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Hero Worship Pt. 08

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Well, here it is. Part 8, finally we are at the conclusion. Obviously, if you haven’t read the first seven parts you should go do that before you read this. As always, all characters are over eighteen. Please, rate, comment and send feedback. Enjoy!

– Aly –

I’d never been so scared in my life. Ok, well that’s not true, but this was different, a climbing the rollercoaster sort of scared/excited feeling. But I was scared. What if it was awful? What if it hurt too much? I wasn’t kidding when I said I was a pain wimp. But in that place I went when I was being dominated everything felt so different.

I’d talked it over with Trinity at the toy store, and we looked at a bunch of different options before settling on the cat o’ nine tails that I ended up getting. The tresses really were incredibly soft, and even there in the store when Trinity tried it out on my arm it barely hurt at all. But still…

My nervousness was also making it a lot more difficult for me to relax into subspace than it usually was, but My Lady allowing me to service her helped a lot. There was nowhere I felt more comfortable than pleasuring Taylor, and I let myself enjoy her incredible flavor, the movement of her powerful body under my mouth. After some time, she pulled me up into her lap, slowly stripping off the outfit I’d worn for her and whispering in my ear how beautiful I was.

She didn’t touch my new collar, though. I think I would have burst into tears if she’d tried to take it off. She slipped the blindfold over my eyes and the ball gag into my mouth, and I felt my spirit surrender to her.

In minutes I was on my back fully restrained, my hips lifted clear of the mattress. I was completely exposed as her mouth moved slowly over my sensitive inner thigh until she found my clit.

My Lady took me almost past my limit, and I was hanging on to my control by my fingernails when she stopped. I felt the tips of the flogger on my skin, and my overstimulated body began to shake. It wasn’t the first time she’d touched me with it, but some part of me knew this was different, and she was going to use it now. The fear was still there, but it seemed far away. The bonds had let me sink deep under, where I existed only to give My Lady pleasure.

The nerves in my body were almost reaching out, desperate for this new experience. The tassels glided along my skin, over my thighs and butt, teasing my sex as it passed. Then it pulled away. Some thing swished in the air, and the soft leather slapped over my sex.

It hurt, but there was no pain. Or maybe there was pain, but it didn’t hurt. I’m not sure. What I am sure of is that it was the most intense, exquisite, beautiful feeling, and I wanted more. After it landed she pulled the soft material across my sex, which was incredible, before pulling it away and doing it again. Taylor was being very gentle, but I didn’t want gentle. I wanted more, and I wanted to come so badly I was seeing stars.

“Do you like this, baby?” I whined into the ball in my mouth. I wanted to beg for more, for harder, but even if I hadn’t been gagged there’s no way I could have spoken.

“How about up here?”

My Lady moved her attention up my leg, slap, slap slap, each landing a little higher. My entire body was humming, and it felt amazing, but I needed it back on my clit. I moaned pathetically, and she moved back done. The soft tassels landed on my sex again and I bucked. “Oh, that’s where you like it. Do you think you could come just from this?”

I could feel the tears flowing beneath my blindfold.

“Let’s see. Come for me, baby.” Every muscle in my body contracted in anticipation of release as the flogger landed two or three more times before I exploded in ecstasy. I pulled against my restraints with every overwhelming pulse, my core jerking and spasming with the deepest pleasure. When my body finally relaxed I was gone, fully given over to that special place, my whole body tingling as the leather landed again and again.

Every strike was bliss. My Lady moved up and down my legs, over my butt, but always she would come back to my exposed sex, and after a few seconds I would come again. I have no idea how long it lasted, but at some point the strikes were replaced My Lady’s gentle lips. After a lovely, soothing session of kisses, she loosened the ankle restraints, so my hips were resting on the mattress again.

I simply floated along, luxuriating in the ecstasy that surrounded me. I heard her fiddling in the bed stand, and then her heat was above me, her mouth closing over my breasts, one at a time, placing a clip on each when finished. A third closed over my super sensitive clit, making me moan.

Every part of me she had been striking was humming, and as I felt the length of the strap on against my hip I braced. What was this going to feel like? My pussy was so sensitive right now. Could I take it? Then My Lady was on me, and she filled me with one smooth motion, and the bliss carried me away again.

This was my universe. I would come, and then relax back into that perfect euphoria cihangir escort of subspace, where I would exist until the tempest of my orgasm swept me away again. Over and over, perfect beyond words.

