Aralık 5, 2023

Happy Ending

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“Hey Char, last minute walk in, can you take her?” called Jackie, the other late night therapist at the Soothing Touch Massage Clinic. Char looked up from her SOAP notes, “Yeah sure, just let me finish up these notes.”

“Cool, I’ll tell her you’ll be you’ll be right out, I’ll leave the keys on the backroom desk so you can lock up when you’re done.”

Charlene nodded as she finished her notes on the previous client. She heard the bell over the door chime as Jackie left. Walking to the front waiting room, she smiled at the woman seated there, continuing across the room to lock the door.

“I’ll just be a minute, just need to lock the door”

“No problem.” the woman replied. Char locked the door and turned to look at her client for the first time. The instant rush of lust flooding her aggressively heterosexual body stopped her mid breath. She could feel her heart racing, her hands sweating; she hoped her mouth wasn’t hanging open.

The woman was slightly built and dressed prettily in soft cotton shorts and a tank top faintly showing the shadow of easily aroused nipples. Her lush dark hair and finely curved features revealed both a mix of Western and Eastern heritage.

Char touched her tongue lightly to her lips.

“Hello” she said trying not to betray the quiver in her body, “My name is Charlene Michaelson, I’ll be your therapist tonight”

The woman took her outstretched hand firmly, “Hi, my name is Amy. Thank you for seeing me so late.”

“Not at all, do you have your sign-in sheet?”

“Right here” Amy handed her the clipboard.

“Lets go on back, than. We’re in the back massage room today” Char gestured to Amy to precede her down the hall. Therapists were supposed to walk behind their client so they can check the client’s posture and gait for abnormalities. Charlene, however, could do nothing but stare at Amy’s perky little ass. It hypnotized her with its beautiful even sway and enticing curves. When they got to the massage room Charlene glanced at the paperwork, it’d been nearly six months since Amy had been to the clinic.

“I see Stephanie used to be your therapist, she’s no longer here.”

“Yeah the receptionist told me, too bad”

“Yeah, we miss her” Char agreed. “Well, your familiar with what we do, so go ahead and undress to your comfort level and lie on the table under the top sheet. I will be back in a few minutes.”

Char went back to the workroom and tried to get a grip. What the hell is wrong with me? she wondered. She took some deep breaths and tried to focus, but images of the petite dark haired beauty lying naked in the next room kept her mind firmly away from business. Splashing cold water on her face and wrists didn’t help much either. She toweled türkçe altyazılı porno off and knocked on the massage room door.

“Come in” Amy’s voice called though the door bringing with it a flood of images each more alarmingly erotic than the last. She walked into the dimly lit room. Amy was face down on the table, draped under the sheet.

“Comfortable?” Char asked


“Good, lets start with some deep breaths to relax.” Char gently touched the firm slender back through the sheet and began rocking Amy’s torso. She moved down to the hips and caught her breath; Amy was not wearing panties. Normally this was not a big deal, but than, normally Char did not want to fondle her clients through the sheet.

Careful not to let her turmoil show in the trembling of her hands, Charlene worked her way down Amy’s back with out a problem and then moved to the legs. Starting at Amy’s right foot, Char undraped the leg and tucked the sheet so nothing was exposed as state law required. She began to work on the foot, trying hard not to stare between Amy’s legs. She massaged the calf and moved to the thigh. She realized that the drape had come loose. That had never happened during one of her massages before. Char could nearly see all the way up Amy’s thighs. She shook her head and decided just to get through the legs as fast as possible. She began her compressions and deep tissue gliding and tried not to notice how soft and pillow-like Amy’s thighs were. Next, she began petrisage, which is lifting and kneading the muscles. When she moved to the inner thigh, Amy moved her other leg outwardly giving Char free access all the way up. Char licked her lips. All she could think about was sliding her hand up Amy’s thigh and touching the lovely waiting pussy which seemed to be calling to her.

She had never even wondered what another woman’s pussy felt like, but now she could barely keep her hand off one. She forced herself to think of the sections of the ethics code she’d be shredding if she did that. She could lose her license. Still, she couldn’t think of anything else. It would be soft and wet. I wonder if she shaves? Char wondered idly.

Char noticed where her hands were and gasped, Oh my God. While she was spacing out, Char had worked up the inner thigh much further than she was supposed to. She was nearly at Amy’s pussy. One slight movement would move the drape and Char would be able to see everything. Quickly Char recovered the entire leg.

She moved to the left leg and raced through the foot and calf. She meant to race through the thigh, too, but the drape had come loose again and Char could see even further up this time. Again, Charlene couldn’t help, but stare underneath xnxx it. Without realizing it, she massaged Amy’s inner thigh over and over again. It wasn’t until her fingertips brushed he edge of Amy’s pussy that she realized how far she’d gone. She waited for the outraged reaction which should follow such a gross violation of professional conduct, but all Amy did was sigh and ease her legs further open.

