Mayıs 29, 2024

Ice-Cold Punishment

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It was a chilly winter day. The cold winds brushed against my plaid, skirted coat and ginger, shoulder-length hair. I stood, with my boot-clad feet, on the front steps of my little cottage before my large pet. She was on all fours and against the wall, wearing a red latex bodysuit with tall platform heels. The voluptuous woman, having dyed dark red hair that was swept to one side, licked her thick, pierced lips with her slimy, studded tongue, while saliva drooled from them onto the ground. My dainty, delicate hand held onto a leash that was attached to her collar, twirling it gently. I couldn’t help but feel a slight tingling and a cute smile grow on my delicate lips as she panted heavily. It was quite enjoyable to own a woman who was nearly two feet larger than you. To see her on all fours before you. To be above such a depraved, slutty beast.

The tingle grew as I tug on her leash. She was far too strong and heavy for me to move, but I loved tugging the leash on her throat, seeing her moan as the collar squeezes against her. And, she did moan, raising her rear up even more and lolling her tongue out. I pouted at her and ordered with a sharp tug to her leash, “Hmph, get to moving, you disgraceful harlot!”

“Yeaaaaaaaa!” the slut moaned out as she began to crawl on her all-fours, swaying her huge bubble butt into the air. I giggled and cutely smiled as I followed her, walking around the perimeter of the house. My hand moved from my hip to grab a long riding crop, before lightly tapping the tip on her rear.

“Faster! I only expect the strongest and fittest amongst my mounts,” I goaded her on. “I shall reward you if you perform satisfactorily,” was the promise I gave her with a cutesy wink.

“Aaaaaaah! Unf unf unf. Fuck baby! Imma gonna be biggest n’ strongest for ya,” my depraved bitch moaned and grunted as she crawled faster, her huge breasts swinging and hanging underneath. She was already getting wet under her latex bodysuit and drooling all over the snow. Not to mention, I started to catch a whiff of her raw, filthy musk, which reeked of sex. My pretty face responded with a pout and a look of disgust before I tugged on her leash hard and gave her presenting behind a sharp kick with my tall boots.

“Ugh! Now, you smell like a sow!” I winced at her smell. The buxom sow moaned sharply and twerked her ass out, lowering herself as she stopped. I put my hand on my slender hip, after stowing away my riding crop. “Hmmmm. You’ve been so naughty for smelling like a bitch in heat and being lewd like one too. Still, you’ve at least proved yourself strong enough,” I wondered aloud, raising one boot to step on her back with. Her curvy, strong back arched as she raised her enormous ass even more, twerking it wildly.

“Fuck baby! Just fucking lemme fuck that pretty cock of yours, princess! My fat booty needs to fuck cock so much! Gimme cock now!” she begged and snarled, nearly frothing at the mouth.

I rubbed my boot a little more on her back and teased, “Why should I let myself be violated by the wretched likes of you, cow? ” Blushing and biting my lips a little, I lowered my groin a little, hovering it above her desperately needy rear teasingly. “You want it? You desire it? You need it?” I asked with a cute wink as I air-humped my groin in front of her huge ass.

“Yeaaaa baby! Fuck! I like need it so fucking badly! I need cock! I wannit now!” she begged loudly, growling and snarling as she twerked her rear wildly. The otele gelen escort voluptuous bitch in heat simply rose her behind in estrus, slamming it against my groin. It felt hot and wet against my soft panties with the oil, sweat, and grime leaking through them. My hands landed first on her curvy waist, cupping and feeling those thick curves up. They were my thick curves, my pile of meat to use.

I gasped softly, “Oh goodness. You’re quite lewd and aggressive. I can barely control such a beast in heat.” It was true that I enjoyed it. I enjoyed owning a strong, lustful, and beastly woman. I enjoyed using her completely for everything she’s worth. I even enjoyed her going into heat, constantly panting, grunting, and moaning.

She deserved a reward, and I gave it to her. I grinded my bulge against her rear, as her molestations made my member more and more erect. My soft, delicate hand spanked her bubbly cheeks, making them wobble and teaching them who their rightful owner was. I pouted and huffed, “Ugh. Take this, whore. I own your fat, disgusting, and slutty buttocks, just like the rest of your muscled, voluptuous body. They’re most perfect for being my comfortable, sturdy, and hefty seat.” Another dainty slap sharply struck my sow’s estrus-driven, twerking rear as I giggled, “You were practically born to be my mount and chair. A beefy beast of burden! A living porno pile of meat fit only for constant use by more elegant beings!”

