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Just How Much Can She Tease Him

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She knew she was the ultimate tease. She loved it though. The attention she got through it and the fun that came with it. She knew that when she walked into the room tonight people would turn and look at her. It would give her a deep thrill inside of her knowing that men would look at her. That they would be lusting over her. And that she would be in full control over who she would get involved with and what was going to happen.

He saw her walk in the room, it wasn’t hard to notice her, striding in confidently in her heels. Her painted red smile smiling at a few people she knew as she breezed past them to the bar. Her bright red vintage style pin up dress matching her lipstick. Her eye make up subtle yet striking with her full long lashes and her long 1940s style blonde locks cascading over her shoulders. He sipped his drink noticing how confident she was in her 5 inch black heels.

What he didn’t see was her expensive finest lingerie under the striking dress. As she strolled around confidently she could feel how silky her legs felt in the tan seamed stockings she wore. Every step forward she took she could feel the six straps of the suspender belt she wore against her thigh. Even more she could feel the matching silk black lace knickers against her damp freshly shaven pussy. She knew men would look up at her as she circulated around the room. Many of them trying to eye up the seams of her stockings.

She spoke to a couple she knew. The poor guy didn’t know where to look when she was talking to his wife. The red dress perfectly cut to show off her cleavage in a classy way. His eyes trying not to gaze at the cleavage. She moved on talking to someone else, she was a force of nature in the room.

After a while she worked her way back to the bar, he was still there nursing another drink after making small talk to various people he really didn’t want to but needed to be polite too. He had glanced at her once or twice but had not thought about speaking to her.

She came right up to the bar next to him, ordering a drink she leaned over a little with one leg slightly in the air, the tip of her shoe just making contact with the floor. He couldn’t help but look at her legs but lingered just a moment too long for her to catch him looking.

“Oh are my seams straight?” She asked taking him by suprise.

“I’m sorry?” He replied suprised.

“I was wondering if my seams were straight? It’s so hard to get them straight at times you know and you was looking at them so I thought at least one must be wonky.”

“I erm hadn’t actually noticed.” He said nervously.

She turned her head round and check the back of her legs then looked straight at him. She had made him nervous but looking at him she saw he was well built and well dressed aswell as a nice jaw line which she liked in a man. Deep dark green eyes aswell. He looked a strong man but in seconds she had made him weak and nervous around her.

“They look straight to me but would you mind having a quick look yourself?” She asked as she turned round to face away from him.

“They are perfectly straight.” He said regaining his composure and confidence a little. His eyes travelled up the line of the seams to her red dress covering her bum. Her perfectly shaped bum, right in front of him. She knew what she was doing and he knew it aswell but he couldn’t do anything about it. He couldn’t stop looking at her bum as his cock stirred in his trousers.

“Oh and in case you are wondering I am wearing stockings.” She teased. “Fully fashioned with black seams and matching band around the top. Held up by a very expensive six strap suspender belt. You’re a stockings man aren’t you?”

“I beg your pardon?”

“You’re a stockings man. Not in the sense of wearing them of course!” She giggled.

“I can admire a lady in them yes.” He smiled back at her.

“Oh..I think it’s more than admiration.” She purred as she leaned in closer to him so no one else would hear. “I think they turn you on don’t they!”


“The bulge in your trousers tells me they are turning you on!” She whispered close to his ear.

He blushed bright red and shifted his legs in embarrassment. She giggled again as she took a sip of her drink.

“It’s ok I find it exciting that you are so turned on by my legs and stockings.”

He was about to say something in reply but she quickly put a finger to his lips to quieter him. He couldn’t help but notice how red and perfectly manicured her nails were.

“I like you.” She whispered in his ear. “You are handsome, well built, somewhat cute. And you desire me don’t you?”

“I erm I think you are attractive.” Was all he could reply losing even more control of the situation.

“No you desire me. You are thinking about how I look without my dress on aren’t you? You are thinking about what it is like to fuck me aren’t you?”

She had emphasised the word fuck. It seemed so shocking coming out of her perfectly painted lipstick fake agents porno mouth.

