Mayıs 29, 2024

I Love A Surprise

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How I loved to be tied and blindfolded. There was nothing like it. Being tied was great, but the best part of it all was the blindfold. To not know what’s gonna happen until it happens. Just to feel it as it happens. When you cut off one sense the others get more sharpen.

To trust someone that much. After all, anything can happen when your tied. You have no way of preventing it. Your at another’s mercy. Which makes it more the fun. Most people think a lot of pain is involved. Yes, some people are into that, but not all of us. Me, I like the erotic side of being tied. Mild pain is good, after all some pain is pleasure, but not hard pain. A mild spanking gets me going all the time that’s for sure.

My lover knew how much I trusted him. He knew what got me going, what got me hot. He knew he could do just about anything to me while I was tied and blindfolded (within reason). He knew what toys to use, and where. He also knew I liked it best when he made no noise.

I was tied to his bed. Spread eagle on my back, and blindfolded. I must have been laying there for about 10 minutes without feeling or hearing anything. My body was squirming, pulling at the ties that bind me. This made it more the erotic. I knew he was there watching me, watching my every move. This made me wet.

I felt a gentle touch of a feather on my skin. Just lightly on my face. Trailing over my face to my neck and down my body. Barely feeling it on my hardening nipple. Then onto the other nipple. I knew he was using the tip of the feather, I could feel it at a point. He kept touching one nipple then the other with the feather. He was taking his time and going slowly.

He then moved the feather down lower on my body, down my stomach and onto my inner thighs. Up and down, driving me crazy. He gently put the feather to my outer pussy lips. Down one side and then up the other. Over and over again. Then he stopped.

I heard him leave the room. He came back a few minutes later, it felt like hours to me. He sat on the bed. I felt cold drops of water on my hot skin. Slow drips right down the middle of my chest. Then I felt ice cubes on my hard nipples. I gasped, not expecting this at all. First to be so hot, then to feel the cold wetness. He was rubbing the cold ice on my body. I was levent escort shaking.

Then all of a sudden I felt hot wax hit my body. One drip at a time the wax fell on my body. I felt it trail down the middle of my chest. Then I felt it hit my nipples. The coldness of the ice intensified the heat of the wax. It was so erotic. I felt like my breast were covered with wax, like it was a molded.

I knew he held the candle high, to make the wax cool as it was in the air. I pictured him doing this with my eyes blindfolded. I watched him do this to me lots of times, so I knew his technique. I knew he had that serious look on his face, making sure he hit every spot. He was dripping the candle on each leg now. Just around where my pussy was. I felt the wax wax dripping on my inner thighs. I was in heaven.

I heard when he blew out the candle, and I smelled the smoke from it. I laid there and waited for him to touch me. I was dying for him to touch my wet pussy. I wanted to feel him inside of me. With me not able to touch him. He still didn’t say a word.

I felt something flat, something like a playing card, on my body where the wax was. He was now taking the wax off of me. He was taking his time, making sure he got every last bit. After he was done DE-waxing me, he used oil on me. Getting me nice and smooth. He was rubbing a lot of oil on my breast. Pinching them to their peakness. Pulling on them. He then put nipple clamps on me. Making them not too tight, but tight enough were they would stay nice and hard. Now this made me really wet.

It was driving me crazy that I was tied and I couldn’t touch anything. I wanted to pull at my own nipples, to put one in my mouth and lick it myself. He must have sensed what I wanted to do, for the next thing I know he flicked his own tongue on my nipple. He was only able to touch the tip of my nipple with the clamps on. But that was all I needed. One then the other he went too.

My body was on fire at this point. I was pushing myself off the bed as far as the restraints would allow me too. He pushed me down onto the bed, and straddled my upper chest. His knees where on my arms. He then pushed my head back and pulled open my chin. He stuck his hard cock in my mouth. I greedily mecidiyeköy escort sucked at it. He was gently fucking my mouth as I felt his cock hit the back of my throat. I made all those sweet sucking noises. He was fucking my mouth faster and faster. He finally spoke to me, “suck me, babe”, “suck my cock”. “MMMMMMMM that’s it, taste me, taste my pre-cum”.

