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I Take My Brother, My Father to Bed

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Mum and Dad had flown interstate for the weekend with a couple of friends. Mark, my elder brother, and I were home and had ‘opened the liquor cabinet’ (actually, he’d had a few beers, I’d had a few wines – so both of us were pretty relaxed) with the television on in the background which was screening one of those lame current affairs programs.

Suddenly a segment was aired, purportedly reporting on the largest-ever survey of the sexual habits of 18 year-old girls. You know the sort of thing – so many were virgins, so many had engaged in sex one or two times, so many did it regularly but only when they were in a relationship, so many were now doing it weekly or more often, so many were lesbians.

“Hey, Sis,” Mark suddenly asked. “You’re also 18, which of those groups do you belong in?”

I was a bit taken aback. Mark and I had really never discussed sex – well, at least my sexual habits.

“What do you think?” I replied without really thinking.

“I’m not going to try to guess,” Mark continued. “If I suggest you’re a virgin and you’re actually having it off weekly, you’ll think I’m a dickhead. And if I suggest you’re having sex on a weekly basis and you’re actually a virgin, you’ll think I’m a dickhead. So best you just tell me which of those groups you belong in.”

Mark and I are close – in fact, our whole family is close. He had always treated me with respect, so I viewed him as the perfect brother. And we all seemed to be pretty open with one another – except the subject of any one of us actually having sex was not one we ever discussed.

I am a little shy. I’m also a homebody, and until leaving school this year I guess I had concentrated on my academic studies.

So, up until that time, I was a virgin.

It’s not that I didn’t want to have sex, or didn’t need to have sex. It’s just I hadn’t yet had a boyfriend…let alone one who had taken my virginity.

In fact, the only sexual pleasure I’d ever received was from fingering myself. And that I enjoyed…reasonably frequently…because I thoroughly appreciated the benefits that flowed from orgasms!

The only thing that really prevented me from giving myself more orgasms was the fear of being discovered by Mum, Dad or Mark while I was masturbating…or them hearing me as I sometimes uncontrollably uttered, or occasionally yelled, the word ‘yes!’

To mark my graduation from school, I had organised a contraceptive implant knowing that sometime soon I MUST become sexually active.

And I’d been told that ‘yes is the word of a sexually happy woman’ (with women often uttering it repeatedly as they are about to orgasm, for example – which I well knew!) – but, in my case, ‘yes’ and ‘sex’ had yet to be connected.

“Actually, I’m in the first group. I’m still a virgin,” I hesitatingly admitted to Mark.

“That’s tragic Sis,” he replied.

“Actually,” I continued, “I had thought recently about asking you if you knew anybody who might be willing to take me to bed, because I’m really past the stage when some guy should have taken my virginity.”

“Well, I immediately know of two people who would love to get into your pants,” Mark volunteered. “And they would be especially keen if they realised they would be popping your cherry.”

I was intrigued. “Who are they?” I immediately enquired.

“Well, one is me…and I’ll keep the details of the other one secret until I know for sure that you have become sexually active,” he responded.

I was dumbfounded – momentarily.

Mark had never before suggested we might have sex. In fact, he’d never even suggested I reveal my nakedness to him. Mum and Dad had both impressed on him that he must be respectful to women, and I guess he had taken that message on board – which may be one reason he has been such a good brother.

For my part, I had fanaticised (as all girls do) about having different men lying on top of me in bed (and elsewhere!) – and on several occasions I’d thought it would be fun to be fucked by Mark. He had a fabulous body and seemed to be popular with the girls.

But I’d never, for one moment, ever thought he might be the one to take my virginity.

“But that would be incest,” I replied.

“So?” he asked. “It would also be fun.”

I didn’t immediately reply. “Well, how ready are you really to lose your virginity?” was Mark’s next question.

“Well, I’m ready anytime. I’ve had a contraceptive implant for a few months, if that gives you any clue.”

Mark saw his opportunity. “Well, how about we do something about it right now?” he asked.

I could think of no reason not to say ‘yes’ (at last!!) – except that Mark was my brother.

As it turns out, I was actually very comfortable about my brother taking my virginity. After all, I was extremely apprehensive about what would happen on that ‘first time’ and I felt it was preferable for my sexual initiation to be with someone who understood me – and there is no other male who understands me better than my brother! The alternative seemed to involve a very significant risk of embarrassment minyon porno from attempting to perform ‘satisfactorily’ with someone else who I barely knew.

