Temmuz 12, 2024

Lightning Reveals All

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It is raining outside. We can hear the drops pelt against the glass window panes and beat a staccato rhythm on the roof. The room is lit by the glow of a dying fire in the fireplace. Occasionally, we are illuminated by a flash of lightning, followed by the low rumbling of thunder that we can feel resonate in our bones. Your head is lying on my chest, with your hair tickling my skin. My right arm encircles you, my fingers lightly stroking the soft skin of your back. Time seems still as we lightly stroke each other, our breathing becomes synchronized. Occasionally, one or the other of us reaches for our glasses of red wine. We lean together, our lips meeting, and we taste the wine on each other’s lips.

Your hand strokes my chest, and delves lower. I let out a deep sigh as your hand nears my semi-tumescent cock. Your fingers lightly stroke along the underside of my lengthening cock. My hand strays lower down your back. My fingers tease and stroke the top of your cleft. Your hand encircles my cock, slowly stroking me up and down. As you do so, you feel the blood entering my rod, and it thickens in your hand. Your thumb lightly tests my cockhead, inquiring as to whether I have produced any of the pre-come that you love so much. Your thumb’s quest is rewarded, and you feel the silky slickness as it seeps from the tip of my cock. Your thumb revels in its discovery, smearing it all around the velvety softness of my engorged purple head. You hear my breathing increase a bit and smile to yourself.

I am not content to only receive the pleasure your hand is providing. My right hand slides from the cleft of your ass slowly up your stomach, lightly stroking the sensitive skin of your tummy. My hand journeys higher, until I can softly capture your large firm breasts. I am excited to feel your nipples already erect against my palm. Your tits feel so soft, full and firm to my touch. I imagine my slick cock sliding between your soft breasts, and you can feel my cock grow even harder, throbbing in your hand.

Without slowing your stroking of my cock, you lift your face up to me, and our lips meet. The taste of the wine on your lips is delicious. The softness of your lips drives me wild. Our tongues lightly touch, and then you are quickly off and kissing your way down my chest. Slowly you wetly travel lower, until you reach my cock, which now strains in your gently stroking hand. My breathing stops as I feel your breath on my cock, the anticipation of your lips and tongue on my cock keeping my body taut. Finally, I feel your wet tongue licking softly around my cockhead. Your tongue seeks the slit of my cock, gently massaging, coaxing yet more precum for you to sip. I gladly produce more for your palate, your hand softly coaxing it to weep from my stiff cock.

When I can take no more of this teasing handling of my cock, you slowly sink your lips over my cockhead. My hands are in your hair, just resting there, feeling your rhythm as you wetly bob up and down on my cock. The feeling of your wet, soft lips on my cock, sliding up and down, draws a sustained moan from me. Your tongue swirls around my girth as your head slowly pistons up and down. One of your hands strays to my balls, softly kneading and stroking them.

As you start moving faster with your licking and sucking, my hands leave your head and move to your thighs. I insistently pull your thighs to straddle my head. I need to taste your cunt. I need to smell your sexual bouquet. My eyes take in the stunningly erotic view of your pussy above my eyes. The lips are swollen and dark pink, hiding your soft salmon interior. Above your lips stands your clitoris, proud and erect. Your cunt glistens with your excitement as your juices shine from the light from the dying embers. Your rear cheeks curve delightfully, and my hands are magnetically drawn to touch them. I feel the softness of your ass. As my fingers separate your cheeks, prying your sex open to my probing gaze, a bolt of lightning washes the room in a quick burst of white light. In that second, all your beautiful and private secrets are revealed to my eyes and become emblazoned on the hard drive of my brain. It is fitting that an act of nature reveals to me the natural beauty of your sex. All the while I am studying your cunt and ass, your wet hot mouth continues to bathe and massage my cock. If I could will time to stand still, then I would will it to freeze during the split second of that lightning flash.

