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Hosting a Toy Party Ch. 02

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I entered the kitchen and saw Ruth seated at the table with the pile of order forms, bags with the girls’ names on them, a credit card machine and her calculator in front of her. I sat and handed her my order form.

I could only hear the music in the room behind me and a few nervous giggles as Ruth said, “Do you have any questions with your order?”

“I don’t think so, I ordered everything I starred!” I said as I laughed nervously.

Ruth’s fingers clicked over the buttons on the calculator as she totaled my order. “The total is $213.13 and then you get a 30% discount for being the hostess as well as a gift from the grab bag.” She said as she hoisted the same bag Teresa had looked into earlier. I pulled the bag open and looked inside.

What to pick, what to pick. I had been adventurous with my order already: a peach flavored lotion, a vibrating toy, edible powders, The racing rabbit and a case and cleaner to go with them. I fingered the various lotions, powders, and toys in the case and selected the warming lotion I had licked off Linda’s arm earlier in the evening. Ruth put each item I purchased into my shopping bag and then took the lotion out of my hands and placed it into the bag with my name on it.

I was dying to know what the next game was. I raised my eyes to Ruth’s eyes as she put the remaining basket on the table and a silver bag with ribbon on top. I lowered my eyes to the basket, it was filled with controls each with a different number on it. Now I really wanted to know what was in the silver bag and what the final game was.

“Ready for the game?” Ruth asked.

She instructed me to reach into the silver bag and pull out whatever I touched first. I tentatively reached into the bag, my fingers brushing something cool and smooth and oval. I closed my fingers around the sphere and pulled it out of the bag. I turned my hand over and opened my fingers to see a purple vibrating egg.

I looked up as I heard Ruth place something in the basket.

“Here are the rules. You are to slide the egg in your panties, wherever you want it. If you like more clit stimulation then place it there, if you are more turned on with penetration then you can insert it and if you are really daring and into anal adventures then you can place it there. Your choice.” Ruth said as I continued looking into her eyes, feeling my face warming considerably, knowing I was getting redder by the second.

She continued, “You can buy the canlı bahis şirketleri egg you selected at 70% off the normal price as in a few minutes it will be considered damaged goods. I have placed the wireless control to your purple egg in the basket with every other girl’s toy remote. I will explain the final rule to everyone when we return to the living room.”

I was stunned to silence and frozen in place as I thought of each girl in their seats waiting for us to start the game, where their eggs were placed — and how everyone was squirming in their seats.

“Do you want help?” Ruth asked. “This is the favorite part of my presentation.”

I jumped a little, “No, I was just pondering my choices.” Ruth watched as I slide my purple toy under my skirt and down into my panties, I hesitated briefly and then slide it inside me, frowning slightly as I realized how wet I had already become with the anticipation for the game. I quickly stood, straightening my skirt, feeling off balance and as self conscious as a girl on the first day of school.

Ruth laughed softly as she took my hand and we walked into the silent living room. All eyes turned toward us and I heard the clock ticking on the mantel and the soft music and the creaking of chairs as the women shifted back and forth in their seats.

“Ladies — breathe, I am about to make you very happy women!” Ruth announced.

I walked to my seat and she said, “The last piece of your toy puzzle is that you are to grab a wireless control out of the basket as I walk around.” She moved to Beth and Linda and Teresa and continued around the room. Each woman taking a control, their faces flushed and you could feel the tension and anticipation in the room mounting.

“When I say GO you are to play with the remote in your hand. You have to try to figure out both who has your control and whose control you are holding in your hand. Concentration is difficult with this game and I always get to play so I could be the controller or the controlled as well. You have to guess both participants to win the game and get the 50% off. As an added bonus — the first lady to reach orgasm strictly from the toy gets her order for free.” Ruth said as there were sharp inhalations of air and a “For fucks sake!” and “You’ve go to be kidding me!” comment tossed in the room.

Ruth added “There are two more side comments. The vibrating eggs have slow and fast speeds and everything in between. Just slide canlı kaçak iddaa the button on the side to start. Remember — to win the first orgasm you cannot touch or be touched by anyone else — orgasm has to be by the toy alone. Let the games begin!”

