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Life Gets Complicated – Chapter 2

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Life Gets Complicated – Chapter 2
Total fantasy about getting Dad’s girlfriend pregnant. Nothing true here, just my twisted mind wrapping around some pictures here on XH. Love it if you would give it a thumbs up if you like it, if you must give it a thumbs down perhaps you’d comment on why you didn’t like it. All comments are appreciated, it is the only payment I receive for my writing.

I heard Tracy leave the house and it was hard to get my mind back on the work. She hadn’t been gone more than ten minutes when my cell rang, it was dad, “holy shit,” I muttered, Dad’s girlfriend Tracy was no more than 25 years old, 5 years younger than me, and she had just fucked me and given me a mind bending blow job, and then out the door she went to run errands, and how do I keep my cool talking to him?

“Hey Sport,” he said, “did you get started on the work?”

“Yup, sure did, I thought you were going to clean out the room,” I asked.

“Well you know, Tracy can be a handful and she needed me more than I needed poking around in your older sister’s room.”

I had a pretty good idea that he was getting his going away fuck with her as he was going to be gone a month.

“Are you sure you don’t want to hold some of this for Marcia?” I asked knowing my older sister probably would want some of it.

“NOPE,” he said in a stern voice, “she never comes around or calls me, it is like she is on the rag 24/7.” He said in the crudest sounding way especially since he was talking about his daughter. “Just throw the shit out,” he said.

“Okay,” I said.

“Well gotta run sport,” dad said, “I have a lunch date, er ah meeting, keep me posted if you run into problems.” And the phone went dead. I am sure it was a date, he hadn’t been gone a day and he was probably fucking some young woman instead of working.

I finished the day without Tracy returning, and I did miss the opportunity to end up in bed with her, and then thought, “Geez Larry you are thinking like your dad.” I loaded a bunch of things from Marcia’s room in my truck and headed home. I was about home when a text beeped on my phone. I pulled into the driveway and opened the text, it was from Tracy and it said, “Oh I missed you, guess you will need advances tomorrow.” And then a picture that made my cock harden in 2 seconds.

Tuesday morning began early for me. I drove to the paint store to pick up the paint for Marcia’s room and then to the lumber yard to pick up some shelving material for her old closet. When I got to my dad’s house it was a repeat of yesterday. I let myself in and went to Marcia’s room to work. I anticipated Tracy walking in nearly naked and we’d jump in bed again.

When I stepped into the room I saw a note on the bed, “I wish I could be here, I want you inside me and your spunk flooding my pussy, but I need to be with my sister today to help her with her store. I will be home tomorrow and we will be together.”

I was disappointed, my dad’s girlfriend had messed with my mind the first day and now I wanted more. But I went to work on the bedroom getting it ready for paint. I had to clean out the closet and install new shelves before painting so immersed myself in this part of the project to keep Tracy out of my mind.

I pulled out the typical closet full of schoolgirl clothing, shoes, and junk. I packed most of it for the thrift store since I knew Marcia would have no need of 15 year old outfits. There was a shelf in the corner of the closet not visible until the closet was unloaded and I found a small metal box. It looked exactly like dad’s porn stash box, in fact at first I thought it was the same box I had found as a senior in high school.

I opened the box and found handwritten notes on plain paper, and it was dad’s handwriting. I pulled a few out, one said, “Marcia you will always be my best girl, you know what Daddy needs and have always made me happy.” Another note was a bit more revealing, “Yes honey, Daddy will put you on the pill, we don’t want a pregnancy to spoil the fun we have. Until then we can take care of business at the backdoor.”

I was shocked, notes of this told me that I now had the verification that dad was fucking Marcia but I didn’t know when. She lived at home past her 18th birthday so it was possible nothing happened until then. I also found a Polaroid photograph and immediately knew that dad had fucked Marcia in the ass.

I put everything back in the box and grabbed my cell phone. I dialed Marcia knowing she would not be at work.

