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Library Stalker

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One day I follow you home from the library. I couldn’t keep my eyes off you as you sat there open and closing your legs. I know you were teasing me and it was driving me crazy. I watch you enter your house and look around to case your place. I find a tree that looks into your bedroom window. I climb it and wait till nightfall. You leave your window open since these nights it has been pretty hot. I watch you work on your school work a bit while paying some music. You then go into your bathroom and turn on the shower. You come back into your room and start dancing in front of the mirror as you strip tease for yourself. You throw off your shirt and expose beautiful luscious breasts. I lick my lips as I grab my cock just thinking of how your nipples tasted. You then bend down to slide off your thong panties…Oh god your ass looks so good and your pussy looks so tight. You continue to dance and sing until you go back into the shower. I take my chance and enter your house. I slowly enter your bedroom and hide in the closet. Thankfully the music and shower is so loud you don’t hear a thing.

After you shower, you go back into your bedroom and put on a pink lace bra and a sexy pair of thong underwear. Oh god if you wear that to sleep it would be a dream. I find some underwear in the closet and I pick them up to smell them. God they smell heavenly. Unfortunately after you totally dried off, you put on a set of pjs. Although not as sexy as the underwear, they make you look very innocent and youthful. You then turn off your music and slip into bed. You then open a drawer next to your bed and take out something I can’t figure out. You slowly close your eyes and when I think you’re going to sleep, I hear a slight moan coming from you. You say “I know you’ve been watching me.” Oh God. She knows I’m here. I stay put to call your bluff. You continue to moan and squirm in your bed as I watch. “Mister, why don’t you just take me now? I know you want me. FUCK ME. Fuck me on this table.”

“Table? What table?”

“I know you’re not here to read books. I see you everyday here at the library.”

The library? OH you must be fantasizing. I assume. You continue to moan until you breathe faster and the sheets on your bed begin to jerk. Suddenly your arch your back and moan with a high pitch sequel. Your breathing soon slows down and you put back whatever belonged in the drawer. You soon turn over and fall asleep.

You awaken to feel your hands tied to your bed posts and your feet spread illegal bahis apart. Your pj shirt is open to expose your bra and you feel a hand covering your mouth.

I whisper. Scream and you’ll regret it.

I begin caressing your body with an ice cube I found in your freezer. Rubbing it against your nipples making in nice and hard.

You moan slightly. I caress your breasts, massaging them and pinching them a bit. You then feel my tongue swirl around your nipple and my lips sucking at your breasts.

I slowly put my hand on your stomach and move down your pants into your underwear. You try to put your legs together but I still stick my middle finger between your lips.

You bite your lip because it feels so good. I rub up and down your pussy.

Pinching your clit just slightly. I continue to lick and suck and nibble at your nipples while massaging them with my other hand. I soon take the ice cube again and start rubbing your pussy with it.

The chill is intensifying but pleasuring. I even manage to rub it deeper in your now wet and warm pussy.

The ice soon melts and I stick two fingers in your pussy and start rubbing deeper and faster. At points I even shake it up fast which makes you moan and arch your back.

You’re so hot you want to cum already. I stop sucking your nipples and go between your legs.

I remove your underwear and gently lick the inner thigh of your body. You again try to close your legs put I just spread them apart wider. As soon as I calm you down, I begin my work on your pussy. I lick up and down your pussy lips while rubbing your clit. You begin to whine and moan at the same time so I stop and look around for something to cover your mouth. I check the drawer beside your bed to look for something and find your weapon you used earlier that night.

A large sized dildo. I smile and stick the dildo in your mouth but you spit it out. I soon grab your underwear and tie it around your mouth.

I then take the dildo and shove it up your pussy. You arch your back so quickly. I jerk the dildo in and out slowly. The deeper I push it the wetter your pussy gets. Soon I feel like it’s a fine time to try to taste your pussy. So I go back between and start licking up and down. You breath has slowed down after being fucked by the dildo. I remove your panties from your mouth to let your breath better. I soon tell you we’re gonna play a little game. I’m gonna lick your pussy and spell out words with my tongue.

