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Innocence of Sultana

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Innocence of Sultana
Sultana, a hot girl from a poor family of innocent daily labors. born in a small village raised to be a very religious but she stands alone in her entire village. Even though she was raised by poor parents, she looks like she is a princess, no matter how dirtier or fade her dress is. She is the candy of the eyes for entire villagers. Her beauty and innocence makes every villagers wants to have a piece of her. Her parents are idiots, even though they love them more than anything in the world but they didn’t teach her anything. They are not afford to send her to school so she grew up illiterate. Her mother wants her to be grew up to be a good wife for her future husband, so she taught her all the housework and should be ready to please her any time, but Sultana is very innocent to understand the most of them. One thing her mother missed to teach her was about how she should behave in public and especially with men. Sultana is very playful girl, her parents leave the home very early everyday and comes late at night, mostly after sultana slept because of the work. Even-though they live in same house they rarely get a time to talk.

Without a proper guidance, Sultana turned 18 was easy target for everybody in the village. Sultana roams her village every day with her two friends both of them are hindu k**s younger than her in age and more mature in thoughts than her. She go with them everywhere and play games all day with them. One day her friends Manoj and Raj take sultana inside a farm near by river where nobody frequents. They told sultana that her boobs are so small, with boobs like this she cant find a better husband. Sultana is so shocked to hear this and asks for the solution. Raj then said that she needs to massage everyday to get it bigger, then sultana asks how to massage? Manoj said he will help then he asks her to take off her, which sultana does immediately. This is not the first time they saw her naked. Usually three of them bath together in the river naked since they were k**s, but this is the first time, they are going to next level. Sultana take off her tops and pants. They didn’t even ask her to do that but she does as usual but kept her hijab as advised by her mother. Now Sultana standing naked with her hijab with sun touching her body and she standing like a golden statue while flaunting 32 28 32 body. Manoj and Raj and awestruck and ask her to lie down. She lie down they shared the boobs between them and starts squeezing, this made sultana something and she starts moaning, they squeeze very hard and starts sucking her nipples. They touched all over her body they starts kissing her all over her body and licked her pussy very hard and sultana had her first orgasm.

Sultana really enjoyed those touches and boys had their fun. Sultana keeps continues to have this fun with boys. One day, Sultana wakes up to find that her friends have left the village forever. She didn’t even get the chance to say goodbye. She was devastated physically and mentally. She needed her friends to hang out and her body needs their touches. Sultana is worried, that her boobs are smaller and cant get married. Now, sultana wanders alone and afraid to bath alone on her spot in the river. One day, sultana was wandering around the river to find a spot to bath. She was noticed by some older age from the village. Leader of the gang approached her and asked what she was doing here? He is about 60 years old, fat and dark, hairy man.

Sultana said she is looking for a place to bath,they offered her a spot where they bath. Sultana is so happy to hear that. These old perverts always had their eyes on sultana. Sultana leaves her bag near the tree shade and starts removing her dress till she is naked. Old perverts were jaw-dropped as they didn’t expect this. One of the guys asked her what she was doing? Sultana replied “What else? I am going to bath” for that, the old hairy dude Narendra asked “Do you always bath like this?” Sultana said “yes”, then Sultana said “Why? is there anything wrong?” Narendra replied “No dear, You are the only one doing the right way in this village” Sultana was blushed to hear that. Without wasting anytime, sultana jumped into the river and took the clean bath while other guys are watching the sight they think it was harder or impossible to see. Sultana was too innocent to realize whats happening around her. Sultana came out of the water and Narendra ran towards her and offered her the towel and insist that he dry her hair and body. Sultana has never been pampered before and she liked the attention. Narendra starts rubbing her body with his hands. Sultana was shocked, Narendra answered before Sultana open her mouth, “don’t worry sultana, you need to clean the water drops by your hands 1st, then only you should use towel”, sultana said “OK, I didn’t know that” Narendra touched her boobs,stomach, navel ,pussy, ass cheeks, he even inserted finger in her asshole. Then he dried her well and sultana starts wearing her dress, but she did not wear any inners. Another guy from the crowd, Ram asked “sultana, why are you not wearing any inners”. Sultana laughs and said that she doesn’t wear any as they are expensive for her. Ram asked her to go to his shop and he will give her for free. Sultana was happy and said to him that she will go there in the evening.

Evening Sultana came to shop, Ram is excited to see her there, without wasting time, he dragged sultana into the shop and closed the door and told her that he is tired and she is her last customer today. Ram take collection of his bra and panties and ask Sultana to take off all her dresses to check the new inners. Poor sultana removes and stand naked, then Ram ask her breast size which sultana doesn’t know. Ram takes a measuring tape and moves his one hand behind her and another hand on on other hand like hugging her with measuring tape on his hand and close the measurement on her left nipple. it was stunning 32”. Then Ram put his measuring tape around her left boob and right boob. Ram said “Oh Sultana, its 32”. Ram then goes on to measure her waist and then her ass. Sultana replied “I know, I cant find good husband with this, without my friends, I don’t know what am I gonna do?” Ram asked in surprise and confusion ” What talking about?” Sultana goes “Manoj and Raj says my boobs are small and I need to make it bigger. They even helped me by massaging to make it bigger” Ram excited “Did the squeeze sorry massage your boobs everyday” Sultana says “yes,but who can help me now” Ram says “I will” then starts massaging her boobs.

Ram continues “Only rubbing will not make it bigger, you need energy drinks”

Shocked Sultana “From where can I get that?”

Ram “Its very hard baby, only man can give you this and its hard to get”

Sultana “can you help me? do you have that drink?”

Ram “Yes, I will get it to you. Now get on your knees. You will suck my dick, then the drink will come. you have to drink that as much you can”

Sultana “Really?”