“Hey Lar,” Marcia said when we connected, “what’s up with you.”

“Dad asked me to work on his house,” I said.

“Our house,” Marcia said, “well it was ours until he ran off with some young tootsie, I don’t remember her name, doesn’t matter he doesn’t remember either. Find em, fuck em, leave em is his motto” she said with a sneer in her voice.

I had not heard her say such things in the past about dad, I knew she wasn’t close to him but something seemed to have changed. I immediately thought and realized dad had not been a topic of conversation between us for a couple years. “Are you okay Marcia, you seem angry,” I asked.

“It is nothing Larry, he just makes me angry. So what are you doing there?” Marcia asked.

“Dad wants me to remake your old room, I am saving a lot of your things, he told me to throw them out, but I thought you might want some of them.” I said knowing that some of the treasures from the room would be important to her.

“That is so sweet of you Lar, sounds like dad, “throw out whatever you’re done with.” Is my princess paddle fan still there, I loved that thing, I know at my age I should let something like that go. I guess sometimes it was the only thing in my mind when he, canlı kaçak bahis well, when I was sad or something.”

“Yes I have it in a box for you, and that is why I am calling, I found a little metal box and well I thought I should call you right away.” I said not knowing exactly what to say.

“Oh my gosh, I forgot all about that, did you look inside Larry?” She asked.

“Um, I shouldn’t have, it was something very personal of yours, I am really sorry I didn’t call before opening it.” I said rather humbly, she was the one person in my family that I loved beyond reason and cared so much about and I knew I was wrong. “I honestly thought it was dad’s porn stash and didn’t know why it was in your closet. I found the same box years ago.”

“And the picture? Is it still there?” She asked and then added, “don’t worry Larry, I have wanted to talk about this for years with you, I never told mom because she would have filed charges and had him locked up, but then there would be no money and I know mom would end up homeless over it.”

“Yes the picture is there, but you were older in it?” I said.

“Yes, it was after my sophomore year in college when I went back to the house to pick up some of my things. Mom was out and dad was there and he cornered me in my room and there was no getting away from him, he was drunk and horny, a bad combination for him.”

Marcia paused and I wasn’t sure what to say, “I am so sorry to hear this Marcia, I think I will grab your stuff and leave the room for dad to hire someone, I can’t believe he would treat you that way.” I said.

“This happened just before the divorce started,” Marcia said, “I tried to bargain with him, I swore when I moved out I would never let him fuck me again. So I told him I would give him a hand job, he seemed to agree then wanted me naked, it just went out of control. He penetrated me from behind and I screamed at him that I wasn’t on the pill. His response, “Well lets go to the backdoor then,” and I heard him snap the picture. He was always so proud of his conquests. He said he’d put my picture in a special place so we could remember it as our special time. Damn what a pig,” Marcia said with her voice breaking up. “I need to go,” she said, “call me tonight and maybe you can come see me Larry.” She finished and the phone went silent.

I was immediately upset with my dad, how could he take advantage of Marcia, regardless of her age? I looked further in the box and sure enough it was his stash of “conquests” as Marcia had called them. I had no way to put this together in a meaningful way. Maybe I was pissed because I had planned on fucking dad’s girlfriend Tracy again and add this betrayal to Marcia and my mom, it was too much to process.

I gathered up everything that Marcia had left in the room, loaded my truck, and left the place as I had found it. When I got home I put the truck in the garage and planned to call Marcia later to bring her all the things I had removed from the house. While enjoying a beer trying to figure out what to do next my phone rang, it was Tracy, I ignored the call. “Fuck her, she was dad’s and I wanted nothing more to do with him,” I thought.

Then the phone beeped with a text, it was Marcia and I opened it, “Hey where are you, I had plans for you this afternoon, I wanted you to fuck me from behind, are you coming back today?” And of course another picture, “Damn”, I swore out loud, “She is so fucking sexy.” But my truck was full so I simply replied, “found out about dad and my sister, not coming back.”