I must now taste you. My hands lower your hips to my outstretched tongue. You nestle your cunt on my face, covering my mouth and nose with your redolent pussy. I inhale illegal bahis deeply, taking your musky odor deep into my lungs. The smell of Kirsten aroused makes my cock throb in your mouth as you wetly continue to glide over my hardness. My tongue wetly slides past your tight opening, into the sweet tasting temple of your pussy. I wiggle and slither my tongue around your pussy walls as you grind your sex into my face. My tongue reaches as far into your depths as possible, gathering as much of your cream as I can. I withdraw my tongue from your hole and begin licking the groove between your lips with broad strokes. Your wet engorged lips hug my tongue tightly. My hands are on your hips, guiding you to make small circular motions on my tongue. I then direct my tongue to your straining clitoris, lightly licking it as it strains erectly.

I begin to lick your clitoris in a soft slow rhythm. You respond as if my tongue were a metronome, adopting the same soft slow rhythm in your sucking on my cock. Gradually, we both begin to pick up the pace in our mutual licking and sucking. All that can be heard in the room is the sound of our tongues laving each other’s sensitive flesh and the rain beating on the roof and windows. The rain begins to fall harder, spurring us to lick and suck even faster. Your hands slide under my thighs, allowing you to pull and push my cock into your tightly sucking mouth. My thumbs separate your cunt lips allowing my tongue to get deeper between your legs, to taste you more fully, to have complete access to your clitoris. We are both speeding ahead to what will be enormous orgasms. We are engaged in a race to see who can make the other explode first. I feel myself slipping over the edge, and know that you will certainly win this race. Your clinging, sucking mouth goes even faster on my cock, and we both know I will soon fill your mouth with my hot cream. I am determined to continue licking you even as I am spurting inside your relentless mouth, but my determination is defeated by the magic of your lips and tongue.

I can almost feel your lips forming a wicked smile as you can tell I am beyond the point of no return. You begin sucking harder, using just your mouth and lips, your hands pulling my hips upward to push the head of my cock to the back of your throat. My mouth must leave your cunt as I groan loudly and explode mightily into your sucking mouth. It feels as if the first two or three strong spurts of my come shoot directly down your throat. My hips can’t help but continue to thrust into your mouth, as I unload a torrent of my hot come into your voracious mouth. I feel you hold the remaining spurts of my load in your mouth, your tongue swirling madly around my cock. My cock is awash in your warm cheeks and tongue and my hot come as you swirl it about my sensitive flesh. Then I feel the muscles of your throat as you swallow all of my essence. The thought of you swallowing my offering to you drives me crazy.

You slow your sucking, but still you suck, lightly, tenderly. As my breathing returns to normal and the blood returns to my brain, I am struck again by the smell of your arousal. I open my eyes and see your gyrating hips and pussy in front of me. My hands grasp your hips and pull your sex again back onto my face. No teasing this time, my tongue picks up the fast rhythm on your clit I had abandoned when you made me explode. Your mouth leaves my cock as you moan out your excitement. I can feel a dribble of my come fall from your lips to my cockhead. Your breathing becomes labored and deep. Your hips are bucking as if you were taking a lover’s cock deep inside you. You are close. I detect the taste of your pussy juices changing slightly, becoming more like honey, as you near your orgasm. My tongue relentlessly suckles your clit as you get ready to explode. Then, with a keening scream, you reach your peak, pushing your pussy back hard onto my face. You wriggle and moan, the muscles in your thighs taut. Your orgasm seems to last for a minute or more, until you collapse, exhausted, onto my body. Your wits are still about you, however, as you see the drops of my come that escaped your mouth on my cock and quickly lick and suck them into your mouth. My taste pervades your mouth.

We lie limply on each other for minutes. Your rear and sex is still at my face; my now limp cock lying just shy of your lips. We listen to the rain and thunder outside, as well as our gentle breathing. I feel your lips once again on my cock, suckling gently. You are seeking to rouse me for a second round, exactly what I want as well. My fingers begin to gently probe your wet pussy, tracing illegal bahis siteleri your pussy lips, lightly circling your clitoris, pushing slowly inside you. Your soft suckling on my cock, along with my view of your pussy tightly sucking on my fingers, soon has me growing again in your mouth. Your sighs of pleasure, your light moans, make my blood race hot.