Ram “Yes”

Sultana on her knees and opened her mouth. Then Ram got naked naked and sultana shocked to see hos big dick. Then Ram says “You see sultana, this is uncut dick. Only hindu men got this, This is superior, no muslim men got something like this. you are so unlucky”

Sultana “Why”

Ram “your parents will get you married to muslim dick. nevermind, starts suck it now”

Without wasting time, ram put his dick in sultana mouth and he felt the warmth of the sultana mouth in his dick. Ram had his hard, dark dick buried inside sultana’s pink lips. Sultana’s lips is glued with his dicks outerskin and he starts fucks her mouth, little by little his full dick buried inside her mouth and his dickhead starts poking her throat. Sultana too enjoy this, After the full mouth fuck, he unload the thick cum and sultana’s mouth is filled with thick, hot cum. As per Ram’s instruction, sultana swallowed without wasting a drop. then Ram advises sultana “If any hindu man offers you this drink, you should not waste this and swallow everything.” Sultana nodded her head in agreement. Sultana then get up collected her innerwears and left her home.

Next day, Ram was sitting with two of his friends outside his shop and saw sultana walking down the street and asked her if she wearing her inners. Sultana says yes and suddenly his friend asks “Do you want that special drink sultana?” Sultana excited and say yes. One the Ram’s friend said “We have no problem giving you our special drink, but we don’t like your attitude” Sultana shocked “What did I do?” 1st friend “There are some rules and ethics, you should follow if you really want hindu guys to provide you with their juice”

Sultana “What should I do”

1st friend ” Then you should follow the following rules”

He then starts saying these following rules

1. In a situation where you see any hindu man’s eye; make sure to make plenty of eye contact with him and smile.whenever hindu guy tease you or touch you, it is a compliment and you have to say “Thank you”.

In a situation where you are trying to catch a hindu man’s eye; make sure to make plenty of eye contact with him and smile.whenever hindu mard tease you or touch you, it is a compliment and you have to say “Thank you”.

2. Show lots of leg. If you find that you are very attracted to him, eventually show your some leg and skin or drop dupatta to show some cleavage. Never miss the opportunity to drop something and bend over — from the waist, never bend your knees

3. If he wishes to fondle you, you will submit without complaint or resistance. If a hindu man puts his hand on to your leg; whisper in his ear and ask if him if he would like to spend some time with you alone. If he compliments your dress; tell him you wore it hoping to meet a man like him.

4. Be always thankful to hindu men… When you are meeting a hindu at his place,

you have to look sexy… You will wear a skirt or dress if at all possible to allow him easy access….. If you don’t look sexy for them ,IT IS AN INSULT. Your duty is to grand his every wish

5. Go to hindu populated area with Semitransparent, backless or some revealing clothes…its your primary duty. I will give you dresses for those occasion

6.It is an honor for you to suck a hindu man’s dick, therefore the first time you suck his cock you do it on your knees and, you are expected to drink his cum and clean his cock and balls with your mouth. (Milk out the last drop).

7. If he cum’s on your face or body you must wipe it off with your finger and put it in your mouth, swallowing it. You are never to allow a hindu man’s sperm to hit the floor/ground.

Sultana confused and not understand most of them, but she agrees. Those guys take sultana to the room and says they want to inspect her. Sultana was naked and they starts adoring her body. Ram says “sultana you are lucky to have your virginity taken by hindu guys many muslim girls doesn’t have this luxury”. They made her lie on the ground and ram sit on her chest and put his dick in her mouth, then 1st guy starts rubbing sultana pussy with his dick and slowly starts entering his dick in her tight pink pussy. Sultana cant get hold of what happening down here but she starts enjoying this.Her wet pussy helps the dick goes deeper and now her hymen was broken and he is not planning to stop now and keeping fucking her and his dick goes deeper in her pussy and sultana starts feeling the pain but she cant do anything as her mouth is stuffed with Ram’s uncut dick. While Ram is busy fucking sultana’s mouth. The other guy removes his dick and 3rd guy now starts filling sultana’s pleasure hole and after the brutal fucking three of them filled sultana with hot cum. Sultana was so satisfied and promised to come everyday. This continues for next three months, many new guys joined the band, sultana doesn’t bother as all she needs is mouthful of cum. Now the words have spread to neighboring villages and unfortunately the news also came as shocker for sultana’s parents.

Now Sultana becomes addicted to taste of cum and sex and she is getting eager everyday to get fucked. She has been fucked in all her holes by different men everyday. She even lost the count of guys fucks who fucked her and she is delighted every time to see new uncut dicks entering her pink pleasure holes.

On a fateful day, Sultana was fucked by seven guys and she without fail drink the cum of all and with full satisfaction she left to her home. Her parents returned from work. Sultana enters her home and there was a complete silent, she moved near her mother and lie on her lap like she usually do.

Her mom asked “Where were you all day?”

Sultana “As usual. I was with new friends”

Mom “New friends? who are they?”

Sultana “I don’t know all the names but we were having fun and they trained me?”

Mom got angry ” Trained with what?”

Sultana “To find a better husband”

Mom “What the fuck did u just say?”

Sultana “Yes mom. You always said you are worried that i am not smart enough to get married. So i am learning about all with my friends”

At this moment, Sultana’s dad lost it, got angry and trash sultana very bad. After sometime her mom stops her dad and dad left home in anger. Sultana was hurt very bad and she cant realize why her father did that to her?

Then her mom asked her that any of them have fucked her. Sultana was too innocent to know, even the word “Fuck”

Sultana asked “What is fuck mom?”

Her mom relieved and realized all of them are rumors and her girl is not a whore. With happiness and regret she said “Nothing my dear, I heard bad things that you are being fucked by all the Hindus in our village”

Sultana “Mom, you still didn’t answer, what is fuck?”

Mom “What?”

Sultana “what is fuck?”

Mom “you said you didn’t get fucked”

Sultana “I asked what is fuck?”

Mom got angry again and with heavy heart “Ok, Let me start again? did anybody penetrate their dick into your pussy”

Sultana “Yes Mom, not just pussy, mouth and ass also”

Mom slapped her so hard and starts crying. Sultana also starts crying and she doesn’t understand what she had done wrong?

Mom “Sultana, do you realize güvenilir bahis what you have done?”

Sultana “Mom please tell me why are you and dad hitting me? what did i do?”

