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Honey , Brown Sugar

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Mr. Jefferson was a prestigious English professor at Creedmoore University; one of the best, one might add. He was even at alumni at the school along with his sister and a few others of his friends in town. Being the rip age of 43, Mr. Alexander Jefferson had thigh wire-rimmed glasses, slicked back salt and pepper hair but a cleanly shaven face. He was a single man, not exactly satisfied with the world around him—dating wise, that is. Every evening he would return home with a raging hard on underneath his wool trouser pants. Sometimes it was very evident to see the outline of a 9 inch cock beneath it all. As the new year had commenced, Mr. Jefferson was greeted with a new influx of students from all different backgrounds. All beautiful in their own special way but there was something about little Evie Williams that made him feel something he never felt before. The color of her skin could be that of caramel and her gray colored eyes were a rarity in this world. Her hair was a jet black but as curly as can be. Behind her Ottoto Magnus glasses, were a layer of dark freckles… she always kept to herself in a corner and never tried to stand out too much. But Alexander noticed; in fact he couldn’t stop noticing her.

She was freshly twenty years old with curves that could knock any man out. She was a bit on the chubby side but one could tell she was not proud of the way she looked. What with her hunched shoulders and all, she tried to hide the fact that her bust size was a solid 44DDD. Her hips, thighs and ass matched the curvy nature of her body and if she were a bit more confident, it would surely show. Alex had no idea how much the young classmate had gotten to him until he fantasized about how sweet her ass tasted. The fantasy was a vivid one of her face buried into the cushions of her couch while her ass was perched in the air. Alex would have his face nestled between her ass, prodding his tongue inside and sucking on the puckered hole. She probably tastes like honey… He thought to himself. Just as he did, his hand gripped tighter on his cock and he exploded along his chest.

Something he had never done before.

This girl was getting to him and he was started to hate it. It was painful to look at her during class, to see what kind of questions she would have for him and the sound of her voice. A soft pitch that probably sounded so beautiful when dripping with lust and desperation. He hated how desperate he was for her. He hated how he watched her leave his classroom every single day. Hips swaying this and that way, she was going to give him a goddamn heart attack! He promised himself that from that moment on, he would stop thinking about her. But that was clearly easier said than done.


A few months into the class, he thought he was getting a decent handle on things. It had been a solid 3 months and the semesters course was coming to an end; after all it averaged at about 15 weeks. Finals were being studied for and students were staying later and later making canlı bahis sure that they were on top of everything. With students doing that, hours for teachers extended. Alex did his best to do the same for his students as he wished for all of them to pass and do well. It was nearing the evening of the evening however and it was around that time where students and staff alike were packing up for the night. The campus closed at 10:00PM and it was around 9:00PM. He walked by the one of the bathrooms on the main floor of the English building only to hear muffled sounds. It sounded as if someone was in trouble—a girl. A few mixtures of male voices were laced in it and only then did the teacher take a small peek into what seemed to be the Men’s Room.

“C’mon, Evie…” One boy called out to her, his hips were moving at a pace he created, pounding her mouth slowly and sensually. Evie was looking up at the boy with glazed over eyes and rosy cheeks. Both hands were occupied by a cock in each one and they all looked down at her so lovingly—like they truly cared for her craft of giving a blowjob. Looking from behind, he could see the way Evie was placed on the floor, knees fully bent and shoes propping up that plump ass. For once, she wore a black skirt to school but the style was reminiscent of a plaid uniform. Her ass was visible and the girl wore no panties… oh, he drooled. The honey he had been dying to taste. He was shocked that she was even capable of such a thing; his sweet Evie was dirtier than he thought! Minutes were passing and it was so close to being the end of the night that he almost needed to break up the party. But one boy released his seed. Vigilant as ever, Evie swallowed every last drop and pulled back, looking down at her watch. “I have to go…” She mumbled a little but there were two boys who were very adamant on having their turn. Without words, one pulled her up and lifted her leg to expose the prettiest pussy he had ever seen in his goddamn life. Alex was floored…

But more important, he was concerned.

“Wait, I’m still a virgin, don’t do that!” It was clear that Evie was not impressed by this and this was the time to be the hero… or so Mr. Jefferson thought. He barged in at the right moment as a cock was prodding her sweet pussy. He refused to look at any man defile HIS Evie. Rushing out of the bathroom, he let each boy leave. But Evie stood there in fear and Alex wanted no parts of that. “Are you alright?” He asked, getting on his knees to make sure the secretly seductive student was fine. She gave a nod, her nipples were hard beneath that sweater of hers… She wore nothing underneath her attire today. Evie remained silent and although he knew now was not the right time to act this way, he was dying for a taste. The young woman smelled so good that he was sure she tasted just as sweet. A little taste wouldn’t hurt, right? It would even be worth the cost of his career. “Did they hurt you? Let’s see…” He bent the sweet girl over and for some reason, she obliged. bahis siteleri Whether it be out of fear of telling or pure desire, he was unsure but he did not care. He knelt down behind her ass and spread those cheeks apart. He was gentle with each touch, especially with the way his thumb prodded at her asshole. “You’re just as beautiful as I imagined…”

