Haziran 8, 2023

Holiday Love – Part 1

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It wasn’t soon after my 16th Birthday that my final exams were on top of me and they seemed to be the only thing I could concentrate on, but it was now mid-July, and all my exams were behind me and Daddy was proud after I had got through all of them. So as a surprise, when I got home after my last day of school, there was an envelope sitting on my pillow as I went to get changed. My beautiful Amy, The envelope read, so I quickly opened it and pulled out the letter enclosed but as I did two tickets fell out along with a couple of hundred pounds… As a well done for all of your hard work you put in to all your exams, I have decided that you and I are having two weeks away in Greece. We fly in two days’ time, so make sure you go out and buy yourself some nice clothes for the holiday with the cash, and I included the tickets just to make sure that you believe me! With all my love, your Daddy xxxxx Seconds later I heard the door close, “I’m home baby,” he called up the stairs. I ran down and jumped straight into his arms, our lips pressed hard together, our tongues entwining. “I woulda thought you’d be out shopping already,” he whispered, smiling after pulling away and placing me down, “we’ve only got two days til we leave.” “What are you doing tomorrow?” I asked. He rolled his eyes, “Working!” “Oh,” I sighed, şişli escort and then joked, “I was hoping my Daddy would help me choose my bikini’s with me.” His dirty laugh got me horny, so I wrapped my body round his as I whispered, “The bedroom’s calling us Daddy.” He carried me up to our bedroom, which had been his bedroom until my 16th birthday when we first made love downstairs in the living room. Since then, no matter where we had made love, we also ended up making love for the last time on our king size bed. Tonight, he laid me down, removing my top first and then my bra, while he played with my nipples, rolling them between his thumb and index fingers, making me moan as he squeezed them tight. I then undressed him, taking off his tie, and slowly unbuttoning his shirt, to reveal his marble chest. My fingers stroked his abs, “ooh baby,” he whispered. I smiled, seeing what my touch could do to my own Daddy. I reached up to touch his nipples, as he loves them being stroked, squeezed and sucked by his daughter. His eyes rolled back as my tongue circled them, and he held the back of my head gently as a sign that he didn’t want me to stop. I smiled eagerly as he let go, and looked up into his eyes. I reached for the zip on his trousers, and I found a throbbing cock covered by a pair mecidiyeköy escort of tight boxers. Once again, there was a little wet patch where Daddy’s pre cum had leaked. His shaft was clearly outlined, and his balls were large. I licked his cock, from the base, through his boxers. “Ooh darling,” he moaned. I pushed him back on the bed, so I could make sure that I pleasured him as best as I could. I now touched his balls through the thin black material, and I stroked his shaft up and down. Seeing Daddy’s hard cock react to my soft touch, made my pussy realise juices from me. I slipped off my skirt and thong, Daddy noticed that his daughter was getting wet so reached underneath me, stroking over my breasts, stomach and finally to my clit. It was already pulsing, and his cool fingers made me catch my breath as they touched my hot clit. “Mmmm baby,” he moaned, “you’re so wet.” “I know,” I replied, giving him the most innocent look as I continued, “I wanna taste you tonight Daddy, fuck me quick, and then I wanna have our juices in my mouth.” Daddy’s smile spread across his face, “I’d love that, but you know I like to satisfy you.” I smiled, pulling his boxers down, and off, “Yu always satisfy me!” Daddy sat up, and pulled himself backwards until his back was resting on our metal headboard. şişli eskort His cock sat bolt upright, I crawled towards him, murmuring “Dada” as I did. He watched my boobs swing and wobble. I kissed him quickly, before turning round to sit on his cock with my back towards him. One inch…two inches…three inches, in…fourth inch…fifth inch, more slowly…sixth, seventh, eight, quickly eaten by my willing pussy. “Mmmm” I moaned, “Daddy you always stretch me so much.” His husky laugh came closer to my ear, “But I don’t exactly hear you complaining,” He laughed again, “only moaning!” Daddy bounced me up and down, my pussy allowing him to easily move past my g-spot. My first orgasm came after a few minutes of being in this position, with Daddy’s hands cupping my 34D breasts. The second came seconds after the first, after he’d moved his right hand down to my clit and played with it furiously. This had sent pleasure waves, like lightning bolts, through my body, until I was shaking. My juices were covering Daddy’s balls and thighs. I screamed out his name, my voice so loud, the neighbours must have heard. Even after Daddy had stopped bouncing me, obviously because he was close after that, the pleasure continued as Daddy played with my clit, now more gentle though, as he knew how sensitive it got after an orgasm. He brought me to a third, his left hand squeezing my nipples, as his right teased my clit. “Oh Daddy,” I moaned, as the waves from the third calmed. I moved to lay on my stomach, in between his parted legs, his cock, balls and thighs wet with my juices.

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