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HIS P.E.T. 24

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HIS P.E.T. 24


Back in my own suite, I sipped more of the champagne and remembered that Celine wanted me to call. I looked for the time, finding it to be 1:33 in the morning. I called as she requested. They were also in the hotel. She picked up on the third ring. She asked a lot of questions, which I answered.

“I know it is late, but we know you. Spending all that time with them and receiving nothing. You must be all wound up. Will you come to our room?” She gave me the room number. It was on the floor below mine and a couple rooms to the side. “Are you still in the same outfit?” I assured her I was. I expected her to say she wanted me to come down dressed like this. She surprised me, “Take off the bra and thong. There is a stairway at the end of the hall. We’ll be waiting.”

That wasn’t just a request or suggestion. She really wanted me to do this. At this point, I was willing to do something outrageous. I unclip the bra and let it drop, then shimmied out of the thong and walked to the door, grabbing the keycard and slipping it into the top of my stocking. I barely glanced to the sides as the door closed behind me and I located the stairway. I walked deliberately and decisively to the end of the hallway and the sign indicating the stairs. I opened the door, checking that the door would open from the stairwell before closing it, then descended one floor. I entered that hallway and found both Celine and Ruben standing outside an open door in the hotel robes. They beamed as I approached with all the confidence in my walk and attitude they were expecting of me from my many exhibitionistic displays during our gatherings.

We kissed out in the hallway, both of them feeling my body as they did. Celine pressed me against the wall, her hand moving between my legs, a finger slipping into my wet pussy. She stared into my eyes, but spoke to Ruben, “She’s sopping wet. The k**s must have really turned her on. You need to feel this.” This was a new thing for them, for us. The last time we had been together the couples had joined in having sex with us, but they didn’t share with us except for being in the same room. This was open sharing and initiated by them.

Ruben stepped up to me as Celine stepped to the side. He kissed me with passion, his hand moving to the same location where his wife’s had just been. I groaned as his index finger slipped effortlessly into my pussy. This was outrageous. We were in the hallway and they were fingering me. But, I parted my legs further, encouraging them to continue.

When he broke the kiss, I gasped out, “Fuck me. Fuck me right here in the hall. Just a few thrusts, then we can finish in the room if you want.”

He looked to his wife. I watched their eyes. Nothing was said. She moved a hand between us and untied the belt at his waist. The robe fell open and he was naked underneath, as I expected. I raised my left leg and wrapped it around his waist under the robe and pulled him to me. My pussy was open and exposed and he easily worked his cock into me. He thrust immediately and buried his cock deep inside, both of us moaning at the same time.

Down the hallway the elevator dinged, causing us all to laugh and scramble for the open door. Inside, we could hear voices outside and a door opening nearby. We shared another laugh at nearly being caught, then I stripped off both of their robes, pressed my body against their naked bodies, kissing them deeply and aggressively. I looked around me at the room to find it to be the same style room as the one I had been in upstairs. I walked backwards to the bedroom door wiggling my index finger at them to follow me. They shared a look of excitement and came at me quickly. I kicked off my heels and leaped for the bed from a couple feet away, landing in the center and bouncing onto my back.

I giggled, “You said you would do something to relieve my pent-up need. You do that and I will take care of you both after.”

Ruben knelt onto the foot of the bed and crawled between my legs, his lips kissing up the insides of my thighs until his mouth was on my pussy. He pushed my knees up and out, spreading my pussy before his eyes and mouth. At the same time, Celine crawled to my side, one hand fondling a breast and nipple as her mouth found mine. She kissed me with passion and without hesitancy. I would find out later that it was purely the eroticism of the moment. She had never kissed a woman like that before.

Celine added some fingers to my clit as Ruben sucked and tongue my pussy. Her mouth moved from my mouth to my nipples, kisses and sucking interchanged with nipping and chewing of my nipples. They brought me to a wonderful orgasm.