Nonetheless, I was still terrified.

I couldn’t remember how long it had been since I had last seen a man’s penis. And I was sure I had never seen an erection – let alone, handled one. I knew from internet sites that I would be expected to play with his erection…help to stiffen it…probably suck it…and even possibly be given a mouthful of cum. And then I’d be asked to guide it into my love tunnel.

You can imagine that my apprehension was perhaps a little more than what usually confronts most other virgins – who, at least, usually are a little acquainted with their boyfriend’s tool!

“O.K.,” I said “On two conditions – that you will never again ask to have sex with me, because you and I really shouldn’t be having sex with one another. And you will then suggest two other guys who might be willing to have sex with me and, if necessary, you will help me to organise dates with them.”

And so that is how I ended up losing my virginity to my brother.

But please let me tell you what happened that night.

Losing your virginity is an exceptionally important event in every girl’s life, and one that many girls would love to tell everybody about. They don’t – but, in my experience, they DO frequently tell their closest girlfriends about it!!

I, of course, am now not in a position where I can ever share the details of that first intimate experience with any of my girlfriends, so because I don’t know you and you don’t know me, I’m thrilled to be able to share the details of my liberating defloration with you.

The first decision that Mark and I made was that this was to be no “quickie.” We’d take our time, we’d try to make it as romantic as we could – well, as romantic as possible when brother and sister are in bed together…and as romantic as possible when sister is trying something for the first time…is apprehensive…might find it painful…and may even bleed.

Mark (bless him!) assured me he was no virgin and he would do everything possible to make the experience as pleasant as possible for me.

My cherry was to be popped on Mum and Dad’s king-size bed. So we started in their ensuite, showering together.

I had no idea how difficult it would be to get undressed in front of Mark. After all, it had probably been more than a decade since he last saw me completely naked.

But he sensed my unease, so asked if he could remove my shirt and my shorts. Then my bra…and my panties!!

I, of course, (with some trepidation!) agreed…and then took the cue to remove his undies.

My Gawd! What was hiding in those undies was HUGE! And ERECT – VERY ERECT!!

I knew that what was to follow would be painful – possibly VERY PAINFUL.

And I feared the worse, I must admit. I WOULD be screaming, I WOULD bleed.

Mark took me by my waist and pulled me towards him. For the first time my body felt an erection…pressing hard up against me. And down there, where it was destined to go!

I felt I could hardly wait to have it inside.

Then Mark’s hands grabbed my bottom…and pulled me even closer. My Gawd, I was being groped!!

But how good it felt.

“Yes, Yes, YES!,” I thought to myself, forgetting this was my brother. I was simply thinking this was a male – about to give me exactly what every girl wants…what every girl needs.

Then suddenly Mark’s words interrupted my carnal dreams of what might be about to happen: “Sis, you have a fabulous body. Why have you been hiding it from me for all those years?”

“Turn around, and let me see your ass.”

I obligingly did so.

Mark led me into the shower, turned on the water…reached for the soap…and started touching me – yes, massaging me, feeling me, groping me, penetrating me – in places I could never have imagined he would ever touch.

He massaged my breasts…tweaked my tits…

Ran his hand through my pubic bush…

Kissed me – on my lips!!…

Had a good feel of my buttocks…before parting them and running a finger down the cleft towards my asshole.

All this was unexpected…but it felt SO GOOD. I wondered what he would do to me next.

Perhaps instinctively, I had grabbed his hard-on and gave it a squeeze…and then moved my hand down and grabbed his balls and started to play with them. They felt fabulous to me!

He responded by pushing a finger into my clitoral cleavage – obviously looking to have a first feel of my clit. I knew that finger would soon be returning to that exact same position! I hoped it might also touch the right spots to bring me to orgasm.

An orgasm as you lost your virginity would, I thought, be THE ultimate experience.

We stepped from the shower, towelled down…still playing with one another…and retired to the bed.

I’m sure his hands explored every square centimetre of my body. My tits were felt as they had never been olgun porno felt before…my ass was squeezed as no man had ever squeezed it before…and then…

Mark found my clit.

