Nisan 13, 2024

I Won Pt. 01

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Okay, I’m going to try to put this down in chronological order, as it actually happened.

I won one of the multi-state lotteries. Actually, it was one of the largest amounts to date. No, no, I’m not the guy that lives in South Carolina! He’s the one who had $100,000 and a briefcase stolen from the trunk of his car after he went into a topless club and boasted about it to everyone there. No, I’m not him.

I had asked for “privacy” when I got the money, and, so far, they have honored that. I’m the one who found a Lawyer who could, and will, handle everything for me, you’ll understand that better as the story unfolds.

After they took out the Federal Taxes, I still ended up with something north of $300 million. Since I won it when I lived in Texas, which has no State Income Tax, all that money was mine. So the first thing I did was buy a silver Masarati Quatra-Porta. Then I had to wait 6 weeks for the car’s security system to be developed and installed. You’ll understand more about that later, too.

Anyway, as soon as I took delivery of the car, I left Houston and headed for Florida. I bought a furnished Penthouse Condo at Turnberry Ocean Condos, and moved right in. The next day, I was on the nude beach at Haulover.

That’s where I met Sonya and Doug. You know how, sometimes when you meet someone, you know, instinctively, that you can trust them, and trust them totally. You can trust them with your wallet, your credit cards, your very life. And you know this instantly, without even knowing their names. That’s how it was with the three of us.

I have to admit that they are a bit younger than I am, like a little more than 40 years younger, as they were in their early 20s when we met. Neither of them is tall, both being about 5’6″ or so, about my height. Neither of them will ever win any beauty pageant (on the other hand, neither will I), though neither is ugly, either. They’re both of slim build, typical of that age, maybe 110 to 120 lbs each.

As I said earlier, the three of us got along, and still do, extremely well. We’ve never fought and usually agree with each other, although it may take some explaining of a specific idea before we do. As I said, we three became very close friends.

That day, as it started to get near evening, I asked them if they needed to get home, like for kids, or anything like that. They answered that they were free for whatever I had in mind, so I invited them back to my condo for dinner.

Since we are all nudists, we just jumped back out of our clothes when we got there. We all agreed with the idea of pizza, so I ordered one as, at my invitation, they wandered around the various rooms, exclaiming about how nice it was. They also loved the views of the Atlantic Ocean and, on the opposite side of the Condo, of the Bay and wetlands.

When they got to the Master Bedroom Suite (impressive title, huh?), they couldn’t get over my 8′ round water bed, then they found my bathroom. Doug yelled to me asking if they could try out my shower, and said he thought it was big enough for 6 or 8 people (it actually is that big). I told them to ‘go for it’ as I was waiting for the delivery person to arrive (when I call, they usually get it out very quickly because they know I tip well).

When I walked into the bathroom to let them know the pizza had been delivered, Sonya was sitting on the edge of the sink Gaziantep Elden Para Alan Escort counter, between the two sinks. Doug was standing right in front of her, leaning between her spread legs and kind of nuzzling her chest. He jerked upright as soon as he heard me approach the doorway and turned with a really guilty look on his face.

I advised them they didn’t have to stop, unless he wanted me to take his place. He looked at Sonya, she looked at him, and they both broke out laughing. When I asked why they were laughing, they only laughed harder, although Doug took the opportunity to resume his previous position.

Sonya explained that the evening before they had been making love with her laying on the floor and Doug laying between her spread legs, licking her. One of them (probably Sonya because Doug’s tongue was busy with ‘other things’) brought up the idea that it would be exciting if someone were to be able to look into the window and see them. Kind of voyeur them and their activity but Doug had said he wasn’t real sure anyone would want to see his little butt, since he wasn’t about to let anybody ‘plug’ that for him.

I surprised them by suggesting that maybe someone might enjoy it anyway, even if they didn’t want to ‘plug his butt’, after all, if Sonya lifted her leg, before he slid it in, the voyeurs would get to see his hard cock. I finished my statement by noting that not everyone who likes to see and play with men’s cocks wants to have anything to do with anal sex. Doug’s face got flushed and he admitted that that was true, very true. Sonya snickered in agreement with that.

Anyway, I admitted that I enjoyed watching ‘live action’ sex, and, in fact, had been to a few shows of that type when I had visited Amsterdam about 30 years before. I also told them I had witnessed a few men sucking the cock of other men while I was over there, and I didn’t find that to be at all offensive (Note: this is the kind of frank discussion we have always enjoyed.). At that point, Sonya lifted her legs, allowing me to see Doug’s erection just before it slid into Sonya’s pussy. It didn’t take long before both of them came, knowing that I was leaning against the door jamb watching and enjoying the view.

Another a month passed with us spending a lot of time together on the beach and in my Condo. Then, suddenly, very early one Sunday morning, my phone rang (we had traded numbers a long time before). When I answered, I recognized Sonya’s voice, but not a word that she was saying because she was crying so hard. Her hiccuping didn’t help either.

When I asked her to take a deep breath and try to tell me again, she started crying harder. Doug was suddenly on the line, and explained the apartment complex Manager had woken them up about an hour before, telling them they were getting kicked out of their apartment because they didn’t have any money to pay the rent, and it was 4 months past due. The manager had told them that, if they moved out by the end of today, he wouldn’t chase them for the back rent, and wouldn’t have them arrested. Their problem was that they didn’t have anywhere to go.

When I asked what size truck I would need to have to help them move their furniture, clothes, and ‘stuff’, Doug paused. After a short silence, he very quietly informed me that they only had their sleeping bags and some clothes left to move.