“Who are you?” He demanded getting a little annoyed at how he was being drawn into her web.

“I’m someone who you can’t take your eyes away from!” She giggled.

She fluttered her big eyes up at him. He was lost in them, as if possessed by her.

“Here’s what going to happen Mister, I’m going to lean up against this table and you are going to use your big strong fingers to bring me to orgasm. And if you do that successfully I will make you cum all over my stockings. Is that a good deal?”

“Christ yes!” He exclaimed excitedly making her giggle again. She loved how weak she could make even the strongest men. This man could easily have picked up her up, slammed her against the wall and taken her with a lust filled fucking but her charms and ways now had him doing what ever she wanted. Not that she didn’t like being taken with a lust filled rough fucking but she even had to be in control of that. With just a little flirting and teasing she always had them wrapped around her finger and doing whatever she wanted.

She perched her bum on the edge of the table and spread her legs apart a little. Taking one of his large rough hands in her small delicate hand she placed it on one of her thighs. She felt a thrill go through herself like a bolt of electricity as his hand started to trail up her smooth nylon covered leg.

For him he still couldn’t believe his luck or what was happening. His cock strained as he felt how smooth her thigh felt encased in the expensive stockings. His hand reached the band of her stockings and hesitated a little before moving on and then finding flesh. She moaned slightly as his rough hand met her smooth bare skin.

She smiled as his hand travelled further up her bare thigh until his fingers found her damp silky knickers. He slid a finger inside them and found her bare soaking wet pussy lips and trailed the finger up to her clit. She moaned out loud and closed her eyes as his finger slowly circled her clit.

“Mmmmm that’s good, can you feel how wet you have made me already?” She moaned.

“Go on slip a finger in. We’ve got to be quick we don’t want to be caught do we!”

He slipped a finger inside her wet pussy with ease making her moan even more. He glanced to the door, hoping that no one would walk in. The thought of being caught made him thrust his finger deeper in her whilst his cock strained against his trousers.

“Put another finger in me please.” She said breathlessly. He complied not saying a word her pussy feeling wet yet tight around his fingers he wished he could just ram his cock inside of her but all he could do was do what she told him to do.

He really started to thrust his two fingers inside of her pussy harder now. With his thumb also on her clit she was getting closer to her orgasm. The harder he fingered her the wetter her pussy became. The only sounds in the room was her restrained moaning and the sound of her pussy being fingered.

Her thighs started to tremble as her orgasm started to build inside of her. She felt his breath on her neck as he roughly fingered towards orgasm. Suddenly she cried out and clamped her thighs tightly against his arm as her body convulsed in the release of her orgasm. He held his fingers in her moving them slightly unable to pull his arm out of her thighs.

She let out a big sigh and opened her eyes as she came down from her orgasm. Releasing the grip of her thighs on his arm she smiled at him.

“Wow you are good Mister! Time for your treat shall I make you cum now?!”

“Yes please I’m desperate to cum.” He said quietly.

She stood up off the edge of the desk and motioned for him to take her place. Once he was stood leaning against the desk she grabbed hold of his erection through his trousers and kissed him lightly on the ear. Slowly with one hand she eased the zip of his trousers down and slipped her hand inside and pulled out his rock hard cock.

“Oh my!” She exclaimed feeling how hard and hot his pulsing erect cock was. He was speechless and just moaned. He looked at her smiling at him then down to his crotch where his cock stood out proud and hard with her delicate hand slowly stroking it up and down.

She took a step back, looked at him and smiled and dropped to her knees in front of his cock. He stood there looking down at her not quite believing what was happening. Was woman he had just met really about to suck him off? He was desperate for her to take him deep in her mouth but he knew he wouldn’t last long.

But she had other ideas as she knelt in front of his big hard throbbing cock. She lightly blew on his cock making it quiver slightly. She gripped it harder pulling the foreskin back, admiring the shiny head of his cock. She opened her mouth wide and bent her head forward in a motion as if to slip the cock inside her mouth but stopped just millimetres away from doing so! fake angets porno She looked up at him, smiled and giggled. She wondered how long she could keep this up. Teasing him over and over again.

