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Lori Takes On…

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Lori lays back on the bed with her long, tanned legs splayed wide open. Her smooth, clean-shaven pussy was glistening in anticipation of the pounding it was about to receive. She had a hungry look in her eye as she took the bottle of lube off the nightstand and generously slathered it all over the bulbous head and thickly-veined shaft of the 10″ dildo.

She takes the tool and begins to rub the thick, slick tip up and down her slit and labia until it glides easily along the opening of her pussy. She closes her eyes and tilts her head back as she feels her breathing start to quicken. Her body flinches each time the slippery cock touches her swelling clitoris. Her sexual appetite for a good, hard fucking is becoming more than she can hold back from any longer.

Slowly and with even pressure she begins to press the head of the dildo into her opening. Her pussy is tight and strong and resists the girth of the fat cock. Lori feels her cunt begin to open as she continues to press harder as the thick ridge of the dick’s head is slowly forced into her opening. Just as the ridge of the head pushes past her opening, she pulls it out feeling her pussy grabbing to keep it from coming out.

Lori immediately jams the head of the cock back into her tight cunt, this time pressing it a little deeper. She repeats her removal maneuver and her hips begin to squirm underneath her as her temperature continues to rise. Each time the thick ridge of meat slides out of her, she takes a sharp breath as it grazes her now engorged clit. Each stroke takes the thick shaft a little deeper and the intensity of her breathing increases as the dildo begins to fill her sweet pussy.

She reaches over with one hand and turns on the vibration controls for the instrument of pleasure that is now ½ its length impaled inside her. The 10″ thickly veined shaft begins to buzz along the walls of her clamped-tight pussy. This is like throwing gasoline on her sexual fire. At this point Lori has forgotten that her husband is in the room with his cameras capturing her sexual fury.

With the dildo buzzing full-steam, Lori starts to long-stroke the cock in and out of her dripping wet cunt. On each stroke she removes just enough of the head of the cock to create pressure on her clit and opening as she pounds it back inside. The pumping cock begins to make slurpy, squishy noises as her outer pussy lips have become swollen and slick with pleasure. Her clitoris is aching for direct attention. With her free hand. Lori begins to work her nub of hedonism. Her fires are stoked beyond her imagination now. She grabs the base of the cock with both hands now and slams home the full length of the thick shaft to the hilt. As it hits bottom she arches her back and cries out in pure pleasure with every inch of the dildo buried inside her. It continues to buzz as her pussy is clamping and spazzing around the massive tool.

Quickly now Lori begins to pound her pussy long and hard with every bit of strength she can muster. With each stroke she hits bottom and feels the slippery balls of the cock slap against her ass. At this moment she cannot do it hard enough or fast enough to satisfy her hunger for cock. She is completely lost in herself now as she works the dildo like a piston, machine-like in and out of her very slippery pussy. The dildo is still buzzing like a storm of bees inside her hot box and she continues to feel herself sliding completely over the edge. David not only captures the incredibly hot scene of his wife plowing herself with this massive cock, he also focuses on the intensity of emotion he sees in her face and the sounds of her releasing pent-up sexual energy. She looks amazing and he continues to take pictures from every conceivable angle.

Pumping furiously, Lori cries out in ecstasy as bahis firmaları the waves of a massive orgasm wash over her entire body. Without missing a single stroke, she rolls from one orgasm to the next, her head exploding in fireworks of euphoria.

Her chest and firm breasts are heaving as she tries to catch her breath. The vibrating shaft is still firmly planted in her clinched cunt. Lori’s outer labia are swollen, puffy, and wrapped around the base of the dripping cock. She stretches her legs out straight and flexes her pelvis to hold the humming dildo firmly in place without using her hands. She arches her back and caresses her breasts and rolls her rock-hard nipples between her thumb and forefinger. The camera’s eye continues to capture the heat she is emitting.

One of her hands slides slowly down her smooth tummy to find her hypersensitive clit. With 2 fingers she applies constant pressure to her love button that makes her juices begin to flow again. She can feel the electricity of the humming cock in her pussy pulse though her clitoris as she begins to work it just so. Lori has never felt more in touch with her sexuality and she is ready to take it wherever her unbridled passions might take her. As she slips the massive tool from her pussy she feels a void she know must be filled again quickly.

