Temmuz 14, 2024

Kiki Pleasures Herself

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Saturday morning I headed to the local supermarket to do our shopping, leaving Kiki to do the house work. This had become our weekly ritual. Kiki would supply the shopping list and off I’d go. Plus, this week I was due for a haircut, so I’d be gone for longer than usual.

As on most Saturdays, there was a large group ahead of me at the barber shop and I passed the time leafing thru one of the long out of date magazines till it was finally my turn in one of the chairs. Luckily I got my favorite barber, Pete, and he greeted me with a smile and a “How the hell are you, Jon.”

Like me, Pete had a live-in girl friend and, as usual, we discussed the advantages (and his disadvantages) of our arrangements. Right off the bat, Pete began to moan about his lady love.

“Damn it, she’s got my credit card just about maxed out. I always thought we were supposed to save money at the discount store, but she’s been buying clothes right and left. Damn closet is bulging with her stuff. Got enough to open her own shop. Whenever I say anything she just says that she’s got to look nice for me. Krisakes, she looks nice for me when she’s naked.”

I knew from past experience that he was exaggerating somewhat, but we had a good laugh at his predicament. Pete was a few years older than me and his girl friend was younger than him by some fifteen years. “Problem is Pete,” I said, “she’s too young for you. You can’t keep her satisfied in bed so she makes up for it in shopping. What you got to do is get a young roomer in to help you out.”

“Yeah, but then she’d have a headache whenever I want a little lovin’.”

We bantered back and forth like that for the duration of the haircut. We never discussed politics or religion, those subjects were out of bounds for us, Pete was a Southern Baptist, which didn’t seem to effect his sex life, and I, on the other hand, had no religious affiliation to speak of.

Leaving the barber shop, I drove to the store. Like the barber shop, the market was crowded with shoppers. I grabbed a cart and began cruising the aisles, checking off each item as I picked them up. While our needs were relatively small, everyone else had carts stacked high with groceries and I had to wait in a long line at the check-out.

Finally, chore completed, I packed everything in the car and headed home. Once there, I grabbed two bags from the car and opened the door into the house. I was greeted with moans and heavy breathing. My god, I thought, is Kiki entertaining someone, or is she being raped? I quietly placed the bags on the kitchen counter and tiptoed into the living room.

There was Kiki, slouched down on the couch, her shorts and panties around her ankles, one hand furiously attacking her clit, the other at her right tit, jilling like crazy. Since her eyes were closed, she didn’t see me in the doorway and I watched in fascination as she pleasured herself. Milky white juices were flowing from her pussy and I thought about going to her and licking up her joy juice but held back. I knew that on several occasions we had mutually pleasured ourselves but this was different. My cock came to attention and I massaged it through my shorts.

Suddenly, her legs shot out straight in front of her, she stopped rubbing her clit and just cupped her cunt with her hand and let out a long, “AAAHHH.” as she came. I ceased rubbing my cock and began to applaud. Her eyes snapped open with a look of surprise on her face.

When she realized it was me, she smiled. “Jon, I just got so horny that I had to do that. I was going crazy and you were gone so long and, finally, I just couldn’t wait.”

“Good! güvenilir bahis I know what it’s like. After all, I’ve jacked off sometimes too. To tell the truth, I feel like doing just that right now, you got me so hot.” I unbuttoned my shorts, pulled the zipper down and pushed my shorts and boxers down, releasing my turgid prick. As I started to stroke it, Kiki reached down and stripped her shots and panties from her ankles.

“No, Jon, don’t do that. Put it in me. Fuck me. I’m still horny.” .

I stepped out of the clothes around my ankles and hurried across the room to her, my cock leading the way. I dropped to my knees in front of her and, with some difficulty, got the right angle for my prick to slip into her. Kiki wrapped her legs around me to pull me closer and half rose to circle me with her arms. In that most awkward position we fucked. “Quick, Jon, quick, cum in me cause I’m gonna cum again. Oh god, I love the feel of your cock in me. Hurry.” There was no holding me back. After only five or six pumps, my ball sack grew tight and I could feel the first spasm begin.

“I’m gonna cum, baby I’…mm gon…na cum, RIGHT… NOW!” I pushed my prick into her cunt as deeply as I could as the first spurt erupted from my cock. I kept myself glued to her and my prick jerked as two more spurts pumped into her depths. With that final spurt, I felt Kiki tense up, gripping me even tighter to her as she too, silently, came.

