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Kat’s Tail 01

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The first thing Kat did was get her nipples pierced.

It was the most radical thing she could think to do after the one-two punch of leaving James and then the dreadful slog of quarantine life. Her life needed a reboot, something dramatic to kick start her old vitality. Four years she and James had been together, and in that time he had made her fall in love, taken her virginity and her anal virginity (though something about that phrase seemed, to her, patently absurd), gotten her pregnant, had a baby with her, and made her think – made her really think that he was the one. And then it was all over. Turns out hers wasn’t the only virginity James had taken; hers wasn’t the only heart he had stolen. But hers was the one he broke.

Stupid Facebook. Stupid her. She never should have gone snooping. She could have stayed in blissful ignorance for the rest of her life.

Stupid James.

She had dumped him just before her birthday. Quick and painful, like ripping off a band-aid. She had done it over Facebook; that’s how he broke her heart so that’s how she would break his. She would let him see Daniel, but only in public or if her mom was around. She couldn’t be alone with him. Not with that smile, that voice, that charm, that cock. She knew, and hated that she knew, that she would give her body to him again, any time. She craved it. She had already slipped a few times. Once just after the breakup, again a few weeks later. The memory of those encounters was strong in her mind and even now she felt herself squirming at the thought, wishing she could discreetly slip a hand between her legs and…

She shook her head. None of that, not right now. Maybe later at night, when she was alone in her room and Daniel was sleeping in his crib and her mom was listening to music in her room; when she could be alone with her thoughts and the intermingling passions of anger and sadness and desire. But not now. Now she was in a chair, her shirt off, the warm leather sticking to her back. Samara, a true beauty with half her head shaved and tattoos adorning her arms and chest, was sterilizing a needle. Kat’s nipples were stiff from excitement and fear.

“You ready,” Samara said, her husky voice like liquid on Kat’s eardrums. Kat nodded, tried to speak, couldn’t. She closed her eyes and felt the other woman’s hand on her breast, a single finger pressed against Kat’s small pink nipple to hold it steady. The needle kissed her.


She had only been fourteen when she’d had Daniel; terrifyingly young. She looked back on those days with a mixture of sick apprehension and warmth. When she had missed her period she hadn’t thought much of it. It happened sometimes; the cycle wasn’t always like clockwork. But days had passed, and weeks, and finally she was coming up on a month and frantically googling all the many reasons why you could miss one. There were plenty of reasons. Plenty of excuses to latch onto. But she was a practical girl, her mom had raised her that way. So she had snuck away from school one day and gone to a drugstore miles away from her home, bought the test, and taken it in a nearby alley, fully intending to ditch the thing in some bushes regardless of the results.

But then it had been positive and that stern-faced practicality had melted away and revealed the little girl within. She cried. Not as long as she could have, or as long as she would have liked. But she did cry and the tears helped and when she was done she stood up and slipped the test into a plastic bag and into her backpack. There was planning to do, people to tell.

To James’s credit he didn’t immediately ask about abortion. Most guys she knew would have. Instead he had taken her hand in his and gone quiet. In that silence all of her worst fears played out. He yelled at her, hit her, killed her, ran away, hated her. That most of all. She couldn’t bear his hate. But he did none of those things. Eventually he sighed and managed a sincere smile.

“Well,” he said, “I guess we should think of some names.”

Telling her mom had been another matter entirely. It took her weeks to gather up the courage. She was sure she would be kicked out, that her mom would just think she was a slut and not worth the effort. But, surprisingly, when she told her her mom had gone into planning mode. Before she knew it relatives, friends, and people Kat had never met had sent them a stroller, diapers, toys, and her mom had made up an area of the house as a nursery.

The rest was a blur. Months went by; there were doctor’s appointments and doctor’s appointments; she grew bigger and bigger; the girls at school called her a slut, trash, a whore; they spoke behind her back and to her face but they barely mattered. She could feel the potential of her baby and couldn’t wait for him to come out.

And then he did. A beautiful boy they named Daniel. She loved him as best she could her mom helped. Her life was put on hold.

And then James cheated.

And she didn’t want to be on hold internet casino anymore.