“Gawd, why have I waited 18 years for a man to do this to me?” I asked myself. It was the most wonderful feeling I had ever experienced with a man.

His gentle, so gentle massage…those tiny, ever-so-delicate squeezes…then those licks from his tongue…

I was in heaven!

“Mark, please keep that up all night,” I thought to myself.

But Mark had other ideas. And so did his erection.

He gently spread my legs, positioned himself on top of me and placed his manhood at the entrance to my now over-moist love tunnel.

“Are you ready Sis?” he asked.

“Yes,” (there was that word again!) I replied.

I may have been moist, I may have been ready, but I was TERRIFIED!

His hard-on was huge. And I mean HUGE!

And I had absolutely no idea what was to come.

Perhaps 20, 25cm long…8, 9, 10cm thick, I imagined. I really had no idea. I just knew he was ‘well hung.’

And ‘well hung’ simply meant I had no idea how much my love tunnel would be able to take.

I could feel him lowering himself a little. That was a totally new experience for me…and already I felt I was being stretched as I had never been stretched before.

“Are you O.K.?” he enquired.

“Mmmm,” I replied – which was probably not the best response!

“AAAAHHH!” I then yelped as he suddenly thrust his erection deep into my vaginal canal.

I had not been expecting that would happen so quickly or so rapidly.

And I was glad that Mum and Dad were not home to hear my reaction.

Mark pushed it in as far as it would go.

He then held his erection deep inside my love tunnel for a few seconds, then checked again that I was O.K., before withdrawing it slightly and then started to rhythmically screw me.

It was only then that I really realised that I was being fucked for the very first time.

As I, for so long, had dreamed that I would be…

Then I wondered if I’d bled.

After a dozen or so thrusts, Mark withdrew.

There was no sign of virgin’s blood.

So he re-entered me and we ‘made love’.

Oh, being fucked – even by your brother (perhaps, especially by your own brother!) – is fabulous!

My enjoyment was perhaps heightened knowing that incest is considered by many to socially unacceptable, morally unacceptable, and is a criminal offence – so what I was accepting from Mark at that point was socially unacceptable, morally unacceptable and criminal. Woo hoo!

I was elated when, after what seemed an inordinately long time, he came – and I had that very first, very fabulous feeling of being filled with jism.

Oh, how much I looked forward to receiving that again!!

I now knew I was ‘totally female.’

Mark hugged me, and insisted we just lie close together in that bed for the rest of the night. Perhaps so close that he could fill me with even more of his cum.

Which he did.

Twice more!!

The first time was in the middle of the night. Mark gave me a hug and said that he had developed another hard-on from lying so close to such a beautiful, sexy lady, and he now needed relief. Would I oblige?

“Yes, of course,” I replied without hesitation.

As I had earlier experienced exactly what it what it was like to have a man’s erection up my vagina, I was a lot less apprehensive and a lot more relaxed…and really savoured the feeling of his hard-on entering my vagina, pushing my vaginal muscles apart…then thrusting, thrusting, thrusting…and eventually rewarding me with another generous load of cum.

Somehow I had now forgotten that it was my brother’s erection that was going where I should never have allowed it to go.

And I was feeling no guilt about our incestuous relationship. Mark’s hard-on was, in my thinking, no different to having any other Tom or Harry’s dick fill my female void.

But I was to be reminded of my guilt when I was about to get out of bed next morning.

“You’ve been a really, really bad girl, you know,” Mark observed, in a jovial tone of voice.

“Oh, yeah!” I thought to myself. “And you’re fucking innocent!”

“And I think you need to be punished,” Mark continued. “So roll over onto your stomach and let me see that beautiful little bottom of yours again.”

I thought he was being playful, so I did as he asked.

Mark flung off the sheet that had been covering us both, got to his knees and delivered an almighty smack to my derrière.

I flinched and, for the first time ever, felt a small squirt of cum gush rapidly up my vaginal canal, resulting in a small spot of wetness being deposited on my parent’s sheets. OMG!

“And now you are going to receive what every bad girl should receive – a really good fucking,” Mark suggested.

“Yeah,” I thought to myself. “I’m actually going to receive what every guy thinks that bad girls should şahin k porno receive.”

“Oh yes?” I replied…which Mark immediately interpreted as “oh yes!”

He rolled me over, pulled my legs up above his shoulders, parted them and climbed on top – his impressive manhood clearly indicating to me what I was about to receive.

