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Her part time job

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Her part time job
My wife said she was going to try and find some part time work to help us pay down some bills. I told her that was fine with me as a few were getting out of hand. She filled applications, went to interviews and didn’t seem to have much luck. Then she told me she had an offer to do some modeling for an art class, she also told me that she may be asked to pose nude. I assured her that it was ok with me, and hid my growing bulge.

She went to a college campus and had to sit as still as possible while art students drew her naked figure. She told me she had noticed the professor & male students bulging crotches, and a young female kept licking her lips & making eye contact. She did this for 3 afternoons and made $400. She told me one of the guys belonged to a camera club, and asked if shed pose for some suggestive pictures. Since i was a camera buff I told her to go for it.

A week later I was at a friends garage with five other amateur photographers when a car pulled in the drive way. A seventh camera geek & a lady got out of the car and entered the garage. I was stunned to see my wife with this young man. I put my camera to my face and started clicking shots, that way she would not recognize me.

OK guys, I met this lady at an art class on campus and asked her to join us for some suggestive picture opportunities. She asked how suggestive? and I said that was up to her. I told her the 8 of us would pitch in $50 each for $400 and if any of us wanted to negotiate for a more sexy shot, that was between her & each of us. Lucky for me no one thought of or suggested introductions.

We had special lights installed for our photo güvenilir bahis siteleri nights, which had always been sports or car related. This was our first time with a female model. There was the garage itself, 2 stuffed chairs, a couch & some gym equipment. She was asked to walk around and pose on, at or near anything she wanted. For half an hour she was fully clothed. Then the guy that brought her asked if she’d take off her blouse. I was surprised when she didn’t even hesitate. Oooh’s and ah’s were heard as she had no bra on and her firm, full breast stood out proudly. She bent over chairs, smiled for the cameras and definitely put on a show. The owner of the garage said nipples should be wet for photos and licked each one. He was right, wet ones sure glisten in pictures. The college boy offered her $ 20 to remove her shorts, commenting that we’d all enjoy seeing her fine ass. The shorts came off and her teal thong made great contrast to her soft white flesh. Many of us slipped a new disc into our cameras. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one to notice the teal was a little darker around her crotch.

Couch, chair, gym equipment, she was on the move and giving us many good angles. I disguised me voice, and asked if she’d slid the thong to one side and slide a finger or 2 in her pussy? She took off the thong & tossed it to me as the place filled with moans, I quickly stashed it in my camera pouch and started clicking pictures as she moistened a finger and slid it deeply into her sopping cunt. The loader the cheers the faster her hand moved. a guy shouted I’ll give you $50 to let me eat that pussy. She smiled, spread güvenilir bahis her legs and stuck her fingers in her mouth. Mmm hope you like the taste as well as i do. Can’t believe I’m married & doing this. He wasted no time in burying his face at her Y. The cameras didn’t stop, & neither did he. The college boy offered her his cock which she eagerly swallowed. I was about to put an end to this, when the owner of the place said, I’ve got $ 800 for you sweetheart, if you’ll give us all just a little. She pulled the cock from her mouth, and said ” Hell Yeah” I’ve always wanted a gang bang & I’m gonna get paid for it.

The man that made the $800 offer waited until she climaxed on the guys tongue. Then her eased his sizable cock into her and humped her furiously. Cocks where in her hands, in her mouth & splatting on her chest. I and some others were busy taking pictures. She was placed on her hands & knees as a guy took her from behind and others used her mouth. When he pulled out, I was ready to take his place. I figured with her facing cocks, she’d never see me fucking her soaking, stretched, pussy. I was still taking shots while pumping her pussy, and realizing I had never had sloppy seconds, fifths, eights or whatever it was.

Some of the guys went for seconds & thirds as she was spun around, traded off, and thoroughly used. It was about 2AM when things started to break up. Guys were handing her wads of folded bills. I eased out, got in my car and went home. She came in a little later, got in the shower and eased into bed trying not to disturb me.

When I got home after work, I checked the mail and found an express package. bahis siteleri I opened it & a disc fell out, with a note saying hope you enjoy reviewing our last camera club meeting. Since she was out I slipped it in the blueray and was stunned as I saw my wife walking through the garage door. The camera panned the area then went off for a bit and must have been placed to film the couch & chair area. I love porn, but having my wife as the star attraction was mind blowing. I tucked it away for safe keeping. Showered and went to the bedroom to wait for my wife. I downloaded my pictures from last night, got my pc, her teal thong, and started viewing the shots I had taken. My wife walked into the room, and smiled as she saw me stroking my cock, save some for me she said as she removed her clothes. She pushed my hands away and started sucking my cock. When she stopped I went right at her pussy, enjoying the sensation, while my mind ran through the memories of last night. She had a long orgasm, then I slid into her and started ramming for all I was worth. I pulled her thong from under the pillow and deeply inhaled her scent, sending me into heavy ejaculation mode. She looked up, saw the thong, & said what the hell. I explained that she attended my camera club meeting. was the star of the show, & I not only enjoyed it, but participated as well. I went on to explain that she not only posed for art students drawings, camera club photos, became a prostitute, but also became a porn star as well.

She demanded to know what I was talking about and I hit play on the remote and my blueray baby popped up on the screen. She gasped, asked if I knew it was being filmed. I replied no, but I imagine each club member got the same disc I got, & she was probably being seen on the web, as well as our TV. She looked and saw I was aroused, turned the volume up, mounted me cowgirl facing the screen & fucked me raw.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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