She rolls over onto her stomach and arches her back like a cat in heat. From behind, her pussy is protruding like a juicy piece of fruit, ripe for the taking. David knows what she wants as she waggles her fine ass in the air, inviting him to take his turn giving her the fucked hard and put up wet she so desires.

Lori grabs the headboard with both hands as he takes up the fat cock and moves in behind her. The thick tip of the dildo is still glistening from the flood of her orgasmic activity.

David teases her pouty, puffy, pussy lips causing her to wiggle and writhe her hips in anticipation. She pleads with him to “Fuck me hard!”. She will get what she wants, but not just yet. With one hand she slips her index finger into her sloppy, dripping-wet cunt. Her pussy begins to flow like a river as she thinks about being full of cock again.

David positions the bulbous head just between her beautiful pussy lips. Lori does not hesitate and takes matters into her own hands now and presses herself back onto the prick, moaning in sweet pleasure. She slides back as the walls of her cunt are again expanded and filled with glorious dick.

Her moans of pleasure emanate though the entire room in synch with her motions as she pushes herself upon the hard rod. Each time as she pulls herself forward, she just allows the tip of the cock to slip out of her vise-like pussy. Just as the fat head of the dildo is at her opening, she quickly presses her body back along the entire length of the shaft harder and deeper than even before.

From this angle, the buzzing length of meat is making her clitoris go absolutely crazy. As she strokes herself longer and deeper along the shaft she calls out repeatedly ” Oh fuck yes!” Lori sinks all the way back on the shaft with as much force as she can muster. David meets her effort by pounding the cock home and it hits her like a ton of bricks. She is cumming hard now and crying out in prolonged pleasure. The extra fat tip of the cock feels it has hit the back of her belly button it is so deep.

Lori presses her arms straight out and flexes her back to tilt her ass in the air and grind the entire shaft of the cock along her engorged clit, her hypersensitive g-spot, and the dead-end of her vagina. Panting hard to catch her breath with her back fully-arched, David reaches around and glides his two fingers along her slit and clitoris making her shudder in hedonistic pleasure.

David sets the pace of her fucking now. kaçak iddaa With long, strong, fluid strokes he gives her every inch that she craves. As he starts to build the rhythm her orgasm starts to wreck havoc on her body again. Still slippery with her juices, he takes his finger and presses it against the bud of her ass.

A new buzz of intensity flows though her as she revels in the new sensations. Her cunt is packed full of cock as his finger is pressing into her nether region. His finger begins to slide easier into her ass as her pussy and anus both clamp down hard. “Oh Fuck!’ She cries out as David continues to ravage her pussy like a piston in a motor. He has 2 fingers in her ass now as she bucks wildly against the dick and his hand.

“I want your cock in my ass now!” she says. What is he to do at this point but comply with her request. She rolls over onto her back keeping her pussy crammed with the buzzing dildo. With one hand she strokes the cock in and out of her overflowing pussy while she frigs her clit as her head explodes in another orgasm.

Her own juices flow down the crack of her ass as David positions his throbbing cock at the entrance to her ass. With her legs spread wide she begins to take on the second cock in her second orifice. David presses his stiff member into her clinched hole. As the head passes inside his cock is gripped like never before.

As the first few inches penetrate he begins to feel the hard buzzing shaft through her inner walls. Lori throws her head back and revel in the intensity of her fulfillment. Her first double-penetration and she is loving every moment.

David takes his time as not to overwhelm his vixen in her moments of absolute vulnerability. Lori begins to move the dildo slowly at first as David continues to sink his cock deeper. At first the shafts seem to be working opposite one another. As David’s dick begins to long-stroke it way home the dildo would be sliding out creating pressure at the opening of her cunt.

In one motion Lori double-pumps the full length and matches the pounding of David’s shaft. The next motion has the two shafts has Lori packed to the brim with cock. His balls are tense like a ticking time-bomb waiting to go off. He matches he strokes and begins to explode into the depths of her ass. She is on the brink as well and the pulsing and twitching of his cock inside her sets her off on a mid-numbing orgasm of a lifetime. She cums harder than she ever has at that moment.