After, with more champagne, I detailed what had happened with the young bride and groom. Celine was pleased and thanked me profusely. I insisted they seemed to be very willing participants and her discussions with them were apparently very good primers for the big moment. Then, I fulfilled my own promise to them. I had Celine get onto her hands and knees over my body with her straddling my head. As Ruben fucked her from behind, I licked and sucked both of them as his cock slid in and out of her. At the same time, I tortured her nipples with my fingers, twisting and pinching them. She tried to focus on licking my pussy, but the combination of the two of us working over her body was too much. She exploded in orgasm first, which was the final stimulus for Ruben’s climax.

* * * * *

The activity with Celine and Ruben that night was a catalyst for change for the entire group. It was a game changer catapulting the group to another level. If any of us had any idea how or when the group might move from voyeuristic/exhibitionistic roles, none of us would have predicted it to happen so spontaneously.

The partial details of my time with Celine and Ruben, combined with my efforts with the new bride and groom, flashed through the rest of the group as if everyone was connected to an old-fashioned telephone party line that everyone was eavesdropping on. Not to be left out, Meike and Stefan Hendriksen called everyone with an invitation to dinner on them. Of course, everyone accepted.

Reservations were at a very nice restaurant in Amsterdam downtown. When we arrived, we were led to a private room where we found the other couples waiting and enjoying cocktails. They appeared to have purposely arrived early for last minute discussion. Everyone shared heartfelt hugs and cheek kisses. Concerns that I one time harbored about the acceptance of Sharon, Raul and Chris had been dispelled long ago as they were as much a part of the group as I was … well, maybe not quite.

Dinner was excellent and the service extraordinary. The room was private and once the main courses were delivered, that privacy allowed the topic of conversation to easily shift from everyday pleasantries to the true purpose of the evening. The discussion’s focus became a proposed redirection of activities for the group. Meike and Stefan tag teamed the proposal and went back to the early premise of the separation of this group from the larger one. They had all agreed that the other group had evolved into too much kink and abusive behavior, thereby relegating them to voyeuristic roles they were quickly becoming uncomfortable in. The idea of our group as presented by Hein was for a smaller group that could develop and present new and different scenarios to heighten our erotic enjoyment. The group quickly settled into the exhibitionistic displays provided by me, which have been very stimulating, but the last gathering had shown that the group had been stimulated to the point of participation in front of other members, something never before experienced or considered.

I felt puzzled and confused by what they were saying and my face must have reflected it. They made the point that it wasn’t that they didn’t enjoy the gatherings, they did. They wanted to continue to meet as a group with ideas for group enjoyment, but one of the premises of the group was finding increasingly erotic activities for me. They announced that the idea of my mating with other a****ls had stimulated and intrigued them. In fact, they found an opportunity for such an encounter, but they also came to understand that the more involved and unique the situation might be, the harder it would be for the group to be involved in. Uniquely erotic encounters for me may often only allow a small group, maybe only me, to experience.

This was a clear deviation from what we had anticipated in our discussions and expectations. I reached for Hein’s hand and held it in my lap. I glanced at him, then around the table. I saw concern in Sharon’s eyes.

“You are proposing encounters that might leave me alone?”

Hein immediately reacted, “No, out of the question. Laura’s security must be paramount.”

The discussion went on, but it was quickly apparent that nobody presumed illegal bahis anything different. I would always be overseen protectively. The issue was that it might not be a group activity. Hein stood and led me to a corner. We talked about it privately, but his concerns were stronger than my own. I reminded him that he, then I, had control of the approval and details of each proposal.

He kissed me and turned us back to the group. “We agree. The gatherings continue, but any new challenging situation you can come up with should be presented to me. If I feel secure in Laura’s safety, I will present it to her.” Smiles went around the table. It was interesting to me that the three other faces from home still bore some concern in their faces. That pleased me. Between the five us, any idea would be more than thoroughly vetted.

* * * * *

We expected to hear more about the opportunity to be with other a****ls, but it didn’t come, leaving us with the impression that Hein’s admonition for complete security and safety caused them to vet the situation more fully. What did come soon after the dinner, though, was a series of invitation for me to spending a night with each of the couples. I assumed this was from what had happened with Celine and Ruben. Over the next several weeks, I spent the entire night with one of the couples. They were always on the weekends so the evening and the following morning could be the most relaxing.