The masochistic whore both enjoyed every second of my teasing and was frustrated by the denial of what she wanted, what she needed. “Ya fucking tease! Just fucking get your pretty cock out and lemme fuck it good n’ raw!” With a growl, she attempted to reach back and pull my panties down underneath my long, pretty coat. And the attempt was quite successful, causing me to fluster as my long length to flung out against her sweaty rear.

I eeped while my smooth phallus throbbed weakly against her jiggly, huge cheeks, “W-wait! I didn’t g-give you permiss-” She interrupted me by grinding each buttocks against my erect member. “A-ah! S-stop it! Y-you gross, lewd perverted sow!” I said, giving her rear some more spankings with my hands.

“Yea baby, you feel so fucking good on my rear! Unf unf unf. Just spank n’ slap it! Cockslap my slutty booty, princess!” she grunted. I blushed even more, enjoying the idea of disciplining her rapist, princess-molesting rear for being so inherently lewd.

Even more, I enjoyed it when she addressed me as princess. She knew that I am her princess, above her in every way. My elegance, beauty, and intelligence put me on a whole league beyond her crudity, sluttiness, and brutishness. I cockslapped each buttocks as one hand spanked her rear over and over. “Oh yes, I am your princess. You understand that, sloven slut? Even my pretty, delicate hand owns every fiber of your lewd, filthy being, starting with your horny mare-like rear.”

“Fuck, fuck, fuck! I just wanna fill my booty up with that pretty cock! I’m yours baby! Just gimme your cum!” she grunted and moaned, her tongue hanging out, as she began to slam her booty against my groin. Her thick rear cheeks enveloped my helpless dainty member, making me feel both her latex and the heat of her sweat and grime. I breathed a sigh of relief as she couldn’t dirty me with the filthy, sweaty depths of her anus, due to her latex bodysuit getting in the way.

“It looks like you mecidiyeköy escort won’t be able to have your way,” I teased, giving her rear a teasing spank and even resting myself on it. It truly was a comfortable seat. I wiggled my petite tush on top of her enormous ass, while my coat draped over it, covering it and brushing against the latex of her tight bodysuit. My gloved, dainty hands then moved to her red hair, grabbing a lock of hair on each hand.

She was moaning and growling, even snarling, desperately, “Ya fucking tease! Fuck! I need it so bad. I wanna cum!”

I pouted with disgusted, pulling on both locks sharply, “Pathetic and disgusting.” Her drool was even dripping all over the snow and cobblestone pavement, making a complete mess.

I winced from both her foul, obscene display of hedonism and that powerful, disgusting musk that made my blue eyes tear up. To punish her for the sin of existing in this world as the subhuman beast of burden she was, I sharply kick the bimbo moocow’s sweaty, heaving slutudders with my tall boots. “Take this, you fat shameless cow!” I insulted her as she mooed loudly.

“Mooooooooo! Yea baby! More!” she mooed and begged, more like an animal in heat than a human. Her ass hotdogged and grinded against my member, causing me to gasp.

“S-stop it!” I said before taking one hand off her locks of hair to spank her in the rear. Unfortunately, this only encouraged her more, and she began to buck her rear wildly, bouncing me up and down. My other hand returned to her hair, mushing and pulling her hair like reins. I rode her like the beastly bovine she was, spurring both her thick thighs and jiggly bosom with my boots. The lecherous cumdump growled and snarled as I desperately held onto her hair. “Ugh goodness! You’re quite rough!” I yelped helplessly, actually thrusting as well against her rear out of pure disdain for the smelly slut. Every pulling of her hair, spurring of her thunder thighs, and kicking of her breasts gave me a fluttering tingle, causing me to blush deeply. It wasn’t even a sexual urge. I simply enjoyed degrading, using, and putting my huge pile of whoremeat into her place.

