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It Takes Two

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Written In Tandem By SteffieBabe And LAHomedog

This was written jointly by SteffieBabe and LAHomedog.

It started out as a writing exercise, but got so hot we continued.

It is the story of two people meeting in a bar and getting involved in an affair. We wrote with no plan or outline instead responding to what the other had just written without knowing beforehand what the other had said as if the encounter was really happening. Neither of us ever knew what the other would write. Just as if we were actually meeting in real life.

For you information SteffieBabe writes in the King’s English and LAHomedog writes American.

We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it.

(LAHomedog would like to thank SteffieBabe for her friendship, her creativity, and her extraordinary writing and editing talents.)


It had been a stressful week at work, the new VP had wanted us to get the designs ready for the app by first thing on the Friday morning and we had all worked hard to get it done. I had been up late, being the visual designer my work was the last part to be finished. Luckily having arrived on the Monday, jet lag was my friend and I had been wide awake through the late hours. The project submitted and the VP happy we had all finished early, I had immediately hopped into my rental car and driven to the city, drinking an espresso to keep awake on the 101. The valet smiled at me as I handed him my keys as I arrived at the Clift on Geary St. in San Francisco,

“Welcome back Miss.”

I had happily accepted the upgrade to a junior suite, one of the perks of being a regular, I had unpacked immediately I entered the room as I always did, then setting an alarm for 6pm I was pleased to see I would still get over three hours sleep, and I closed the blackout curtains on the bright sunshine

The sound of the alarm pulled me out of my slumber, opening the curtains, the light once more flooded the room. I hadn’t made any plans for the weekend, I hadn’t known even if the team would be finished, so before I hopped into the shower I sent messages to a few men friends that I might meet and one or two of the girls from the Gulch who I was sure I would see sometime over the weekend.

Feeling clean and fresh I wrapped one of the large white towels around me and carefully dried and styled my blonde hair. Picking out a new set of deep burgundy silk and lace lingerie, I loved the way the push up bra accentuated my breasts, not that they were that small, but they just looked so pert with it on. I smiled to myself as I saw the suspender belt, normally I wore hold-ups, but the old fashioned nude lace top stockings were a sinful treat. I never understood why more girls my age didn’t wear them. Lastly the knickers, and before I pulled them up I used a couple of short lengths of tape to tuck away the last vestige of my birth gender, a now small and soft cock, with my knickers on, there was no way anyone would know.

Before I did my makeup I checked my phone, I had a few replies, some apologies, a note that a couple of the girls would be at Diva’s later and one guy who said that he was spending the evening with his wife, but was interested in taking me to the Power Exchange later. I didn’t bother to reply, I decided with no other specific plans, I’d head to a bar on Polk Street where I could get some food before going on to Diva’s. That decided I finished my makeup, a little heavy as I knew it would soon be dark, and I wasn’t expecting to be back at the hotel before two. I had chosen a stunning fuchsia coloured dress for the evening, long enough to cover my stocking tops and with a statement gold zip that went from the hem to neck. I slipped it on and pulled the zip up. Putting on my jewelry, I quickly checked the contents of my bag, my phone, purse and lipstick, then I slipped in my hotel key, some condoms and lube.. A girl can never be too careful. Putting my feet into my high nude courts and grabbing my little leather jacket I headed out of the door.

It was already 7:30 so I decided to take a cab most of the way up through the Tenderloin, choosing to just walk the couple of blocks along Polk.

I blushed to myself slightly as I walked past the end of Cedar, a small dark street that heads down from Polk, the sort of road in the Tenderloin that you need to steer clear of. Cedar was also the small dark road that runs along behind Diva’s and last time I was here I had ticked one of my fantasies off the list when I had given a guy a blowjob for money here.

I’d been standing outside Diva’s chatting to some of the other girls having a cigarette when this guy had come walking towards us. Quite a few of the girls are working there so it wasn’t unusual. But this guy ignores them all and came straight up to me. I was having a great evening and thought I’d play along, while the girls I’d been talking to gave me a wink, they knew I wasn’t on the game.

“How much?”

“Sorry bahis firmaları love, I’ve not got anywhere for us to go” Playing it up, being turned on by this guy treating me as a whore..