Anna and Niels Bakker surprised me the most. The others engaged in a nice, predictable evening of sexual sharing producing multiple climaxes for everyone. Anna and Niels, however, had an evening of role playing in mind and it was quite exciting. A package arrived at the house prior to the weekend with them. Inside was a wickedly enticing little maid outfit. The full skirt barely covered my ass and the bodice dipped so far that my nipples were almost constantly exposed. My role was to playfully serve them during dinner and after. Without underwear with the outfit, my charms were readily exposed and available. Both took opportunities and liberties. As Niels was fucking me doggy style, I was surprised by the appearance of a large black cock in my face. Focusing on it, however, I saw it was a flexible dildo strap-on worn by Anna. Immediately after Niels was finished, she moved behind me and continued fucking me. She moved me into several positions including cowgirl, bringing me to numerous orgasms in the process. By that time Niels was sufficiently recovered to start, again.

I returned home from each evening, but especially after Niels and Anna, telling the gang we need to find more ways to incorporate that, perhaps each couple spending a night or weekend with us as a group and focusing on their pleasure. My eyes lit up at the thought of possibly bringing the dogs into play and introducing the women to canine sex in the process.

* * * * *

Meike and Stefan came through with their proposal and it did, in fact, change our approach to the challenges for me. But, Hein was ultimately satisfied with my safety in the situation.

“Okay, tell me, again, what their names are.”

Meike was driving while I was sitting next to her. We were alone in the car traveling from Amsterdam to the farm in the Flemish region of Belgium. We had traveled south out of Amsterdam, crossing into Belgium and into Antwerp. As we passed through Antwerp, she pointed out the side of the car where the zoo was, saying how wonderful it was and it should be seen some time. In Antwerp, we headed East toward Hasselt on E313, but the farm in question was somewhere between the two.

“Frans is the father. His three sons are Jager, Rhett, and Arend, oldest to youngest.”

I repeated the names over and over to myself. These European names were still unfamiliar to me and took more effort at developing ways to remember them. I hoped once I met them it would become easier. Meike told us the history of the farm and it was the reason Hein had ultimately relinquished his worry and gave the decision up to me. I had accepted quickly.

Frans had been her sister’s husband. They had the three boys and their marriage and family seemed almost idyllic. But, when the youngest, Arend, was five, she was killed during some random act of v******e on the streets of Amsterdam. The random part was her presence. The v******e part was what sometimes happens anywhere in the world when d**gs and desperate people come together. The innocent can be the ones who are hurt. Frans had worked successfully for an investment firm in Amsterdam and for a year he tried to deal with the loss and how his world had so suddenly changed. Ultimately, he couldn’t deal with it.

After a dreadful period of soul-searching and internal anguish, he began liquidating much of his assets and searched for what he needed. He found it in the form of this farm deep in the Flemish farm country. The farm was a going concern at the time and he was lucky to find it as an older couple were looking to end the long hours and the long distance away from the grandc***dren who now all lived in the larger cities. Although Frans had no experience with farming, he took to it with an energy and dedication that consumed his life. The farm and his boys. It was all he had and all he wanted or cared about. That was 15 years ago. In the meantime, Jager and Rhett had taken work away from the farm in nearby towns. Part of their salaries always went back to their father and the farm. They had small apartments away from home and spent every weekend and as much other time as possible at the farm. All four of them seemed to agree that life on the farm together was where life really was.

The farm is primarily dairy cows, some cattle, and hog production. Although some of the land is used for vegetable and fruit growth, it is mostly for their own consumption while the surplus is sold during the harvest season locally. The majority of the rest of the land is used for the support of the a****ls. In addition to the a****ls they have for raising, they have several horses and donkeys. During regional festivals and celebrations, they have used these for the entertainment of the regional c***dren. Despite the isolation of the farm, they have become a part of the region.

I studied Meike as she repeated all this for me for the umpteenth time so it would be fresh, but mostly so I might not trip up with a question or reference that seemed to be still too sensitive.

“After these 15 years, even now, he still isolates himself? He has never opened himself for the possibility of another woman in his life?”