Get it wrong illegal bahis siteleri and you’ll find out. Get it right and I’ll start untying you. 3 words. I start out easy.




you feel my tongue curving up and down against the side of your pussy. With a shortness of breath you say “cock”. I untie one of your legs.

I start again stroking up then down and back up then around…then up one side then down the other. Then start flickering my tongue back and forth. It feels so good you don’t know and risk getting it wrong. You soon guess.


WRONG. I buzz your clit with a loud vibration of my lips. You arch your back because it feels good but as soon as you come back down you feel a large object between your cheeks. “OH NO!” You tell me please don’t fuck me in the ass.

spell the next word. You concentrate hard and fortunately it’s the word you guessed previously. I untie the other leg.

You have your legs free but they don’t force me off you. You just say fuck me. I just tell you I have to taste the appetizer before I fuck the meal. I continue to eat your pussy. Licking hard and soft. Flicking my tongue fast and plunging it deeper. Licking your sweet juices off you pussy walls. You continue to you moan and wrap your legs around my head to push me in deeper. I can feel your warmth and your heart beat racing. I soon feel your legs pulling me in deeper as you scream out and a gush of juices flows down my tongue. You relax and remove your legs. I clean up whatever comes of your pussy. I then get up and stroke my hard cock.

I tell you that your not going to sleep yet. I tell you to open your mouth. You slightly open them.

I put the head of my cock on your lips and force you to lick. You have no choice to and start licking the head and my precum starts oozing out.

I soon force the head of my cock into your mouth and tell you to suck. You suck and lick my head. When it feels wet enough I shove my cock a few more inches.

Your good at this, I tell you. You casually smile. I soon plunge my whole cock into your mouth. I hit the back and you gag causing you to close your teeth more.

I take out my cock before you clench down. You gasp for air. I hold your face and tell you don’t bite. You nod. We try again.

I slowly put my cock into your mouth and pulling it back out. In and out like a wet pussy. You suck so hard. You get the hang of sucking my cock. Your such a good girl. I finally take my cock canlı bahis siteleri out and rub your pussy a bit more. Nice and wet…I pull your legs to the side of my hips and shove the head of my cock inside. Fits like a glove. A nice wet and tight glove. Inch by inch I shove my cock inside. You moan each time. I then pull out all the way and then shove it quickly back inside. Hard.

You grunt. I rock back and forth starting slowly. Pushing you back and forth. Harder and deeper. You start getting wetter and soon I’m fucking you hard.

Faster and faster. Grunting hard while you scream. FUCK ME you scream. Sweat beings to fly off our bodies. You love to be fucked.

You’ve been waiting for something like this all day. Your breath gets faster and moans are loud. You soon hit your high pitch and convulse as you hit your orgasm.

You lie there breathing heavily. I untie your arms. I get ready to leave and then you tell me to fuck you from behind as you get on your hands and knees. I come from behind stroking my cock.

): I come from behind stroking my cock. I rub your clit with my cock. You moan wishing me to start fucking you already. I’m not ready yet after the last explosion

I look down and find your dildo next to my leg. I hold the dildo next to my waist and thrust it down your pussy. You moan hard. FUCK Yes. You tell me I’m so fucking hard so fast.

I grin. I thrust back and forth slowly again. You meet my every thrust by backing up. We go faster and faster.

You soon grab your bed posts while I grab the back of your hair and shoulder to thrust you harder on to your dildo. My cock soon ready again I slow down and you get ready to look back. You soon feel another sensation. One you feel a hard pulsating cock in your pussy then you feel another cock stretching you out.

You moan harder. I thrust my cock inside while I pull out the dildo and continue alternating. I soon I’m rubbing the dildo hard into your body while matching the speed of my thrusts. This must be the most sensation you’ve ever felt. You lean back and try to grab hold of something.

Fuck is the only word that comes out of your mouth every second. I soon hear that high pitch noise coming from each word.

I grunt louder and thrust faster like I’m running the last lap. Soon you squeeze hard against my body while cumming hard. I groan louder as I pull out the dildo and grab your body.

We soon collapse on the bed. We catch our breaths. I leave you lying on your bed and put my clothes on. I grab a piece of your underwear and look back at you falling asleep. You slump on the bed and sleepily say.

“Next time you see me in the library, just bring me to a study room and you can examine me there.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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