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Krissy’s Exposed Summer Ch. 11

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TW: Hard drug use.

*All characters in this story are over age 18.

Krissy Nguyen walked through the front door of her parent’s Palo Alto home late on a Saturday morning in the month of May. Cisco, Krissy’s new college-summer-FWB (and close friend and lacrosse teammate of Krissy’s “little” brother Kimo) had just dropped her off after returning from their overnight stay in San Francisco following a rave. Her party thong was in her fanny pack, which she tossed on the first step of the staircase by the door. She untied and pulled off her Chucks, placing them beside the small bag.

Krissy’s parents would still vacationing in Hawai’i for another week, so the house was quiet and empty, other than Kimo. He was parked naked on the sofa playing video games, as usual. In the mere week since Krissy had been home from college, the two had basically agreed that there was reason for either of them to wear clothes inside the house.

“Hey, little bro!” Krissy said, approaching Kimo from behind the sofa and planting a kiss on the top of his head. “That was certainly a crazy night. Nice to be home. What have you been up to?”

“Nothing exciting,” Kimo answered, “Jake and I hung out and played video games last night. What happened last night? Or do I not want to know?”

“I don’t know, Kimo, *do* you want to know?” Krissy teased, as she peeled off her blue cotton sun dress – her only remaining attire at that point – and tossed it on the floor before padding into the kitchen to pour herself some water.

“Was it nasty?” Kimo asked.

“Kinda nasty – pretty cray – pretty amazingly fun!” Krissy responded with a smile, remember her exploits with Cisco both at the warehouse party and back in the hotel room. “There were drugs, there was sex, Cisco definitely expanded his horizons.”

Krissy sat cross legged on the sofa and pressed her hip into Kimo’s. She sipped at her water.

“Sounds interesting, but you stink!” Kimo exclaimed. “You should take a shower. Then you can tell me all about it.”

Krissy smelled her own armpits and turned up her nose. “I guess I do.” She used her free hand to rub lightly between the lips of her pussy and brought her fingers up to her nose. “Oh, wow!” she exclaimed.

“Yeah – you smell like stinky armpits and lots of sex.” Kimo joked.

“Armpits bad. Sex good!” Krissy retorted. “But fine – I’ll just rinse off in the pool. I don’t feel like going upstairs.”

Krissy stood and walked out the sliding glass door into the sunshine. She lowered herself slowly into the warm blue water of the swimming pool, before swimming an unhurried lap to the far end and back. She knelt in the water, and rubbed the chlorinated water into her armpits and between her legs, before rising from the pool, and toweling off on the deck. Rubbing her straight long black hair with the towel, she made her way back to the sofa. The fatigue of her all night escapade was starting to set in, and she laid down next to Kimo, resting her damp head on his naked lap.

“So first of all, turns out your buddy Cisco is bi.” Krissy revealed.

“I’ve always wondered about that.” Kimo responded casually.

“Really?” Krissy asked. “It came as a total surprise to me – a pleasant surprise – but a surprise nonetheless. He always seemed so macho.”

“Yeah – he’s almost too macho.” Kimo said. “And a little bit metrosexual. I really don’t care, but how did you know he’s bi?”

“Well, I watched him suck a dick and lick another dude’s come out of me.” Krissy said with a chuckle.

“No fucking way!” Kimo exclaimed. “How many people did you bang last night?”

“Just three, counting Cisco.” Krissy said. “Cisco, a girl we met at the rave, and a fellow we met afterwards at the hotel.”

“‘Just three’ – listen to you!” Kimo responded. “You’re a force of nature. I’m still a virgin, for Pete’s sake!”

Krissy rubbed Kimo’s thigh consolingly. “I don’t think you’re going to a virgin for long unless you want to be.” She assured him. “You got that amazing hummer from Cayleigh, and in case you couldn’t tell, she kinda digs you.” She informed him, referring to her BFF Cayleigh and the blow job that Krissy had coached Kimo through two nights earlier.

“I’m pretty sure she digs *you,* Krissy – I’m just ‘Krissy adjacent.'” Kimo protested.

“Maybe she likes us both!” Krissy offered. “But I know she likes you, and she’ll be over here a lot this summer, and I’d bet good money that you two will be banging any day now.”

Kimo’s penis rose slightly at the memory of Krissy’s tall, gorgeous, athletic friend wrapping her lips around it. Krissy could feel it press against the side of her head.

“Seems like maybe you like her a little bit too!” Krissy teased, rubbing her head against Kimo’s growing cock.

“Stop it – I’m trying to play this game.” He responded. “But yeah, I’ve had a crush on Cayleigh for years. I just figured she was out of my league. I thought the blowjob was an act of pity or something.”

