. She felt him shudder, then felt a wave of orgasm overcome her as he exploded inside her. They collapsed in a heap, limbs intertwined, panting in a pool of cum and sweat.

She lay on the bed, her head against his chest, realizing what had just taken place. She lay there thinking as he stroked her hair, feeling his warm breath on her neck. Jan was not feeling regret, but in over 25 years she had never strayed outside her marriage. A situation had never arisen like this before. There was nothing that she could do about it now, so she snuggled up close and fell away to sleep. Things would take care of itself in the morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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