Mayıs 29, 2024

How Sweet it is to be Owned Pt. 01

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It’s 5pm, I’m lying in bed, just waking from a short nap. I roll onto my back and stretch, easing out the sleepy stiff feeling in my muscles. My ass cheeks still sore from the previous nights play, I smirk to myself and remember the delicious torture Sir inflicted on me.

As if by magic I feel the wetness pooling in my silk panties, just the memory of him makes me swell and throb. I resist the urge to slip my hand between my legs, Sir wouldn’t like that, but I squeeze my legs together and squirm lightly in a small act of defiance. He will be home soon and I’m not sure my ass can take another night of punishment just yet.

The red silk of my panties is getting wetter, the patch of juices seeping thru the dark soft fabric. Maybe I can do it without getting caught, the thought flickers thru my mind for a second and I cast it off quickly. It’s forbidden and I want to please him, but my body is hungry. Orgasm deprivation was definitely working. I glance at the clock, 5:05, Sir will be walking in any moment. I should get up and prepare dinner.

I slip out of bed reluctantly, smoothing the sheets and pillows quickly. I make my way to the kitchen, naked except for the red panties Sir instructed me to wear this morning. I pad across the linoleum and get the rice from the cabinet, absentmindedly reading the box, still a little dazed from my nap. Thoughts of Sir swimming in my head, the way he owns me, the way he….

The click of the door brings me to my senses. My heart quickens as I feel his eyes on me. I fumble with the packet and try not to turn around. He left specific instructions this morning and I know I have failed. özbek escort My ass was gonna feel this sooner than I could take, but I should have known that when I chose to nap instead of preparing dinner.

His eyes are boring into me now, I hear his breath getting shallower, almost matching mine. My heart is beating out of my chest with anticipation and the wetness is moistening my panties visibly. I try harder to disguise my body’s reaction to his presence, breathing slowly in and out and fussing with the box.

I hear him step slightly closer and inhale, smelling my musk. His deep husky growl reminds me how much he craves me, the thought makes my panties wetter still.

I reach into the upper cabinet for a plate, wanting to look unflustered. I tiptoe and almost fall, the intoxication of having him so close to me making my head dizzy with wanting. I feel him watching my ass, know he’s admiring the pert mounds as I move. I arch my back a little to tease, pushing my peach out slightly. The purple blue bruises left behind last night already coming thru. Another low toned growl tells me he approves.

“Come here” Sir half bark half asks, the authoritarian tone makes me weak.

I meekly lower my feet and turn slowly towards him, my nipples hardening as I quickly glance up see his hardness already pressing against his shorts. Remembering my rules I lower my eyes to the floor again and make my way over to him, my breasts lightly shaking with every step until I’m in position.

“On your knees now!” Sir orders, the control in his voice strong and confident.

I comply mecidiyeköy escort and slip down to the floor. I know what he wants but I know to wait. My back straight and hands against my thighs, I shake my hair back slightly and raise my eyes to meet his expectantly. I’m lip level with his cock and my mouth is watering at the thought of him owning my mouth. I lick my lips quickly. Sensing my excitement a smirk appears. A short laugh as he instructs me to remove his shorts.

“Just the shorts though you naughty babygirl, I can see how wet you are.”

I reach up, unbutton them and slide them down. Stepping out of them and kicking them to the side, Sir plants his feet shoulder width apart. I gasp as I see the small wet patch on his light green cotton boxers, I’m longing to taste. He slips his hand into his boxers and strokes his big hard cock lightly. Slow teasing movements that make the urge to replace the hand with my mouth more unbearable with every second. I’m squirming subconsciously, my swollen clit rubbing against the silk.

“Stay still.”

The gruff tone brings me back and I immediately obey. I need to get better control of myself.

He quickly sheds his boxers in one swift movement and grabs my hair, tight but not too roughly, my head slightly tilted back, it’s almost time. I see the tiny droplets of precum slickening the eye of his huge cock for a split second before he thrusts into my mouth.

I can’t contain my excitement and I moan as he fills me. Suckling on his hardness greedily. Rolling my tongue in swirling motions as he rocks my head back and forth, forcing himself deeper azeri escort in my throat, hard and fast. His head banging off my thorax over and over. His guttural moans and grunts washing over me, spurring me on to press hard against the roof of my mouth with my tongue as he fucks my face.

The urge to squirm is unbearable. My clit and pussy are soaked. Juices dripping thru the fabric and down my thighs. I want to taste his cum so badly, I’m throbbing.

Sir grabs my hair tighter, holding me still and uses his hips to thrust. I want to grab his taut little ass and pull him in faster, but I have to resist. I am his fuck toy and I must do as I’m told. I satiate myself by watching his face as he pounds into my mouth. His full lips parted slightly, the desire in his eyes palpable. He loves owning me and I, in turn, adore being his.

His body tenses and I know I’m getting my reward soon. With three hard thrusts he releases into my throat, his salty sweetness exploding into me. I swallow hungrily, not wanting to waste a single drop. The jets of hot liquid forcing their way down my throat until he is spent. His body relaxes and I feel his hardness subsiding in my mouth. His ragged breaths calming, his hand releasing my hair from its tight grasp and changing to a soft slow stroke.

A little cum trickles from the corner of my mouth as he pulls out and I slip my tongue out to catch it. I love how he tastes. He steps back and retrieve his boxers, pulling them on swiftly. Offering me his hand, he pulls me up to my feet.

“Thank you babygirl, now go make dinner! You can wait till we’ve eaten to get your punishment.”

A short sharp slap to my ass as he walks away. I try not to sigh too loudly, and go back to the counter to continue the meal. Delicious shivers of anticipation for what he may have in store for me later overriding the disappointment of not having his cock in me right now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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