Mom “My poor girl, What have they done to you my little angel? and how many of them hurt you?”

Sultana “Mom nobody hurt me. They enter their dick in my pussy and then my ass. They keep pushing in and out. yes it was painful first time, especially in the ass but now there is no pain, only pleasure. Then they would fill my mouth with the juice which they call cum and then in my face.”

Mom “OMG, face?”

Sultana “Yes mom, they said if i apply them in my face. I will get more fairness”

Mom starts crying and she has never been sad and disappointed like this. She understands that her little angel was fit for nothing and she is nothing but a pleasure toy for mankind. With no idea of her future both of them went to sleep. Sultana dad came home later that night and told her mom that he has found a guy far away from her town who is a rich businessman, with whom he has spoken in phone and he agreed to marry sultana. Her mom was very happy that her girl will be saved but then father said he is older guy.

Mom “How old is he?”

Dad “he is 60”

Mom “60? No i cant agree to that”

Dad ” We don’t have any choice, he knows everything have happened here and still he agreed to marry. She brought dishonor to me and i cant even step out of home. Besides who will marry her. He agreed to pay us lot of money, with that, we can move to different place and spend the rest of our life”

Mom “Please don’t do this to her. She is our daughter. She doesn’t even realize the right and wrong? we cant do this to her.”

Dad “She is not my daughter anymore. Don’t argue about this. he is coming tomorrow morning and he will take her with him tomorrow and he will marry her.”

Morning arrives with comes Abdullah, dark, short, fat man with white hair and beard and Sultana was awaken and shocked to see her groom. Sultana always dreamy of fairy tales wedding with lot of jewels but now she marries in her small hut with only family and priest who facilitates the marriage. All of Sultanas dreams got shattered and Abdullah was annoyed of her behavior and he likes the site of hot girl like sultana to his wife. After marriage and lunch, Abdullah handed over sultana father the money and they bid adieu. Sultana with tears talks to her dad but he doesnt even want to look at her face. With shattered dreams and not even realizing of her mistake she left to far away land.

It was midnight when Sultana reach Abdullah farmhouse. Abdullah lives in farm house and in a business of herding and selling cows. Sultana passed through the stench of cow dungs and reach the house. This house is much bigger than her house. Three big guys comes from the adjacent house, all of them are Abdullah’s employees. Abdullah introduce sultana as her wife and jealousy of dirty old guy like Abdullah with hot angel like sultana is visible on those guys faces, then Abdullah introduce those guys as Krishna, Shiva and Brahma.

Brahma(60) – Older among the three, fit, strong and accompanies Abdullah to market to buy the new cows and also helps in expansion

Shiva(45) – Cleaner and accompanies Abdullah to sell the cows and milk.

Krishna(30) – Protector – Youngest of them all, playboy, taking care of the farm, milking and do all the stuffs.

Sultana and Abduallah enters the home. Meanwhile Brahma, Shiva and Krishna starts discuss about Sultana, her beauty.

Brahma “I cannot believe, this old fuck get to marry a hotty like this”

Shiva “Muslim chicks are always hot but this one is special and the sure winner”

Krishna “Give me one week, I will plant my pole on all her holes”

Brahma “Don’t do anything stupid, These chicks are conservatives, it will be ugly if she said anything to Abdullah. Wait for sometime then we all will plant our poles in same time”

Shiva “I wonder if abdullah family knows about this marriage”

Brahma “If they knew why would he bring her here at this time”

Krishna “Well good enough for me, nobody knows she is here and i will take good care of her.”

All three guy bust into laughing and waiting for the morning to come. Abdullah has another farm in nearby city his wife and his son are in that farm and he usually don’t stay in home during day and sometimes he is gone for weeks.

Inside the home, Abdullah takes her inside. Wrap his hand around her waist and make her sit on the bed.

Abdulla “Look Sultana, I paid a good money, you are not only my wife here, you also work in my farm with guys, they will teach you what you should do here. You are not any princess, you are just a cheap whore and i know all about you. Now behave well”

Sultana starts crying after hearing this “i will be a good wife please don’t be rude with me”

Abdulla “Rude? Bitch.. Who do you think you are? you are women for me all women are cheap and you are born for nothing but to serve men. Now you say, what is your purpose in life”

Sultana “Serve men”

Abdullah “Good. Now serve me well, you will not be in trouble. If you make any mistake, i will punish you. Do you understand?”

Sultana “Yes, I understand”

Abdullah “Now, take off your dress and do your duty”

Sultana got her dress removed. Abdullah, a womanizer himself never seen a perfect hot girl like sultana. He got naked and Sultana never saw a awful body like this.

Abdullah goes near her, hugged her and kissed her all over her face and kiss her lips. he bit her soft pink upper lips and starts sucking her lips and then he insert her tongue in her mouth and lick her tongue till two tongues becomes one. He get on top of her and sultana cant handle the weight and he is crushing her and he slowly moves down and lick her throat and he starts squeezing her boobs with her hand, then bit her pink nipples till it becomes red. He sit on her check then put his tiny dick in her mouth and he starts fucking her mouth and sultana being an expert in sucking dicks gave him a best blowjob he ever had and sultana mouth was trained with big dicks and he insert his dick and balls inside the mouth then finally sultana has her mouthful and he starts chocking her after a very long mouth fuck he starts inserting his dark dick in her pink pussy. Sultana try to have fun but his tiny dick is not enough for sultana and with fear she doesn’t say anything or show any disappointment. He keeps fucking her and she became very tired and he got more horny now and she starts thrusting his dick faster now while squeezing her boobs after a very long fuck he cums inside her and her pussy starts dripping the cum. He takes the cum in his hand and from his pussy and feed the cum to her, Sultana after long time had the taste of cum and she found that Muslim cum in not as tastier as Hindu cum but she doesn’t mind. He then go down for one last round and start fucking her brutally then old bed legs got broken and they fell. Abdullah hurt his knees and sultana had to bear the whole weight of abdullah on her.