“Don’t matter, just a blow job somewhere quiet. Come on”

“I think you want one of the other girls here” I gestured with my cigarette to my friends that I knew were working.

“No, I want you, with your posh accent and all, I want your mouth”

Like a lot of girls I’d often fantasized about being a whore and here was my chance. I dropped my cigarette to the floor and ground it out with my leopard print stiletto

“OK $40?”

With that I followed him down the street. He took the first turn and then led me up Cedar. Unlike most streets in the city there were no street lights and a bunch of parked cars. He leaned against the wall in one of the deeper doorways and looked at me.

“Here” He held out two $20’s which I tucked into my cleavage. “on your knees, whore”

That was all he needed to say and I dropped to my haunches, I wasn’t going to kneel down on the street there, but sitting on my ankles put me at exactly the right height. He had already pulled his hard dick out of his pants, so it saved me the job. I kissed the tip, tentatively at first, at least he smelled and tasted clean.

I opened my deep red lips and slid them over the head, he was big, but not huge. I savoured the velvety skin on my tongue as I slid him into my mouth. I felt him at the back of my mouth and pulled back again, squeezing his shaft with my hot tongue the whole way, savouring each ridge as I did. Kissing the tip and licking round I dropped my head again and again. By now he was leaning back, eyes closed, calling me everything under the sun. I felt his hands on the back of my head holding me, stopping me pulling back.

I felt his orgasm building, his cock starting to swell slightly, his body twitching slightly.

“Take this you bitch! I’m going to fill your whore mouth! You posh slut! You ready whore? You drink every drop whore!”

With that his cock erupted in my mouth, rope after rope of cum pumping straight into my mouth. He was embarrassed straight after and walked off leaving me to clean up slightly. I tucked the two twenties into my purse and went back round to Diva’s. The girls welcomed me back, gave me another cigarette, I was one of them now.

I carried on along Polk, blushing slightly at the memory.

The bar I was planning on going to was shut, but that didn’t matter, there were plenty to choose from so I decided to try somewhere new.

The bar wasn’t that light when I walked in and it took a moment or two for my sight to adjust. I wasn’t sure I’d have chosen this bar as my first choice, but if it was no good I could just go to Diva’s earlier. The bar was down the side of the room, with stools beside it and a number of tables and booths. I was shown to one of the booths which gave me a view of the bar looking towards the door. When my server arrived I ordered a large glass of dry white wine and asked for the menu. As I waited for them to return I looked around the room, it was fairly busy, a mixed crowd, some guys who had obviously come here from the finance district, straight from work, some couples, and some groups of friends but not many, and a few single guys, it looked like I was the only single girl.


It had only been a couple of weeks since my breakup with Courtney, my longtime girlfriend. I was shattered. I thought she was the one for me, that we would get married, and enjoy a long life with each other having a lot of sex and babies together.

I had even been shopping for an engagement ring.

Then I walked in and caught her fucking our next door neighbor Alex in our bedroom. In our bed.

He had jumped up immediately, grabbing the bedding to hide himself with the other hand in the air sputtering out deep apologies over and over, babbling. He probably thought I was going to hit him. I was thinking about it.

I did notice smugly as he was jumping up that his cock was smaller than mine, tiny asshole!

Courtney was sitting up in our bed, naked, her beautiful C-cup breasts swaying, her redhair shaking back and forth as she said over and over, “It’s not what it looks like. It’s not what it looks like!”

“I shouted at her, “What do you mean ‘It’s not what it looks like?!'” “It looks to me like you are fucking Alex in our bed!”

I turned to him and shouted, “Get the fuck out of here before I kill you!” And he dropped the bedding, grabbed his clothes and ran out of the house.

“Andy, it doesn’t mean anything. Really it just happened! You’ve got to believe me!”

“What do you mean ‘It just happened!’ Cocks don’t just happen to go into pussies! Did you just happen to take off your clothes, open your legs, and his cock just happened to come over from next door and fucked you?!”

I looked at Courtney and curtly said, “We’re done.” She tried kaçak iddaa to protest frantically about how we could make it okay between us, but that was it for me. It was over.

I moved out that night to a friend’s house and had my new place within a week. I was sitting in my new apartment watching the game and drinking a beer when my phone rang. It was my former roommate Bill. We had shared a place in The Mission back in the day before we both had real jobs and made real money.