A week after getting pierced her nipples were still aching, but what had started as a torrent of constant sharp bites had now dulled to a pleasant, roaring throb. When she walked the fabric of her shirt would sometimes catch against the barbells, tugging them slightly, tweaking her nipples and sending a burst of electricity through her body. It was a delicious tease. The piercings were noticeable under the fabric, making her nipples prominent. She would catch people staring at them and just knowing that their eyes were all over her gave her a pleasant rush.

She would sometimes go out in a tight shirt, braless, daring people to stare. Her round breasts swayed as she walked, the piercings popping prominently, begging to be touched. At the height of her pregnancy her boobs had been bigger but now they had settled to pleasant 34C. She knew how good they looked and relished people’s desire.

Today she was being a little more modest, but only slightly so. Her shirt was baggy but she still wore no bra. At certain angles the swell of her chest wasn’t noticeable, but if she positioned her body right the shirt would drape over them and show off her curves. She was excited. The quarantine had finally been lifted and though many people were still wearing masks, things had gone mostly back to normal. She was ready to meet someone new. She was ready to fuck.

Her hair was freshly dyed. Light red with streaks of her natural blonde. She had done her makeup to make her green eyes pop, a heavy coat of dark eye shadow and mascara. Her eyes were naturally large and round and her makeup emphasized their shape. She wore no lipstick, her lips were already a natural, light pink. She had a piercing on the left side of her lower lip and a nose ring. She wore a skirt which was short enough to show off the bottom of her creamy thighs. And underneath her skirt was a lovely surprise. She giggled to herself.

Her mom was going to be looking after Daniel all day, she knew how much Kat had been dying to get out. She probably even knew exactly what Kat was looking for. She had helped her do her makeup. The day was hers. She licked her lips at the potential.

It was a good time to go looking. Now that the quarantine was over everyone was out, lapping up the sun and making up for all the time lost. Within minutes she was already seeing plenty of men. She passed one handsome man running shirtless. He turned to look at her and smiled but then she saw the sun glinting off his wedding band and gave him only a cursory nod. She wouldn’t put another woman through that.

She walked for nearly an hour, looking for any potential partners. Eventually she came across a park. It was a large expanse of green fields and shady trees. And even better, there was a basketball court. It was her lucky day. Two men were playing a game. From this distance it was difficult to make out their features clearly but she could tell they were both good looking. And with there being two, that was double the chance for success. Or so she hoped.

She made her way down the hill toward the court.



A gasp. A sigh. A hungry moan.

The smell of sweat and sex.

Need. Primal and urgent.

They are hidden in the shade of the trees. All around them the world goes on and on, but inside the trees time is still. It’s only them.

Her body moves. Her eyes close. And she whispers…

“Oh my god.”


The men noticed her quickly and she affected a casual stroll, trying not to look at them too much. When she got close enough she could see them staring out of the corner of her eye, their game forgotten. Not until she’s three quarters of the way there did she finally turn and smile at them. She was right about them being handsome.

They’re older than her. Still in college, she thinks, but maybe just out. Thirty at most. One of them is black and he’s the one she smiles at first. James was black; all of her boyfriends have been black. He is tall and broad shouldered. His hair is made up in small dreads and his teeth are brilliantly white. He’s very dark and his eyes glisten playfully. She likes him already.

The other man is white. Not as tall but thicker, his muscles bulging even under his shirt. His hair is short and he has a close cropped beard and bushy eyebrows. He doesn’t smile, but his eyes move up and down over her body, taking her in. She can feel him measuring her with his mind, imagining his hands on her small body – she’s only 5’4″, dwarfed by both men – what he might be able to do to her. Whether he might break her. She grins to herself; he should have no fear of that. She strikes him as a serious man but thinks that he probably knows how to pleasure a woman. A body like that…it’s doubtful he’s had any trouble. She also sees something else in his eyes. Wariness, she thinks. She is a small girl and young. He’s probably canlı poker oyna wondering whether or not she’s legal. This amuses her for some reason. She thinks about how she could tease him with it. So much potential.