She glanced at me as she studied the farm country landmarks, “No, never. Stefan and I come out here several times a year to maintain contact with him and the boys. He is always warm and welcoming and generous. I believe he truly appreciates and enjoys our visits, but … no, he can’t seem to leave my sister behind.” She glanced at me, again, as if anticipating my questions, “I know and I have tried. I have sat with him for long, long conversations. I have told him that my sister wouldn’t want him to be alone, to be lonely. And, I think he is lonely.” She glanced at me, “Laura, you wouldn’t believe that kind of love they had.” She looked at me fully, too long maybe for her attention away from the road. Then, “Maybe you would understand that kind of love. Stefan and I have seen you and Hein together … maybe you would understand what it would be like.”

I blushed. Our family knew, of course. Now, it appeared we were leaking hints to others, as well.

She turned her attention back to the two-lane blacktop road and slammed on the brakes. She looked embarrassed, “That was our turn. Lucky these roads don’t see much traffic.”

From there we took a narrow road to a gravel road that was field, pasture, and farms in view everywhere. She pulled into a dirt driveway that led to a small rise and stopped.

“Just over that rise. Are you sure about this? Are you ready?” I nodded to both questions.

We were arriving late afternoon on a Friday and planning to stay the weekend, leaving by about mid-morning on Sunday for the return trip home. As expected by us, Friday night was awkward for everyone. We shared a nice country dinner with Frans and Arend, the other two boys arriving for their weekend visit later in the evening. Much of the conversation during the evening was polite and safe, but there was that elephant in the room that was being ignored and the longer it was, the larger its presence became among us.

Finally, Jager, the oldest, bluntly addressed it. He wanted to be sure he understood what I was there for this weekend. As he clearly indicated, what he was led to believe could certainly be “categorized into the unbelievable”. His father started to admonish him, but I stopped him. I assure him I completely understood and I sometimes had the same sense of what I did, especially when I did them in front of others. I explained perabet giriş that I was introduced to b********y without much time to worry about it by way of a dog. After that, it had recently expanded to a few other a****ls and I had always found the a****listic nature of the coupling to be supremely erotic and thrilling.

We discussed my expectations for the weekend with much more openness and honesty while enjoying a few locally brewed beers. It was getting late and Meike kept reminding me that the day starts early on the farm. I could tell the boys still had an issue in their minds so I pushed it. Their issues turned out to be that there was always work to be done on the farm, so how should ‘my activities’ be scheduled? I asked if they could put up with me ‘helping’ them in their chores with the a****ls, I was sure they would find opportunities for us to experiment with the a****ls.

Frans seemed to shake his head a lot during the discussion and I had the very real sense that my opportunities would be coming from the boys. He did, however, stress the need for caution and awareness of my position of vulnerability.

I nodded. From my experiences with Samantha and Albert, I was very sensitive about that, also. “But, with my safety in mind, I am hopeful we can all have some fun and enjoyment with this.” The boys were certainly on board; Frans, I wasn’t so sure. I had a sense that he was granting this weekend because of Meike’s request and as a deviant treat for the boys. I had no doubt this was going to something they might never experience, again.

Morning broke with a sharp rap on the door, startling me awake from a sleep fueled by an exhaustion from the long travel in a car and just a bit too much beer. Getting my bearings took a moment. Then, the mournful groans next to me reminded me that Meike and I were sharing a bed in the farmhouse.

Another sharp rap on the door, “Time to get up ladies.” It was Frans and he sounded more involved in the day than he had seemed last night. “Nobody sleeps late on a farm. Breakfast and coffee are ready. And, the work is waiting.”

Now I moaned. I swung my legs over the side of the bed and stood, pulling the curtains open to see out the window. I mumbled to myself or to Meike, it didn’t matter, “Damn, there is hardly any light out there. These guys aren’t human.”

Meike swung out of bed on my side, taking me into her arms from behind. She was naked as I was. Although we didn’t make an effort of satisfying each other last night, we did enjoy the feel of each other. Her hands rose up to my breasts, giving both a good squeeze.

“Cheer up. Just imagine what might be in store for you today …” With that, she gave my butt a good smack.

