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Long Lost Cousins

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When I was a kid, I spent a lot of time with my older cousin Andy. We lived in the same town in Delaware, and only a few blocks away from each other. Andy and I played all of the normal games that kids play– cops and robbers (he would always make me be the robbers), cowboys and Indians… Okay, what all normal BOYS played, but I was a tomboy so it was normal for me too. We played “doctor” and “you show me yours I’ll show you mine” a few times, but never thought anything of it.

My uncle got an out of state job, and they moved down to Florida when I was about 8 (Andy was 12). It wasn’t until a few summers ago that I saw him again. Back when Myspace was a big deal, I one day in April and had an email and friend request from him, and I was so excited!! He didn’t have any pictures on his page, he said because he didn’t have much time to update it and didn’t have a camera, so I was still picturing him the way I did when we were younger. He told me how great I looked and on the phone said “I mean, I know it’s weird to say and all because you’re my cousin– but you got HOT!!” I was flattered, and I had to admit, a TINY bit excited by that, but I brushed it off. I figured he was just joking or being playful, it isn’t like I suspected him of wanting me in sexual way or anything.

We started chatting and became close via internet and phone. We talked about getting together, but didn’t really make any solid plans for a while. Now, our grandparents live on a lake in Connecticut and they were always inviting me to stay with them. I told Andy about this, and he said that would be a great idea to get together finally. So we set it up with my grandparents, I would stay a week in the beginning of July, and he would only be able to stay the weekend because he had work. It was set.

I got there on a Sunday night, had fun playing Rummy with my grandparents, watching movies, shopping with my Grandmother and listening to them bicker with each other like an old married couple. Then Thursday night sometime after dinner Andy sent me a text saying he was catching his flight up in an hour. I was so excited!! It had been so long, and I couldn’t wait to see him!

I was asleep in my grandparents spare bedroom when he got to the house, but when I woke up he was sleeping on the couch with his blankets. I looked at him for a second, just studying him. It had been 10 years since I had seen him, he looked so different! He was tan, and in shape and- Wow he had facial hair now! I didn’t want to wake him up, so I just went to the kitchen and poured myself a bowl of cereal. I was reading though a boring boating magazine that my grandpa had left sitting on the table and eating my Wheaties when I looked up and saw my cousin at the entrance to the kitchen, hair a mess, rubbing his eyes, sporting nothing but a pair of boxers and—OOPS—Morning wood! The tip of his cock was actually sticking out of the top of his boxers, and he seemed completely oblivious. I know it sounds cliche, but it was the biggest cock I had ever seen in person up to that point (I was younger and very inexperienced) and I couldn’t help but think “I wonder if I’d ever be able to fit a cock that size in my mouth…” But then felt kind of weird remembering that he was my cousin! My long lost cousin.

Well I must have turned 50 shades of red after seeing that, and was a little flustered. He seemed to not notice that either as he grumbled “g’mornin”.

“Morning…” I said.

While yawning and stretching, he said “I gotta pee, pour me some cereal too?” and dragged himself to the bathroom.

Now, it felt wrong, but I was a little turned on. I could feel my panties getting a little damp, but I tried to ignore it.

When he came out a few minutes later, his erection was gone.

“So… That’s embarrassing” he said to me.

I knew what he was referring to. He probably got to the bathroom and realized his dick was sticking out of his shorts and felt awkward about it. I figured there was no point in trying to hide the fact that I saw it, so I just laughed. I told him it was impressive, and immediately got all flushed and embarrassed again, thinking “what did I just say that for??”

“I know, I get that a lot.” he said with a wink.

We had breakfast together, and went to the lake after everyone was up to get caught up. I’m not gonna lie, I couldn’t stop picturing Andy’s dick and trying to imagine what it’d feel like inside me. I knew it was wrong and I needed to stop. I had only been with 2 other people before. They were fantastic experiences, but it had been a while.

Andy is about 6’0″ with dark brown hair and is pretty tan, with a little bit of scruff. He has definitely got some muscle to him, but isn’t huge and beefy or anything. He is definitely a good looking guy.

