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Everyone who’s ever cheated knows the risks involved, and the smart ones take precautions to minimize those risks. Things like avoiding displays of affection or any other public acts that could be reported to your spouse. Being careful not to get telltale marks like lipstick stains or scratches and love bites. Removing or covering up sexual smells or traces of perfume that might give you away. Limiting phone calls and messages and immediately deleting any and all evidence of them when they do occur. Not allowing any pictures or movies that could later be used to prove your infidelity. And, of course, practicing  safe sex, so there are no STD’s or even worse, no bastard children that will haunt you forever. But, even though I was extremely careful about all those things, I still ended up getting caught, by one of the biggest dangers, the wrath of a woman scorned. Except that in my case, it wasn’t the girl I had the affair with, it was a friend of hers, that I turned down, when she also wanted some of my attention.

My short lived affair with Lale started the same way that most affairs do, with me not getting enough at home, and not getting all the things I wanted when I did get it.  Lale was someone who was also in the same boat I was, married with an unsatisfactory sex life. So, one Saturday night, when my wife was away visiting relatives, and I was out with my friends, we both got drunk enough to see if we could fill the sexual holes in each other’s lives. It was only a one night affair, because we quickly figured out that we weren’t made for each other, because our sexual interests were completely opposite. I’m romantically perverted, meaning I like soft and slow sex where anything and everything is permitted. Lale though, was looking for the throw me on the bed and fuck me like the bitch that I am kind of lover, which I can never be. So, we decided, after our one night together, that we would forget that night ever happened and not try again. However, Lale confided in one of her friends, who was interested in what I was offering, and it was my turning down her offer that got me caught.

You see, I have a preference for thin women, with small asses, and don’t mind that it also means the women usually have small breasts too. That’s the way Lale had been, thin with a tiny ass, and tits that would barely fill a girl’s training bra. Her friend Zeynep though, was the exact opposite, with huge tits, and as is also normal, a huge ass to go with them. In other words, Zeynep was fat, and a sloppy fat at that, which was a big turn off for me. So, when she made the offer to do all the things that I had wanted to do with Lale, including the ones Lale had said no to, I turned her down. And when she tried to press the issue, saying there wasn’t anything I could want that she wouldn’t do for me, the reason came out. That I wasn’t attracted to overweight women, no matter what they were offering, and I never would be. But, even though I hadn’t come right out and called her a fat pig, the meaning of the words I did use, made it clear what I thought of her. So, as I said earlier, me scorning her, and more or less insulting her in the process, made her want to get revenge in the worst way possible. That was to go to my wife, and tell her all about my one night affair with Lale.

When I got home that night, it wasn’t just to a pissed off wife, because she’d asked my accuser to stick around for the confrontation to make it harder for me to lie my way out of it. I tried anyway, by saying that Zeynep was just making this whole thing up because I’d turned her down when she offered herself to me. Zeynep though, put bahis firmaları the nail in my coffin, by admitting that she’d offered herself to me, but only after Lale had told her about the things we’d done together. And, it was those things that convicted me, because they were things I would never have told anyone in public. Like me pulling Lale up for a deep French kiss, right after she gave me a blowjob  and I came in her mouth. That and me moving down to eat Lale’s pussy again, right after I fucked her. Things my wife knew I liked to do, even though she didn’t let me do them to her, and things I’d never tell anyone I did. So, the only way Zeynep could know about them, was if I’d done them to her, or as she said, I’d done them to Lale and Lale had told her afterwards.

Of course my wife was pissed at me, now that she had proof that I’d cheated on her, and I expected her next words would be for me to pack my shit and get out. But, right before she said those words, she got a wicked grin on her face, and instead asked Zeynep if she still wanted me to do those things to her. When Zeynep asked my wife what she meant, my wife said she thought I should apologize for calling her a liar, by doing all the things she’d wanted me to do. And when Zeynep said she hadn’t just wanted me to fuck her, she’d wanted me to make love to her the way I’d wanted to make love to Lale, my wife said that unless I wanted a divorce, I’d do my best to make her happy. Then, looking me right in the eyes, she said it meant treating Zeynep like a new girlfriend, and making love to her romantically with lots of tender kisses. Starting with me undressing Zeynep the way I undressed her on special occasions, just as slowly and sexily, and with just as much licking as I did to her. And, my wife was going to watch the whole thing, to make sure I didn’t skip any of the steps.