Abdullah was very proud of this fuck and they starts slept on the floor. Both of them are tired and had a good sleep and its late in the morning and Abdullah hear the knock on the door, it was Shiva checking on them. Sultana also woke up. Both of them got dresses and goes out. Sultana got love bites on her neck, shiva saw that and gives a small smile. Shiva reminds that its already late.

Abdullah “I have to go now and will come tonight. You should word in farm and do as they say also you need to cook for them all and clean the house. You should do everything without fail.”

Sultana agreed and Abdullah left. Sultana with sadness look at the road till Abdullah goes completely out of her sight.

Sultana step outside and goes near the guys

Krishna “Good morning madam, How are you? ”

Sultana “I am fine. I am new and I don’t know what to do? can you guide me and please call me. I am a little girl”

Shiva “Sure Sultana. Its late for breakfast.”

Sultana “Please come inside. I will make you all breakfast”

All the guys enter the house and usually they don’t come inside and sultana doesn’t know that. They sitting in the living room and starts cooking while it comes to sultana’s mind the rules which narendra mentioned from previous part. Sultana starts bending down purposely and show her milky white boob through the cleavage. krishna is very happy and other guys doesn’t understand whether she doing it on purpose or its an accident nevertheless they didn’t care and just enjoyed the show.

After breakfast, Sultana ask the guys to go to bedroom and the guys starts laughing after seeing the broken bed and starts teasing her and sultana remembered the rule and she laughs with shyness and innocence. Krishna said he will fix the bed. Sultana thanked them. Everybody stepped out of the house. Now Brahma explained the sultanas job. There are 15 cows in total and she has to milk 5 cows every morning and evening and wash them once a week, krishna will take care of rest of the cows. Additionally she needs to wash these men clothes and cook for them.

Brahma notices that sultana wearing the same dress since she arrived and asked her about this. Sultana replied that she lost her bags in train while coming and lost all her dress and she is afraid to tell that to Abdullah about this. Krishna said her dress will get dirty and she needs to change and he gave her his shirt. He then said, wear this shirt and remove your clothes. I was just a shirt, sultana asked how could she wear that? Krishna replied that shirt is bigger for her and this is all he has. Sultana confused and she remembered that she is supposed to obey Hindus. She went inside her home, took off all her dress and wore the shirt. The shirt is too long for her milky naked body, even after she wore the dress she felt naked. Sultana was naked before in public but this time she felt very shy as her mother gave some precious advice before she left her home such as she should be naked only with her husband and not let other fuck her, Sultana is still not clear about whom advice she has to follow either her mother or her Hindu “teachers”.

It getting late and she gone outside with the white shirt which is very loose and the air is suddenly not helping and shirt has no buttons on top which clearly shows the cleavage but the shirt is long enough to cover her thighs. She is outside and guys are awestruck to see the hot Muslim girl just wearing a men shirt looks. She is trying to cover her boobies and pull the shirt lower to cover her knees but of no use. Shiva asks sultana to take the bucket full of water and clean the cows when she bend down they can see the hanging boobs and realized she wasn’t wearing any inners. They got into discussion that why she isn’t wearing any inners, is she giving them a signal or she is just stupid? none of them matters anymore as Abdullah is not coming anytime soon they plan to have some fun. Poor sultana is surrounded by three vultures who are ready to devour the fresh meat. Brahma purposely splashed the water on the sultana and made it look like an accident and the pink nipples of sultana clearly. Sultana felt the chillness of water and her nipples are harder and it very clear to see now and the cold breeze now made her pussy wet and krishna made the bold step and got behind sultana and told her that she is not doing it correct way and let him teach her. He pushed his body towards sultana and his dick poking her back and life and hold her hand and rub the cow meanwhile other guys splashing the water and sultana is all wet. Brahma hinted that she should remove the shirt that wet shirt would make her sick.

Sultana was shocked and said “My mom said, I am not supposed to get naked before other men”

Brahma “Come on, I don’t want you to get sick”

Sultana “My mom said its wrong”

Brahma “Is your mom here?”

Sultana “No”

Brahma “What else your mom taught?”

Sultana “I should obey my husband and I should not let other fuck me only my husband”

Krishna “Does that mean, you let other guys fuck you?”

Sultana “Yes”

All three guys got shocked “Whaaat?? Who are all fucked you”

Sultana “Many guys in my village but all of them are hindus only”

Shiva “Why did you say it like this? Hindus only”

Sultana “Duh, because I am Muslim and Hindu men can fuck me”

Krishna “Who told you that”

Sultana “My Hindu friends”

Krishna “What else they told you?”

Sultana explained all the rules they mention and 3 guys are so happy that they cant even believe that this is happening

Krishna “Do you know we are Hindus right?”

Sultana “yes i know”

Krishna “You are supposed to obey us right?”

Sultana “yes”

Krishna “Then obey us bitch, take off your clothes”

After long pause, Sultana got naked and the guys never seen such a beauty in their life.

Krishna “New rule, You should never wear dress when Abdullah not home and you should not tell that to anybody, do you understand?”

Sultana “yes”

Krishna “Perfect, now clean all the cows.”

Sultana was naked just like the cows and washed the cows and she is tired and sitting on the shade of the tree. Krishna sitting on her left and Brahma on her right, wrap their hands around her shoulder and touched the boobs. Sultana felt shy and horny and Shiva informs sultana that she is too young to do all the physical work so these guys will do all the work in exchange of complete obedience.Sultana agreed. Brahma asked her to go and cook. Sultana went to kitchen and starts cooking naked, even though it felt weird at first but sultana likes to be naked.

Now the food is ready and sultana starts serve them food, they all start touching her everywhere while she serve the food. Now sultana sit down to eat as others finished eating. She was interrupted by krishna.

Krishna “Who are you?”

Sultana “Sultana”

Krishna “No, you are a bitch. Tell me now, who are you?”

