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Happy Anniversary

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The atmosphere subtly changes like the slowly mounting pressure foretelling a storm. This is our first first day alone together in sometime. A drop of moisture lands on my head and suddenly I’m even more acutely aware of your skin next to me. Through the mist of the steam room I can make out one or two other couples. The room is as empty as it has been, empty enough.

My arm, which has been lazily draped over your shoulder, starts to move down your arm. The pads of my fingers brush lightly over your skin and then I turn my fingers further so that the barest hint of nail is tracking a line down your upper arm. I force myself to move slowly to the point of almost stillness and my breath catches with each shift of my fingers. I gradually increase the pressure of my nails and I can feel you respond becoming somehow simultaneously tense and liquid.

My hand drops from your arm and comes to rest on your thigh, high but not obscenely so. I leave my palm in place, conforming to the spread of goosebumps which have appeared on your flesh. You lean further into me, your warm flesh melting slightly into mine. I take the opportunity to lean my neck and brush your forehead with my lips. You shiver.

My fingers are restless, tense and still, but there is maybe a whisper of movement. Maybe it’s just my urge to move that you respond to but I feel your thigh twitch. The tension continues to mount. My little finger, the furthest up the thigh, refuses to be restrained any longer and begins to foray higher. It looks innocent enough, my palm is still. But the pad of my little finger has found where the fabric of your bikini touches the skin of your inner thigh. I find the seam between flesh and fabric, tracing the line around the soft mounded flesh.

At this point a couple leaves and we’re momentarily istanbul escort alone. My free hand finds your chin and I draw your lips to my descending mouth. I kiss you deeply and a long moan escapes your lips. “Come on.” I whisper and take you by the hand, leaving the steam room.

With barely suppressed urgency we make our way to the changing area. I slam the door shut as we squeeze into a cubicle and then I’m on you, kissing you, pressing every inch of my exposed flesh into yours as your back hits the opposite wall. My hand dives across your stomach and under the waistband of your bottoms. My finger curls and with a gasp from both of us it is enveloped by your wetness.

I move quickly to my knees, desperate to taste you. I pull your underwear down and reach up to stuff them in your mouth, stifling your moans. I am barely thinking, driven by an animal urge to drink from you as I bury my head between your legs.

My tongue folds into you, slipping between your full lips. Then my tongue curls upward, parting you as the tip searches for your clit. My lips follow, sucking gently as your sweetness flows into me. Soon both of us are trembling, our breathing ragged, I from excitement and you from your rushing climax. With an effort I pull myself away, shaking slightly. After so long, I am not ready for the tension to be released. I slowly remove your bikini bottoms from your mouth, lazily trailing my finger down your lips. “We have a dinner reservation”. I hand you your clothes, first taking the opportunity to set your knickers aside.

We get changed quickly and silently, casting lingering, hungry glances at each other as we do. Soon we are leaving the spa. We walk hand in hand, forearm pressed against forearm as we soak up each other’s skin.

The escort istanbul restaurant is small and private. It is discreetly tucked between two shops, on a bridge over the river. Upon entering we are lead to a table right at the back and a glance out of the window reveals us to be delicately perched above the wide flowing water below us. I motion you to a comfy seat next to the window and pull myself up at right angles to you. Our legs press and entwine as best they can. I can feel the restless, hungry twitching of your thigh muscles against my leg. I meet your gaze, your dusky grey blue eyes matching the turmoil of the water below. “Happy anniversary” I say quietly and with a small grin you clink your bubbling glass against mine.

We touch constantly as we eat, leg against leg, shoulder leaning against shoulder, soft trailing kisses and strokes here and there. By the time we finish our mains, your cheeks are flushed with wine and judging by the fuzziness in my head I guess that mine must match. With a mischievous grin you meet my eyes purposefully and push your fork to the floor. “Oops” you smirk at the cliche and eyes glinting descend beneath the table to retrieve it. I feel your hands urgently scrabbling at my flies and pulling the length of me free.

Soft lips part around my head. I shiver. Then you push down, cradling the length of me in warmth. Your tongue curls, savouring my hardness then all to quickly you are sitting back up licking a trail of precum from your lips. “Shall we head home?” you ask and I nod silently.

We are heading for the train station when we reach a courtyard park down one of the back streets. We glance at one another and veer towards a bench in unspoken agreement. You push me to seating, and glancing quickly around in the istanbul escort bayan dusk air you sit on my lap, facing away from me, your skirt flowing over us both. “Get it out.” you whisper and you shift just enough for me to pull my cock free. You wait for another ebb in the dwindling flow of strangers and then position yourself on top of me, sliding easily down.

A group enter the park to our right, heading in our direction. We wait in stillness as they approach, my arm wrapped tightly around your waist pulling you close and your pelvic floor muscles gently undulating around me in an altogether different embrace. The group are about twenty metres away when you teasingly shift position causing you to rise to the head of my cock before lowering again. I can’t help but gasp and I feel your body shake with suppressed giggles. In response, I lean further back causing my cock to plunge deeper inside you. This elicits a small moan from your lips just as the group passes our bench. A man at the back glances at me suspiciously but they keep moving.

The group soon reach the other side of the park leaving us alone. You shiver in the cool night air sending a ripple through us both as you tense around me. I brace against the wood of the bench with one hand and push upwards into you with a slow tempo. Your arse grinds back locking into the rhythm I set and you arch your back against my shoulder allowing my mouth to find yours. Slowly our pace increases as we kiss, breathily and hungrily, trying to keep our lips locked as our bodies start to buck more vigourously.

“Harder!” you gasp between my kisses and then fling yourself forward leaning outwards as I pound harder and harder. We start grunting and moaning, unintelligible animal sounds with an unmistakable sense of urgency. I can feel your legs start to tense, a now familiar prelude to the breaking wave of your orgasm. I too can feel the rush of approaching climax in my groin and with a grunt I join you as we crest the summit together. Gradually and shakily our rhythm subsides back to stillness. “Happy anniversary my love” I whisper in your ear.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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