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Late for Work

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Cum Slut

It’s 7:00 a.m. and I am late for work as usual – I’m supposed to be there right about now. Rushing out the door, I am putting my helmet on as I throw my leg over the seat of my bike. With my helmet buckled, I turn the key and hit the starter and nothing. I double check; neutral, key turned all the way, but no dash lights.

Our spare car has two severely dented rims and needs an alignment so bad it hasn’t been driven in weeks. I look at my watch and realize, three minutes to catch the bus. I pop the trunk of the car and throw my helmet in and rush off t the bus stop still wearing my riding cloths.

The bus stop is two blocks from the house and I arrive as the bus pulls up to pick up another rider. I get a lot of stares from people as I enter the bus in my leather chaps and vest.

I move to the rear of the bus and discretely remove my chaps as the bus pulls out and heads downtown. I call work on my cell and let them know what’s happened. About ten minutes later, I am catching another bus, followed by yet another bus to get to work at the early hour of 8:05. And to think it only takes me 3-5 minutes to drive to work, gotta love mass transit.

As I stroll in, Sarah makes a comment about my broken bike. I said, “Yea, but I still look good in my leathers.”

She chuckles and says, “I would love to see you without the jeans on, then I’ll be the judge.” And off to her cubicle she goes.

I put my stuff down and flip on my computer. Too late for coffee, need to get to all of the work that’s piled up over the past few days.

I send Sarah and e-mail telling her to be careful of what she asks for, because she just might like what she sees. She writes back, “Leather chaps and vest, thong underwear, ummmmm!” I’d eat you alive.”

“So how did you like that new story?” I respond.

“Oh God, I about creamed my panties on that one. You have a very vivid imagination,” she types.

I told her how I was once a photo- and print journalist, and had lots of practice at making something sound really exciting.

“Really exciting!,” she retorts, “between my legs is what’s really exciting.”

It was time to see if she was serious. She says this a lot and it was time to call her bluff. “Have you ever fingered yourself at work?”

“Are you kidding? You know I am a screamer. There is no way I could control myself,” she says.

“You said you were wet, I was just wanting some proof.”

“No way, I couldn’t,” Sarah writes.

I quickly type, “You wouldn’t dare do it at work, or couldn’t!”

“Are you daring me, please don’t dare me,” she pleads.

Taking the bait, I respond, “I dare you, in fact, I double dare you.”

“Be careful of what you ask, you may not like it,” comes the reply.

I tell her, “I know what I am asking, and I’ll have to find out for myself.”

Silence fell upon the office. A few minutes later, Sarah appears at my cubicle. I don’t turn around, not wanting to scare her or to appear eager. She stands at the back of my chair, leans forward brushing her tits against my neck and says, “Are you sure? Are you positively, 100% sure you want this?” as she reaches her left hand around to my mouth. Offering her middle finger, I swallow it whole and swirl my tongue around to collect all of the juices. Over the finger, under the finger, all around the finger tip, I sucked and sucked and sucked — savoring every drop. Then she withdrew her hand and left as quietly as canlı bahis she arrived.

A few seconds later, message appears on my screen, “Well?”

“Not sure,” I say. “Don’t believe it was real juices.”

“Then get over here and I’ll prove it to you,” she demands.

I head over, no one around and she tells me lean get on my knees next to her as she is pulling her hand from underneath her short skirt. I look at her glistening finger and realize it was for real. She reaches for a tissue, but I stop her and again, thoroughly clean her finger. With a raging hard-on, I stand up, thank her and pretend we are discussing work as someone passes by. All the while, I have my jean encased cock rubbing her shoulder to show her my appreciation. I tell her thank you and return to my desk.

I get a new e-mail, “I believe you know owe me something.”

Well, what could I say. I had just sucked her pussy juices of her finger, not once, but twice and at work. “OK, what?”

“Well, you’ve tasted me, and by the bulge you were rubbing on my arm, I’d say you need some relief,” she says.