With both cocks buried to the core, they lie there as soul mates in a sweaty heap of orgasmic afterglow. Thankfully the batteries on his camcorder held up for this intense action and captured a great angle for them to take down memory lane. Lori’s chest and beautiful breasts are beaded with sweat and heaving as she absorbs every ounce of this ultimate orgasm.

As David slips out he grabs her ankles and raises her feet together above her head with the entire dildo still impaled inside her. She grabs the back of her legs and David grabs his digital camera to start shooting stills again as the video camera rolls on.

Lori is in a coma of endorphins shooting off in her head. As she rolls to the side the pulsing vibe slides out of her pussy and a trickle of the river of pleasure that has been flowing though her begins to seep out of her.

David suggests a change of scenery for the happy narrative he has been so lucky to bear witness to. He takes her hand and slowly removes the cock from her. Lori’s pussy is gaping wide open and flowing with a river of her own juices. She takes up her instrument of pleasure and sashays her fine ass into the bathroom.

David checks his digital camera and the battery on his video camera. Tonight his wife is giving him the gift of gifts. She is baring her sexual kaçak bahis soul to him and he is preserving the images for them both to re-live again and again.

Lori turns on the shower and steps in, allowing the stream of hot water to race over her flushed skin. With cock still in hand, she suctions the massive tool to the seat in the shower. Hungrily she runs her tongue along the shaft and revels in the scent and taste of her own sweet nectar. Even after the ravaging of her cunt a few short minutes ago, her pussy is aching to have the void between her legs filled again.

David zooms in with his lens to capture this incredibly hot scene. He is tormented beyond belief with a desire to take his wife in his arms and become one with her in every way. Something about the way she has been creating pleasure for herself with her own hand tells him this is something extra special and to let her go with it as far as she wants to go and then some.

He has a hard time keeping the camera steady as she turns around to take it from behind. Lori reaches back between her legs and grabs the massive head of the thick cock. She rubs the thick ridge of meat long the opening of her willing pussy. Even after the pounding she gave herself with the massive tool a few moments ago she is still impressed by it girth as the fat head of the dick splits her from behind.

As she begins to sink on the length of the shaft, the rock-hard tip makes direct contact with her spongy, ultra-sensitive G-spot. Her entire body quivers as it grazes along her hottest of hot spots. As she works the tip back and forth firmly in this erogenous zone both her hands find her ample breasts and knead them roughly as the hot water continues to spray across her body. She is an amazingly beautiful form at this moment.

The tape continues to roll and the shots click away on the camera. David is in awe at the sexuality Lori is exuding. He always knew it was there. She is smoldering hot now as she slides further up and down along the shaft careful to make sure she keeps all the right pressure on all the right places.

At this point she cannot deny herself the fullness of the entire prick inside her. In one motion she fully lowers herself on the shaft and allows her body weight to add the emphasis of the fuck she so desperately needs. She pauses just long enough with the tip of the cock at complete ground zero. The fullness she is experiencing at this moment is mind numbing. She can feel to outer lips of her pussy mingling with the hard slick balls of the dildo. The humming of the vibe adds a dimension of pleasure that begins to rock her world.

She begins to slowly rise and fall along the entire length of her newfound implement of gratification. She pulls up until just the tip of the cock is barely inside her. A slight pause and she allows the complete cock to violently slam into her core. It touches places in her that have never been touched before. She begins to ride that thing like there is no tomorrow. With every stroke she cries out in pleasure.

Lori is furiously working her clit now as she turns herself loose and fucks with reckless abandon. Her legs are quivering as she does all she can to maintain the strength to rise and fall on the shaft and keep the constancy of her ongoing orgasm flowing onward. With one final stroke she allows her body to collapse on the dildo as she calls out in prolonged fucked-hard orgasm.

Completely filled and fulfilled, she allows the buzzing vibe to pulse inside her. David is at a loss for words as he watches the most beautiful creature on the planet wiggle and writhe as her body continues to convulse from the extended-length orgasm she is still experiencing at this very moment.

Turning off the water, David takes a towel and wraps it snugly around his bride of infinite passion. He takes her to bed and brushes the hair from her flushed, sweaty cheeks. She is aglow. He gently caresses her every inch as she begins to reconnect with the world around her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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