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*** For those wondering about the accent, think Leonardo DiCaprio in Blood Diamond. ***

My lover has an Afrikaans accent. His breath whispers against my neck as he speaks gruffly in my ear, pinning me to the living room wall. I push my behind into his groin as he cups my tits, groaning he is “so glad he met me.”

It’s a rainy summer’s night, all sticky and we’re slick with sweat. We’re both in singlets, he’s in jeans and I can feel his thick length as he nestles it between my shorts clad cheeks.

“You ever had it there before, baby?” His accent liquidises me. I’ll be a gooey puddle on the floor if he doesn’t shut up soon, but I don’t want him to stop, never stop… I’ve been listening to him all evening, my pussy getting wetter and wetter.

“No,” I breathe, shoving back, wedging his cock harder against my crack. “What if Mark walks in on us?”

Mark is my brother — they’re old friend’s who met on past travels. And now lucky me, my lover decided to finally visit down under and shack up with my brother and me for a bit. My lover is every fantasy I have ever had, every fantasy I never knew I had. I have wanted him intensely since he came with my brother through the front door a few short hours ago; where I met him for the first time. Has it only been since this afternoon? It feels like I’ve wanted him forever.

“Mark’s dead to the world, baby.” My lover begins to trace his tongue from the place where my shoulder meets my neck, up the carotid vein to my ear, gathering up little droplets of sweat that glisten on my skin. I look down and see beads of it in my cleavage. My breathing hitches up a knot. He’s been breathing hard since he finally got me up against the wall.

My brother went to bed hours ago. Mark offered my lover his bed, but my lover wanted to take the couch. Looking at me, as he said it; telling me with his eyes that if I stayed up with him for just a little while longer that I wouldn’t regret it. Mark was too tired to notice, I think. He asked me if I was heading to bed too, but I pretended the heat was bothering me too much to sleep just yet. Thank you, Melbourne weather – my sneaky alibi.

My lover is squeezing my breasts, rubbing his palms in slow circles over my nipples; they’re straining through my singlet top. I can feel my tawny hair, tied up loosely in a messy top-knot, curling softly against my nape. He removes one hand from my boob to brush the strands away, following the action with open mouth kisses. He continues to kiss down my spine as he smooths his hand down around me, down my side across my bare midriff to my belly. Then my top is whipped off over my head and I feel him chuckle as my tits bounce back down into his waiting hand. I’m bare to him from the top up and it feels fucking fantastic.

My lover turns me around to face him. My back is flush up against the wall. His deep blue eyes stare hungrily down at my perky breasts for a long moment before rising to stare wickedly into my own brown pair. Palming each tit he tells me I have a lovely pair of handfuls. I watch his sinful mouth dispatch these naughty words in that hot, jerky accent and raise my chin in invitation. Then his gorgeous full lips possess my own. His head drives mine back against the wall, my hands rise up to spear through his dirty blond locks. They hang down to his shirt collar in soft silky waves and I ran my fingers through them again and again.

His hands slide down to the fly of my shorts as he kisses me, making quick work of stripping them off. I stand there in my itty bitty tap pants, sucking in air, waiting to see what he’d do next.

My lover gets down on his knees. My eyes roll back in my head and my pelvis thrusts in invitation towards him. He traces me through my panties, following the lilac lace from where it begins at the top of my pubic bone, over and down the rise of my mons, straight down to my lips where my pussy is making my knickers wet with heat. He strokes my labia through the fabric, and I begin to moan.

“Oh yeah,” bahis firmaları in little puffs all over my lace clad pussy, “I’m gonna like it down under.” It’s testament to how far gone I am, that I don’t comment on his lack of originality. Perhaps it says how far gone he is too, that he actually says it. Whatever. My panties violently rip; my lover rends the fabric, baring me to his gaze. He grabs my hips and pulls me even closer. My head props me up dazedly against the wall. His ocean blue eyes catch mine and he leans in. Then he deliberately places his open mouth right over my sopping wet slit.

I scream. Ripping his mouth away, my lover chuckles really low; his lips shinning with my juices. Telling me I’m going to wake my brother, he grabs my torn, sopping panties and brings them up to his nose, his eyes still on mine.

“You smell great, babe” all rumbly. Then he surges up, pulling my mouth open by the chin before stuffing my panties inside. My eyes go wide and I give a muffled squeak but he’s already back down on his knees going to work on my aching quim.

My hands come to rest in his beautiful hair. He licks at my clit with long, rough strokes, then swirls it around before taking it between his lips to suck it hard. The thick fingers of his right hand stroke my lips, smearing my dew, getting all lubed up. His index and pointer fingers nudge my entrance, stroking gently, deeper and deeper until they’re buried all the way up in me. They curl to hit my g-spot before dragging back down again.