Sultana “Bitch”

Krishna “then eat like bitch”

Sultana was confused. Krishna yelled “On your knees bitch”. now sultana is on her four like a dog. Now eat don’t use your hand just eat like a dog. Sultana starts eats like a dog and naked sultana starts eating türkçe bahis like this and her asshole is opening and closing whenever she goes down to eat the food. Krishna cant control anymore, he got naked and went behind sultana and spit in her asshole, in one trust he overpowered sultana and insert his dick inside sultana’s asshole in one push. Sultana is not stranger to anal but it never happened while she eating. She tried to move away but she couldn’t he starts fucking her ass faster and he didn’t give her any time to relax. Sultana couldn’t do anything, her mouth is full of food, she couldn’t spit, chew or even swallow. Brahma yelled “Bitch, dont spit the food. you are not supposed to waste the food” Sultana nodded her head in agreement while krishna fucking her ass then pulled his dick out and make sultana lie on her back and starts fucking her pussy, brahma who couldn’t restrain anymore get naked and sat on sultana’s face and yelled “lick my asshole bitch” Sultana is licking the dirty asshole and krishna fucked her very hard then shiva takes the turn and fucking sultana harder. After brutal fucking, they made sultana on her knees and starts fuck her tiny mouth one after another then they all cummed in Sultana’s plate and sultana’s lunch is covered with cum and made sultana eat all the food. Sultana like the cum taste without wasting anything she cleaned the plate. Now time for Abdulah so they made her wear the dress. Abdullah came that night, fucked sultana hard and slept. He didn’t talk with her or even acknowledged her, just fucked her and slept.

Morning sultana wakes up early prepared breakfast to impress her husband. Abdullah wakes up and got irritated to see sultana wearing the same dress and got angry when he knows that she lost the bag. yelled angrily at her and gave her some money to buy dress and left the home in anger. Sultana starts crying and abdullah come home after some time and said “Bitch, I told you that i will punish you if you make any mistake, this is a big mistake and now i am going to punish you. Take off your dress bitch”

Sultana got naked. He slapped her ass hard and the impression of his palm in visible on sultana’s ass cheeks she screamed in pain. Her scream makes Abdullah horny. Scream of the girls made Abdullah horny more than sex or anything else. Now its too late for sultana to know what kind of hell she walks into. He slapped sultana ass again she is screaming and crying in pain and begging to stop but it just made abdullah more horny. He starts squeezing her boobs, crushing it and pinched her nipples and screws it hard, she was screaming in pain and he slapped her hard and then slapped her boobs, then made her lie on the floor and put his dirty feet in her pussy, pushed his toe inside her pussy and then put his toe in her and order her to lick it, which sultana obliged. He then turned her upside down and take his shoe and slapped her ass, give her good spanking. Abdullah said “If you like it, shake your ass” Sultana shaked her ass. Abdullah realized sultana also likes it and gave her a good spanking till her ass becomes redish. He then taken his shoe and gave her a good spanking and fucked her ass so hard then cummed on his face and order not to clean the cum and they both went to sleep.

In the meantime, Krishna, brahma and shiva got together and discuss about the fun they had with sultana, Krishna said “How long should we work for this bastard? he is not paying us good. We need to do something to settle in life”

Brahma “What do you propose?”

Krishna “Cant you see? we are sitting on a goldmine”

Shiva “No more drinks. What the hell are you blabbering”

Krishna “You idiots, I am talking about sultana. If we play the game the right way. We can make tons of money with her”

Shiva “How?”

Krishna “I have a plan, just play along.”

Krishna revealed he has some sinister plan to use Sultana. Brahma and Shiva is not sure what he is going to do.

Next Morning as usual Abdullah left, Three of them then rushed into house and sultana was sleeping on the floor naked. They revived her and she couldn’t stop crying. She explained everything but she is already naked they saw her ass and they got a pretty good idea what has actually happened. They carried her to the cow shed as she cant even walk and cleaned her like they clean the cow. Krishna was being extra nice to her and asked her to take rest and that he will do all her work. Shiva brought the breakfast, Krishna grabbed the plate from shiva hand and going extra mile of feeding her the food from his own hand. Krishna looks like her mom to sultana, no one besides her mom did that to her and Sultana fell for Krishna while eating Sultana murmured “I wish I marry you.”

Krishna was over the cloud and this is what he wanted to happen all along. Krishna promised “You don’t worry sultana, I will help you but you need to help me too”
Sultana “What should I do?”
Krishna “We need to get rid of Abdullah, I know some guys who will make some false complaint and put him in jail, then we can live together. To make that happen you need to do exactly what I ask you to do”
Sultana “I will do anything to be with you”
Krishna “say this to Abdullah, when he comes tonight”
Sultana “OK”

Shiva comes near sultana “Enough chit chat, open your mouth Sultana”
Sultana complied and shiva put his dick in her mouth and she passionately suck her dick like she needed it and didn’t let go of him till he filled her mouth with his cum and he was followed by Brahma and Krishna. Krishna takes sultana to the toilet and going to fulfill his fantasy of fucking a girl in the toilet. Sultana wasn’t aware of the reason she was brought here. She makes her bent against the wall and starts fucking her in the ass and then he pounded her pussy for long time and released a big load of cum in her face. He wanted to do something more and asked sultana to open her mouth and not close under any circumstances. Sultana opened her mouth and he starts pissing in her mouth. Sultana mouth was full of his piss and he sprayed on all over her body and she doesn’t move or resist, then he ordered sultana to swallow. Krishna said “You did well sultana, I love you” Sultana smiled “I love you too”

Brahma and shiva shocked to see piss drenched sultana and asked sultana whether they can do that. Sultana replied “Ask Krishna, if its ok from him and its ok for me” Krishna smiled “Not now, Sultana get ready, we go shopping and buy you some dress”. Sultana taken bath and wore the only dress she has and left with krishna. He asked her to wear her hijab and he wants everybody to know that he is with this hot muslim girl. They traveled to nearby town in his two-wheeler and he made sultana hug him throughout and all heads along the way didn’t miss this sight and krishna felt so happy. He met everyone he knows and introduce sultana as his lover and finally they enter one of krishna’s friend’s dress shop and asked his friend to take the sexy dress, the kind of dress which makes her look like a family women and also a slut. They final chose two low cut blouses shows full cleavage, front and back and another short tie-up blouse exposing full back and 3 matching sarees which is very transparent in blue black and yellow colors and sultana has enough money just for two. Then shopkeeper asked her to try the dress. All moved to the back of the store and made sultana strip naked and she tried all the dresses and then the shopkeeper asked to suck his cock, and she can keep the third dress. After getting permission from krishna, Sultana starts sucking his cock and as usual swallowed the cum like a good girl she is. Everybody left the shop and reached home. Sultana changes to new dress, shows the back and expose her belly button which is clearly visible in her transparent saree. There are lot of guys watching sultana and all of them are happy and one of the guys yelled “I want to see samira like this one day” Krishna replied “We are already working on it and sultana will help us. Am I right sultana?” Sultana smiled “Yes”