“Hey! I’m going down to Rocco’s for a drink and a bite to eat. Why don’t you join me. I’ll swing by.”

“Nah, I’m not in the mood.”

“Don’t give me that hangdog crap. Come on. A drink, some liar’s poker and you can lose a few bucks to me throwing the dice. I’ll pick you up in ten,” and he hung up.

We liked Rocco’s. Great crowd, affordable drinks, and good food for a gastro pub including, in addition to the usual fare, a killer Italian menu with some of the best veal scaloppini in The City.

What the fuck. I put on a tight pair of Levis 501s slipping my 6 & ½”” cock and heavy, shaved balls into the left side. Tucked in my favorite plaid shirt, and buttoned up my jeans reaching down to adjust my nuts away from the center seam. I knew when I did that my large balls made a big package that was frequently noticed.

Hey, you never know.

Since the fog was in, I grabbed my fleece lined Levi jacket, turned up the collar, then slipped on my tan, rough suede Justin boots. I was in my cowboy boot period. I’m 6′-0″ but I liked how the heels made me “6’2” to go along with my 180lb frame. I put my SF Giants cap on top of my long, wavy brown hair and went downstairs to meet him on the curb.

We walked into Rocco’s in just a few minutes. It always takes a while for your eyes to adjust because they keep it so dark. I looked around and saw the usual crowd at the bar, a few couples, some large tables of friends towards the back. We knew some of them and waved hi, and then I noticed the hot blonde sitting by herself in a booth. She was new. I nudged Bill to get him to check her out, then nodded hi to Rocco at the door, walked over to our favorite stools at the bar, and ordered drinks. Bill went for his usual beer on tap. I ordered a double Maker’s on the rocks. It was still too early since my breakup with Courtney to drink a beer.

The drinks came, Bill toasted, “To new conquests and fresh pussy, my friend.” He nodded towards the hot blonde. We clinked and started to sip our drinks. As Bill reached for the leather cup filled with dice on the bar, I snuck another peak at her. She was wearing this sort of light purple, pinkish dress with nice jewelry and didn’t look from the neighborhood. Maybe she was working downtown. Who knows? I turned to Bill who had the leather dice cup in his hand and said, “What are the stakes.”


While I was daydreaming and people watching, waiting for the server, another guy came into the bar, he looked well built and tall, the plaid and jeans look with the boots was never really my thing, but he carried it pretty well, I noticed him checking me out while he was chatting with his friend. At that moment the server came back with my wine and a menu, so I decided to take a look at what was on offer. It looked like it was kind of an Italian based menu with some typical Californian twists. I took a taste of my wine, one of the good things about being close to a wine district is that even the house wines are pretty decent and I took another drink, loving the way the chilled liquid opened up on my tongue. I smiled to myself about what else might open up on my tongue as I went back to looking at the menu.

I could see the two guys at the bar were clearly checking me out, although I was pretty sure they would run a mile if they knew I wasn’t a genetic girl, but hey, we were in San Francisco, so who knows? I decided that the avocado and crayfish salad looked pretty good, not too heavy, although even salads can be pretty huge in the US.

My food decided on, I put my menu down to wait for the server to come back, I could see she was pretty busy. I decided that if the guys were going to check me out I may as well have some fun. I checked where my hem was sitting on my legs and crossed them at the knee, I knew that as I did that my hem would rise a little more and I could feel that the lace of my stocking tops would now just be slightly visible if you looked, and I knew they would look. I knew what I was doing was pretty stupid on the edge of the Tenderloin, but I’d never had any problems there. I took my compact out of my bag and checked my deep red lipstick.

I picked up my glass and took another drink, whilst looking over at the two guys, not obviously, just as if I were looking around the bar. They seemed to be playing some kind of dice game. I went back to thinking about my plans for the rest of the weekend and smiled as I saw the red print on my glass, it still thrilled me, even though I’d been kaçak bahis living as a woman for five of my twenty nine years. I realised that the guys were looking over again and I briefly met the gaze of the guy in the plaid shirt. Just then the server came back, I was grateful she had broken the moment and I ordered my salad.