The phone immediately rang again, Tracy, I hit dismiss and tossed the phone under a pillow and kicked my boots off and finished my beer. I fell asleep and woke as it was getting dark, I picked up my phone and saw 6 missed calls, all from Tracy. And one text, I opened it, “WTF does that mean, found out about your dad and sister?”

“No picture this time,” I mumbled to myself and then thought, “I probably started a shit storm.”

I threw the phone down and went to the refrigerator to grab another beer and my phone started ringing. I walked back and picked it up, it was Marcia and I picked it up immediately.

“Hey Marcia,” I started, “I meant to call you but fell asleep.”

“Where are you?” She asked and then said, “I hope you are home.”

“I am,” I said, “you sound worried.”

“Well I am, that slut dad is sleeping with now called and asked me what the fuck you and I had been talking about behind her back.”

“Shit,” I said seething with anger, “This whole thing has been a cluster fuck, I don’t trust Tracy and after finding out about him taking advantage of you I have no respect for dad either.”

“I told her straight up that dad had fucked me before I had my first period and it continued until I left for college.” Marcia said and continued, “then I told her that our conversation had nothing to do with her and if she knew what was best she would get the hell away from him before her ruins you.”

“Damn,” I swore again, “How do we get out of this mess? I mean she will go to dad and get him all worked up.”

“I may have put an end to it,” Marcia said with a giggle, “when she asked what I meant by him ruining her I asked her if he was fucking her in the ass yet or was he happy to have regular sex. She didn’t answer so I said, the day he wants your ass you are near the point he will kick your ass out on the street and find someone younger.”

“Geez Marcia, you got right to the point with her, oh shit, I have a call coming in from dad, do I take it?” I asked.

“I would,” Marcia said, “if it was me and I would tell him to go fuck himself in his own ass. But you do what you think is best.”

“I will ignore it, can I run this perabet giriş stuff over to you tonight or is it too late?” I asked.

“Sure Lar,” Marcia said, “I’ll have a beer waiting, have you eaten?”

“No I haven’t eaten, let me grab a pizza, see you in a bit.” I said and headed out the door beer in hand. I picked up a pizza and got over to Marcia’s place. We had a good conversation in which she told me the sordid details of dad’s taking advantage of her, she cried, I got angry, she got angry, I cried, and in the end we were closer than we had been.

“What does mom know about this? I asked already thinking she knew nothing.

“She knows dad hurt me but not sure in what way, I think she knows but won’t say the words. I do know he always wanted anal sex with mom but she stood her ground and refused him. In the end his running around on her and her refusal to bend is what ended their marriage. I also know he brought home an STD and that was the final straw.” She concluded, “Please don’t tell her, she is happy now and has left dad and his ugliness behind.

On the way home my phone beeped with another text from Tracy, “Okay you and Marcia have me worried, please call me…”

I ignored it, it was now after 11:00 PM and she could just sleep on the knowledge of what was going on. I pulled into my garage and got into the house when my phone rang again, it was dad and I decided it was time to get this call over.

“Hello,” I said.

“Hey Sport,” dad said in a easy going manner, “it seems you and Marcia have got Tracy worried, what can I do to get us past this?”

“Probably nothing,” I said, “I think you screwed the pooch this time dad, Marcia means the world to me, you don’t. You’re just the guy that got mom pregnant with me.”

“Well I am sorry you feel that way,” he said with a tinge of anger in his voice, “I would think the fact that I stuck it out for you k**s with a woman that was cold and unfeeling should count for something. Can I get you to finish up that room so Tracy can have it as an office, I promised her that.”

“Let me think about it, it’s too late for this shit,” I said and disconnected the call and shut the phone off. I didn’t sleep well but woke up determined that I was a better man than my dad so decided I’d go back and finish the room and that would be the end of things. I didn’t bother to call dad, but did call Tracy and said I was coming over for one reason, to finish what I started and nothing more.