I’m not bad looking either. I’m 5’6″, I weigh about 130, 34B’s, so they aren’t huge, but they are very nicely shaped- perky and round. I have a pretty pale complexion, auburn hair and light blue eyes. I beyoğlu escort come from one of those “small town” neighborhoods, where everyone knows each other, we respect our elders, blah blah. I’m SOMEWHAT of a goody two shoes. I’m not into drugs (I have “smoked” a few times before) and I’m not promiscuous. I had only had sex with 2 other guys up to that point, and had given head to 1 other. I was told I was “a phenomenal cocksucker” by one of them, and another told me I should teach a blow job class because he had gotten head from some girls who didn’t even know what they were doing and said I needed to fix that.

We spent the day together. We were supposed to do things with our grandparents, I forget what, but I know my grandpa was all cranky about something and our grandma suggested we get caught up. We didn’t do much; just sat on the porch talking mostly. I was wearing a t shirt and shorts, and I kept seeing him eye me up. I was hoping I wasn’t imagining things and thought it was weird that I was hoping that. I guess I just liked the attention. I couldn’t explain why I was so turned on, probably just teenage hormones, combined with the fact that I hadn’t “gotten any” in a while. I hadn’t dated in a while, hadn’t met anyone decent.. So having this incredibly sexy man looking me up and down was such a thrill, whether he was my cousin or not.

Soon the conversations started to get a little heated. He asked me about dating, I explained to him what I just said. That there were no decent boys around and that I was more focused on getting ready for school anyway. He told me that he and his girlfriend broke up recently, but that he didn’t care much, he just missed the sex. Then he added “..but you wouldn’t know anything about that stuff” with a sly kind of smile.

I replied by asking “what’s that supposed to mean?” trying to sound offended.

“Oh nothing.” He teased. “Just that I know you don’t bother with that stuff just yet, I bet.”

I was young and naïve, and didn’t realize at the time that it was just his way of prying information about my sex life out of me.

I fired back saying “As a matter of fact I do! I just haven’t in a while. Not because I don’t want to… I mean I do, and I can.. I just don’t need to worry about—”

He cut me off saying “whoa whoa whoa whoa… You mean to tell me you’re givin it up already? I mean, I guess I can understand, I already told you, you got way hot. But still. So who’s the dork who was lucky enough to get dirty with you?”

I laughed a little, told him about some of my experiences; about my first boyfriend whom I gave it up to, and about my high school health teacher who I had a few “experiences” with, and whose dick I would still suck on occasion because he was now seeing someone and in his mind, blow jobs weren’t cheating.

I asked if it was weird for me to be telling him all of that, because I kept seeing him squirm a little, he said not at all and went on to tell me about some of his recent stories. I got so horny listening to him talk about fucking his girlfriends, picturing him pounding away on top of them, picturing him naked and cumming.

Our grandparents went out that night with another couple that they knew, so we ordered take out for dinner. Afterwards I went to go take a shower. He had since then moved into one of the guest bedrooms right next to the bathroom. While standing in the shower, I was imagining making out with my cousin, picturing what his hands would feel like all over me, what his cock would feel like inside of me. I was so horny I started playing with myself. I had my left hand against the shower wall, while my right hand alternated between rubbing my clit and pushing 2 or 3 fingers into my pussy. I remember losing myself for a moment and letting out a moan. I thought to myself that I shouldn’t let that happen again, but kept working myself over. After a few seconds I was getting carried away, and let out another few moans, and that’s when I heard the floor boards creak outside of the shower. I got quiet and slowed down while listening. I figured either it was my imagination or Andy was listening to me, which turned me on even more. I was now hoping he could hear me, and let out a few more quiet moans before feeling the first wave of orgasm hit me. I rubbed myself vigorously feeling my pussy spasm on my fingers, crying out a few times from the intensity of it, before finally relaxing. I finished up with my shower quickly, grabbed a towl, and started towards my guest room across the hall. It was then that I noticed Andy’s bedroom door was slightly cracked and I heard the sounds of steady movement. Like a hand moving rhythmically under a blanket. I had never seen or heard a guy jerking off before, but I wasn’t dumb. He was beating off and I knew it was because he was listening to me. I stopped and listened for a few seconds before hearing the pace speed up and hearing two low grunts. I knew he was cumming, bostancı escort and the thought had me just about dripping.