He does this about three times before I explode for him the first time. His mouth strongly sucking on my button, his drenched fingers thrusting in and out of my sopping hole, I shatter all around him, thankful now for the panties in my mouth as I scream my excitement into them.

My lover keeps licking, bringing me back down softly. Licking lower now, tasting my nectar.

“You taste fucking sweet.” His accent muffled.

My knees threaten to collapse under me; I’m leaning heavily against the wall. Shoulders back, pelvis thrust forward, my lover’s head buried between my thighs. His left hand holds me steady while the fingers of his right stroke through my cream, back, back towards the rosebud hiding lower past my perineum. He’s lubing up my arse with my own juices and I’m too dazed to do anything about it. The finger stroking against my pink little puckered hole feels nice, gently nudging, begging to be let inside. I relax a little and it slips in. My lover slowly works it in and out, gently, gently until he’s in up to the first knuckle, then the second. Then he starts with two fingers, stroking, nudging, until I relax and two slip inside. He repeats the process until he has three fingers up my arse; now he’s thrusting away. His thumb has been smoothing down my own personal lube which has begun pouring out of me again, to keep things nice and wet back there. His fingers work in and out of me with slow slurping sound effects to match.

My lover sits back suddenly; withdrawing his hand without ceremony to grasps the bottom of his Chesty Bond, drawing the singlet up and over his head. I gaze down at the play of muscles over his strong chest and powerful arms, lust unashamedly shining in my eyes. I breathe hard through my nose to get in enough air. The panties in my mouth are becoming wetter with drool.

“You like that?” He growled.

“Muh huh.”

My lover begins to unbutton his jeans.

“You want me to fuck your arse baby?” It becomes even more difficult to breath. Those nasty words, that wicked accent. I could come again without him laying another finger on me. But oh, how I wished he would…

He stands, sliding down his jeans. He’s wearing jockey shorts underneath and they’re moulding his thick, impressive length up the side of his belly. I gulp. He wants to stick that in me?

But my thoughts are distracted because now he’s hooking his thumbs under the waist band and skimming the pants down. His cock springs free. I whimper and close my eyes.

“Open kaçak iddaa your eyes baby. I want you to touch me.”

He moves closer, grabbing my hands to bring them up to his chest. They smooth down over his pectorals; he hisses when they brush over his nipples. My fingers crinkle in the smattering of arrowing sandy hair. Down, down, lower, out over his smooth, hard abs, to the ridges that groove on either side of his belly, down to his groin. I watch as my fingers trace over the taut muscles, loving how hot his body is, loving how sweaty slick and heated he is for me.

His stiff member strains towards me. I can see the need in my lover’s eyes now; he wants me to grab him. He’s solid as a rock, a good 7 inches long, well over 4 inches that I fit one hand around. I brush the palm of my other over the head of him. He’s leaking his own juices, getting ready for me, even though I’m so very wet I don’t need this extra lube. Loving it all the same for the sign of how much he wants me.

As my hands make contact with my lover’s dick, he goes crazy. Grabbing me by the hips he lifts me up and I quickly part my thighs. My legs come around his waist to lock in place and I slide my arms around his neck, grabbing on tight. We’re slicked together, breast to breast. Sweat runs down our sides. My lover eases back, balances me on his thighs, presses his forehead to mine. He nudges the lips of my pussy with the hard, blunt end of his rod, before slowly, gently, pushing his way deep inside me…

We stare into each other’s eyes as my inner muscles grip him. He starts to build up a rhythm, pushing my back more firmly into the wall. I feel myself getting close again, beginning to wring his cock, convulsing, and he pulls out. His breath bellows in and out of his lungs and he rests his forehead against mine.

I wriggle in his arms a little. “I wanna come.” I whine.

“Not yet,” he breaths. “Not like this.” He slides back inside me again.

“Are you going to let me fuck you there?” His finger grip my cheeks, spreading them wide, one gliding down to my sweaty little hole. It slips in smoothly and I whimper at the sensation of having two holes full of him.

He sees fear in my eyes and presses kisses to my face, soothing he’ll take it slow. The wicked glint returns to his eye and he pushes the panties further in my mouth.

“You’re gonner love this babe.” He assures me. “I’ll make you scream the house down.”

I slide my legs down off his hips. He turns me to face the wall again, pulling me by the hips to position me in front of him. His thumb slides down through droplets of sweat, down from the base of my spine, through the impression between my cheeks, to my quivering little hole. He rubs it lovingly for a moment, and then slides his thumb inside.