I entered the bedroom the lone piece of furniture was the bed that dad had used to take Marcia’s virginity and dignity. And lying on that bed was dad’s latest conquest Tracy, naked with her ass propped up in the air ready to receive a make-up fuck. I ignored her and went to work on the closet getting the shelves in place. When I say I ignored her, I said nothing and tried desperately not to look at her, but her ass was in the air and her pussy glistened with her arousal and my cock begged my brain to drop my pants and fuck her till she was sore.

“Oh come on Larry, come fuck me, I am so horny and it will make us both feel better.” I stepped out of the closet and as I passed her on the way to the garage I hesitated as she wiggled her ass at me, it was all I could do to look away and continue out of the room. When I returned she was gone, what a relief, I just wanted to get the damn job done and working with a full blown erection was not easy.

I heard a sound coming from the living room and as I made another trip to the garage I looked in and saw her lying on the couch fully exposed and running a vibrator up and down her slick slit. She smiled at me and said, “imagine your cock in place of this,” as she wagged the plastic cock at me.

On my return trip she was moaning and humping the vibrator that was shoved to the gigantic balls at its base. I realized that my anger was keeping me from the last chance to fuck this hot woman. So I stopped and looked at her and said, “if you want to fuck then we are going to fuck in your bed, not my sisters. If I find you there I will fuck you until you can’t walk.”

“Do you promise Larry?” she asked as she slowly pulled the toy cock out of her pussy and I saw her creamy discharge sliding out of her with the toy.

I walked back to my closet project and quickly finished and then dropped my tool belt, stripped naked and walked down the hall to the master bedroom. Tracy was bent over the bed with her ass pointed up at me. I walked over and slapped her ass so hard it left a red mark.

“What the hell was that for,” Tracy said with tears in her eyes.

“For being a stupid slut,” I said and slapped her again. Now both cheeks were red.

“Why are you calling me names,” she asked, “all I wanted to do was have some fun.”

I slapped her ass twice more and watched as the redness turned crimson. “Anyone one that would accept my dad as a lover must be a slut,” I said and ran my fingers across her inflamed ass. She jerked thinking I was going to slap her ass again. I ran my hands between her legs, found her clit that was swollen and I flicked my fingers over it and she moaned loudly and humped against my hand.

I ran my fingers up her greasy slit until I was at the entrance to her pussy, she pushed back trying to penetrate me with my finger. I pulled it away and replaced it with my cock and in one swift thrust rammed my cock balls deep into her. I grabbed her hips and began to fuck her nearly knocking the breath out of her with each thrust.

“Larry, stop, not so hard, not so fast, I want to cum with you,” she begged.

I ignored her pleas and masturbated myself with her pussy. I didn’t care if she had an orgasm or not, I was going to dump a load into tipobet her, just like my dad did to Marcia, only I would do so in her pussy instead of her ass. I kept hammering into her and felt the cum boil in my balls. I knew I was going to dump my cum into her soon so made sure I was balls deep when I exploded.

“Larry, please, I want to cum with you, I want you to make love to me, not just fuck me.” Tracy cried in a halting speech between my thrusts.

“Oh, now you want to make love,” I said, “the first day here you were in control and fucked me and then told me to get back to work. Well here is your reward.” As I finished my cock exploded and I filled her with my hot cum. I thought I would never stop pumping cum into her pussy.

I pulled out shooting my last wad onto her back and stepped back. “There, you are properly fucked,” I said and walked back to my work.

I heard nothing out of her the rest of the day and finished all of the work my dad had ordered. And I knew now that he had treated me like a hired hand to wash away the stain of his abuse of my sister. Well I wondered what he’d say if he knew I fucked his latest girlfriend on his bed.