I felt him grow his hardest. Getting ready to shoot his load into my mouth. I loved swallowing his cum, he knew that. I loved when it hit the back of my mouth and slid right down. I loved the taste of it on my tongue. “Swallow me, baby, swallow my cum, NOW, babe, I’m CUMIN, NOW!!”. Oh yes, down it went. This was the best. His cum was salty and tangy. He kept cumin and cumin. Pumping it in. I saved some of it on my tongue when he was done. I rubbed it with my tongue on the tip of his cock, and on the sides. He grew soft in my mouth and collapsed on the side of me, slipping out of my mouth. He was catching his breath.

While he was laying next to me on my arm, I felt a tongue on my pussy lips. I gasped, I wasn’t expecting this. I heard my lover chuckle and he said “Surprise”. I didn’t have time to ask who was there. I felt their tongue lick at my pussy, teasing me. They put their fingers on my pussy lips and spread me open wide. Then they licked from back to front and back again. Nice long wet licks. Instead of going right for my clit, they went to my pussy hole. Spread my hole wide as they could, and stuck their tongue right in. They were tongue fucking me now. I felt a thumb on my clit, just giving enough rubbing pressure. They just kept right on fucking me.

At this point my lover was holding my tits, taking off my nipple clamps. He started to suck on my nipples, licking then biting them. First one then the other. Then I felt a finger in my pussy hole and the tongue on my clit. Sucking harder and harder. The finger was going in and out, with the same motion on my clit. I was moaning, louder and louder. I knew I would reach my peak soon. I couldn’t take much more. It seemed they were both on the same wave length on my body. Both sucking me the hardness. Both of them licking and biting me at the same time.

I exploded. “Yes, I’m cumin Now. Lick my cum. Lick my cunt”. I was screaming. kağıthane escort My lover covered my mouth with his own. Sticking his tongue deep inside. Letting me scream in his mouth. The other one was still down at my cunt. Licking every last drop, still fucking me with their finger.

When my body stopped shaking, I just laid there on the bed, still tied and blindfolded. I was licking my dry lips, when my lover poured some cold water in my mouth. Some water trickled down the side of my mouth, and I felt someone’s tongue lick it up. Then they came closer to my mouth and kissed me. I knew it was another man then, I felt his stubble, him needing a shave. He kissed me deeply. Our tongues finding each others. His hands were on my tits. Then next thing I know, his cock was on the side of my mouth. Just the tip at first, running over my lips. I stuck out my tongue and ran it over his slit, then the whole tip of his hot cock. I tasted his pre-cum. As he was teasing me with his cock, I felt my lover between my legs.

I felt his knees on each side of my legs. I was begging for his cock to enter me. I wanted to feel it deep inside my hot, wet pussy. I needed it buried in me, fucking me. I was pushing my hips up to meet his cock, just letting my instincts take over. He went deep inside my cunt with one motion. At the same time the other man went deep inside my mouth with his hard prick. Now they were both fucking me.

At that point, if you would have asked me my name, I wouldn’t have been able to give you the answer. They were both fucking me for all they were worth. One holding my head and fucking my mouth, the other holding my hips and fucking my cunt. Both of them were moaning. I felt sweat hit my body. One of them were saying, “that’s it babe, take it all, oh what a hot fuck you are, my cock has never been so fucking hard”. At this point I started to cum again. My lover felt it on his cock. He started to fuck me harder and put his finger on my clit. He was pinching and rubbing it. Making me cum harder.

The guy in my mouth, pulled his cock out and shot all over my hard nipples. Then my lover pulled out of my cum filled pussy and shot his load on my stomach. I felt the hotness of both of their cum as it hit my body.

They untied me and took off my blindfold. First my lover kissed me, then his best friend kissed me. They took turns cleaning me with a wet sponge, then drying me with a soft towel. We each turned over onto our right sides. My lover in front of me, me hugging him and his best friend hugging me. We three drifted off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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