I went and got dressed, still horny and excited. I put on pajama shorts and a tank top and went downstairs. Andy came down a few minutes later wearing pajama pants and a white tshirt, and we decided to watch a movie. We were watching The 40 Year Old Virgin when we got distracted and started goofing around. Goofing around lead to us tickle fighting. I hate being tickled, I fight for dear life and usually end up injuring the other person by accident to get them to stop. But I was no match for Andy– he managed to hold my hands together with one hand and tickle me with the other. I still tried to hold up a fight, and we ended up rolling off the couch onto the floor, landing him on top of me.

“Ooooh what now?” he said, as we both stopped wrestling/tickling. I could feel his cock quickly hardening and pressing against the very thin layers of fabric between us.. I have never been so turned on in my life. Once again, I felt the heat rush to my face, and to my pussy, all at once. I was so horny right then that I was briefly completely unaware of my surroundings, or time, or anything other than the thought of having him inside of me. (I was 18 and inexperienced, it didn’t take much to get me so worked up!)

I think he knew it to, it wasn’t hard to tell with my flushed face and heavy breathing, and I think he felt the same way. Or at least I imagined he did. He must have, his dick was digging into me, trying so hard to get free. He pushed his hips against me once and stopped, lowered his voice and said “so did you like what you saw upstairs?” It doesn’t take a genius to realize he meant about him jerking off in his room with his door cracked, but I didn’t see anything, I just heard him. I asked “what do you mean?” trying to play stupid. He didn’t answer. Just pushed himself against me once more.

After I-don’t-know-how-long, he finally sat up, looked down as his hard-on and said “sorry” and sat up. I sat on the couch, still quivering from the rush that he had just given me, still flushed, and so confused! I was thinking “this is my cousin, nothing will happen because nothing CAN happen. Even if I wanted to, he wouldn’t let it go further FOR THAT REASON”.

He came and sat on the couch next to me. We started watching the movie again and he was like “So I guess its pretty weird I got a boner over my cousin, eh?” and laughed a little.

I said “Yea, but i kinda liked it. Sick as it sounds.”

“Oh I could tell” he said, winking at me.

That was the last of the conversation.

We finished watching the movie, put on Pirates of the Caribbean (my pick!) and just kept the conversation light for the rest of the night.

Our grandparents came home halfway through the movie and said they were going to bed, and for us to make sure everything was turned off when WE went to bed.

“I need to be turned off right now.” Andy jokingly said to me.

I gave a nervous giggle and said “I know, me too.”

“If you were anyone else I’d be doing some nasty shit to you right now. But your my cousin so that sucks. But damn, you really did get hot! I mean LOOK at you!”

I said thank you, but was a little embarrassed my cousin was calling me hot. But in a good way. It turned me on even more hearing it. We chatted some more and I decided I would be going to bed. I stood up and headed for the stairs to head to my room, and watched my cousin watching me with this look in his eyes that made me melt. I needed to relieve the tension so I went right to my room, changed into my PJ’s and laid there, lightly fingering myself, imagining him shoving his cock into me. I didn’t want to make any noise, my grandparents room was next to mine, but I did leave my door slightly ajar in secret hopes Andy would come visit me.

The next day we went about our business as if nothing had ever happened. Well, nothing DID happen. My grandparents wanted to go to lunch, and asked if we wanted to go too. We told them we were still full from breakfast (even tho I didn’t even eat breakfast) so they went without us.

That’s when everything happened. I went to take another shower, and started playing with myself again. This time, I didn’t cum. It’s generally hard for me to cum standing up, unless I’m extremely horny. I was at it for a few minutes, hoping Andy could hear me again, before giving up. I figured I would finish in my room. So I hurried up, threw a towel around myself and walked across the hall to my room. Andy was in his room, so I left my door opened slightly as I laid down on the bed, removing my towel, and started fingering myself.