“Mr. Jefferson, I—” She was at a loss for words. Nothing she could say could sum up this moment, but the movement of her hips did. Pushing back to meet his lips, she smiled, knees buckling right then and there. Alex wrapped his arms around her thighs and kept her in place, eating her ass out the best of his abilities. If he could shove his thick cock in here tonight, he would never want another woman. Beneath the clothing was a girl who had no idea how much of a woman she truly was. “Fucking beautiful.” He growled and let his lips wander downwards, wrapping around her clit. He sucked teasingly and let his lips graze over the nub before letting it fall out with an audible pop from his lips. “Please don’t… d-don’t touch me there…” She’s a virgin. He reminded himself of that fact; but thankfully that was not his goal. He smirked and pushed a thumb into her anus, kissing her ass cheek at the same time. “Can I play here?” Judging from how her thighs began to tremble, he took that as a yes. So that was where he focused all of his time and energy.

Evie’s mind was suddenly spinning. First, she wondered where she was and second, she wondered if this was all a dream. Could her professor actually be indulging in that sweet piece of ass of hers? You fucking bet. Alex’s cock got bigger and bigger with each passing moment and he was nearly about to burst out of his trousers. “Can you do me a favor, Evie? If you let me play some more… I won’t tell anyone what happened here. I promise.” A bit of blackmail never hurt anyone; or so he thought. He was never going to tell but he needed an excuse to go further. Going home now would make him feel like an absolute idiot. He rushed to the bathroom door and checked his Apple Watch. He had 45 minutes to do what he pleased. His hands fumbled with his pants and he pulled out his cock, letting it spring free. Precum was oozing from the tip and the color was a slight purple. So pent up from working late nights… he needed this release. She would be perfect for it. His sweet and precious favorite gave in and pulled up her skirt, only noticing now that the sink and mirror were right in front of her.

To be able to look at his face would be a blessing; just so she could see the effect she had on her teacher. Gently, he positioned himself behind her and let a bit of spit fall onto her hole. She clenched a little and blushed, feeling the head follow suit and fill her. Evie burrowed her teeth into her lower lip and look down. A sea of dark curls fell down her cheeks and shoulders while moans from both parties filled the bathroom. “Such a tight little fucking hole…” Alex trembled and began to push in a bit bahis şirketleri further. He bottomed out eventually and remained glued to her. He pushed some curls out of the way and kissed her temple, whispering to her. “You’re doing so well.” The moment those words left his lips, he began to move his hips, thrusting in and out to let her feel every last bit of him. Evie was now panting, falling in love with Professor Jefferson’s cock. “Oh god,” She trembled with her words but just hearing that made him pick up his pace. Faster and faster, he pushed forward and a hand reached for a fistful of curls. “Come on—!” He got a bit overzealous with his movements but at this point, he was now a lost cause.

His goal was to cum inside of her no matter what the consequences would be. Being forced to look into the mirror, Evie watched Alex’s face and smiled at the result. He liked her and seemed so lost in his own movements. Evie gripped at the sink in front of her, large tits swaying front to back, hitting the sink every so often. “Please use me…” Evie purred and pushed her hips back, getting into the rhythm. She heard a girl use that term in porn before and although she was inexperienced, she wanted to seem like she knew what she was doing. Alex chuckled at it and gripped tighter at her plump ass. “You’re so—fucking—cute!” He gave the harshest thrust he could while that curse left his lips. He had never had an ass so perfect before. All good things, however, must come to an end and he was slowly starting to unravel. It seemed as if his student was doing the same. With one hand pressed to the mirror, her other hand was burrowed in between her thighs, rubbing her clit in harsh circles. She was so close to release, she could feel it. She didn’t want to say anything, nor did she have to. Just by how tight her ass clamped around Alex’s cock was a good enough sign for him.

He was ready to step over the edge with her. The two were finally having their moment of bliss together, both now orgasming and making quite a mess of each other. Breathing heavily, Mr. Jefferson pulled his cock out as it still twitched, now covered in his own cum. He leaned back against the nearest wall but was utterly surprised to see Evie cleaning him up. She was on her knees, looking up at him with those glazed over gray eyes. Swallowing what she could, she gave the tip of his cock a kiss and took a few deep breaths. Her own cum was dripping down her thighs and it mixed in with his. She liked that feeling…

“Professor… do you mind helping me at home with my studies?”

Alexander Jefferson had never heard a better question. “Of course, angel. Anything you need.” His ushered her to her feet; making sure to keep a good hold on her. Her legs were still weak and he never wanted her to fall over on campus somewhere. “Let me take you home.” After rearranging his clothing, he did the same for her, kissing her ass in the process of pulling her skirt down. Honey… brown sugar… a taste he was addicted to. Evie giggled and gave her next question some thought. But she was sure of it; especially after this.

“Take me to yours. I need some help with… anatomy.”

That pussy was next on his list… if she was ready to give it up, that is.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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