In only a minute we both relaxed, my prick falling out of her pussy as she fell back on the couch. We were both breathing rapidly, trying to get more oxygen in our lungs. It had been a tense few minutes and we were both exhausted from fucking in such an awkward position.

When I felt recovered, I scrambled to my feet and grabbed up my shorts. “I’ve still got food in the car to bring in and put away.”

“You bring it in and I’ll put it away” Getting up, Kiki didn’t bother putting on her shorts, but followed me into the kitchen while I went out to the car to get the remanning bags.

The rest of the day went by unevently. I caught up on some bill paying while Kiki read one of her romance novels. She had never gotten back into her shorts, wearing only her tee shirt, sitting on the couch, her pussy exposed. I noticed that every once in a while she would cup her pussy in one hand, apparently at some juicy part of the story she was reading.

About five o’clock, she put down the book, picked up the discarded panties and shorts and dressed. I sealed the last check bearing envelope and closed the checkbook.

“How about we go out for dinner, Hon. It’s too hot to do any cooking; let somebody else take care of that.”

“Oh good. I was hoping we might go out. You could do with a nice steak and I’m sure I’ll need something like that. We’ve got to keep you full of protein and me with energy food, if you know what I mean.”

Oh, I knew what she meant all right. That romance novel had really got her on edge for some real intense lovin’. Of course, I was always up to a good round of pussy licking and hard fucking. She knew me so well.

I gathered up the bills and we went out, I’d drop them in the mail on the way to dinner. We had opted for the steakhouse over on Congress Ave and, surprise, surprise, we got a parking space right by the door and, once inside, a booth for the two of us.

One of the attractions, other than the good steaks, was the waitresses, all attractive young girls dressed in short shorts than occasionally bared cheeks when they bent over to place food on the tables.

Suzie took our order for drinks and then when she brought them, our orders türkçe bahis for steaks. I was taking Kiki’s earlier remarks to heart. I was going to load up on proteins. While Kiki seemed to be in a rush, I took my time, savoring the New York cut, salad and baked potato. Then I delayed even more by languishing over a slice of cream cheese pie.. Kiki didn’t understand my motive, she would be so hot by the time we got home, it would be a night of intense fucking.

We left the restaurant and got into our car. As soon as the car door was closed, Kiki turned to me and practically shouted, “Damn you, Jon. You know I’m hot to fuck. Why did you have to dawdle over dinner like that?”

I grinned at her. “Yeah, I know, but just think, when I eat your pussy I’m gonna get so much honey and you’re gonna cum so hard, it’ll be worth the wait.”

“You bastard, my pants are already soaking wet and you’re going to miss a lot of cum juice.”

It was less than two minutes after we entered the house and Kiki was naked, stretched out on our bed, knees drawn up, legs spread, two hands at her pussy, jilling. Even with her eyes closed, she knew when my face was in position and she grabbed my head and pulled me to her apex.

I had only a brief glimpse of the milky white juice oozing from between her puffy cunt lips before my tongue reached out to her. Her hips jerked madly as I made contact. “My clit, Jon, suck my clit. Oh god, I’ve got to cum!”

The little pink nub had emerged from its hood as I circled it with my lips, sucking gently. As my tongue made a lick at it, she cried out, “OH MY GOD, IT’S THERE! OH GOD, OH GOD, I’M CUMMING!” She held my face mashed against her pussy, cutting off my breath, as she thrashed about, trying to get higher on her climax.

Then she squirted!

At first I thought she had lost control and peed, but I quickly realized that it was a clear, pungent fluid, not yellow piss. Three times she squirted, her body tensed as she strained against me. I could no longer hold my breath and I fought to free myself from her grip to be able to breathe. After what seemed to be an eternity, she suddenly relaxed and I was able to free myself. Gulping for air, I pulled back and rose on my knees.

My cock, which had gone limp as I struggled, again stiffened I grasped it as I moved forward and aimed it towards her sopping cunt. As the purple head began to enter, she thrust up, taking me full depth, nearly throwing me off.