I turned quickly but she had tumbled and rolled to the other side of the bed. She was a decade older than me, but I was seeing a playfulness I was definitely going to explore more when we returned home.

We joined the men in the kitchen for the promised coffee and breakfast. The breakfast was bountiful and I reminded myself that they really worked physically here so I loaded up on protein and carbs, too. I was dressed in jeans, tee shirt, and old running shoes. As I followed the boys out of the house, “Wait right there, young lady!”

I wondered what was coming now. I was hoping for a time of familiarity before exposing myself to these men and getting into the sexual activity. I turned to find Frans standing at the door. He was rummaging through a pile of things on the floor of the mud room off the back of the house. He threw a pair of boots to me. “Your shoes will never work out there. These are old boots from when one of the boys was younger.”

I pried off my shoes and hopped around getting my feet into the rubber boots. They were little more than old style galoshes, but I had no doubt they were much better suited for the barn and pens. I smiled at Meike who was standing with Frans and showed no sign of following me into the morning work routine. I turned and jogged after the guys. They all stopped to watch me. For a moment, I forgot why that might be, but I wasn’t about to ruin one of my nice bras while working in the barn. With only a tee shirt on top, I was very aware of my breasts dancing for them. I could immediately see that enticing them was going to be no problem.

We worked for several hours and the morning steadily heated up. It did occur to me, though, that the rising temperature could have also been a factor of being in the barn where the primary effort was milking the cows. There was a lot of heavy pushing and encouraging of the a****ls as they were rotated through the cycle of milking. I was a mess by the end of it and thoroughly understood the need for the rubber boots. By the time the cows were all cycled through and back out of the building with fresh feed and we had cleaned up the floor and new hay spread, I was both tired, sweaty, and dirty feeling.

The guys led the way out of the barn to the shade of a large tree with grass underneath. A cooler with cold water was waiting and I collapsed to the ground. The guys were very complimentary of my efforts, saying they didn’t think I would last an hour much less completing the effort with them. I smiled. Then, I pried the boots off and wiggled my toes into the long grass. We talked about their lives, then they began asking more detailed questions about my life, which quickly went to my ‘interest in a****ls’ which was not a very veiled code of my interest in mating with a****ls.

Then it all changed.

I was on my back as we talked when I heard Rhett whistle. I rose to an elbow and followed their gaze near the side of the barn. There sniffing along the ground was a mutt of a dog. Though I am by no means an expert on dog breeds, I have paid enough attention to them that this one was clearly the result of mixed breeds for several generations.

They laughed as the dog continued to meander around the barn and yard, much more intent on smelling his way than paying any attention to the call from Rhett. It was evident that calls from them were considered by the dog to be requests rather than commands he felt needed to be taken seriously. I watched, saw the dog was about 60 pounds and was a male. I asked about the dog and was told he was a stray that seemed to have adopted them so they have been feeding it. Arend laughed that their father just shook his head about having a dog around that was in charge of the relationship, never knowing when the a****l might decide it was time to leave, possibly for good.

While they were laughing, I sat up and walked down toward the dog. I heard one of the guys call after me that he didn’t respond to being given attention. The others at home had been giving me a bad time about not fully accepting what had happened to me during the Spirit Journey, especially Chris who seemed to have become an advocate of indigenous spiritual matters when it related to me. This felt like a chance to test those matters. Maybe, what happened between me and our dogs since I returned was more significant than I had given credit.

I moved part of the way that separated me from the dog, then I stopped. I heard the calls from behind me pick up, again. They were telling me it was useless; the dog didn’t care for human contact unless it was to be fed. I glanced behind me. Even though they had been quite vocal about the dog being too independent, they were also paying very close attention to my effort and the comments were steadily diminishing as I got closer to the dog.

I stopped and squatted down to be closer to his level. The dog watched me. The mystic as much as told me I would have gifts with a****ls and I knew he meant beyond my willingness to mate with them. It was one of the comments from the mystic that had captured Chris’ imagination to the point of being convinced. I was the one who experienced being with the mystic, but it was Chris who kept pushing me to believe and take the words to heart. This was as perfect an opportunity to test the concept as there was likely to be. Not only a dog unfamiliar to me but a dog that was distrustful of humans in general.