I was just starting to get into it, when there was a light knock at the door, and Andy walked in without waiting for an answer. I started to sit up, and was about to cover myself when he climbed into my bed and kissed me hard for a few büyükçekmece escort seconds, and then pushed me back down gently. It all happened so fast but I was already about to cum somehow just from the excitement. Before I knew it he had his fingers in me, inserting two fingers while occasionally flicking his thumb against my clit. He was a pro, he kept at it for a minute while I was thrusting upwards, urging him to do it harder and faster, which his was eager to oblige. He had me cumming in no time, and when I was finished he started taking off his jeans. In no time he had them off and had positioned himself between my legs, cock pointed at my bare, just shaved pussy. I was soaked, but being as inexperienced as I was, it was still a little tight. He pushed once, got the head in, pushed a second time and rammed the whole thing in. It hurt pretty bad and I let out a pretty loud moan, and he grunted, staying still for a second.

My pussy was hurting, but I was loving it and needed to cum badly.

“Oh Jesus Christ…” he said in a breathy kind of voice, still not moving. “You are so fucking tight, this feels too good.” and pulled out. I stayed there a second, disappointed. I thought he had changed his mind, so I started to it up, but he put his hand on my shoulder and pushed me back down. I listened to him panting for a few seconds and he said “Where you going? We haven’t even started yet. Give me a second to cool down”.

At this point I was so horny that I would have cum in an instant if his cock was inside me. I pushed my cunt up towards his cock and felt the head of it hit slip past and poke my asshole.

“Oops.” I giggled.

“You hinting something to me?” he asked with a joking smile

“It was an accident. I want it in my pussy tho.. I don’t know how much longer I can wait for that! I feel like I could cum any second!”

“Oh God..” he said catching his breath. “keep talking like that and this will only take 2 seconds!”

I had never had a guy that worked up before and I knew that I wouldn’t last long either.

One more time I pushed up at him, reached down and lined his cock up with my cunt hole. With one thrust he pushed it in again, making me almost scream. He immediately starting pounding away hard at me, while grabbing my tits hard, and using his thumb to play with the nipple and grunting loudly. He pulled my legs up over his shoulders and grabbed hold of my tits to use them to pull me against him hard. I’ve never been much of a screamer, or noise maker, but I couldn’t stay quiet this time. He was so far inside of me it felt like his cock was moving my insides around. It felt GREAT!

We only stayed like that for a minute or so when he pulled back out again, and flipped me over on my stomach. He stood on the side of the bed, put his hands around my hips and got ready to slide it in again. He paused for a little, wanting to calm down again so he didn’t cum right away. While he was standing there he reached his hand around and started flicking my clit. Without realizing what I was doing I put my hand over his and pushed down on it, forcing his fingers into my cunt while I came on his hand. It was so intense!! He seemed to like all of the noise I was making, and the feeling of my pussy clamping down on his fingers because he started breathing heavier and I felt his cock twitch a little against my backside. Once I calmed down I reached around and grabbed his dick, lined it up with my pussy from behind and pushed backwards. I was so wet from cumming that it slid right in. Immediately he started pounding away at me hard as hell, moaning and making all kinds of sounds.

He didn’t last long, within a minute or so he asked through heavy breathing “are you on the pill?”

I wasn’t. But I didn’t want to rain on his parade so I just told him “Cum in my mouth.”

He moaned and pounded the hell out of me even harder for a few seconds before quickly pulling it out and grabbing my hair to spin me around and get down to his cock. I immediately shoved him all the way into my mouth. I could taste myself on him, which I thought I would be grossed out by, but I really wasn’t.

“I’m cumming!! Ohhh… sshiitt…” he yelled out. He had his hand on the back of my head and was pushing it down so that he was in my throat. I have next to no gag reflex so I let him fuck my mouth while he pumped out loads of cum into my throat. It was so much cum, you’d think he hadn’t cum in like a month!! I had to swallow it quickly so that I wouldn’t choke.

As he let go of my hair, I slid up to the tip of his cock and swallowed the rest of the jizz that was still coming out. I started sucking on the head of his dick and using my saliva and a little of the cum to jerk him off a little while he was still cumming.

“Oh shit whatever it is you’re doing feels great… Ohhh Jesus…”

When he stopped coming I sat up and wiped my mouth a little.

I was speechless. I just had what is probably the best fuck of my life– with my cousin. And I don’t regret it one bit. He pulled his pants up, as I quickly got dressed, neither of us saying anything. Neither of us knew what to say. My pussy was so sore after that but it felt great. We had some fun every chance we got that weekend, once even with our grandparents in the room, unknowing to what was going on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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