Mark was rough. Rougher than I’d imagined he would ever be to a young girl who had just lost her virginity.

And he emphasised the force of his thrusting by occasionally adding “and that’s for allowing your brother to fuck you, you little slut!”

Mark held his erection for a good long time – before ultimately filling me with even more cum.

I was left a tiny bit sore ‘down there’ from his rapid, insistent thrusting…but, I guess, that complimented the red hand mark that my little bottom was to exhibit for several days.

But, strangely, I enjoyed it. I guess I was mentally ticking off rough sex as one of those sexual experiences that I would have to experience at some time or other.

Things must have been O.K., though, because when Mark had finished, I thanked him for all he had given me that night…and indicated that it was the most wonderful little secret that just the two of us would share for the rest of our lives!!

Our little secret, of course, is very much more than just a treasured memory for the two of us. It was incest – me, willingly, opening my legs and allowing my brother to fuck me…not once, not twice, but three times! And he’d given me three really intense (if extremely enjoyable!) fuckings.

I not only lost my virginity that night, but the experience actually left me wanting, needing more. Much more!

The first thrust I had received from Mark had hurt. It had REALLY HURT! But I imagine it is a lot like childbirth – you quickly forget the excruciating pain and just start to think about ‘next time.’

Which is exactly what I asked Mark about later that morning.

If I had been dumbfounded learning that Mark had wanted to screw me, I was somewhat appalled to discover that Dad – MY DAD – had confided to Mark on some previous occasion that he had dreamed of ‘getting into my pants’.

Yes, screwing me – screwing his very own daughter!

But then I thought about it. I, too, had often dreamed of having Dad in my bed – lovingly transforming his little girl into a more complete woman…perhaps even leaving her carrying his baby!

“Don’t just dismiss the idea,” Mark suggested. “You owe your Dad a lot, and inviting him to be intimate with you now that you are an adult, and can be a consenting adult, would have to be the ultimate compliment to him.”

“That’s an unusual thought,” I suggested. And it made me ask…

“Mark, you’re suggesting I invite Dad to fuck me. Have you ever invited Mum to have sex with you…or rather, have you ever fucked Mum?”

“Well, if I have, I won’t be telling you,” he replied, smiling at me. “Just as I won’t ever be telling Mum that I fucked you three times last night.”

I took that response to mean ‘yes’, he had fucked Mum.

Later I wondered if Mum might, at some time, have tutored him sexually. Wanting to ensure he was a really good lover would be the sort of thing Mum would see as part of her job in raising him to be a complete man. And, as I’ve already indicated, Mark IS an unusually good lover.

I didn’t immediately dismiss Mark’s suggestion…in fact, the more I thought about it, the more I thought that it was a brilliant idea that somehow I should invite Dad to spend a night in bed with me.

Not that this was a ‘normal’ father-daughter activity…but, there again, neither was that sister-brother sexual experience on that evening when I had surrendered my virginity!

So, as the days and weeks passed, I started to scheme about how I could arrange for Dad to (lovingly!) fuck me.

It was somewhat amusing to me that Mum’s first question when she and Dad returned home was “Have you two had an enjoyable weekend?” to which I simply answered “Yes” – the most appropriate word available to a now sexually happy woman!

And Dad said “I hope you two haven’t got up to any mischief.” I just gave him one of those “you have no idea what you’ll soon be receiving” smiles…and Mark simply volunteered “we drank some of your grog!”

But I had another date before Dad had his opportunity to undress me and ‘do’ me.

That was with one of Mark’s mates, Stan.

Mark told Stan I had an eye for him, and suggested that if he took me out for the night he would probably ‘get lucky’.

So Stan invited me to join him on an overnight visit to a pub, just outside of the city, which had a microbrewery and a Saturday night disco. He wanted to sample their range of beers – which didn’t overly appeal to me…but the other thing he was likely to offer to me that night did!

He, like Mark, was obviously sexually experienced – and, all I will say is he also made me feel, sexually, a very lucky lady that evening.

I was really starting to really enjoy this sexual penetration thing. I wondered if it might become addictive!

After spending the evening with Stan I realised that, at last, my brother was becoming really useful.

And I needed his help again to organise my evening with Dad – something that increasingly I wanted to occur.

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