If I’d had a few days to think about it, I would probably have started packing, instead, because I was still in panic mode from having gotten caught, and looking for a way to fix things, I took the coward’s way out and did what my wife told me to do. And it was my wife telling me what to do, because I wasn’t attracted to Zeynep at all, and the things I’d do to any halfway pretty girl weren’t coming naturally. Like to make my initial kisses softer and deeper, to use more tongue on her skin when I started removing her clothes, and to gently lick every part of her tits, including underneath them where they were all sweaty. I only got a break once Zeynep was down to just her huge panties, when she told my wife she wanted to go first because she really did love sucking cock. Especially if I was going to kiss her after she finished, like I had Lale, which my wife assured her I definitely would. My wife, of course, had me undress myself, and sit on the edge of the bed, where she told Zeynep something good about me. That she shouldn’t worry about how tiny my dick was at the moment, although it was really tiny because I wasn’t aroused at all. It would get a lot bigger and she would be happy with it, when it was time to make love. Then she turned to me and told me not to lay back and not to close my eyes while Zeynep was doing this. I was to look deep into her eyes the whole time, and not forget to tell her how good her lips and tongue felt and how beautiful she looked with my dick in her mouth.

The how good it felt was easy, because like most overweight women, her mouth was hot, wet and very deep. And, as she’d said, she really loved sucking cock, and it showed in how soft and slow she did it and her moans as she sucked me. The other one wasn’t that difficult kaçak iddaa either, because even with as fat as she was, she had a cute face and expressive eyes that were smiling up at me the whole time. So, it was easy to pretend that I was getting one hell of a blowjob from some girl I was actually interested in. It was over too quickly though, and as I started pumping my sperm into her mouth, my wife quickly brought me back to reality, by telling her not to swallow unless she had to. Because, the more of my cum she was able to keep, the more she’d be able to share with me, in a long, deep and very sloppy kiss. While I might have been able to do that fairly easily, by remembering how good the blowjob was, my wife made it difficult on purpose. She had me lay Zeynep on the bed for the kissing, while I softly caressed her, and said the kiss wouldn’t end until I gave her at least one gentle orgasm with my fingers.

Then, it was time for me to slowly kiss and lick my way down her body, across the rolls of fat she called a stomach, to reach the pussy hidden between her massive thighs. Had she taken a shower right before, maybe it would have been a more pleasant experience for me. But, with her having bathed at best the previous night, her sweating all day, and the mini accidents that all fat girls have when they laugh or cough, eating her pussy was far from enjoyable. And again, my wife got involved, telling her it was ok to grab my head and hold it tight when she started getting close to her orgasms, and fuck her cunt up against my mouth, because I really loved it when she did it. Then she told both of us not to rush this part, and for me to give Zeynep as many orgasms as she wanted, because I never stopped licking her until she forcibly pushed me away. Although, she deliberately left out the fact that she always started pushing me away, after only one orgasm, and on very rare occasions two. That ultra sensitivity my wife got after cumming was not a problem Zeynep had, so she gladly held my head for almost an hour and at least half a dozen orgasms before saying she was ready for my dick.

