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Hollywood Harlot

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Fifties screen siren, Dora Lush was bored on this hot and balmy Southern California night. She sat on the edge of her queen-sized bed, and fluffed her satin pillows impatiently. She drew back the sleeve of her silk robe to check her watch.

“Where are they?” she wondered, then stood up to check the view outside her dressing room window. Just as she pulled back the curtain, she saw a group of young crewmen cutting across the deserted movie studio lot, heading straight for the path that led to her door. They were all eager, tall and fairly good-looking.

“Delicious…” Doris whispered outl oud, and licked her lips in anticipation. Time to reward her hard-working movie crew…

* * * * *

The party in Doris’ dressing room turned a little rowdier than normal that night. She was used to servicing two or three young crewmen at once, but this night, she had six men squeezed into her small room. With a drink in her hand, and the radio blaring, Doris performed a lascivious slave-girl dance number for the men, wearing nothing but her see-through harem-girl pants, and a bright, lipstick-red smile. Her guests seemed most appreciative; especially when she moved from man-to-man, unzipping a fly here, teasing and caressing a crotch there. One-by-one she gave each man special notice until she had them all stiff and saluting their cocks in anticipation. When she finished her dance around the room, she teased the group further by thrusting her giant breasts in the face of each man.

“You can look, but you can’t touch…not until I say so!” she warned one ardent guest, who couldn’t wait, and ended up jacking off and spraying his juice all over Doris’ sexy pants. “Oh well,” Doris smiled. “I guess I’ll just have to remove these.”

She bent over, slowly removed the harem pants and rubbed her naked rear end against Mr. Jack-Off’s dripping member, until it was straight, stiff and ready for more. Lois greedily eyed the growing hard-on of Mr. Jack-Off’s neighbor, and quickly moved on to the next lap.

“You’re new here, aren’t you…” she smiled down at the giant, one-eyed monster, that belonged to the one crewman on the lot she hadn’t fucked…yet. “What’s your name?”

Mr. Giant Prick said nothing; he merely grunted, grasped her knees in his big hands, and shoved them wide apart. Doris closed her eyes and leaned against the silent man’s chest. Seconds later, she felt a long, thick shaft being shoved slowly into her wet hole. Doris squealed in delight and began to bounce up and down eagerly against Mr. Giant Prick’s pole. Unfortunately, he came very quickly. Doris didn’t and moved on to the hard man, in the next chair.

He was also a first-time visitor in her dressing room, and looked a little older than the rest of the men. Without a word, she smiled, grabbed his cock in her fist, and drove it up as far as it would go. Her new partner began to swell and buck inside her, until Doris realized he was even longer and thicker than Mr. Giant Prick! She began to slow down the greedy pumping of her loins, and swooned against her partner’s chest.

“You’re quite yummy.” escort Doris murmured and gave him a hungry, open-mouth kiss on the lips. “I could forget the rest of these boys, and fuck you all night. I like older men…”

“Oh, you little slut…” the man whispered, and fiercely slammed into her tight hole. “I know you do, you sweet little whore…I should take you over my knee, and…oh, god!” He came inside her, thrusting and bucking wildly, grasping at the roots of her hair.

“Ow! You’re hurting me!” Doris tried to pull away, but the strange man wouldn’t let go. “Please stop! It hurts!” He continued to ram and pound against her violently until Doris could feel a powerful orgasm working at her insides. The older man’s drilling hips finally slacked off and he whispered and panted into her ear as he came, “You don’t remember me? I’m your first fuck, babydoll. Three years ago, before you were famous, I popped your little cherry in the alley behind the commissary. Remember?”

“Go away…” Barely listening, Doris pouted, and moved on to her third partner. She came noisily on his lap, squealing like a stuck piglet, almost as soon as he entered her. “Fuck me! Fuck me!” she screamed as she ground her hips. She wondered why her appetite had suddenly turned voracious; almost out-of-control. In a daze, she stumbled over to a familiar-looking cock that belong to Charlie, one of her regular visitors.

Without a word, she dropped to her knees in front of him, and he moved closer; his private parts, dangling, red and engorged were only inches away from her panting lips. “Good old Charlie…” she sighed, and parted her red lips, taking the tip of his member between her teeth. Charlie cried out, grabbed her by the back of her head, and plunged deep into her open mouth. Doris whimpered, and opened her legs wide, inviting the next man to enter her from behind, as she serviced Charlie. It didn’t take long for her to feel the inevitable, hot long prick being slipped into the painfully snug hole of her rear.

Another man joined her on the floor in front of Charlie and began to suck on one of her large, pink nipples as he jacked off. Mr. Giant Prick got on his hands and knees, and began to use her full, bobbing left breast to massage and squeeze his dribbling organ. Doris felt surrounded, overwhelmed by a forest of stiff, active pricks. At this moment, crawling on all fours, with a man pumping away into every one of her openings, she realized the party had gotten way out of hand.

She was no longer in control of the situation. Soon, she felt herself being pinned to the floor, a passive willing toy, as each man had a turn with her. Some of them couldn’t wait, and she found herself stuck between two, or three sweating thrusting bodies. One drilling from the front, one pounding from behind, and a third man dipping his cock into her open mouth from above. Finally, after each man had had his fill of her, she sat up from the floor, and gazed around the room absently. The only man who hadn’t participated in the action was the older gentleman, who claimed he had been her first fuck. He’d remained in his seat, smirking at Doris while she was getting banged frantically by five of her guests. She frowned at him from across the room. He looked familiar, but she didn’t like the way he’d treated her earlier; pulling and twisting her like a rag doll, while he jolted into her like a machine gone haywire. Doris rolled away from the remaining men, stood up and began to head for the shower to wash her semen and sweat-covered body.