“No way!” Krissy exclaimed. “I mean, she did it as a favor to me, but there’s pendik escort bayan no way she would have done it if she weren’t into you. Trust me.”

The fatigue of Krissy’s long sleepless night was slowly overtaking her. She closed her eyes and sank deeper into the sofa and Kimo’s lap.

“So what drugs were you doing?” Kimo asked.

“We took Molly at the rave, and did some coke back at the hotel.” Krissy confessed.

“Damn, I’ve never done either!” Kimo fretted

“You wanna?” Krissy asked. “Cisco gave me two more pills, and I’ve still got a little of Jens’s coke left from my first night back.”

“I don’t know.” Kimo mused. “All indications appear to be that drugs lead to orgies. At least based on the week so far.” He laughed.

“Nah – only if you want them to.” Krissy offered. “Think about it, I’m going to take a nap.”

She closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.

* * * * *

Krissy woke several hours later, the late afternoon sun shining on her face. She was alone on the sofa. Kimo had covered her with a light throw, although it was warm and probably not necessary. Krissy kicked the throw to the floor, and pinched her eyes shut against the strong glow of the sunlight.

The scent of bacon helped her identify the sizzling noise she could hear coming from the kitchen. She inhaled deeply, savoring the smoky aroma.

“Mmmmm, bro!” Krissy said, pressing her face into the sofa cushion. “Are you making me breakfast for dinner?”

“I’m making you breakfast. If you want to call it dinner, that’s your right.” Kimo joked.

Minutes later Kimo returned to the sofa with a tray that he set atop the coffee table. On the tray was a cup of coffee, a glass of orange juice, and a plate holding two fried eggs, a small mound of hashbrowns, and several strips of crispy bacon.

“Oh my god I love you so much right now!” Krissy exclaimed, standing up to fling her arms around her brother’s neck. She gave Kimo a chaste but overlong kiss on the lips while pressing her bare chest against his. “You … are … amazing!”

She began to inhale the coffee and the food. “What were we talking about?” Krissy asked through a mouthful of potatoes.

“Drugs.” Kimo said. “I kind of want to try them. Do you?”

“I’d love to pop your drugs cherry!” Krissy teased. “Let’s do them tonight!”

“I’ve smoked pot.” Kimo protested. “I’m not a total virgin – but yeah, lets!”

“Molly and coke are a whole different thing, little bro.” Krissy warned. “And the first time is the best time. We need to do a little planning and get some supplies. We need to think about when to eat, because Molly is best on an empty stomach. And we need Gatorade. Like gallons of it.”

“We’ve already got a shit ton of Gatorade.” Kimo said. “It’s almost six o’clock now – I’m kind of hungry…”

“Why don’t you eat now and then don’t eat anything else.” Krissy suggested. “Sunset is a little before nine, so let’s dose then. It’ll take twenty minutes to hit, and four or five hours to wear off. So we might even get some sleep tonight. This is going to be so fun!”

The two spent the next few hours preparing for their trip. Krissy covered the living room floor with soft blankets and pillows. Kimo put together a long playlist of music based on the overlap of his favorites and music Krissy recommended. Together they replaced the white light bulbs in the living room floor lamps with colored bulbs. Krissy fished out a string of colored Christmas lights and arrayed it beneath the glass coffee table that they had moved against the wall. Between and during tasks, Krissy told Kimo what to expect from the molly – the sweaty dizziness as it first kicks in, the twitchy flickering eyeballs, the thirst, the subsequent tactile softness of all things (hence the pillows), the powerful feelings of love and connection, the slow fade back to sobriety as it wears off, and so on.

“I’ve always wanted to pet a chinchilla on ecstasy!” Krissy confessed. “I bet it would feel so soft that your brain would explode!”

“Sounds messy.” Kimo joked. “What about the coke, where does that fit in?” he asked.

“Molly doesn’t mix all that well with other drugs.” Krissy explained. “But the coke can be a nice pick-me-up when the Molly starts to fade. Totally optional – we can do it or not. We’ll sleep better if we don’t. Game-time decision. I’ll leave it over on the coffee table, so at least we won’t have to hunt for it.”

As the clock hit half past eight, Krissy fetched the pills from her fanny pack on the steps. The two naked siblings stood face to face in the living room – their new temporary private party room – and Krissy took both of Kimo’s hands in hers.

“Are you ready to have your mind blown?” She asked.

“Blow me!” Kimo said. “I mean, blow my mind.” He stammered with a laugh, realizing his gaffe.

Krissy gave him some side eye, and said, “Open your mouth and stick out your tongue!” She placed Kimo’s pill on the middle of his tongue and handed him a glass of water. “It’ll hit you better maltepe escort and faster if you chew it up – but it tastes awful.”