As I finished up and carried my tools out to the truck I walked back down the hall to find Tracy. In a way I felt bad about treating her like a slut, “it must be my dad in me,” I thought and decided that I should make nice with her. After all it was my dad that was the jerk and Tracy just happened to be his latest conquest. And as my sister had said, “her days with dad were numbered, like all the women in his life.” I stopped at her bedroom door and found Tracy curled up in bed.

I walked into the bedroom and gently rolled her onto her back, she looked up with tear stained eyes. “I don’t get it, I thought you were different than your dad,” she said, “kinder and gentler.”

“I am Tracy,” I said, “my sister and I have a lot of bad history with my dad and I let that get into my head and I took it out on you. I really need to apologize for being a jerk to you, I hope I didn’t hurt you.”

Tracy pulled me onto the bed beside her and I gently caressed her body, her breasts were so big and soft and I kissed each of them and then sucked on her nipples that hardened immediately. “I remember my mom and dad always had make-up sex, it seemed to clear the air for them, perhaps we should do the same.”

I looked into her beautiful brown eyes and she smiled, “I think that is a wonderful idea,” she said, I want you on top of me and to fill me full of your seed again. I guess you have figured out that is one of my little fantasies, thinking about all those little swimmers trying to get me pregnant.”

I stripped out of my clothes and rolled over the top of her, she spread her legs and I was between them, my hard cock pressed against her pelvis. She humped against my erection, “I was worried you might not have recovered, do you find me sexy?” she asked.

“Yes I do find you sexy and I am about to show you just how that effects me,” I said as I kissed her lips, gently, parted my mine and our tongues met. The passion built quickly and I penetrated her with her legs raised and spread wide open. I could feel my cum from the first fuck and knew I would dump another load into her.

Tracy began arching her back with each thrust and moaned loudly. I couldn’t tell if she had an orgasm but her moaning continued and then I felt her go rigid and knew she was cumming. Her nipples became rock hard and her eyes opened and fixed on mine, “Uhhh, Oh, FUCK Larry, fuck me hard and deep,” she said and wrapped her legs around my back and clung to me as my cock spat my first stream of cum into her.

“Oh I feel it, fill me up Larry, yes, plant your seed deep in my womb.” She said as she humped against me, her big tits pushed against me as she hugged me with all her strength. “You are so much better at this than your dad, WOW!” she said and then I felt her legs relax and fall away as if totally exhausted.

When we finished with my cock pumping her full again I rolled off and hugged her as we cooled off from our very personal and sensuous love making. “Why do you stay with my dad?” I asked.

“I know this will sound bad, but he takes good care of me, nice clothes, nice house, and I don’t need to work. But I fear I will lose him, I know he likes young woman and as I age I know he will find another. He once told me the only reason he stayed with your mom was because he had c***dren. And that is why he won’t have a baby with me.” Tracy said.

We lay in her bed for over an hour and the daylight began to fade. It was quiet in the house, the house I had grown up in and it seemed nice to have a final peaceful moment here. I doubted I could ever reach any sort of peace with my dad, but at least I didn’t leave his girlfriend with any bad memories of my behavior. “I hope that staying with dad works for you,” I said as I dressed, “I hope you understand I won’t be back, not because of you, but because of my dad.”

“Would you mind if I texted or called you occasionally?” Tracy asked as she hugged me, her naked breasts pushed against me. I could smell the scent of our sex on her body, how does a guy say no to that?

Time went by, dad never called to thank me for the work, “typical,” I thought. But I would get an occasional text from Tracy, most with a picture, always naked and reminding what a hot fuck she was. But the text messages were infrequent and then there was a time when they ended and I wondered if dad had dumped her.

About six months after working on the house Tracy sent me a text, she was pregnant. I congratulated her and wished her well and wondered how she had talked dad into it. “Maybe the jerk is changing,” I thought looking at a picture of that sexy woman with a pregnant tummy.

Then three months later she gave birth, she texted me, “our son has beautiful blue eyes, your dad thinks it’s his, we you and I know different Larry.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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