When my cock has reached its former rigidity, you slowly lift your mouth away, a string of your saliva extending from your lips to my cockhead. Without speaking, you pull your wet pussy from my fingers and straddle me. Your hands guide my cock into the tight opening of your pussy. You have to take it slowly as my cockhead and shaft stretch you. I can feel the band of muscle guarding entrance to your interior stretching to admit me and then my head pops through, followed by a few inches of my thick shaft. We both moan our pleasure at the joining of our flesh. You place your hands on my chest, and slowly sink the rest of the way down my cock, until your wet lips grasp the base and your ass is flush with my lap. Using your hands on my chest for leverage, you slowly begin to grind your hips into me, feeling my cock massage your inner walls and cervix. My balls are drenched with the wetness flowing from you. My eyes are glued to your face, watching intently your expressions of pleasure. You bite your lower lip as you feel my cock stretch and massage you. Then slowly, tentatively, you rise up until only the head of my cock remains inside you, grasped by your engorged lips. Then, looking me in the eye, you drop down on top of me, letting gravity re-socket my cock up against your cervix. I feel the breath knocked from your lungs against my face. Once again, you grind, lift yourself, and then slam yourself back down on me. Our hands meet, fingers intertwining, as you now start a more regular rhythm. My cock now moves more freely inside you. You fluidly bounce on my erection, our eyes meeting intently and holding the gaze. Faster and faster you ride me. I buck my hips up to thrust into you, pushing my cock as deep in you as possible. For long minutes you ride me as hard as you can, our moans and sighs mixing with the rain beating on the roof. Finally, out of breath, you fall forward onto my chest embracing me. I can feel your heart beating against mine, both racing from our exertions and our excitement. I hug you tightly, kissing your hair and neck, with my cock still buried deep inside you. We lie like that for long minutes, occasionally illuminated by the lightning flashes and serenaded by thunder and rain.

Our strength comes back to us slowly. We are both driven to reach the climax of our coupling. I gently put pressure on your hips, moving you up and off my hard cock. My cock leaves you with a wet popping sound and flops against my belly. I kiss your mouth, and tenderly position you on your hands and knees. I admire your proffered behind, and my hand strokes the soft cheeks. You look back over your shoulder, unsure how I plan to take you. Will I again sheath myself in your wet swollen pussy, or will I force my cock into the narrow aperture of your anus? I knee walk behind you, and you relax as you feel the head of my cock once again nestling against your pussy lips. You continue to look at me over your shoulder, and I gaze upon your face with excitement and love. You are so beautiful. I long to spend deep inside you.

With my hands on your hips I push forward slowly but forcefully. Your pussy receives my cock yet again, and it fits me like a glove, but perhaps a glove one size too small. I slowly begin thrusting inside of you, my thumbs holding your ass cheeks open so that I may see my thick cock sliding in and out of your stretched hole, the skin of your opening taut and hugging my girth. The room is filled with the smell of our sex, which mingles with the smoky aroma from the dying fire. I watch your rear cheeks compress against my pelvis as I begin reaming you faster, the noise of our skin slapping together causing us to quicken our pace. You are now looking straight ahead, head proudly upheld like a prize thoroughbred reaching for the finish line. I grab the reins of your auburn hair and pull back gently, causing your back to arch more and my cock to reach even deeper places within your wondrous depths. We are rocking together, each meeting the other’s thrusts. I see you reach between your legs with one hand to rub your clitoris as we thrust into each other. You want to come, and I want to feel your clutching cunt flutter against and massage my thrusting cock as you do. I can feel your fingertips occasionally rub wetly against canlı bahis siteleri my cock as my thrusts become faster, harder, deeper. You are on the verge, as am I. I urge you, “Come, Kirsten. Come on my cock. I want to feel you come all over my cock.”