For a few minutes we had trouble trying to get into a mutual rhythm, Kiki seemed to be in such a hurry to again go over the edge. But finally we were together. Each time I would pull back, she did likewise and then, when I began my downward plunge, she would thrust up mightily, panting an “Unh,” each time.

With some difficulty I managed to lean down to suck, first one turgid nipple, then the other. Kiki wrapped her arms around me and held me tightly as her breathing became more and more labored. I knew she was about to cum again.

After several more minutes, she locked her ankles behind my hips, releasing her hold on me, she flung her arms out and began slapping the bed sheet. “OH GOD, OH GOD! I’M CUMMING! OH MY GOD, OH GOD!” As her cunt began convulsing on my prick, I nearly went over the edge myself.but I was determined to hold off as long as I possibly could. “OH, FUCK, JON, FUCK!” Her hands were balled up in fists, clutching the sheets, her knuckles white, her body tense, as she strained to prolong her ecstasy.

In minutes, her whole body went limp as she came off her peak. She grasped my head in her hands, pulling our lips together in a most passionate güvenilir bahis siteleri kiss. Then her head fell back onto the bed and she smiled up at me. “Damn you, Jon, you knew what you were doing, making me wait like that. That was just the best ever.”

I pulled away from her, my still hard cock coming free of her cunt. The actions of our coupling had whipped her cum juice into a froth, leaving a wreath of white foam around her cunt and coating my cock. As I watched, Kiki reached one hand down to cup her pussy, wiping the foam around the still swollen lips and down to her rosebud ass. As she rubbed the puckered little hole, one finger slowly worked its way inside. Her eyes were closed and it seemed that she was enjoying the feeling of penetration. She soon worked a second finger in and stroked the two of them slowly.

“Fuck my ass, Jon,” she murmured softly. It was as though she was reading my mind for that had been my intention when I had held off cumming before. “Fuck my ass, cum in my ass. I know you like that.”

I took hold of my cock and began to point it towards the target. She stopped me. “No, you lay down and let me get on top. Let me do it.”

I rolled onto my back and she straddled my hips. At first I thought she was going to guide my prick into her pussy but she only collected some of her juice on my cock head then settled own with my prick at her ass. She grimaced slightly as the head pushed inside the tight ring, slowly she worked my swollen length inside until she was seated on me. She had been holding her breath but now exhaled and began to breathe normally. As she slowly rose up again, she slathered more of her pussy juice on the shank of my rod, then settled down again, with much faster speed.

Kiki began rising and falling on me, almost bouncing up and down. While I cupped her tits, rubbing her nipples with the palms of my hands, she began toying with her clit and finger fucking herself. Her eyes were closed and she began breathing hard, until she was all but panting thru her half open mouth. While I felt like I wanted to thrust into her, I, instead, just lay there, letting her set the pace.

“Yeah, that’s…goo…ood…that fee…eels goo…ood. I thi…nk I’m gon…na cum… a…gain.” She was feverishly rubbing her clit and it appeared that the two fingers in her cunt had found her ‘G’ spot, I could feel them moving through the thin membrane that separated her bowel from her cunt

For my part, I could feel the beginning of my own release beginning to build; it wouldn’t be long before I sprayed her insides with my cum. Now, I could no longer hold back and I, involuntarily, began thrusting. At that point she inhaled deeply, stopped her movement and exclaimed loudly, “YESSS….YESSS….OHMYGOD, OH GOD, OH GOD.” With that, I thrust my hips upward as hard as I could, lifting her, as my cock jerked with the first spurt of my cum. As I continued to strain upwards, my cock jerked three more time, each time spurting more of my juice into her, then, with that last spurt, I fell back, exhausted. My cock quickly went soft and she pushed it out of her ass, followed with most of my cum.

Kiki fell forwards onto me, breathing as heavily, as I was. We rolled onto our sides, facing one another, our arms around each other, fucked out. In the midst of our post fuck kiss, like all men, I drifted off to sleep.

It was mid morning when I awoke the next day. We were both, still in each others arms and Kiki was snoring softly. I had a piss hard-on and needed to drain my kidneys. As I tried to gently disentangle myself, she too, awoke with a yawn. Kiki looked at me and smiled broadly. “That was sure some night. I don’t think I’ll want to fuck again for a week.” I laughed as I got off the bed and headed for the bathroom.

“You can say that now but I’ll give you two days to change your mind.”

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