Oh, it feels so bad, it feels so wrong, so naughty, I’m so exposed and I love it, every fucking second.

“You ready babe?”

I yell ‘yes’ through my knickers.

The huge, plummy head bumps up against my wee little opening. I know I should be frightened but I was too damn excited to care.

He bends down over me to nip at my earlobe. His wonderful, pleasure giving cock slides down into the moisture pooled in my pussy. “I need you to push out for me a little bit, when you feel me start to push in. Can you do that for me?” The guttural tones are even harsher, edgier with need. I ache for him to start plundering me as I nod.

He straightens, repositions himself and begins to push slowly into my arsehole. For a brief second there’s no pain as the tiniest bit of him slips inside. Then at the last minute I remember to push out for him and he breeches my sphincter. Even though I relax and push for him, the pain is still intense. A red haze forms before my eyes, I moan with pain. My hand reaches up to drag the panties out of my mouth and to tell him to get the hell out of my behind, but he reaches forward and to catch it in time, the motion causing his cock to drive in a bit deeper. I moan again. kaçak bahis It hurts! But now he’s laying a gentle hand on the small of my back, beginning to rub warm circles.

“Shhh, baby, shhh,” he croons. “Give it a second, it’ll get better, you’ll see. I promise, I’m going to make it so good for you.”

He holds perfectly still for me while I do my best to relax and get accustomed to him. He’s probably about 2 inches inside me. I wiggle experimentally and he slips a bit further, sighing deeply. It doesn’t feel too bad now, the pain melting into a discomfort that’s starting to feel pleasurable and I begin to feel as though I can do this.

I relax completely and with a surge, the rest of his cock pushes on up in to the hilt. He’s balls deep, my arse is filled for its very first time and it’s starting to feel sooo good. An odd, full, weird sensation, but good all the same and I’m ready for him to start pumping. I gather he can tell this from the sounds I’m making. Sounds I can’t believe I’m making, pleading through my panties that I’m ready, please, please fuck my arse!

He gently begins to slide back out. “You okay?” He whispers. I nod my head, eyes closed in ecstasy, cheek pressed to the wall. He pulls almost all the way out, until just the head of that beautiful, thick, veiny cock is still inside, then pushes all the way back in. He repeats this, over and over, slowly building up speed until he’s slamming in and out of me, faster than I could ever imagine I could take, making me feel so naughty, so bad, so gooood. In my living room, being fucked by the sexiest man on earth, my arse stretched full of his beautiful cock.

My brother could walk in at any time and the notion of being caught is just too titillating… The feeling of depravity makes my quim pulse harder. My hand creeps up to my opening and begins smoothing creamy gooeyness all over my pussy. I’m grunting and moaning through the panties gagging my mouth, almost crying with the sheer pleasure of it all.

I begin scrubbing my clit furiously; I’m close. My lover reaches around and rams his big fingers in me and I begin to convulse… I feel my pussy squeezing around his fingers, while the muscles of my back channel clench around his long, thick cock as he thrusts in and out, frantic now.

My lover jerks, once, twice, three times; his hot come shoots out of his rod, shooting deep inside me, filling my insides. His deep, guttural groan echoes off the living room walls. As soon as I feel that scalding heat, I go off, coming harder than I ever have before, a supernova exploding before my eyes. I come so hard I black out.

When I come to, we have slid to the floor. My lover spoons me to him, his wilting cock still within me; it softens until it gently slips out bringing me echoes of pleasure. His come is leaking out, down my inner thigh. I feel deliciously used and sore.

“Alexandria, Alexandria, Alexandria, what am I to do with you?”

My lover has an Afrikaans accent. It spikes through me, following the after shocks of my mind-blowing orgasm.

But now it broadens; the vowels lengthen slightly, it becomes less tight, less jagged.

“Can I come back now?” The accent is still laconic, but more familiar; Australian now.

I turn to look at my lover, pulling my knickers out of my mouth. I gesture with them.

“That was a nice touch.”

“I aim to please.” He winks down at me. “I’m just glad you don’t really have a brother in the house.”

I snuggle into my husband, breathing in the scent of him that I loved so much. I raise my face for his kisses. They are soft, breathy, satisfied. Loving. I snuggle back down against his chest.

“I love you Aaron.”

“Aw, that’s just ‘cos I’m so good at doing accents.”

“Will you do a Greek one for me tomorrow?”


“Maybe?! Like it didn’t just get you off?” I lift my head in mock outrage.

“Like magic. But what am I going to get in return?”

I lay there, wrapped in the arms of my lover, my husband, cocooned in his love and his warmth. We were only kidding around; I knew he’d do anything for me, and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for him either. He knew this, and so I told him:

“You’ll think of something.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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