“Please.” He groaned.

“Are you wanting me to suck you off?” She replied fluttering her eyelashes up at him.

“Yes please I’m desperate, please.” He pleaded looking down at her.

“Hmmm I don’t know about.” She giggled, “But you did make me cum like I asked you too!”

“Please!” He pleaded again.

She smiled, her lips just millimetres from his throbbing cock. She stuck her tongue out and flicked the end of her tongue over the very end of his cock. He groaned out in part relief and part excitement. Happy with his response she continued to flick her tongue over the end of his cock. Usually this would be the point at which she would dip her head on to a cock and start sucking but she was enjoying herself too much teasing him for that.

Instead she stopped tugging at his cock and pulled her hand away leaving it swaying free. She moved her hands down to his large balls and delicately ran her fingernails over them caressing them. She then ran her nails lightly up and down the length of his cock making him shudder and grip the table hard with his own hands.

Moving her head right down close to his groin he felt her hot breath briefly on his balls and then finally heaven, her lips briefly kissing the base of his cock. Lightly placing her lips she slowly kissed his hard cock from the base up to the head. Looking down at her he watched has her blonde hair cascaded over her face and shoulders obscuring what she was doing as her lips made their way to the end of his cock.

As soon as she got to the end of his cock she flicked her hair out of the way so he could see everything she was about to do. She flicked her tongue out and licked the end of his cock as she took hold of it again. A couple more quick licks of his cock elicited more moans from him. His grip on the table tightened again as he watched her run her tongue down the underside of his cock to the base and then back up the side swirling her tongue around the end.

Slowly she slipped the head of his cock in her mouth making sure her teeth lightly scraped along the head. He moaned out in pleasure at the feeling of her warm, moist mouth taking in his cock. She swirled her tongue around the head in her mouth as her lips closed a little on his cock. With just the head in her mouth she sucked gently on it savouring the size of it in her mouth.

Suddenly she took her mouth off his cock letting it spring free and giggled looking up at with her big wide eyes. Oh how he just wanted to grab hold of her and ram his cock in her mouth but he just couldn’t do it. He was mesmerized by what she was doing to him and the power she had over him.

For a second time she slipped his cock slowly in her mouth. This time she lightly bit down on the head making him shudder and jump a little. She slipped the cock a little further into her mouth feeling how hard he felt against the inside of her mouth. She sucked lightly and then moved her mouth up and down going a little further down the cock each time. She felt his cock throb in her mouth filling it as it went deeper. As soon as she had worked half of his cock into her mouth she held it there for a moment and sucked hard. Very slowly she sucked his cock back out of her mouth her lips forming a tight seal against his hard cock. With a pop his cock slipped out of her mouth and she looked up and smiled at him again. Her lips had left a nice long stain of red lipstick all along his cock.

“Oh looks like I shall have to clean that off.” She laughed before starting to lick all around her the shaft and head of his cock again. His cock twitched and throbbed as he felt her tongue around his cock. He groaned loud when she sucked the head of his cock again. She gave it a few quick sucks then pulled her mouth off quickly.

“Ah, are you close to cumming?!”

“Yes.” Was the only word he could get out.

“Not yet you don’t!” She said with a giggle leaving him groaning as she let go of his cock leaving it bouncing free in the air.

He was full of rage and frustration wanting to just grab hold of her and either spurt his cum over her or roughly fuck her but he just couldn’t, he so mesmerized by what she had done to him.

She stood up and perched her bum on the edge of the table next to him and hitch her skirt up past her stocking tops. She smiled as she saw his eyes widen again at sight in front of him.

“Come here, come right close to me.”

He stepped forward and she took hold of his cock again and pulled him closer to her. She opened her legs slightly and positioned his cock between her nylon clad thighs. She felt the heat of his cock through her stockings and leaned forward a little to compensate for the difference in height.

“How does it feel? Does the your cock feel good against fake cop porno my silk stockings?”

“Yes it does.” Was all he good reply. Despite the fact he was taller and bigger than her and now looming over her he still was under her control.