Kimo bit into the pill and made a face, blinking rapidly as the bitter acrid flavor filled his mouth. He took a gulp of the water, as Krissy ingested her own pill, doing the same. Krissy placed a hand on either side of Kimo’s face and gave him a wild wide-eyed look.

“Now, we wait!” She said. “Any questions?”

“No,” Kimo responded. “I think you covered it. What are we going to do once it kicks in?”

“We’re going to roll around on the floor, we’re going to rub these pillows, and we’re going to have the deepest most intimate conversation that we’ve ever had.” Krissy promised.

“Can I play video games until it starts?” Kimo asked.

“Sure – you do you, boo! No rules.” Krissy replied.

Kimo played for about fifteen minutes, sitting hip-to-hip with his sister on the floor in front of the couch, when a wave of dizziness washed over him, and he suddenly felt unable to follow the game or operate the game controller. He set it on the sofa.

“I think it’s starting.” He said, closing his eyes and trying to ignore the sensation of nausea.

“Mmmmm – me too.” Krissy said, wrapping her arm around Kimo’s shoulder. “It won’t hit me as hard as you, because I just did it last night. And I’ve done it before. I probably should’ve have mentioned that you might feel like you need to vomit. If you do, we’ll go to the bathroom and you can vomit. It’s no big deal, and you’ll feel way better right afterwards.”

“I think we’d better go to the bathroom!” Kimo said, breathlessly.

He stood uneasily, and Krissy took his arm to steady him. The two siblings walked the twenty feet to the first floor bathroom, arm in arm. Krissy noticed Kimo’s penis and scrotum sway from side to side as he walked unstably. She hadn’t spent time around her brother naked since they were young adolescents, and she admired how handsome and solid Kimo Nguyen had grown up to be: his smooth muscular chest and stomach, his smoothly shaved balls and pubis – Krissy’s handwork there – the soft curve of his muscular glutes and the definition in the muscles of his thighs. Not to mention what a thoughtful and sensitive man he was. Krissy’s little brother was quite the catch, she thought.

Fuck, these are weird thoughts to have about my brother, Krissy thought silently. She helped Kimo sit next to the toilet bowl and she sat across from him, legs apart, leaning into the wall. It must be the drugs, she thought. I wonder if he’s thinking the same thing about me, Krissy pondered to herself. She noticed that her shaved pussy was basically on full display to her little as she sat there with him. Her clitoris and inner lips were peeking out and clearly visible. Krissy looked up at Kimo, but his eyes were closed as he tried to overcome the queasiness.

Finally, Kimo leaned over the toilet bowl and began to vomit. Krissy came to him and rubbed his back gently as he heaved. As quickly as it had come on, the nausea passed, and Kimo sat back against the wall again.

“Fucking hell this feels amazing!” He exclaimed. “I think I need some Gatorade to get the taste of vomit out of my mouth, though. Can we go back to the living room?”

“Yes! You’ve made it over the hump!” Krissy praised him. “Let’s go!”

As they exited the bathroom, Krissy exclaimed “Carry me!” And she jumped onto Kimo’s back, wrapping her legs around his hips and her arms around his neck. He laughed and carried his sister the short distance back to the living room. Krissy enjoyed the sensation of her sex pressed into the smooth soft flesh of Kimo’s smooth back, until he plopped her down onto the sofa. She could feel herself beginning to lubricate. It’s just the drugs, Krissy said to herself.

“You should touch things.” Krissy counseled her brother, as he gulped the Gatorade. “Everything will feel amazing.”

Kimo began to rub the blankets and pillows that Krissy had deposited on the living room floor. “Oh my god!” He exclaimed. “I cannot believe how soft these are. Is everything this soft?” He asked.

Kimo began touching other things – the wall, the TV, the coffee table. “Even hard things feel soft.” He marveled.

“Touch yourself!” Krissy instructed.

“Where?” Kimo asked, looking down at his bare frame.

“Everywhere.” Krissy said with a smile.

Kimo ran his hands down his torso, over his abs, down to his thighs, back up beneath his balls, and slowly over his soft-but-rising penis. His penis sent shock waves through his entire body as he stroked it. “Oh fuck – that feels amazing!” He said.

“Sit down and just enjoy it!” Krissy suggested, while she herself sat on the floor, running her hands over her small firm breasts, down her stomach and legs, until she brought them to rest above her pubis where she could gently stroke her pussy lips with her fingers. Even the razor stubble on her mound felt deliciously soft. “Dude – come feel this!”

Kimo laid face down on the floor, his head kartal escort between his sister’s knees, and looked up at her. “Your mound?” he asked.

“Yeah!” Krissy replied. “Even razor stubble is soft!”