Eventually it stopped, and as she pulled out I felt loss, the first negative feeling I’d had since we started. She finished as she always did, stripping off the clips and giving one last screaming moment of joy before letting me loose from the restraints. As they came off I felt reality start to return, and I just wanted it to go away. I wanted to go back to that place, but at the same time I felt wonderful, and I was blissfully happy.

I’m not going to cry this time. There’s no reason to cry, and I don’t want to upset Taylor. I love her so much, and she’s so good to me. She makes me so happy. And with that I lost it, sobbing as My Lady pulled me into her arms, rocking me gently against her strong body until I fell asleep


It was after midnight when I woke up. Taylor was still holding me, but unfortunately I had to disentangle myself from her warmth to use the bathroom. I was also desperately thirsty, and sure enough there was a sports drink on my bed stand. When I was finished with both the drink and the potty I climbed back between the sheets. I was surprised how sore I didn’t feel, but then I had a vague recollection of Taylor putting lotion on my half conscious body.

I pressed against her, pulling her arms around me.

“You okay, baby?”

“Yeah, just had to pee.”

“You get your drink?”

“Yes, thank you. I love you.”

“Love you, too, baby. Come here.” She pulled me close. “How was it? With the, um…”

I smiled at the concern in her voice. “It was perfect, and I loved every second. Thank you.”

Her relief was obvious. “You’re very welcome. Happy birthday, baby.”

I smiled and snuggled closer to her, relaxing back towards sleep.


We spent Christmas Eve Day relaxing together, with me wrapping some presents for my parents and sister. I’d just gotten them a few trinkets from one of the campus stores, since this would be my last year in school. Hopefully next year I’d have my own money and I’d be able to do better. We headed to my parent’s house for dinner, and we took a ride out to one of the local light shows in the evening.

Christmas morning dawned, we gathered as a family around the tree. It wasn’t quite the same as it had been when we were kids, a lot of the nervous energy had slipped away as we got older. But it was home, and Taylor was there.

It turned out to be the year of the computer, as Kelsey got a new, fully loaded laptop that would see her through college at least, and my parents had a surprise for me as well, with my own new computer all tricked out for drafting, along with a professional, but still somehow stylish, briefcase. I also got two business suits, which my dad says were for interviews and things. He was probably right that I needed some more professional clothes.

They gave Taylor a gift card to an online art shop. But they weren’t done. After all the presents opened and stockings emptied, my dad cleared his throat.

“So, we waited until last for this one.” He looked at my girlfriend. “Taylor, we’ve very much enjoyed getting to know you this last month or so, and we want you to know how much we welcome you. But this isn’t about that. You performed a service for this family, a miracle, that can’t ever be repaid.

“From talking to you, and from things Aly’s said, I know you’re self conscious about not finishing school. So, we would like to help you change that. We will pay for your senior year if you’d like to return and graduate.”

Taylor’s mouth was hanging open. I’d had no idea they were planning this, and the part of me that remembered the fight about the rent payment started to panic.

My mom must have seen my face and jumped in. “Just letting you know, Aly had nothing to do with this. And, this has nothing to do with your relationship or any expectations about it. If you break up or get married or anything in between, this offer stands. This is about what you did for Kelsey, and for all of us.”

“Um, thank you. I, uh …”

Dad raised his hand. “You don’t have to answer now. The offer is there for as long as you need.”

“Thank you.”

I could feel the questions and conflicts running through my love, and she was distant the rest of the morning. Not cold distant, just thoughtful. After lunch I pulled her into the front room, so that it would be just her and I for a few minutes.

“How’ya doing?”

She shook her head. “I’m fine. Really.”

“What are you thinking about?”

She smirked at me. “You could probably guess.”

I slipped my arm in hers. “Okay, let me rephrase. What do you think about what my dad said?”

“You really didn’t know?”

“Oh, no. I’ve learned that lesson. I would have warned you, promise.” Taylor nodded and I heaved an inward sigh that she believed me. “But it still begs the question, what are you going to esenyurt escort do?”

“I’m not sure. I’m just going to think about it for a few days.”

“Okay, but if you want to do this, and I know there’s a part of you that does, you should.” I climbed into her lap, and her arms wrapped around my middle. “Just promise me that if you say no, it won’t be because of pride. Okay?”

“Okay.” Taylor nodded before kissing me on the cheek. I stayed like that for about ten minutes, just letting her hold me, my head resting on her shoulder. Little moments like this were so nice. It was kind of like the ocean. When Taylor and I were, well, you know, it was so easy to let myself submerge into the deepest parts of that place. Now, with her close, it was like I was walking along the shore, just dipping in my toes. Very nice, and it reminded me more was there when I wanted to go out deeper.