Sultana and Krishna returned home and the rest of the gang loved the new look of sultana. Sultana flaunting her curves in bare back, transparent saree below navel and she was surrounded by guys and they starts groping. Abdullah returned home later that night and liked the way how sultana looks. He doesn’t mind if his workers looks at lust with sultana, this look increases his pride that his wife is the most beautiful girl. He dragged sultana to his room and fucked her hard and spanked her boobs and ass. He bit all over her neck and boobs and the love bites are visible. After fuck he sprayed his cum all over her face and both of them are lying on the bed next to each other naked. Now Krishna’s plan comes to Sultana’s mind to get rid of Abdullah. She starts talking hesitantly.

Sultana “Can I ask you something?”
Abdullah “What do you want?”
Sultana “I heard that there is someone here called samira who is teaching Religious text and I wanted to go there and learn something”
Abdullah laughs “I never thought you are this pious. Whatever. if you go there, then who will work here?”
Sultana “I finish all my work before 11 and after that I am free until 4 pm. I will go only in my freetime”
Abdullah “you planned everything, Go then but I don’t want to see any delay in work. Agree?”
Sultana “Yes I agree”
Abdullah “Also, I heard about that Samira whore. They say she is more beautiful than you. I should fuck her too”
Sultana doesn’t say and both of them slept and Abdullah left the home in the morning as usual.

After Abdullah left, Sultana went near krishna and said him that his husband agreed. Krishna is go glad that his plan to make samira her whore gonna work and make False complaint against abdullah of **** by samira to get rid of abdullah forever and keep the whores for himself to make his own brothel.

Krishna explained “Sultana, Hear me what I am saying. This samira is not a good muslim girl like you, she doesn’t respect and obey hindu guys like you do. It is your duty to make her like a good girl, who is love and loved by hindus like you. It is not easy, Many of us tried to talk to her, she didn’t even talked to us. She always covers her face, we don’t know how does she even look. This makes us more wanting to see her naked. So you have to be careful and tell the greatness of out dick and take this”

Krishna gave sultana some kind of tablets. He informed sultana this tablet will increase the sex drive of anybody who consumes it and sultana must make sure, she takes those as much as possible even without her knowledge. Sultana agreed and promised that she would not fail and she badly needs a girl friend and she feels sorry about samira for not having a taste of sex in her life.

Samira is 23 year old, mother of beautiful 3 year old daughter. She has no parents and her husband eloped with samira’s sister when she was pregnant. She is living alone ever since and she is surviving by the mere income from the farm she lives and by money by teaching some k**s religious texts. Her structure 38 30 36. Her big boobs cant be covered with any burkha. Sultana gets ready wearing her black saree and exposing everything and cover herself with burkha and enters the door step of samira and knock the door.

Samira: how can I help you
Sultana: I am sultana, I live nearby and I heard you teach religious text, if you don’t mind, can you teach me too.
Samira: My pleasure, please come in

Sultana walked in and take off her burkha and samira shocked to see sultana dressing like this

Samira: Oh Sultana, You are beautiful but we are not supposed to dress like this
Sultana: Really? I don’t know
Samira: yes we should cover our beauty in public
Sultana: but we are alone and we are women.
Samira: you are right. nevermind
Sultana: You look beautiful too

They were chatting for some time, they both liked each other and became instant friends and sultana got closer with samira’s little daughter Sahana. Samira tried to teach sultana something good but sultana was interested in spike her drink. The right moment came when samira coffee for both of them, then samira took sahana to put to sleep and sultana added the pills in the coffee. They chatted for sometime while drinking the coffee, it was all normal and samira was also fine which sultana doesn’t understand. Samira noticed sultana’s love bites and with smile asks about that and sultana said she loves sex and she is getting everyday. Samira said she used to enjoy sex but now, she has no way of getting that. Sultana felt sorry for samira and eager to get her fucked by many guys. While they were talking, Samira starts unusually sweating, Samira feels something strange happening down her pussy and its getting wet unusually and she is getting hornier and couldn’t control herself and starts touching herself. She felt ashamed to do this before sultana. She explained to sultana whats really happening to her.

Sultana smiled and repiled “Its completely normal. It happens to me all the time when I am not getting enough sex”
Samira “I get it, sometimes I feels that too, but not like this. I don’t know what to do”
Sultana “Don’t be so naive. You know what to do”
Samira “Masturbation is sin”
Sultana “Look nothing is wrong as long as, you are hurting anybody. you should learn to enjoy life”
Samira “I want to enjoy life too but I don’t want to forbidden things”
Sultana “We are human, we cant be saints. Just enjoy life and you can always asks for forgiveness. Deep down you are muslim. thats enough”
Samira “OK, but now. How are you happy all the time?”
Sultana “its simple, I am not judgemental and I love what I do and I am always horny too”
Samira “Ok what should I do”
Sultana “Wear sexy clothes, flirt whenever you get a change and btw why are you covering yourself like this when you are with me. Also, why are you wearing dress?”
Samira “What else should I wear? ”
Sultana “Nothing”
Samira “Excuse me?”
Sultana “Come on! you know what I mean? I don’t wear dress in home. Enjoy your body, You will feel liberated only when you are naked. just take off your dress, güvenilir bahis siteleri I want you to experience”
Samira “Sorry I cant”
Sultana “What are you afraid of? I will do it for you too, if you want to be comfortable”
Samira “You would do that for me?”
Sultana “Sure, I cant wait to go home and get naked. I hate dress”