“And what do you have in mind? The sickroom is empty and there is a lock on the door,” I ask.

She says, “Take that plastic bag in to the sick room and relieve yourself. I want you to deposit a load of cum into the bag and when you are done, bring it to me. You have five minutes!”

Demanding isn’t she. I know there could be another reward in it for me, so I make hast and move to the sickroom. Closing the door, I quickly pull my throbbing cock out and give it a couple of slow strokes. Knowing time is short, I start jack hammering my fist, just as I am about to cum, I realize I forgot the baggie. It’s too late as I am beyond return. I unload into my cupped hand. Carefully, I re-zip my jeans and try not to loose any of my seed.

I open the door, looking for anyone to catch me, and make a straight shot to Sarah’s desk. Offering my hand to her, I ask if this is what you were missing? Taking my wrist, she brings my hand to her mouth and draws her tongue across. She looks into my eyes and gives me the biggest smile and turns my hand over and drinks my cum. Then she licks and cleans the palm, which causes me to regain my erection.

She’s all flustered and embarrassed as am I, and she says she has to leave before she rapes my. I tell her that I can’t call rape if I want it too, but I will cry sexual harassment if she doesn’t give me a ride home. I didn’t want to spend another hour on the damn bus any way. It was 3:00 p.m., and I needed out of here as well.

Knowing it could prove dangerous, but who the hell cares, I asked if she could drop me off near my house. She made me promise to behave.

“Me? Behave? Sure I will,” I assure her.

Individually, so as not to draw attention, we let our teammates know we were leaving. Sarah had a sick child and I had a doctor’s appointment. I headed out the back toward the bus stop and Sarah out the front to her car. She picked my up a block away.

I hope in to her SUV and we are off. I give her directions toward my house and she heads in the opposite direction. “I need to show you something first,” she says.

“You aren’t going to take me into the woods and rape me are you?” I query.

She laughs, “Not unless you are going to resist.”

“Not much chance of that happening today,” I answer.


I re-assure her of my pure intentions, I reach over and begin bahis siteleri caressing her thigh as she drives out to the country. At first she tightens her legs together, but my re-assurance relaxes her and she opens for me. “Focus on the road, and I’ll focus on you,” I say as I slip a finger past the hem and into your soaked pussy.

She moans and slides down a bit in the seat as I insert yet another. She welcomes my orchestration as she begins to sing to the choir while I softly strum her clit.

We were getting further out in the country when she decided it was time to pull over. Throw the gearshift into park, she grabbed my head and we locked into tongue fuck fest. Her tongue darting about, tangling with mine and we lost ourselves in lust.

I pulled away from her and begged, “Please tell me you’re not teasing me.”

She pulled my fingers from her succulent flesh and brought them to my mouth. “Taste me now and tell me I was fooling you earlier.” I devoured my fingers, and then kissed her again.

“I want you so badly,” she cries. “I must feel you deep inside me, filling the emptiness which you have caused. Fulfill my desires, my lust, quench my thirst.”

We were in the middle of the country, on a lonely stretch of road. I looked around and said, “Here and now!”

“Yes! But I have one condition,” she declares. “You have to wear your leathers.”

“What?” I said laughing so hard. “You’re kidding, right?”

“My way or the highway, and I haven’t seen any other cars that could offer a ride home,” she said while pulling her skirt off revealing her red silk thongs contrasting against her milky white skin.

Quick, think. I thought about this real fast, option 1; fuck her along the road in my chaps; or find another way home. Dumb question!

I tore at my jeans, striped off my boxers and began putting on my open crotch and ass chaps. I know I had to look pretty ridiculous with my rock hard member sticking straight out from between the gap in the leather. Looking up, I said, “Is this what you want? Then come and get it.”

Finishing removing her bra and now completely naked, she saunters over, reaches out and grabs my cock and pulls me close for another tongue lashing. All the while, she is stroking me, rolling my balls in her hand and tugging on my sack. Her other hand is firmly cupped on my ass, kneading it as I has mauling her tits with both hands.