Taylor made no movement to get up, and I was just letting myself sink a little when Taylor’s phone rang. It startled me out of my reverie, and I sat up in her lap as she leaned forward. “It’s my brother.”

“The one getting married?”

She nodded and hit the icon to accept and put it on speaker. “Hello?”

“Hey, sis! I’m glad you answered. Merry Christmas!”

Taylor looked bemused. “Thanks. You too, Gabe. Are you at mom and dad’s?”

Gabriel laughed. “No, I’m not that brave. I’m at Christa’s parent’s. Mom and Dad are doing a family thing tomorrow. How ’bout you, Ruthie? Please tell me you’re not just moping around your apartment.”

I stifled a giggle at the name ‘Ruthie,’ causing Taylor to make a face at me.

“Actually, I’m at my girlfriend’s house.”

“You’re seeing someone? That’s awesome, sis!”

“Thanks. It’s nice. The whole house is starting to smell like baking ham. It’s almost like a real Christmas again. First one in awhile.”

There was a nervous moment before Gabe continued. “So, the reason I’m calling, other than to say Merry Christmas, is, did you get my card about the wedding?”

“Yeah. Congratulations.”

“Thanks. We’ll be sending out formal invitations after the first of the year, but I just wanted to let you know that I really do want you there.”

I tried to give Taylor an encouraging look, but I could tell she wasn’t convinced. “You speaking for mom and dad, too?”

“Ah, probably not. But the beautiful part about it is that Christa’s parents are paying for the whole thing. Also, unlike Michael or Derrick, neither I nor Christa work for dad, so I get to decide who I want at the wedding.”

I scrunched up my face and mouthed, “Derrick?”

“Derrick’s my little sister’s husband.”

“Hey! Who’re you talking to? Is that your girlfriend?”

Taylor blushed, looking uncomfortable. “Yeah, it is. Aly, my brother Gabe.”

“Hi! I’m trying to convince her to go.”

“I appreciate that, Aly, thanks.”

“Gabe, I just don’t want to cause a scene at your wedding. What if mom or dad won’t come if I’m there?”

“They won’t push it that far.”

Taylor chuckled dryly. “Are you really sure about that?”

“Look, the way dad and mom have been treating you is wrong. I want my family at my wedding. All of my family. But if you don’t want to deal with them I’ll understand.”

* * *

Laying in bed that night I could almost hear the thoughts running through Taylor’s head. My cheek was nestled on her shoulder as she twirled her fingers through my hair.

I kissed her skin. “Sweetheart?”


“Penny for your thoughts.”

Taylor breathed deep. “I feel like I can’t shut my head off. It’s back and forth between going back to school, what my family would be like at the wedding. If I could put you through that. How great today was. All those things.”

She moved onto her side so we could look each other in the eyes. “I’d hate it if they were horrible to you, baby. I’m not sure what I would do.”

“Are you happy?”

Taylor’s brow crinkled up at the non-sequitur. “Hmm?”

“With me, with us, together. Do I make you happy?”

“Yes, of course. You know that.”

“And would a family who really loves you want you to give that up just to make them feel better?”

Taylor closed her eyes and shook her head, laying back, and I knew I hadn’t gotten anywhere with that. If my parents rejected me over this, how would I feel? It wouldn’t matter how supportive my girlfriend’s family was, I’d be devastated.

“I’m sorry, that was trite.” I put my hand over her middle. “They’re your family and I know you want them to accept you.”

“The only way that could happen would be for me to stop being me.”

“So you have to choose. It’s not fair.”

“I’ve already chosen.” She turned back towards me. “And meeting you, I know I chose right.” She sighed, and her gaze was far away. “When I came out to my parents I did it to hurt them. I used it like a weapon. That was wrong. It was stupid and immature. I just wanted to get them back for everything I’d been feeling since I was twelve.

“But etiler escort this needs to be different, y’know? I’m not a kid anymore. I think I have to stand up and be an adult. Show them I can make my own choices, and live with the consequences.”

I grinned at her. “Consequences like me?”

Her gaze turned evil. “Yes. I cannot tell you how rough it is to have a gorgeous girlfriend who obeys my every whim.”

I made my voice as obsequious as possible. “I’m sorry I’m so difficult, My Lady.”