Her massive pair of buttocks reared up even more as her sexy face planted itself on the ground. One of my feet lowered down a bit, approaching that bimbo face. She was already drooling on the ground as she breathed heavily and grunted with every thrust of her rear against me. “Oh my, you’ve actually made yourself a better seat and got into the perfect position for your punishment?” I gushed. My other foot pressed a little on one of her huge breasts, which were squished against the snowy cobbleground. She hated the cold, yet the swampy, hot bitch has to feel it against her bosom. I wanted to freeze her tits off. I thrusted with her thrusts, before suddenly pressing my feet on her face and tits.

“Get punished, whore!” I said with a pout and giggle as I yank at her hair and grinded with her thrusts. The curvaceous woman was snorting and licking against the ground as my pearly orbs slapped against her latex-covered cunt. Her estrus-driven arousal was clearly causing her to ooze from her lower lips musky juices and from her nipples hot milk. A few drops of sweet precum leaked onto her curved lower back, while my feet wiggled a bit on her face and breast.

Her body slammed and bucked against me, whilst I slapped my slender hips against her. The lustful cow even bounced my frail, petite türkmen escort form up and down on her bottom as she hotdogged me. I softly chant, as I mush and pull on her locks of hair like they’re reins, “Giddy up, giddy up, giddy up, whore. Take this, and that! Giddy up, giddy up, giddy up.” Then with one slap of my balls on her cunt, she orgasmed, jizzing a huge load of gunky, slimy, putrid, and discolored cum inside her latex bodysuit, while her eyes rolled up.

The orgasming slut moaned loudly, drooling a puddle on the ground and grunting eagerly, “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Yeaaaa baby!”

However, this is not her last orgasm, as I closely approached mine. “Y-you’re such a stupid, shameless whore!” I pouted before moving of the locks of her velvet hair to my other hand for a moment so I could give her massive, jiggling buttocks a quick spanking. “You’re my livestock, you hear! A stupid, masochistic bitchcow who belongs on her elegant princess’s leash! Your voluptuous body exists only for my use and punishment. You’re even pathetically enjoying your punishment!” was my downright bratty insult as I then chanted “Giddy up” and “take this” over and over softly, blushing deeply and biting on my lips. She was grunting and moaning, roaring with pleasure as another orgasm approached for her.

With a small little twitch on my smooth, long member, I spurted out many large loads of white, silky, and sweet cream all over her arched back. My gloved hands pulled on her hair as hard as possible, while I stomped my little, boot-clad foot on her face. The voluptuous red-dyed beast screamed with raw pleasure and pain as she orgasmed again, even more intense than the last one. “Y-you whoooooooreeeee!” I cried out helplessly. My dainty form pressed and thrusted down on her bubbly ass, while I then finally slammed one boot on her face while pressing another all the way down on her breasts. This only made her roar even louder in masochistic pleasure. Her neck strained against the ground as I pressed and squished my boot against the lewd bimbo face. She was licking the ground over and over again while drooling and frothing in the mouth. Those lustful eyes on her punished face rolled up as she wildly twerked and bucked her fat rearend. I chanted the word “whore” over and over as I only thought about telling her what her place was and giving her as much pain as possible. And, she even went along with it as I press my foot down on her head, shoving her own face down on the ground as her neck then ‘cracked’ right as my orgasm finished with the last spurt and she let out her loudest orgasmic roar.

The large amazon then released me from the grip of her bubble butt, before I slipped down from her ass and pull my panties back up. She breathed heavily as her mouth continued to leak with drool on the ground. I laid my back against her curvaceous side, whilst my buxom bruiser continued to simply lay on the ground, her rear up and face on the ground. It was the same position as before. Her studded tongue continued to lash against the ground as she was clearly driven mad with lust. One of my hands extended out to grab, squeeze, and pat at her nearest asscheek, clearly establishing my ownership over her. A soft gentle sigh emerged from my cold-battered, delicate lips as I swept my ginger, long hair and took out my 3DS, withdrawing my hand from her rearend. “Ah, I hope you learn your lesson, dumb brute. You do make for a comfortable, warm seat as well as a filthy cumdump,” I sighed then teased with a giggle before turning on the 3DS to play some Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon. Occasionally, my soft, little hand would give the strong amazon’s rear a gentle stroke, squeezing, or even a quick spanking while playing the game.

She definitely performed quite satisfactorily.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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