“Go on fuck my thighs. Slowly though!” She purred.

He complied to her command and very slowly moved his cock backwards and forwards between her thighs. He was already on the edge from her teasing him with her hands and mouth and now the sensation of his cock rubbing against her nylon covered thighs was making his cum rise.

She looked up at him with a wicked smile and then down to her thighs. His cock felt so hard and hot sliding between her thighs. She gripped her thighs together tighter around his cock.

“Go on fuck my thighs harder.” She said to him looking up at him directly into his eyes.

He pushed his cock in and out of her thighs harder and faster now desperate to cum. Suddenly she opened her thighs wide letting his cock swing loose. He groaned in frustration at being teased like this when he was desperate to cum.

“Do you want cum?” She asked seductively.

“Yes please.” He pleaded.

She moved her legs to the side of him a little and took hold of his cock. This time there was no delicate teasing she grabbed it hard and started wanking it up and down furiously.

“Go on cum for me, cum all over my stockings.” She purred breathlessly up at him.

With a groan and a twisted expression on his face his cock jerked violently in her hand and his cum shot forth splashing on to her stocking covered thighs. She moaned at the feeling of the first shots of cum splattering on to her thighs. It turned her on so much to make him cum like this. Her pussy twinged at the feeling of the hot, wet cum seeping through her stockings onto her thighs.

She continued wanking him hard as his orgasm continued. Spurt after spurt of cum shot out of his impressive cock. He had waited so long since she first took his cock out to cum and now finally after all that teasing he had release. The more she milked him the more cum came flying out of his cock. He had never known himself to cum so much before as it shot out from his cock and splashed over her thighs.

As the final spurt of cum dripped from his cock she released her grip on him. He felt that he had never shot so much cum in his life before. Her stockings were covered in his load and it was also dripping off her fingers. As he stood there in a daze he watched her slowly bring her cum covered fingers to her mouth. Her red fingertips met her cherry red lips and slid inside her mouth as she tasted his sweet fresh cum from her fingers.

“Oh look at my expensive stockings!” She exclaimed giggling, “They are ruined with your cum you naughty man!”

She then very delicately unclipped all six straps of her suspender belt from both stockings whilst he was putting his cock away. She then very seductively and very much on purpose made a big show of unrolling the first stocking down her leg. Like a 1950s showgirl she pulled the stocking off her foot and proceeded to roll down the stocking off the other leg and do the same. Rolling them both into a little ball she shoved them into his trouser pocket.

“Here’s a little souvenir of our fun today.” She giggled as she perched her bum against the desk again, her skirt still pulled up against her waist and her suspender straps dangling free and loose against her thighs.

“It doesn’t look right now with those hanging down.” He replied as he felt the ball of stockings in his pocket.

“Oh it’s ok I always keep a brand new pair in my bag.” She giggled as she pulled them out of her bag.

He watched in silent amazement as she opened the packet and then delicately retrieved both nude seamed stockings.

Slowly she rolled the first one up her leg followed by the second one, smiling at him as he just stood there staring at what she was doing right in front of him. She clipped two of the straps on one stocking then repeated the same on the other leg leaving one strap hanging behind her undone on each leg.

“Would you mind helping me and attach the two straps behind my legs please? I find it’s easier to have an extra hand to help me with those.”

In a flash he had moved round and was fumbling at the straps, his big rough fingers trying to attach them to the delicate silk stockings.

“Don’t ruin another pair will you!” She giggled as she felt his warm fingers against the bare skin on her thighs briefly. Eventually after a bit of fumbling he managed to get both straps attach and she turned round and grabbed hold of his crotch and through his trousers felt how hard his cock had risen again.

“Now now that really turned you on again didn’t it?! I’m sorry but you have already ruined one pair of my stockings and you are not ruining these! You will have to deal with that erection yourself!” She said as she smoothed her dress back down and kissed him on and cheek leaving an imprint of her lipstick on him. Before he could even react or say anything she had turned away from him and headed towards the door.

“Maybe see you around again, you was good fun!” She exclaimed as she headed out of the door back to the party leaving him stunned over what he had just experienced.

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