Taylor rolled me onto my back and overshadowed me with her body. “It’s awful. What are you going to do about it?”

My sex was already tingling as her eyes bored into mine. “I could try to please My Lady. I’ll try hard, I promise.”

“Very well.” She kissed me deeply and I melted into the mattress. Eventually she broke away, leaving me gasping for breath, and rolled onto her back. “You may begin, baby.”

I couldn’t help the smile that broke across my face as I slipped under the sheets.

– Taylor –

A van came for the Winterbergs at seven the next morning, and I waved as they drove away toward the airport, before turning back to the mansion that was mine for a whole week. When Jessica had mentioned I’d be welcome to stay to look after the place, I really didn’t feel like saying no.

I still had to go to work and spend time at the warehouse, but afterwards I very much enjoyed making dinner in Aly’s parent’s huge kitchen and lounging in front of their massive flatscreen. The two cats warmed up to me as soon as I fed them once, and we got along fine. But what I really was looking forward to was a long soak in that tub in the master ensuite. Without Aly it wouldn’t be as much fun as last time, but still, sometimes a girl just needs a good, long soak, and that’s exactly what I was doing when Aly called the first night.

“Hey, baby, how was your trip?”

“Fine. What are you doing?”

“Soaking in your mom’s tub. Wish you were here.” I put a purr in my voice that made Aly giggle.

“Stop it. My sister’s here.”

“Hi, Taylor!”

I laughed “Hey, kid. So, what’s going on?” I was a little nervous for Aly. Her mom’s side of the family were a lot more conservative than what she was used to.

“It’s eleven o’clock here, and everyone’s in bed.”

Kelsey chimed in. “And we can’t sleep. Mom said we should try. But it’s always hard the first night.”

I was trying to find a way to ask if she’d told anyone there about me. I wouldn’t blame her if she didn’t, at least not for a while, but knowing Aly I wasn’t sure if she’d wait.

“So, did you see everybody?”

“Yeah, we had a big dinner. My aunt gave Kelsey and I sweaters. Big, heavy, homemade, woolen ones. We live in L.A. When are we going to use sweaters?”

I laughed, but that didn’t answer my real question. Turns out I didn’t have to wait much longer.

“Aly told them all she was gay. Well you did.”

“You told them about me?”

“Yeah. I’m done hiding. It sucks. I’d rather people just hate me.”

“So what happened?”

“Actually it turned out to be a big nothing burger.”

“They just accepted it?”

“Ah, not exactly. Mostly they pretended it didn’t happen. My grandma actually said,” Aly put on a creaky voice, “‘Well, we all do crazy things in college, dear. I’m sure the right man will change your mind.’ And then she wouldn’t talk about it anymore. If anyone else brought it up, she’d just change the subject.”

We talked for another hour, until I got out of the cooling water and made it into bed. I said goodbye very reluctantly, getting ready to sleep in a huge and very empty house. It was an odd feeling, and I missed Aly something terrible. Quite a thing for a girl who would have sworn five months ago that she’d never need anyone again.

The week passed slowly. I talked to Aly most nights, but I had a lot of time to think about things, including a very lonely party at Jared’s on New Year’s Eve. I talked to Aly at ten, which was midnight for her, and we pretended to kiss. When I hung up there were tears in my eyes, and one slipped free.

“Hey, Taylor. You okay?”

I looked up at Jared, blushing as I wiped my cheek. “Yeah, I’m fine.”

“Uh-huh, sure. ‘Cause you cry all the time.” He handed me a red cup. “Here, you need this.”

I took a sip of the cool beer inside. “Thanks.”

“So what’s going on? Something wrong between you and Aly?”

“No, just that she’s not here.”

“Man, I’ve never seen you worked up like this about a girl. You got your head on straight with her?”

I took another sip. “Nope, not even close. She’s got me all wrapped up.”

“Lucky bastard.”

I grinned, tapping his cup with mine and downing the contents.

“Now, come on, Knox, let’s go dance.”

I shook my head, but he pulled me to my feet anyway. When the countdown started and people started to partner up I slipped away. As soon as it struck midnight I sent Aly a text, just a simple ‘I love you.’ I’d been trying to figure out how to make myself feel worthy of Aly for months. Being able to stand up to my family was a solid place to start, I think. A ridiculous memory of Yoda talking to Luke Skywalker in Return of the Jedi popped into my head, the little green muppet telling Luke that he would not be a Jedi until he faced his father again. Maybe that was my fate as well.

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