“Oh my god!” someone gasped.

“Wow that’s vibrating so fast!” someone else squealed.

With in seconds of everyone’s toys vibrating in their panties, several women were standing and whoever was still seated was now sliding off her chair and squirming like her pants were on fire.

I was still seated, and I noticed that when I had tightened the grip on my controller that I had accidentally pushed the control to high. As I looked up to see if I could pick out which girl was nearing orgasm because of my controller I noticed the low pulsing coming from between my own legs. Very slowly I was pulsing faster and faster and I was unaware that I was rising from my seat with every increase in the pulse.

I was having trouble concentrating and deciding on if I should pay attention to what was going on in the room, or see if I could pick out who was dancing on high from my own hand or decide who was pushing my buttons. It was surreal to look around the room, it was almost in slow motion – the smell of lavender was now comingled with the sweet smell of a group of women and their warming secretions.

There was a low hum in the room mixed with moans. I found myself sliding my hand down my hip and onto my thigh, towards the ever faster pulsing vibe, wanting to just throw my head back and touch myself and let the building wave over take me. My eyes were half closed, leaning into the wall, head tilted back, lips slightly parted, and I almost had my hand in the warm space between my thighs when I felt someone grab my wrist. Ruth stood before me. “No touching or you can’t win.” She whispered. Just then the pulsing inside me slowed and my orgasm receded to a manageable pace.

She continued to walk around gently reminding several of us “no touching”. First I had no idea how she was walking, so my guess was I did not have her controller in my hand. I don’t think I could walk anywhere. I remembered again that I still had the controller in my hand on high. I slowly slide the button to the middle and quickly glanced from flushed face to flushed face to see if I could see a change in anyone’s expression.

My concentration was broken as I heard Beth yell, “I quit the guessing game, I give canlı kaçak bahis up. I can’t take it anymore I am orgasming first and I will win the orgasm game.”

I looked to see her rocked back in her chair, her controller fall from her hand to the floor where it bounced softly and the batteries fell beside it. At that same moment Teresa muttered, “Shit — guess she had my controller!!” Beth gripped each side of her chair, her blonde hair had come loose from the ponytail she had had it pulled into just a short hour ago. Her skirt was hitched half way up her thighs and her white lace panties were just visible between her thigh high black stockings, her shirt had come un-tucked and she put her chin to her chest as she let a guttural moan escape her parted lips as she gave in and won the free bag of product.

Ruth made the announcement through her own pants of lust. “Beth wins the orgasm game!!”

At that same moment Teresa walked into my field of vision as my insides quivered against the pulsing orb that suddenly was pushed to high. I gasped and slide to my seat. My own skirt had slide up almost to my thighs, my black thong had slide between my damp sex, my ass cheeks were slightly parted by the seat when I had slide. I too grabbed the sides of my chair, pushing down hard as to not slide right off the seat, arched my back, threw my head back and felt the high tide inside me swell and the wave break over and over as a delicious orgasm rocked my body.

I was vaguely aware of Teresa both watching this entire performance with a smile on her face, or of her saying, “I have Susan’s controller and Beth had mine. I win.”

I collapsed back in the chair, my legs shaking with the after affects of the orgasm, my black hair had slide in my eyes, partially blocking my view of the various other women in the room all reaching their peaks and sliding down the other side amid the moans and screams and “Holy fuck that rocks.”

Ruth was suddenly in the middle of the room announcing that the party was over and to please stop by the kitchen to pick up your bags and she would adjust sales orders for the winners, purchasers of the pulsating toys inside us, and any further additions anyone needed.

We no longer needed to go in one at a time as everyone was a lot more relaxed and friendly. Soon the women were tucking their shirts back in, smoothing their skirts, putting shoes back on and straightening their hair. The last swallows of drinks were thrown back, belongings gathered and the women left giggling and joking in the same groups of twos and threes.

Ruth had several new recruits who ended up hosting their own parties in the months to come — and the seven of us made sure we attended every party.

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