The black man cocked an eyebrow at her and took off his shirt. It had been concealing a fantastic body. She can see virtually no fat on him, just tight abs, firm pecs, and rippling arms. She feels herself grow wet. Her nipples stiffen, the piercings biting at them as they do, making her body warm. The black man slaps his friend on the arm and they return to their game.

She walked to a shady spot in the grass near the court and bent over, opening her back and fishing out a towel she kept in there. There are only a few other items. Her wallet, her phone, a bottle of liquid lube – that is the most important of all. She took a long time getting the towel, shaking her hips playfully, as if she were totally unaware that her skirt was riding up and giving a little peek at her ass. She knew they were staring.

Finally, she pulled the towel out and draped it on the ground, sitting on it, lounging and kicking her shoes off. She planted her toes in the cool grass, flexing them firmly and tugging up a few blades. She kept her legs closed tight for now and watched the men at their game.

Their playing was sloppy, both of them clearly distracted. As they ran the court they would both glance at her, trying not to be obvious but failing. She was enjoying the view. Their muscles rippled. The black man’s body was glistening from sweat, the white man’s shirt was soaked. They both wore loose shorts and she could see movement between their legs. She wondered how much of what she was seeing was shadow and illusion, and how much was really their size. She kept her thighs shut tight and ground them against her pussy, teasing herself. She was soaked already.

She lifted her shirt up, exposing her pale stomach, leaving it resting just below her bust. She reached behind herself and pulled the fabric tight, pinning it to the ground with her back so that it stretched taut against her breasts. Her nipples poked up under the fabric prominently. The black man made a basket and looked at her. She smiled at him and clapped. His eyes wandered over her chest and he quickly turned away. She wished he hadn’t. She would have loved to see that bulge.

The white man turned to look at her and she waved at him. He grinned, his face suddenly looking much younger. He had the ball. He did a quick turn and leapt up, shooting the ball in one smooth motion. It sailed into the net. He roared in triumph and Kat couldn’t help but giggle. The black man scooped up the ball and came over. He and his friend spoke and he placed the ball on the ground. They started walking toward her.

Her heart was racing. She sat up, smiling at them as they approached. The black man sat down on the towel next to her, the white man stayed standing, his crotch perfectly at eye level as he looked down at her.

“Hello there,” she said, suddenly tongue tied. Now that they were so close it was clear how much bigger they really were. The sweet smell of sweat wafted into her nostrils, her eyes darted back and forth between the black man’s face and the white man’s crotch. “I’m Kat.”

“Michael,” the black man said. His voice was sweet and smooth.

“Eric,” said the white man; gruff and deep.

“It’s an absolute pleasure to meet you,” Michael said. He took her hand in his and lifted it up, kissing it gently. His lips were very soft.

Eric sat down at her other side.


They talked about nothing. They talked as if they couldn’t feel the thrumming heat between them. They talked as if the day could possibly end in any other way. Michael touched her hand, Eric brushed his fingers against her thigh, she used every excuse to feel their arms or chests or stomachs. She wondered how they couldn’t smell her lust. Maybe they could.

The sun turned above them, the shadows growing longer. Their conversation meandered. The two men moved closer and closer until their legs pressed together, the skin sticking. It was too much. She needed them. Either one of them. Both. It was driving her crazy and, now, she could see they knew it. They were playing with her. She wanted to scream. She could barely breathe. And then Michael stood up, and Eric too, and they were walking away toward a thick crop of trees. Michael turned back and looked at her, shooting her a wink.

She had been outplayed.

And she loved it.

She stood up, picked up her bag, and followed them into the shadows.


They were so tall. They stood on either side of her, towering over her. They were pressed so tightly against her she could barely move. Michael cupped her chin, tiling her face toward his and leaning down to kiss her. His lips were soft. They pressed against hers, enveloping them, making her let out a small, quiet moan. Eric slid his hand up her stomach, lifting her shirt and poker oyna spilling her breasts into the open. Her nipples were puckering and light pink, stiff. The two beaded barbells made them sing. Her left nipple had a black bead and a purple bead, the right had a black and an orange. Eric grabbed one, tugging it, making her whole body quiver.