The dog stood and watched me. The guys were now quiet. They had expected the dog to move away as I drew closer. It didn’t. It remained. That made me wonder. That gave me encouragement. That gave me the strength to test Chris’ unwavering belief in what I had been given. I rose slowly and moved comfortably even closer to the dog until I was about 20 feet from him. I could see from his demeanor that he was thinking about running, maybe that he wanted to run, but he didn’t. I began to feel there was something holding him still in front of me.

I stopped and slowly sank to my knees in the lush grass, my eyes staying fixed on him, my face and attitude remaining easy, as unthreatening as I could muster. At first, he only sat onto his haunches and looked at me intently. But, by the comments coming perabet güvenilir mi from behind me, this was significant by itself.

I closed half the distance between us on my hands and knees. I stopped, remaining on my hands and knees, then slowly sat back on my heels, matching is position. I watched him and he watched me. Then, surprisingly because of the gasps coming from behind me, he closed the remaining distance between us until he was immediately in front of me. I stretched my neck forward and was rewarded by him duplicating my action. With the two of us leaning forward, our faces came within inches of each other. I made an elaborate show of sniffing, then cocking my head to the side. Again, he duplicated the actions I made.

I smiled, as much to myself as at him. Maybe I needed to start believing with as much certainty as Chris was professing. I moved my knees a few more inches toward him, leaning my face to him, then turning my face down to present my forehead to him. He moved slightly to place his own head against mine. We made contact, physical contact of our heads … but there was more, something more than physical. Something moved, transferred, or connected between us. There would never be a way for me to properly or meaningfully describe it, but it was unmistakable in the moment.

It was hushed behind me and even more so when I patted the ground and the dog lay onto its side. I nuzzled his face, stroking down his neck and side. I moved slowly with my stroking until I was petting his belly at which point he partially rolled to his back enough to expose his belly to me. I moved my fingers to his sheath, the first tentative touch to test him. He flinched, a low growl came from deep in his chest, his head rose and turned to me. His eyes watched my fingers, then moved to my face. I gave him soothing, reassuring sounds, not words, not even pretending that he would understand my words. The sounds would serve as the same effect, though. He lowered his head, but I saw him look behind me before settling back to the grassy surface of the ground.

I glanced quickly behind me to find the three sons walking slowly, carefully closer to where we were. I smiled at them and nodded that it was okay.

Rhett expressed their amazement, “Nobody has been able to be this close to him. He never allows anyone to touch him.” I could hear the awe in his voice.

I smiled, then lowered my face to the dog’s snout and gave him a kiss. His tongue came out and swiped at my face from the side. “Then wait until you see what else he and I are going to do …”

They shifted to the sides for better angles of viewing as I stroked down his side and belly, my fingers ending on his sheath. This time, the reddish tip of his cock was poking out. I smiled to myself. When I dropped my mouth to the tip and licked at it with the end of my tongue, taking the drop of pre-cum that had formed there, I felt him tense and his head rise to peer at me. But, despite the low grumble that rose from inside his throat, he remained on his side. Soon, predictably, his hips began moving in a reflexive manner as his cock grew and immerged from his sheath.

I wasn’t about to push my luck … or gift … too far, though. This was a dog that wasn’t comfortable with human contact much less a human sucking on his cock. The guys gathering around us must have also added some tension to his situation. So, with four inches of dog cock exposed, I knelt beside him, nuzzled his neck, then rotated to a sitting position.

I looked at the guys, “Help me get undressed quickly.” I raised one foot while my hands grasped the bottom of my tee shirt. I pulled the shirt over my head exposing my breasts. I unsnapped and unzipped my jeans, then leaned back with my head resting on the dog as the guys tugged my jeans off my hips and down my long legs. I think they were surprised I wasn’t wearing panties, but I knew what I was going to be doing at some point and decided there was no point.