I break our lip lock and bring a nipple to my mouth and suck it deep into my mouth, coating it with saliva. As I draw my mouth away, a trail of spit extends between my lips and her nipple. I lean over and take the other and thorough feast on her mounds.

She is still tugging on my balls, kneading them to build up a good supply of cream. She drops to her knees and engulfs the bulbous head and draws the pre-cum from the eye. She moans in total pleasure, takes my entire length into her mouth and holds it there.

Her oral onslaught continues as I hear and approaching car. I reach down and hold her head to draw her attention to the car. Without removing my cock from her mouth, she turns slightly as the car passes. To my amazement, I explode into her mouth as she waves a friendly hello wave as she continues to suck me dry. Swallowing every drop like the perfectionist she is, she the tongue washes me clean.

I lay her on the ground and raise her knees to allow full access to her gushing pussy and bury my face into her. I proceeded bahis şirketleri to give my best effort and wanted to bring her to and earth shattering orgasm.

With my right hand on her breast, I took my left and shoved three fingers into her, I brought my mouth to cover her vulva and sucked hard on her clit. This sent shock waves through her, but didn’t send her over the edge. I continued and decided to try something a little different. Not knowing how she’d react, I brought my right hand down and gently encircled her anal bud. I didn’t penetrate, just caressed it using the seeping juices she was liberally releasing. She seemed to enjoy it, but wasn’t sure with her thrashing about from all of the stimulation I was providing.

Thinking she was due and good climax, I reached up again, pulled hard on her nipple and clamped down hard on her clit. This rocketed her to the moon as she flooded my tongue and face with all of her sweetness.

Calming down, she turned over on to her hands and knees, face to the ground and told me to fuck her like a bitch in heat. I saddled up to her and began to fuck her silly. She was thrashing her head from side to side, bucking her hips in rhythm with my animalistic thrusts. I was driving as hard as I could, trying to reach her throat from the south end and my balls slapping her mound. I reached around, jammed a finger on to her clit and propelled her to another knee buckling cum. Even in the great outdoors, I could smell her musky wetness as it was soaking her thighs.

Circling her clit again, she came quickly again. Still pile driving her, I again her the sounds of an approaching car. I tapped Sarah on the shoulder and pointed in the direction of the car. I told her to smile and wave. As she did, I pulled out and emptied a load of cum deep all over her face and tits as the car horn was blasting away.

I held her steady for a while, so I could collect my thoughts. She lowered herself to the ground and I collapsed to the side of her. We rested for a while and decided we’d better get going before someone reported two naked people fucking like bunnies on the side of the road. As we got dressed, I quickly snatched her thong and put them in my pocket. She looked around and couldn’t find them. I made some dumb ass excuse like the wind must have carried them off. Finishing up, we headed for the car.

I opened the car door for her and kissed her deeply before she got in. As she climb into the SUV, I took the liberty of caressing her ass again.

It was about a 20 minute ride back in to, and across town toward my house. I decided to entertain myself at her expense. Reaching across the car, I lifted her blouse and began rubbing her bra encased tits. Her nipple were standing tall and begging for attention. I slipped a cup off one breast and started tonguing it while I reached down and started playing with her still well lubricated pussy. Paying particular attention to her clit, I gently kept her near the edge of another orgasm all the way into town.

Passing the city limits, and entering the general traffic, I continued to bath her tits with my tongue. We came to a stop light and I decided it was time, with her nipple firmly between my teeth, I drove two fingers in to her and tweaked her clit between two other. The mixture of pain and pleasure had her shrieking at the top of her lungs.

With my head bent down to her breast, I could just imagine the faces on the people sitting next to us at the light. As she calmed down, I raised up in my seat and looked out my window at a young lady. With a Cheshire grin on my face, I cleaned my lover’s juices from my fingers.

The light to green.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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