Eric lowered himself onto his knees. Even kneeling he was almost as tall as she was. He cupped her breast in his large hand and wrapped his mouth around her nipple. His strong fingers kneaded her flesh as he sucked on her. His tongue slid over her nipple, soaking it, massaging it. His other hand grabbed her ass firmly, making the cheeks part. She moved her hips back, pressing her ass into his hand, practically begging him to play with it. But he didn’t, not yet. The two of them were firmly in control and the game would go at their pace.

Michael’s lips parted and his tongue slipped into her mouth. She opened for him, her eyes rolling in pleasure as their tongues danced. He coaxed her tongue into his mouth and enveloped it with his lips, sucking on it. His hand took hold of her other tit, toying with the piercing and she melted. Her thighs were slick from her juices and she was shaking.

She placed one hand on the back of Eric’s head, stroking his soft hair. Her other hand travelled up Micheal’s thigh and oh god there it was. A hard bulge, firm, throbbing, huge. She grabbed it, stroking it over his shorts before hooking her fingers into the waistband and pushing them down. His cock sprang out, bouncing a bit. It was long and veiny, the head fat and dark, almost purple. She took it in hand and could barely close her fingers around it. The skin bunched pleasantly at his head as she stroked him, back and forth, feeling every lovely inch.

Eric stood up. She whimpered when his mouth left her nipple but then Michael was rubbing it with his large thumb, spreading that warm, wetness all around the flesh and Eric was kissing her. His was rougher, hungrier, his mustache tickling her nose even as his lips worked her mouth. He kissed her like a man who has just gotten home from a long day of work. Firm and forceful but needy too. Like her kiss was his first lungful of fresh air.

And then his shorts were down too. Huge. Not as long as Michael’s, but thick as a soda can. Veiny. Muscular. His she couldn’t fit her fingers around, not even close. His balls were huge and round and heavy looking. Her fingers stretched as she grabbed it and stroked. Her hands were full with huge beautiful dicks. Eric broke their kiss and the two mean kissed her neck and she got to her knees.

She held each cock looking back and forth at them, taking them in, wondering what they were going to feel like inside. She pulled the men close and draped the cocks on her face. Warm skin and the smell of sweat filled her world. She opened her mouth, her soft lips parting and making way for her tongue.

The men didn’t seem to mind when she pressed their cocks together, just stared down at her smiling. Eric ran his rough hands through her hair. She pressed her tongue against their shafts and slowly slid it up to the heads, savoring every inch of taut skin. She couldn’t hope to fit both cocks into her mouth so she started with Michael.

His skin was salty. A dab of precum coated her tongue as she slid that long cock into her mouth. He was halfway down her throat and there was still so much cock left. She rolled upper eyes and looked up at him. He was smiling and licked his lips. She bobbed back, his drool leaving a shining trail along his shaft and then she bobbed forward again, almost choking. His cock was worth it. She stroked Eric as she massaged Michael’s cock with her lips, her tongue, her throat. She held the base of it, sliding her hand forward every time she bobbed back, stroking him as she sucked. And then she pushed forward, cramming at least eight inches of firm dick down her throat, cutting off her air, holding it inside, tears welling at the corners of her eyes. Her face had started to turn red when she finally pulled back, the black dick sliding out of her mouth, connected to her lips by thin tendrils of saliva. She moaned, stroking that slick cock with her hand as she turned her attention to Eric.

She couldn’t even fit it in her mouth. She strained her jaw just to take in his fat pink head. Licking a circle around it, her hand working his shaft fast. She let her mouth go slack and rubbed her lips along his huge shaft, sticking out her tongue to lick it before taking in the head again. God this was a fat dick! She turned back to Michael. Long and black and beautiful. She attacked it with her mouth, deep throating it again, taking it with ease this time. She pulled back and spit on it, stroking it faster.

Eric’s balls hung so heavy between his legs. They were so perfectly round she couldn’t just ignore them. She tilted her head and dipped down, letting that heavy sake drape over her mouth, opening wide to lick at the fat orbs, taking one between her lips and sucking, pulling her head back to stretch the skin a bit.

“Oh fuck,” she said as she stroked their two dicks. This was better than she could have hoped for. Her body was aching for them to use every inch of her.

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