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Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 7

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Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 7
As Kelly Ann walked down Katrina’s driveway, she took out her phone, took a deep breath to steel her nerves, and called Jessica.

“Hello, sweetheart,” purred Jessica’s husky voice. “How are you today?” Coming out of Jessica’s mouth, even that innocent question sounded dirty, and Kelly found herself wondering if Jessica somehow knew what had transpired between Katrina and herself. I wouldn’t put it past her, Kelly thought.

“I’m great,” answered Kelly Ann, and it was true. She had just had a long session of sweaty, uninhibited lesbian sex with one of her best friends; she was positively glowing with illicit pleasure. “Hey, Ms. London, our cheerleading coach, was asking about you today,” Kelly told Jessica.

“Is that so?”

“Yeah, she wants to meet you, find out who this generous woman is who loves cheerleaders so much.” Kelly smiled to herself as she realized the double meaning of what she’d just said.

“So what’s she like?” asked Jessica.

“Well, let’s see… early thirties, dark hair cut kind of short, a little boyish actually but cute. She’s nice but tends to keep to herself. She also teaches history.”

“Is she married?”

“Uh, no, definitely not.”

“I see,” said Jessica, mentally creating a profile of Ms. London. Almost certainly a lesbian, probably some people at the school understood as much but didn’t talk about it. She lived quietly and was sexually frustrated, took the coaching job because she liked being around young girls in cheerleader outfits, but was too smart and self-disciplined to risk crossing that line. But could she be tempted into it? Possible scenarios immediately casino siteleri began to unfold in Jessica’s mind.

“Bring her over to my house tomorrow at 7.”

“OK,” answered Kelly, sure that something was going to happen that would complicate all their lives, but powerless to put up any resistance.

* * *

Kelly Ann knocked on Jessica’s door the next evening at 6:55, unwilling to risk being late again, although the punishment she had received the last time had turned out to be quite enjoyable. Ms. London stood behind her, looking very professional in a dark gray pantsuit.

Jessica herself answered the door and ushered them in, and Kelly introduced them: “Jessica, this is Ms. London.”

“Jackie,” said Ms. London, extending a hand. “It’s a real pleasure to meet you. I can’t tell you what a difference your generosity will make for our program.”

Jessica smiled and shook her hand. “Well, Kelly Ann here can be very convincing. Now have a seat. I just mixed some martinis, can I bring you one?”

Jackie London hesitated. She probably shouldn’t drink here in front of a student. But then would their hostess, and benefactor, be insulted if she refused? Finally she said “Sure, that would be great.”

“Wonderful. Kelly, why don’t you go have a swim while Jackie and I talk?”

* * *

Jackie sipped her drink and tried to concentrate. Knowing that Jackie was a history teacher, Jessica had engaged her in a conversation about Marie Antoinette. This was a subject Jackie knew quite a bit about, but she was having a hard time expressing herself because she kept getting distracted by what was happening over Jessica’s shoulder.

Kelly Ann had tipobet walked out to the pool, where Marie, Olivia, and Katrina all were sitting on lounge chairs. At first they just sat and talked. But then over a period of 15 or 20 minutes — long enough, anyway, for Jessica and Jackie to polish off one martini and start in on another — they one by one stood up, casually and unhurriedly stripped naked, and jumped in the pool.

Jackie knew immediately that something dangerous was happening, but she was frozen in her chair. It had been Marie who stripped first, and Jackie was riveted by the sight of her tan, lithe body with its high-set breasts and neatly cropped patch of black pubic hair. She had never seen this woman before but there was something strangely familiar about her. Olivia was next; she stood facing away from them as her skirt hit the ground, revealing her magnificent young ass. This really sent Jackie’s heart racing; one of her students, naked right there maybe 20 yards away! She knew she should leave right away, but her stomach was tight and her head was light; she thought if she stood up she might pass out. Instead she tried to calm herself by taking a long swig of her drink, which did nothing to help the situation.

But when Katrina stood up, Jackie nearly had a seizure. She had always fancied Katrina; well, really fancied all of the cheerleaders, Jessica was absolutely right about her. She was not a p*******e but she had a healthy libido and these were beautiful girls. But Katrina was special; never in her career had Jackie been so attracted to one of her students. She didn’t do anything about bahis siteleri it, partly for ethical reasons and partly because she valued her job and her standing in the community. And anyway no opportunity ever presented itself. But here Katrina was, pulling off her T-shirt, revealing a set of tits that were every bit as mouth-watering as Jackie remembered. Yes, she had snuck a peek in the locker room from time to time; she was only human.

Katrina was facing toward them but didn’t seem to see them, gazing off into the middle distance as she wriggled out of her jeans and stood there for a moment in just her panties, the setting sun catching her at a striking angle. Then she pulled off the panties, threw them haphazardly over one shoulder, and — after standing there for just a second with reddish sunlight filtering through her blond bush — executed a graceful swan dive into the pool.

The last to go was Kelly, who took her time getting her clothes off, standing for a minute in her underwear staring right into Jackie London’s eyes. This was not the Kelly Ann that Jackie knew; something had changed about her, and it made her even sexier than she had already been. Soon she too was naked, and once she was in the pool Jackie took her first breath in quite a while. She closed her eyes and talked to herself inside her head: You are strong, she told herself. You can handle this.

But when she opened her eyes the girls had paired off, Kelly with Marie and Katrina with Olivia, and were kissing gently but passionately while entwining their naked bodies. Jessica, meanwhile, carried on as if nothing was happening, though she knew exactly what the girls were doing because she had planned it all out carefully. Jessica stared deeply into the poor teacher’s eyes, enjoying the delicious torment that she was being put through, and feeling the outcome already well in hand.

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