Sultana got up and starts removing her dress and got naked in a minute. Samira was shocked to see Sultana’s boldness and also her sexy boobs and well shaved pussy makes her aroused. Now sultana directs samira to do the same and samira got up and slowly removing her clothes one by one till she naked. Sultana got up and move closer to samira and kissed her in her pink lips and sucking it. Samira who tried a little to resist at first finally gave in and starts hugging till their two naked body became one, boobs crushing each other. Sultana starts squeezing Samira’s boobs and she did the same and sultana made samira lie on the bed and starts licking samira’s pussy, bit her clit and starts sucking it and samira cant control her moan and moan loudly and sultana inserts her tongue inside samira’s pussy and fuck her with tonuge and then they move to 69 and samira eating sultana’s pussy. This is the first time, Samira using her religious mouth to suck pussy and lick all the juice. Samira couldn’t control and starts squirting in sultana’s mouth filled with her juice. Sultana rushed to kitchen, brought the biggest carrot she could find and starts fucking samira. Samira had no idea that you can use carrot also like this. Now samira fucks sultana with the same carrot and both of them finally eat the carrot together soaked with their love juices.

Time for sultana to leave and samira cant let her go. Sultana promised she will come next day and Samira promised she will stay naked till she returns.

Sultana starts enjoying spending time with Samira and this experiences are all new for Samira too and she enjoys being naked and Samira kept her word by staying naked all night and she couldn’t sleep properly and starts fingering her pussy, Her pussy is all wet and she starts rubbing then inserts her middle finger first and then index finger and finally all her four fingers are in her pussy. Samira is so aroused and she slept with finger in her pussy.

In the meantime, Sultana returned home and informed Krishna everything that have happened and they are so happy and they are sure that Samira was naked. Now Krishna gave sultana different powder and asked her to spike Samira with this new powder with additional to the one she already has. Sultana agreed. Krishna and Shiva cant wait to see Samira naked, they moved to Samira house in the blanket of night and managed to open the window and saw the naked samira fingering herself next to her curious daughter. After seeing everything they didn’t want to go home without doing anything. Krishna already has Samira door key which was given to him by sultana, which she got from samira herself. Krishna and Shiva slowly walked in to her house and Krishna taken a cloth and pressed in Samira mouth then she passed out.

They carried Samira outside her home and put her near the small Hindu temple and starts fucking her. Shiva starts squeezing and kissing and biting her boobs Samira was semi conscious and Krishna starts fucking her hardly and he didn’t like to fuck her like this, he wants her to know that he was fucking her but he also knows that he has to wait for some time for that to happen. Shiva takes his turn now and fucks Samira very hard and both of them filled her pussy with their sperm. After fucking her for an hour, they left her naked and gone. After some time Samira slowly opened her eyes and shocked to see that she was in temple. She starts crying and ran to her home and locked the door. Samira frantically washed her body covered herself in towel and shocked to find that her entire wardrobe closet has been empty. There are no dress for her to wear. She starts wondering where all her dress has gone. She cant say or do anything and she starts preparing for breakfast and its morning already.

Sultana was getting ready to meet Samira and Krishna entered and explained everything that have happened and asked sultana to add the powder and make her ready to be fucked while she is still conscious. Sultana agreed

Sultana knocks Samira house, Samira opened the door in her towel

Sultana: you broke your promise Samira, you promised to be naked
Samira starts crying and explained everything to sultana.
Sultana: don’t worry Samira. What do you think happened to your dress?
Samira: I don’t know, I think I am sleepwalking, I woke up naked far away from the house and I think I may have done something to the clothes.
Sultana: OMG Samira, I saw lot of people taking so many dresses from the street while I was coming here. I think it was yours. (Sultana lied)
Samira: really? (She starts crying) I don’t know what happening to me. Lately I have been feeling strangely and I may have done that
Sultana: Don’t worry. Hopefully it may not happen again
Samira: I don’t have any dress or money left. What am I supposed to do?
Sultana: Don’t worry Samira. I am here and I will take care of you. My friend have a shop in town. We can buy dress there.
Samira: Don’t do this for me sultana, I don’t have any money to give you. How much money u got?
Sultana: Did I ask you money? Just come with me and I don’t have any money either. I will take to him and cut a deal with him
Samira: I have a bad feeling
Sultana: come on Samira. Lets go. It will be alright
Samira: I don’t have any dress. How can I go?
Sultana: we can share our dresses
Samira: how?
Sultana: you have two options. 1. You can wear my burqa, just burqa without anything inside. Or 2. You can wear my dress and I wear just the burqa.
Samira: I feel so shy and we are not supposed to be like this
Sultana: Cut the crap Samira. Tell me honestly, did you finger yourself last night?
Samira: yes
Sultana: see you need this. Don’t think this as a bad thing. You wear my dress and just flaunt your hot body. Let the men look at you, whistle at you and tease at you. There is nothing awesome equal to that?
Samira: but we are Muslims
Sultana: that’s what make it more fun. I am gonna take you to the Hindu area. That’s where the fun is
Samira: what if?
Sultana: no what or if… Just do it

Sultana take off her burqa and she was transparent black saree with thin strap blouse. Samira said she cant wear this but Samira is not ready to go naked and she close the saree and blouse is small for Samira as her boobs are pop out and she looks very sexy. Sultana encouraged her and they finally set foot outside. This is the 1st time Samira has come out to public wearing something like this. Sultana and Samira starts walking to the street as all eyes care on Samira. Samira felt aroused and ashamed at same time. Sultana looks very sexier in a naked burqa.

They are stopped by Krishna on the way

Krishna: Hi Sultana, what are u doing here? Who is this beautiful lady?
Sultana: Hi Krishna, This is my sister Samira. We are here to buy her some good dress
Krishna: Wow I didn’t know you have a beautiful sister like this. Hi Samira, its nice to meet you.

Samira said “Hi” hesitantly and she feels like she has seen him before but couldn’t remember how? But Krishna knows exactly why.