Kimo ran his fingers over his sister’s bare mound, amazed that this drug could make sand-papery razor stubble feel soft like cat fur. “Your pussy feels like a pussy!” He laughed at his pun, before letting his fingertips slide over Krissy’s clitoris and down the length of her lips.

She let out a low soft ecstatic moan. This is too far, she thought. But he touched me more intimately than that when he shaved me, she reminded herself. She didn’t push his hand away.

“Do things taste amazing too, or just feel amazing?” Kimo asked, his eyes fixated on Krissy’s pussy as he lips began to swell from his gentle strokes.

Krissy looked down at him. “Yes, but you’re not licking my pussy, pervo!” She teased him. “I’ve got an idea, turn onto your stomach!”

Kimo dutifully followed Krissy’s order. She straddled his buttocks and began to massage her brother’s shoulders and back, once again pressing her damp labia into his tail bone. Now it was Kimo who moaned as Krissy alternately kneaded and ran her fingertips over Kimo’s muscular back. “You like that, little bro?” She asked him.

“Oh my fucking god!” Kimo replied. “I never knew anything could feel this good.”

Krissy bent forward and laid down atop her brother’s back, letting her breasts press into the muscles below his shoulder blades, and bring her hands to rest on Kimo’s outstretched forearms.

“Molly is your friend!” She whispered into Kimo’s ear. “Turn over!” Krissy directed him as she rolled off of his back.

Kimo rolled onto his back on the living room floor. Whether it was the drugs, Krissy’s loving ministrations to his back muscles, or both, his penis was now fully erect and hovering above his belly. Krissy swung her leg over him and straddled Kimo’s abdomen, her round butt only millimeters north of the tip of his penis. Krissy began running her fingertips lightly over Kimo’s chest and shoulders. Kimo moaned.

“I love you so fucking much, Krissy!” Kimo panted.

“I know.” Krissy replied. “I love you so fucking much too.” She bent forward and planted another long, but chaste, kiss on Kimo’s lips. “We’re so lucky to have one another.” She said.

Kimo wrapped his arms around her back and squeezed hard. Then he ran his own fingertips up and down Krissy’s shoulders, low back, and butt. Now it was Krissy’s turn to moan again as her brothers fingers traced the edge of her butt crack, around her glutes, and back up the sides of her hips. Krissy’s legs spread involuntarily, as Kimo began to tickle he crease where her buttocks met her thighs.

Krissy put her hands on Kimo’s chest and pushed herself back up to a sitting position on his belly, but in doing so, her body had moved down, and how her pussy lips were straddling Kimo’s penis. The tip of her brother’s penis was peeking out just in front of her own clitoris. Krissy slid slowly a few inches down, and then back up, feeling the stiff underside of Kimo’s penis gliding beneath her.

“Kimo.” She said.

“Yes?” He replied.

“We shouldn’t be doing this.” Krissy said, sounding unconvinced.

“I know. But it feels amazing.” Kimo said.

“It really does.” Krissy agreed, closing her eyes and continuing to massage Kimo’s shaft between the increasingly-moist outer lips of her pussy.

“We’ve got to talk about this.” Krissy said. “If we fuck tonight, that’s not something we can ever take back. We can always tell ourselves it was just the drugs, but we’ll never be able to undo it.”

“I know.” Kimo responded.

“And if we’re not going to be able to be grownups about it, I don’t want to do it. I love you so much, bro, I don’t ever want anything to come between us or make our relationship awkward or difficult.” Krissy appealed.

“Me either.” Kimo agreed. “But look at what we’ve already done this week – we’ve shaved each other. You held me while I masturbated and coached me while your best friend Cayleigh sucked my dick. Do you honestly think we’re going to make it through the summer without fucking? I can’t even imagine it, right now.”

“I know.” Krissy said, biting her lower lip as she pondered the situation they had created. “I know.”

There was a long pause.

“You can’t come inside me.” Krissy finally said, still gliding over Kimo’s penis, now slick with her juices. “There won’t be any lines left that we haven’t crossed otherwise. Let’s at least leave that one intact.”

“I’m not sure I can come right now anyway,” Kimo said, referring to the effect of the molly, “but I’m imagining that your insides are the softest, squishiest, warmest, most wonderful place on earth right now. I just want to feel what it feels like.”

“Are you sure this is how you want to lose your virginity? With your sister?” Krissy asked.

“With the person I love most in the world, who cares about me and loves me, the person I have the easiest time talking to, out of anyone?” Kimo asked rhetorically.

Krissy increased the length of her slides, and as she reached the top of the motion, she tilted her hips back. The head of Kimo’s penis rested directly against the opening of Krissy’s vagina.

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