Bill put his hands over the cup, shook the dice and threw them on the bar. Shit! The motherfucker kept rolling 7s! Not my night. I pulled out another $20, handed it to him and said, “Let’s take a break, Minnesota Fats.” He laughed and said, “No prob. The next round is on me. And waved my $20 towards Pete the bartender.

I looked over at the blonde, and thought I caught her checking me out. If that was the case, I decided to swing around on my stool, throw my leg onto the other side of it, and casually showed what I had. It never hurts.

“Hey. I think this chick is checking me out.”


“The hot blonde. I think she is checking me out.”

Bill was born and grew up poor in Brooklyn, worked his way up to the Manhattan streets where he hustled enough money to eventually migrate to San Francisco. We met in college at SF State where his sassy, pirate ways grabbed me. We became great friends and running mates. Eventually his street smarts and fast wits got him a pretty good job sassing PR for one of the top social media companies in the world. No one could slap down a reporter, especially a tech reporter like Bill.

He looked over at the blonde with an experienced New York street eye. Bill got laid a lot. He was good looking, also wavy long hair, but black like a pirate, as I said, a 3-day, hipster beard, and a fast tongue. Both talking and I assume licking.

“Buddy boy, that ain’t no chick. That is either a cross dresser or a tranny. Look at her shoulders. I’m telling you, I’ve seen hundreds of them around here in The Gulch. Betcha she’s a tranny. $20 bucks.”

“Nah, you’re wrong, man. Doesn’t she remind you of Sandy that hot blonde that we DPed the night of the wrap party?

Begrudgingly, he nodded yes.

Sandy was one hot babe. Short, a spinner — you know spinner, right? A girl so short you can put her on your cock and spin her around on it without her hitting her head on the floor.” And totally over-sexed. Her hormones were pumping, and thanks to the numerous glasses of wine she had at the party they were pumping for Bill and me.

We went back to our place together. It wasn’t the first time we had double-teamed a girl.

The three of us made out together. Bill and I loving her up. We then took turns with oral top and bottom, I ate her sweet, young pussy as she sucked his big cock and then we switched.

Bill’s cock is larger than mine. Longer, but mine is wider than his. We had a continuing argument over what was more important length or width. I contended that at 6 & ½” and three fingers wide I won. He contended that at a normal two fingers wide, but pressing close to 8″ he won. Go pick ’em.

He ate her and she sucked me off balls deep. Oh my! Sandy had mad skills.

So did Bill, she came in a shattering orgasm happily with her mouth grabbing my cock as she came driving me crazy.

“We then took turns split-roasting her with Bill in her cunt and my cock in her mouth. Then we switched.. I shoved my thick cock into her pussy, she was dripping like she had just stepped out the bath, and Sandy did her best trying to get Bill’s long prick down her throat.

“Then we DPed her. Sandy wanted Bill in her pussy. I’m not sure why since my wider cock was better for that, but fuck it, I was happy. I got her ass!

Sandy wisely thought I should penetrate her first. She believed it would be easier that way for her to take both. I ate her ass. Licking around her sweet rosebud on the ring that surrounds it and then lapping at it like a dog in heat. When she seemed open and ready, I smeared on a wad of KY and slowly worked my cock in

I got in and moved in and out a few times so that Sandy got adjusted to it until I was balls deep. She looked Bill in the eye and said, “Fuck me!””

“And he put his big cock in her very small pussy.”

“It was amazing. We had never done this with such a small bodied girl.

Laying there with my hard cock up her ass, I could feel his big cock slide up her pussy. We were only separated by the small and tender membrane in between vagina and bowel and I could feel the huge, engorge head of his cock caress up my shaft until he was all the way in and our heads were basically kissing each other, next door neighbors. His cock was so wide it was stretching her pussy open and forcing my cock backward against her spine.”

“Oh my God!” She screamed. “I’ve never felt so full. Fuck!”

“We started to move. In sync. Our cocks moving in and out together in her cunt and her ass as Bill was fingering her clit. Sandy was moaning so loud, I thought we might wake the neighbors.”

“We picked up speed and staying in sync. Our balls were bouncing against each other, and I’m sure the head of my cock was stimulating the head of his cock too because I could feel it expanding wider as it engorged with blood.”

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