Krishna: Everything alright Samira? You look confused
Samira: nothing.
Krishna: you look so beautiful in sultana’s saree
Samira had no one described her looks like this before. She feels uncomfortable but she also kinda aroused
Samira: how do u its sultana’s saree
Krishna: it was me who selected this and also paid for that. Ok lets go, I know a good shop

All of them are walking together, while on the way, he bought drinks for two of them and spiked the drink with horny powder for Samira and then they entered the shop, dresses on the shops are western style outfit mostly slutty and revealing. This is the favorite shop for local prostitutes.

Samira: I don’t wear this kinda clothes. Let me get some sarees
Sultana: Samira, remember we don’t have any money and we don’t have any choice left. There is nothing wrong in wearing these dresses.
Samira: but, how can I wear this? What if somebody from my family saw me
Sultana: you are living alone with your daughter. Nobody cared for you. If you wear this kinda dresses you can get anything for free and all these Hindu guys will do anything we ask
Samira: but I am not slut
Sultana: Slut is not a bad word. Also I see enjoying people look at u in this dress. Please do it for me. Either you have to wear this or go naked
Samira: ok sultana. I kinda feel amazing when that Hindu guy described my body.

While they were talking one random guy came and asks Samira, how much for a blowjob darling?
Samira shocked
Sultana teasingly “She is expensive for you and you cant afford her”
samira shocked again
Samira: Sultana why are u talking like this? I feel ashamed
Sultana: come on Samira, it was fun. Isn’t it?
Samira laughs “yes, it is. That mans face though!” Both laughing

Krishna entered “What are u girls laughing about”
Sultana “Nothing, a guy came and asks Samira how much for a blowjob?”
Krishna “Lips like these, samira can get a lot of money”
Sultana “That’s what I said”
Samira “Stop it guys, its not funny”
Krisha “cool down Samira. Its ok”

Then Krishna wrapped his hand on her shoulder. Samira didnt expect this and looks at sultana with sultana. Sultana mouthed “Its ok”

Krishna selected this dress for Samira. It looks expensive and Krishna explained that if she changed the dress here before the shop keeper she can take it for free
Samira adamantly says “NO” but sultana convinced here and its the only way to get a free dress. Samira was so shy and closed her eyes with her hands and sultana starts removing her dress one by one till she is naked

Sultana: open your eyes Samira, look how beautiful you are. Look at the mirror. Never be ashamed of your body
Krishna and shop owner: you look awesome Samira.

Samira opened her eyes and she started to like it too and powder which she earlier had started working and her pussy got hit and Samira cant stop the urge to rub her pussy.

Krishna noticed and starts teasing Samira as her pussy is leaking. Everybody laughing and Samira feels ashamed. Krishna slowly moves next to Samira and starts rubs her pussy. Samira resister at 1st but he gave in as she has no choice. He starts fucking her in the middle of the shop and sultana is so happy that her work here is done.

After Krishna, shop owner took his turn and fucks her too. Samira was so much satisfied and she started feeling like a cheap whore because of the powder she took. After sometime she come to her senses and starts crying and begged sultana to take her to home which sultana agreed.

Sultana and Samira quietly and both of them not uttered single word through out the journey.

After reaching Samira cried to sultana and asked why didn’t she stop her? Sultana replied “you seems to be enjoying that and why should I stop u”

Samira: I don’t know what happened to me? I am pious shy woman, I got myself naked easily and let 2 guys fuck me? What happened?

Sultana: Don’t stress yourself. I know exactly what happened, you are just being yourself and you think you are shy and all but in real you are just an sex addict and don’t let that stop you. Just enjoy and have sex as much as you can

Samira: I don’t know what to do?

Sultana: I understand what you been through. Believe me I was in the same position as you. We are Muslim women, we are incapable of making decisions. We should let the Hindu men take those decisions for us

Samira: Are you sure?

Sultana: Yes. I don’t make any decisions. Krishna decides everything for me and I am so happy with him.

Samira: Decisions like what? Does he fuck u too?

Sultana: All decisions and Yes, he fucks me good

Samira: This is all wrong. I cant be like that, I am so tired we can meet tomorrow

Sultana thought she got Samira under her control but she proved to be tough nut to crack, but before leaving sultana slipped a powder in her dinner

Sultana got back home and explained everything to Krishna. He got so angry that Samira is not submitted yet and he said he have different plans. Krishna left to Samira house and she passed out then he sneaked back into her home and take her outside, fuck her in the ass and in mouth then left her naked in the streets near the temple. Samira was awaken by angry people and most of them are men starts yelling at her for violating the sanctity of the holy place without saying anything Samira starts crying and ran to her home and locked her house only to find her clothes missing again and she has nothing to wear.

Sultana and Krishna, came to her rescue and Krishna told something to angry Hindu protestors and all of them left the place. Krishna and Sultana convinced Samira that everything is alright. Samira explained that she didn’t know what happened.

Krishna: you made a big mistake Samira, people are angry at you and also you need help. I cant allow you to do this everyday to yourself and all of us living here.

Sultana: what do you mean?

Krishna: I think Samira is possessed and she cant be live alone like this.
Samira: what should I do?

Sultana: Samira, please understand only Krishna can protect you now. Just listen and do everything he says without questioning, then you will be fine

Samira: OK

Krishna: Listen Samira, I want to understand everything I say. Ok?

Samira: Ok

Krishna: you are incapable of making decisions and obviously you are a sex-addict that’s why, you roam naked like this on night and you want people to see you naked body.

Samira: Maybe you are right.

Krishna: YES, remember this, I am always right. Yes?

Samira: Yes

Krishna: Now. You and sultana come with me to a special place where you will be having sex with people of my choice. You have to have sex with 10 guys everyday and I will take care of you.

Samira: yes

Sultana: yes

Finally, Krishna started his own whore house with Sultana and Samira where they are fucked day and night and Samira starts enjoying being a whore and filed a false complaint against sultana’s husband Abdullah and sent him to jail. Krishna then take all of his land and become one of the most respectable and rich influential person in this region and along the way.

**** THE END ****

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