I was stunned, reduced to spluttering at him before I could finally ask where they were calling from. He explained they were in front of their apartment buildings, calling from a pay phone by the entrance. I told him I would be there within 10 minutes.

When I got there, I found they had all of their things with them…their sleeping bags and a few bags of clothes. After we had loaded them into my trunk, and I told them they could move in with me until they got ‘back on their feet’.

Sonya slowly stopped crying. Suddenly, the tears started flowing again as she wrapped her arms around my neck, and started kissing me fiercely. Between kisses, she kept saying, over and over, “Thank You, Thank You, oh Thank You”. If you think it’s easy to drive when that’s ahppening, try it some time.

Now, while I enjoyed the feel of her body pressed against mine, and even though her husband was grinning like the proverbial ‘cat that caught the bird’, I didn’t think that was the best time for it. I ‘peeled’ her arms off as I told her that she could feel free to do that at any time after we got settled into my place.

Doug explained that a) they were really at the end of their options and had expected to have to spend the rest of their lives camped under a bridge.

Once we got to my condo, carried their things in, and got undressed, I explained what I felt their options were. They could sleep in their sleeping bags in the front room, or they could sleep in one of the spare bedrooms.

I told them that, of course, their other option was that they could sleep with me, but reminded them that I would be ‘watching their every move’ (said in a ‘smarmy’ manner). They looked at each other and broke out laughing, explaining that they had recently talked about how excited it had made them the one time I had watched them make love in my bathroom. Sonya made the decision for them that they would sleep with me because she’d really wanted to sleep on the giant waterbed since the first time they had seen it.

After we moved their things into one of the spare bedrooms for storage, although they had been there many times before, they stood awkwardly in the living room. Although I had told them more than once that I enjoy ‘playing with’ men, as well as women, I had never approached Doug in the past. I decided it was time for me to ‘introduce’ myself to Doug’s cock, and asked him to ‘step over in front of me and stand between my knees.

As soon as he got ‘into position’, I leaned forward and sucked the head of his cock into my mouth. Although his cock is a ‘shrinker’, like mine, it immediately started to expand and lengthen as he gasped in surprise. I slowly slid my hands up the back of both of his legs, using a very gentle touch. This had it’s intended effect, making him gasp again, and his cock grow a little longer.

By this time, Sonya was more than a little curious, and she walked over and sat next to me on the sofa, smiling as she saw how excited Doug was becoming. I sensed, rather than saw, her move to the corner of the sofa where she raised and bent her right leg onto the edge of the back cushion behind me.

I twisted my head, without letting Doug’s cock slip out of my mouth, and saw that Sonya had kept her left foot on the floor. This, in turn, spread her legs wide apart, which was allowing her to gently stroke the hollow on either side of her pussy as she watched.

I turned my head back to face Doug’s belly, and started to slowly “edge” his cock, pulling my head back and forth so that my lips rubbed over the edge of the hood of his circumcised cock. This, too, had it’s intended effect, making Doug groan with pleasure. When I moved faster, Doug stuttered out that he was “cumming soon, real soon”, so I moved my right hand around to the front and gently stroked his ball sack, making him moan louder. I realized that I was also hearing Sonya’s pussy going ‘click, click, click’ as she thrust her finger in and out of it.

When Sonya began gasping as she watched my head bob back and forth, and heard Doug say “I’m cumming”, I knew it was time for me to slide my lips all the down his hard shaft. Just as they reached the base of his cock, I felt it suddenly start to soften as it pulsed, sending jets of his cum down my throat. I kept my lips there as I sucked as much of his ‘cream’ as I could from him, then I slowly stretched his flacid cock by tightening them around it as I pulled my head back, finally letting it fall from my lips. Before it could drop, I licked the last bit off the end of his cock, then grinned up at him, asking if he felt better.

Before he could answer, Sonya said she was ready, but who was going to get her off. I twisted toward her and asked if it could be me. Instead of answering with words when she asked if I was “up to it”, I simply leaned way over and started sucking, licking, and nibbling on her pussy. As I was doing this, I was also stroking her left nipple upward between the thumb and forefinger of my right hand. I raised my eyes when I felt Doug kneel next to us and saw him lean over and kiss his wife deeply, and, from the way both of their jaws were moving, I could tell there were ‘dueling tongues’ involved.

I watched her abdominal muscles closely until I saw them quivering and jumping. That’s when I sucked her clit upward and flicked it with my tongue. From the way she jerked and bucked her hips upward a few times, I assumed that I had managed to help her ‘up and over the top of orgasm mountain’. That was when I raised my head, moved my hand from her nipple to her pussy and slid my middle two fingers into her very hot, wet hole. I curled them and gently rubbed what would be the front wall of her pussy if she had been standing. As expected, this caused a few more jerks and bucks.

Finally, I climbed onto the sofa, slid up between her legs, and pushed my very stiff cock into her. I guess because of my age (hey, it’s my excuse, okay), and Doug’s fingers gently massaging my balls, it didn’t take more than a few thrusts before my cock was pumping my cum into her. At that point, I relaxed my body down onto hers, letting myself rest a little before thinking about getting back up.

Since Doug had leaned back up to caress my balls, Sonya turned her head and started kissing all over my face again, like she had before. As soon as she found my lips, she spread them by pushing her tongue between them. Let me tell you, I learned that that girl can really kiss! Then, suddenly, she gasped and screamed softly as her last orgasm of the day ‘grabbed’ her and that’s what her pussy did to my shrinking cock. It grabbed it and squeezed it hard, almost taking my breath away by its force.

Meanwhile, Doug had lain across my back, his hand still holding my balls. For some strange reason, we all fell asleep in that position, and didn’t wake up for the next 3 hours.

End of part 1.

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