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Late Night Lovin’

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It was late. He had had to work very late that night and was very tired. She was still working when he got home. It made him sad that she had to work through the night and couldn’t come to bed with him. He always slept better with her in his arms. He would have to content himself with holding her pillow instead and breathing in the scent of her from when they had made love several hours earlier. Oh well—he was exhausted anyway—so exhausted that he forgot to go back to her office and kiss her good night before he fell into bed. She remedied that, however. Just as he was drifting off, she came in and kissed him on the forehead, his cheek, and finally deep soul kissed him and told him how much she loved him. Hmmmm. That was nice. He drifted off to sleep with a smile on his face. What more could a man want—he has a woman who loves him with her whole heart. All’s right with the world he thought as he let sleep take over his conscious thoughts. . .

Sleep had enveloped him—pushing all sensation away.

Hmmmmm! What a delicious feeling, he thought as his consciousness pushed through the layers of cushioning restful sleep. That feels good he thought as he moved his hand to encircle his hard cock to keep that good feeling going that he had been dreaming about. But his hand was batted away. What’s this? Ohhh, this isn’t a dream after all he realized as his senses became clearer. He opened his eyes and looked down, and there she was. She was kneeling by the bed in all her naked glory with her marvelous mouth and tongue pleasuring his cock to life and his mind to alertness. OOOOHHHHH –what a way to be woken up. His cock was as hard as blue steel.

It must be satisfactory to her because she stopped and climbed on to him, straddling him and leaned down to kiss him. There they were—skin to skin, face to face, belly to belly with her glorious tits squashed to his chest and her wondrous quim just within teasing distance of his cock which was straining to get inside her. She rocked her pelvis against him—just barely grazing the head of his cock. All the while, she was kissing him deeply.

He brought his hands down to her hips and gently teased her skin with his finger tips up over her ass cheeks, to the center of her low back all the way up her spine. She trembled güvenilir bahis and moaned as he did this. So, he did it again—this time, bringing his fingertips up along her sides. This brought even more of a response from her.

By this time, they were whispering their love words to each other.

“Do you love me?” She asks.

“Oh yes baby. I love you. I love you I love you. I LOVE YOU!!!!!”

“How much do you love me?”

“Ooodles and caboodles!”

“You love to make love with me, don’t you?”

“Oh yes baby.”

“Do you love my pussy?”

“Oh baby I love your pussy? I want to be inside your pussy.”

She kissed him for a few more minutes and teased his cock with her pussy being so close and yet so far away.

She maneuvered to where she could impale herself on his rock hard cock, but she did it oh so very slowly, prolonging the sensation for both of them. They moaned simultaneously as his cock was fully ensconced in her love grotto. She Kegel’d and he could feel the undulations of her muscles the length of his shaft. It felt so very good. With her being on top, she maintained control of the pressure, the speed, the rhythm of their lovemaking. He loved letting her control it. He loved being able to look up into her face and read the expressions of pleasure written there.

Sitting up, astride him as if in a saddle, she pulled her hair back out of her face as it had fallen down when they were chest to chest. He loved to look at her. He loved to look at her all the time, but most especially when they were making love like this—when she was riding him upright like this with her back arched a little bit and her big, beautiful titties there for him to see. The temptation was too great. He had to touch them. He had to palm them and squeeze those big gorgeous tits with their erect nipples. She moaned as he touched them. He lightly ran his fingers over the sensitive areolas and then grasped those nipples between his thumb and forefinger with each hand and squeezed tight. She responded the way he knew she would. She moaned and rocked her pelvis harder. He could feel the wetness oozing out of her and leaking down over his balls. He got even harder—if that was possible.

“Oh baby—I love it when you pinch my nipples!!!! türkçe bahis Do it harder!!! “

What else could he do? He wanted to please her—so he did. He pinched harder. It must have been good. She was fucking him harder.

“Baby, cum for me! I want to feel your juices dripping out of you all over my nuts!!”

She lay back down to his chest, propped up with her arms outstretched on either side of his shoulders.

“How do you want me to fuck you baby?” She whispered with that sexy, husky bedroom voice that drives him absolutely crazy.

“Baby, I want you to fuck me to cum. You know you want to cum!”

She leaned in closer and kissed him deeply, their tongues dancing—mimicking their fucking rhythm. She pulled back a little bit and began to rock her hips in short quick strokes—hard and fast, hard and fast, hard and fast.

“Thrust with me baby, ” she says.

Their thrusting rhythm increases, their moans crescendo, the bed springs are beating out a staccato in time to their loving. He feels a gush of warmth on his loins at the same time she thrusts home hard one final time and collapses to his chest.

She is still gently moving on his still-hard shaft.

He whispers to her, “Cum again for me baby! I need you to come again!”

She sits up and begins to do that pelvic dance he loves so much—she is rotating her hips in small circles, and moving up and down on his shaft at the same time. In this position when she slides down, he can feel her swollen clit as she grinds her hips into his. Her pussy lips are swollen. She is so very wet. Her Kegels undulate the length of his cock causing him to moan again and again with pleasure.

The scent of their lovemaking hangs heavy in the air.

She whispers to him as she slides up and down his cock. “This is my cock. I’ve put my mark on it. It belongs to me!!”

He whispers back, “This is my pussy. I’ve put my mark on it and it belongs to me!!!”

She whispers, “These are your titties to kiss and touch and play with whenever you want!”

He responds by pinching her nipples hard the way she likes. He pulls her down to him so he can suckle and bite each nipple in turn again and again. She moans with pleasure and responds by bucking her hips harder on his güvenilir bahis siteleri cock.

She pulls back up to an upright position.

“I love you Karin,” he says as they lace their fingers together while she continues to ride his cock. “Oh I love you and I love making love with you. I wish we had met 30 years ago. I would have fucked babies out of you.”

“Oh yes baby. We would have made beautiful babies—lots of babies, beautiful, beautiful babies. I love you too Michel!!!”

She leans down and props again on her arms and begins those short fast strokes again. It feels so good to him that smooth friction of her pussy on his blue steel cock. He is so overcome by the sensation that he moans with her as their fucking becomes basic raw primitive sex. He reaches up and pulls her face to his to thrust his tongue deep inside her mouth. He runs his fingers through her hair almost pulling it in the passion of their love embrace. The bedsprings are keeping time to their love rhythm—hard, fast, short deep strokes—again and again.

“Fuck me Karin!”

“Yes baby!”

Their moaning is loud and continuous, guttural and animalistic as they thrust together fucking each other to the ultimate pinnacles of pleasure.

“Baby, I want to cum inside you!”

“Yes Michel! Cum inside me!”

She begins to move harder and faster as if inspired to cause an eruption to rival Mt. Vesuvius.

“Oh Karin, I can feel it in my prostate.”

“Cum for me Michel!”

Thrusting, moaning, almost growling in pleasure, “I can feel it in the base of my cock!”

“Cum for me Michel!”

“I can’t hold it back!”

“Don’t hold it back!”

“Aarrggggghhhhhhhh!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!” He thrusts harder as his hot jism shoots inside her already hot dripping pussy.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Hmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!” She thrusts harder and contracts her pussy muscles to milk that man nectar from his love shaft.

His semen comingles with her love juices. After one final thrust, she collapses to his chest. He helps her gently roll off him to the bed. They are still embraced in each other’s arms, face to face.

“I love you,” he says.

“I love you too!” she says.

He pulls the covers up over them both. She turns to her side with her back to his belly and they spoon together. Sleep overtakes them both and they sleep the dreamless sleep of sated lovers—well, sated at least for the moment, because, reader as you know—these two can’t get enough of each other.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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