That fucking was also soft and slow, as my wife, and maybe Zeynep, wanted, with lots of romantic French kissing. And it ended as I knew it would, with my wife telling me to lick Zeynep perfectly clean and again, for as long as she wanted me to. Then, while Zeynep was having her second orgasm from my tongue, my wife asked if Zeynep really would have done anything I’d wanted her to, including letting me fuck her in the ass. Because, if she did let me do that, my wife was sure I’d pay her back by licking her asshole as clean as I’d licked her pussy. Except, because I always claimed it was my favorite way to eat her, my wife had Zeynep sit her huge ass on my face, to make sure every drop ended up in my mouth instead of dripping onto the sheets. Then she had me give Zeynep a long goodnight kiss, while thanking her for letting me make love to her. And, she had me repeat it until I made both of them believe the words I was saying.

If I thought my nightmare was over and that my wife was ready to forgive me, I was in for a rude awakening, because my wife sent me a message when I was at work the next day. It said just that, a single night of making love to Zeynep wasn’t enough to repair the damage I’d caused her and our marriage. Then she went on to say that Zeynep had felt a little better and had considered what I’d done to be a good start. But, my debt to Zeynep wouldn’t be repaid until she felt good about herself again, and they’d come up with the perfect way to do that. Zeynep would begin exercising at our house every kaçak bahis night, because she didn’t have a treadmill of her own, and was too embarrassed by the things I’d said, to go to a professional fitness center. Another reason to use our house was that I was going to provide her motivation, and she wanted to be able to collect her rewards right away. That reward was a night with me, doing the same things we’d already done, for every pound of weight she lost. Before I thought it meant one night for every night she lost weight, my wife wanted to set the record straight. It was one night per pound she lost, so if she lost 5 pounds the first night, she’d have 4 free credits she could use on stubborn nights that she didn’t lose weight. Since she was about 90 pounds over weight, if things went well, I should be able to pay off my debt in about 3 months or so.

Naturally, my wife did everything she could to make those 3 months as degrading as possible for me, especially at the beginning. Like not letting Zeynep shower after her time on the treadmill, so she’d be extra sweaty when we made love. And when she stopped sweating as much, my wife introduced Zeynep to some new activities, like me making love to her during her period and golden showers so Zeynep could piss all over me while I licked her to orgasm. One thing I didn’t expect though, around the time that Zeynep had lost about 75 pounds, was for my wife to join us in bed, and take over the pussy  eating, but leaving me to still do the asshole cleaning. Not just for Zeynep though, because she also started letting me fuck her in the ass too, which was an even bigger shock than her joining us in the first place. I think it was because Zeynep had lost enough weight that I was actually starting to enjoy making love to her. So, my wife wanted to add additional degradation to our sessions, in the form of me having to lick my sperm out of her asshole as well.

Then it was over, because Zeynep had lost all the weight she wanted, and now had a body that any man would love to have sex with. It was also when my wife dropped her final card, the one that said I’d gone through all that for nothing. Because, when I got home that night, my wife met me with packed suitcases and a set of divorce papers. When I asked what was going on, she said that thanks to me, Zeynep had no trouble finding men anymore, and she’d found one a lot better than me. That guy didn’t just want Zeynep though, even if he did plan to marry her. He would also be happy to accept her lover moving in with them, as sort of a second wife, because Zeynep had made that a condition of accepting his proposal. Then, when I said I’d done everything she asked me to do in order to save our marriage, she reminded me that there was only one thing I’d had to do for that, and I hadn’t done it. That was to be faithful to her in the first place, so I had no one to blame but myself for this.

Those were the lessons I learned that day, lessons that all men should pay attention to. If your marriage is so bad that you feel the need to cheat, get a divorce instead. Because no matter how careful you are, you will get caught eventually. No matter what you do to try and make it up to them, it will never be enough, and you’ll still end up divorced when it’s over. So, since the result will be the same or worse if you cheat, don’t even think about it. Also, had I been a little nicer in my rejection of Zeynep, and maybe made the same kind of bargain my wife had, I might not have gotten caught. While the first few times would still have been difficult, I’m sure she would have at least showered and put on clean panties for them. And, I might still have been fucking her now, or getting one of her awesome blowjobs, instead of spending my time with Rosie Palmer. Because while the divorce hurt me a lot, I actually miss Zeynep more than I do my wife.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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