I turned over onto my knees and nuzzled the dog, again. As I did, I slipped my hand back down his chest and belly until I was stroking his sheath and exposed cock. I then turned quickly to my hands and knees with my ass pointing to the dog. I smacked my ass and called for him. I only assumed that a stray wondering the region had at least occasionally been a lucky boy with some bitch in heat at some point. Whether he did or not, he seemed to know what to do. He rose from the ground and sniffed my asshole and pussy. His tongue came out with exploratory licks, which turned into intense efforts of licking at my pussy. I knew I was already wet and the licking increased that condition and that increased his interest in licking me. All that was fine, but I wanted to be fucked by the dog. It was going to be my introduction for the group to other bestial mating, not to mention that at some point I hoped to also be taken care of by the guys, including their father. I still wasn’t sure how Meike was intending to fit into the activities.

I pushed his snout away but continued to smack my ass, too. He finally got the message and jumped onto my back. I guess I was used to the behavior of trained dogs because this one took me by surprise with his excessively frantic approach to fucking. I didn’t even have time for my hand to assist him before my ass had been thrust into several times. I tried to find his cock, finally did, and finally assisted him into my pussy. I gasped loudly at the a****listic effort he put into his initial thrusts to bury his cock deep into me.

Like all dogs, though, he hesitated long enough to loosen his grip around my waist and reposition himself, at the same time driving his cock deeper. I groaned as he began his thrusting and I could feel his cock inside my pussy growing and swelling as his fucking quickly stimulated his cock into full size.

I was moaning louder as I approached my orgasm, stimulated by the guys watching intently in close proximity. I could hear their murmuring, but not the words. I was lost in the experience of this dog wildly thrusting at me. I found the experience to be thrilling, but also somewhat disconcerting, reminding me of how special my relationship with Max and Axel really was.

He was pressing at me with his knot, pounding it at me seemingly with an impatience and desire to complete this mating, to dump his seed and move on with his day. But, I couldn’t deny the impact his actions were having on me, though. I was ready to climax, but I wanted him inside me when I did. All of him inside him. When his knot passed through my constricted lips with a sudden rush of his cock into my pussy, my body released. I cried out, gasping as my orgasm washed over me. And, as it did, I felt my pussy clench around his cock and knot, which were already engorged and overly stimulated. It was all that was needed and he stiffened on top me, pressing his body hard against me, his cock pressed as deep as he could manage it, and he came in wild and powerful spurts of dog cum.

After the larger knots of my dogs and recent experiences, I was sure the tie wouldn’t be as long as I was used to. I prepared myself for the quick release of our mating, not bothering with an attempt to bring myself to a second orgasm as I was often tempted with the larger dogs. I stayed rigid as the dog pulled against the tie of our bodies, but it was strong enough not to come out immediately. But, after only several minutes, I gasped as the knot stretched my opening, the knot pulled out in a rush and volumes of dog cum streamed out until only a thin string of cum hung from my gaping pussy.

The reaction of the guys was immediate and predictable. If the very act of bestial mating between a woman and dog wasn’t sufficient wonder for their minds to accepts, the shape and size of the cock and knot, the volume of cum escaping, and the gaping opening left behind left them in awe and speechless.

I sat down on the grass in front of them, glancing down between my raised knees at my still open pussy and the liquid showing on the lips. I looked up at the guys and smiled somewhat sheepishly, but not ashamed. “Surprised by that?”

The three looked at each other, affirming their mutual reactions. It was Rhett who put it into words, though. “Yes, surprising, but amazing!”

I smiled and stood. I kissed each one on the cheek and thanked them for allowing me on the farm. I felt wicked. I really had no idea what to expect by their reaction, but it seemed to be going well, I thought, so why stop.

I turned and looked around, getting my bearings. I moved deliberately in my chosen direction. As I started walking, I could feel more dog cum leaking from my pussy. As I walked naked toward the pen on the other side of the barn, I heard Jager, the oldest, react to the others.

“Oh my God … Arend, quick, get dad and Aunt Meike.” I glanced behind me with a devious smile on my face. He and his brothers were still in a bit of awe at what they had witnessed, but my next intention was dawning on all of them. “She going to the hog pen. I think she’s going to take on the boars next. Hurry …”

* * CHAPTER 25: A FLEMISH PASTORAL FARM – THE FULFILLMENT will follow * * Thanks for reading.

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