Charlene licked her lips. She wanted nothing more than to slide her fingers up those soft thighs, under the drape to see how wet and velvety that pussy was. Instead, she slowly recovered the leg and asked Amy to turn over.

Charlene decided to work arms next. Nice, safe, non-sexual arms. She moved to Amy’s left arm and began the joint mobilization stretches. Amy’s eyes were closed and her face peaceful, but through the light summer drape, Charlene could see her dark stiff nipples and her tiny quarter-sized areolas. She massaged the left hand, forearm and arm. Next she had to stretch the pectoral muscles above the breasts. Pressing against Amy’s chest just above her beautiful, cupcake sized breasts, Charlene stretched Amy’s arm back stretch her chest muscles. Even working through the drape, touching so close to Amy’s breasts got Charlene incredibly excited. She fought to control herself, but was getting the to point where she didn’t care anymore. She was in the grip of unbridled lust and as soon as the session was over, she was going to lock herself in the bathroom and masturbate until she rubbed herself raw. She just had to finish the fucking massage without losing her license.

Charlene moved to the other arm and worked the whole arm and pectorals without losing control. She moved to the head, neck and shoulders. Head work done sitting down so she snagged her stool and sat.

God, she’s beautiful! Charlene thought gazing at the relaxed face. She began with the shoulders, worked the neck and head and finished by returning to the shoulders. When she touched the shoulders again, the drape slipped down exposing on luscious breast. Time stopped for a moment and then Charlene slipped her hand down and caressed it. Amy didn’t move; just licked her lips. Charlene slid her other hand down and fondled both breasts together. Amy sighed. Charlene smoothed her hands over the firm tissue. The hard nipples pressed against her plan. Char took one nipple in each hand. She pinched them lightly and was rewarded with a quick gasp. Charlene bent over and kissed Amy on the lips while kneading her breasts.

Amy flipped her wrist abruptly and the drape slid completely off her body and on to the floor. Amy was stretched out naked on her table exactly as Char had envisioned. She was breath-takingly beautiful. Beautiful and porno izle ephemeral. Fairy glamour. A dream that would disappear with the morning sun.

But she was real. Real, ready and wet on Charlene’s table and under her hands. At least, Char assumed she was wet. Charlene certainly was. She stood up and walked down to the foot of the table. Her hand glided down Amy’s body caressing as she went.

Amy’s legs were spread as wide as the table would allow. Standing at the foot of the table, Charlene, at last, could see the pussy she’d been dreaming of for the last hour. It was beautiful – trim and inviting. Charlene climbed up to kneel on the table between Amy’s legs. Charlene bent down and looked closely at the first pussy she was going to eat. It was open and lush like a flower. Just like all the Romance novels always described. Go figure. Charlene giggled to herself. She bent down and kissed it carefully. She felt a tremor run through Amy’s body. Encouraged Charlene began to lick. Softly and carefully she felt her way with her tongue through the folds and curves of Amy’s pussy. Every inch of it tasted delicious. Charlene couldn’t believe how great it tasted. She ate more voraciously. She nibbled and bit; licked and sucked. Above her, she could feel Amy react. Every tremble and sigh echoed through her body against Charlene’s lips. She felt linked to Amy’s deepest Self and she was trying to drink it down. She sped up and pushed deeper. Deeper and deeper, she couldn’t get enough. She wanted to plunge into the very source of this beautiful fountain. Distantly she heard Amy’s moan’s of pleasure, but she could also feel them echoing through her body. They were getting louder. Amy’s hands were on her head pushing her deeper still. Char slid one finger in as she licked upward to find to find the clitoris. Inside of Amy’s pussy felt like a velvet covered vice grip. Char eased another finger in and finger fucked Amy violently. At the same time, she kissed, nibbled and licked her clitoris. It’s like patting your head and rubbing your tummy at the same time, Char thought. She was inexperienced and a little bewildered about how to do this right.

Amy sounded like she was enjoying it. She was certainly loud enough. She was shrieking now and her pussy was spasming. Char could tell Any was right on the edge of an orgasm so she thrust her hand even harder and bit down on the clit at the same time.

“Oh Yes! Mother Fucking Yes! I’m cumming.” shouted Amy. Char knew that without being told. Amy was jerking and twisting on the table and her pussy was spasming violently and squirting everywhere. Charlene drank it all down as if she was dying of thirst. Finally, the orgasm subsided and Charlene looked up Amy’s body. She was covered in sweat and her hair was a mess. Charlene thought she’d never seen anyone so beautiful. Char crawled up Amy’s body. She kissed both nipples lightly and kissed Amy on the lips. Amy wrapped her arms around Charlene and kissed her back. She smiled wickedly. “Get your clothes off. It’s my turn!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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