“Where do you think you’re going?” The older man came towards her, wielding a throbbing, angry-looking erection. Doris gave him a disdainful glare.

“I’m taking a shower. do you mind?” The man moved closer until he was only three inches from her face. “I not done with you Miss Lush.”

“Well, I’m done with y—” she felt a sharp slap across her cheek that sent her reeling to the floor. Seconds later, the man was mounting her, forcing her legs open and shoving his swollen cock into her still wet and slippery core. Soon, he was pumping away on top of her, whispering dirty things about the first time he’d fucked her behind the commissary, how she’d called him ‘big daddy’, how she’d came over and over…

Doris screamed and struggled against his painful, stabbing jabs. He was a big man. too big to fight off. The last remaining men were watching them with interest; pricks in their hands, hungry for more movie star pussy.

“Please, you’re hurting me…” Doris whispered.

“Quiet, you little whore…you’ll be begging for more when I finish.” The man stabbed deeper into Doris. She swooned, and rolled her eyes to the ceiling. He was really big, and he was giving her everything he had, right to the hilt. He smirked down at her, and drove his member up into her hot, gushing core, painfully smashing against a button of nerve endings—her G-spot. Doris screamed shrilly, “Oh! Oh, god! Please! Oh, god!”

After a long pause, the man gave her a look that said, ‘This is for your own good.’ He gritted his teeth, grabbed her backside, and drove deep into her open thighs, pressing, driving, then finally ramming into her with all his strength. The rest of Doris’ guest had formed a circle around this violent coupling, coaching the older man to ‘fuck her!’, ‘give it to the bitch!’ etc. They ignored Doris’ cries for help, and watched as the older man covered her mouth and smothered her sobbing with his hand. Eventually, Doris gave in to a powerful, and astoundingly deep orgasm. The man poked and bucked hard, then finally withdrew, twisted Doris onto her stomach, and thrust deep into her from behind. Doris screamed and clutched the carpeted floor. She felt herself coming again and again.

Who was this man, who was literally fucking her brains away? What was once a tiny tingle of orgasmic pleasure became a raging fiery explosion between her legs. And it was being extinguished by the biggest and longest hose he’d ever taken inside her. The man grunted his approval and spanked her repeatedly on the rear end until he came. He squirted a long, hot stream of liquid between her legs, but continued his hard, punishing thrusts; even when Doris was just a collapsed, quivering, barely heap on the floor.

“Bet you won’t forget me this time.” the man whispered as he withdrew from Doris. He stood up to zip his fly, “She’s all yours boys; but I think she’s done for the night.” He was wrong… Doris felt herself quivering with even more carnal heat, still wet, and hungry for crewmen cock…

“The rest of you gather around me,” she gasped, and fingered the oozing wetness between her legs. The remaining men formed a tight knot around her until all she could see was a wall of erect cocks in all shapes and sizes. Some were red, pointy long sticks, some were purple thick poles, and some were bulbous curved missles, as big as her arm. She grabbed the largest and nearest cock, and shoved it straight into her mouth.

She sucked greedily as the attached owner of the tool winced and cursed as if he were in pain. Just as he’d reached his breaking point, Doris moved to the next throbbing prick. “Mmm…like candy.” she simpered and licked her lips as she tasted pre-ejaculation. Her third victim was so huge, all she could shove into her salivating mouth was the tip. But she worked on teasing his balls until he was ready to explode, then she pulled away.

She was super-horny tonight. The last time she’d felt this ravenous, she’d taken on twelve crewmen in one night. That was an incredible night. The things they did to her! By the mourning, she was slick and drowning in cum. Doris shook her head to stop her reminiscing. The dick in her mouth was growing iron hard against her tongue; it was time to stop. Minutes later, all the men were standing side-by-side, as Doris examined each prick closely on her hands and knees, imagining what it would be like to have all of them inside her at once; coming at once… She sat down on the floor and stared up at her wall of excited cocks.

“Okay, boys…now!” she squealed. Immediately, a shot of cum came squirting against her face. Another stream arched high, and landed on her breasts. Charlie stood over her and hosed her entire body with his juice. Doris sat up on her knees, and clapped her hands. “More! More! I want more!” the men obliged with more juice, shooting at her from all sides.

“Ahhh!” Doris threw back her head, and rubbed the cum all over her breasts and thighs. “Oh, yes! Pour it on me! Give it to me! Yes!” Her eyes flew open in time to see the older man shoving his large cock into her open mouth. He held her face firmly against his crotch as he fed her and poured his salty liquid down her throat.

“Thirsty, Miss Lush?” he grinned and jerked against her lips. She tried to scream her disapproval, but her mouth was stuffed and the strange man had her by the back of her neck. The other men laughed, and poked at her with their excited cocks.

“Hollywood whore.” He jabbed frantically against her lips, “Suck it down, slut. You’ll never get enough dick, will you?” Doris whimpered, and gave in to his thrusting, driving hips. This was what she really wanted afterall…this and an audience of a hundred men to fuck, one-by-one. One day she’ll get her wish; to fuck every cock in the world! It was just a matter of time.

To Be Continued….

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