At my words you hit your climax and scream out my name. Your tunnel grips my cock like a hand in a velvet glove, milking me. I slam forward with one final thrust, placing the head of my cock against the opening to your womb, and I blast spurt after spurt of my come deep inside you. You can feel my cock lurch and twitch, the warm spurts of come raining on the walls of your cunt in harmony with the rain blowing against the window. We come together, for what seem long minutes. My hips involuntarily, driven by some primal urge, remain glued to your rear, seeking to get as much of my come into you as deeply as possible. I am mating you, the innermost instinctual regions of my brain seeking to breed you. Your brain urges you to respond in kind, making sure to keep thrusting your hips back onto me to ensure maximum penetration as I unload my torrents of semen into you. We are sexual animals, responding as lovers have responded for eons. But while our physical reactions are of biological imperative, our love for each other is ours and ours alone. Unique, as every diamond is unique.

The final throbbings and spurtings of my cock have ceased, but my hands still clutch your hips firmly. Our bodies are covered in a fine sheen of perspiration despite the cold, rainy weather outside. Slowly, reluctantly, I withdraw my spent cock from your warm, inviting hole. I watch as a small river of my come follows the withdrawal of my cock and trickles down your thighs. You rise from your hands and knees, turn and kneel before me. You take my now limp and spent cock in your hand, and eye it approvingly. Looking up at me, you guide my cock into your mouth, and bathe it once again with your lips and tongue. I can tell your purpose is not to rouse me again, but to feast on our mutual spendings. You greedily, but slowly, lick, suck and swallow your pussy’s secretions as well the remnants of my seed. Once again, you gaze up into my eyes lovingly, and I could swear I could hear you making faint sounds of “yum” as you swallow down our combined sexual juices. Once you have assured yourself that my cock is clean, your teasing tongue glides to my balls and inner thighs, licking and swallowing until all trace of our fluids are gone.

Watching you, I am drawn to taste the same cocktail from your rosy and well-used cunt. I position you on your back, and lick slowly up your inner thighs, tasting as I progress your sweet juices that ran down your thighs, as well as the strong taste of my own come that has dripped from your hole. My tongue now reaches your cunt proper, and slides deeply into your stretched opening. Much of my come awaits me there. The thought of tasting myself mingled with your sweet ambrosia seems forbidden but erotic. I lick and suck your cunt thoroughly, as would a mother cat cleaning her kittens. For, after all, I am cleaning my Kitten. You sigh and moan appreciatively as my tongue soothes the tender membranes that my cock only minutes before had powerfully stretched and plundered. Although my licking has not had the goal of making you come yet again, I can tell that an orgasm is rising upon you. “Yes, yes, yes!” you moan out as your hips slowly undulate, pushing your lush pussy into my mouth. And then your climax hits suddenly, rolling through you for an extended period of time. Your pussy walls contract with this, your third orgasm, pushing yet more of my come from your inner depths into my mouth and tongue.

I continue to lick you softly, gently, cleaning you. When I am assured that I have gathered as much of our combined juices as possible, I slowly move myself from between your legs and lie next you. My hand turns your cheek to face me, and I kiss you deeply, sharing both the remnants of my come and your wetness on our tongues. Our kisses are long, slow and deep. You twine your legs around mine, and my hands once again idly stroke your back to the cleft of your bottom. Our eyes close, and once again we focus on the sounds of nature – – the wind and rain assaulting our shelter, the thunder periodically enveloping us in a sonic embrace. We continue to be illuminated by the occasional bolt of lightning and the soft red and orange glows from the dying fire. As the fire recedes, so does our energy. We are melded one into the other. Your head once again finds its way onto my chest. My arm once again encircles you loosely. Our breathing once again synchronizes. We drift off into half sleep, when a bolt of lightning again illuminates our exhausted bodies in a lovers’ embrace. And I think to myself, “I take it back. This is the moment I want frozen in time, to live throughout eternity.

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