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Hanging Out with Ginger

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Have you ever been in a situation that you knew was going to go really bad. Well this is one of those situations. Hope you enjoy.

So it starts out with me and my girlfriend having this fight that ends our relationship, I know what your thinking but all I asked from her was to swallow my load, who would have thought that would have ended a year long relationship.

So being depressed and needing somewhere else to be I called up my buddy Mike to see if I could crash for a few days.

Ring! Ring! “hello.” Came the familiar voice of my buddy Mike on the phone.

“What’s up Mike.”

“Nothing man what you into.”

“Well you see I could use a place to be for a few day me and Tiffany split up. You think I could maybe crash at your place.”

“Haha what did you do this time?” Mike laughing.

“Really Fucker! I just asked her to do this one thing. Then she completely flipped out on me saying that we were over.”

“I probably don’t want to know why she flipped her shit but hell it’s all good bro, bring your ass on over, it’s just me and Ginger here chilling at the house.”

“My man, see you in a bit then.”

“Hey on your way over pick up a bottle of tequila Ginger wants to play some cards and drink a little.”

“Sounds like a plan to me, I could use the distraction.” “Well come on then, we will be here waiting for you.”

“alright I’m on my way see you soon.” click hanging up the phone.

Well so far so good I thought as I jumped in the car and headed out. In about a hour I’ll be sitting back drinking a few shots and playing some cards with my good friends, I was convinced that’s all I needed to clear my head from the day I’ve been having.

It’s times like this when your driving fast and you have the radio up, Windows down and the rock station just keeps playing the right song. That makes you forget about the shitty day you have been having and what you were supposed to pick up from the liquor store, well this was today.

Completely forgetting about everything that was going on I pulled my car into the one lane, dead end road to Mike’s house pushing the pedal down causing the trees on both sides of the road to almost blur as the engine roared reaching 6200 rpms before switching gears.

One more mile to go, almost there I thought.

When I got to Mike’s driveway I could see Ginger out in the yard waving her hand in the air towards me mouthing something I couldn’t hear.

“Hey Ginn what’s up.” Turning down the radio so I could hear her as the car slowed to a stop.

“Did you get any messages that Mike sent you?”

“Ummmm nope the phone is in the seat I don’t check the phone when I’m driving.” Reaching for the phone.

“That’s good!” She said. Grabbing my phone from the seat taking a few steps back.

“What the hell Ginn!” I said getting out of the car.

“Shit! shit! shit! your phones locked.” She sounding almost in a panic.

“Calm down what’s going on?”

Ginn looked up at me with the strangest look I have ever seen from her kinda excited and scared or maybe sick I couldn’t really explain it but she looked serious. “I need you to unlock your phone without looking at the messages and hand it back to me please.” Just barely above a whisper.

About that time Mike walked out the front door smiling. “Hey bro you still driving the hell out of that car. I heard you pull in down the road sounds like it still running good.”

Looking between Ginn and Mike all I could say is “She sure does.”

“Did you get the tequila?” Mike yelled from the doorway. “I’ve got the shot glasses and cards ready to go.”

I knew I had forgotten something… “I’ll run back to the store and pick up a bottle need anything else?”

“Yeah ice and I think Ginn was wanting something From the store.”

Ginn opened the door and slid into the car. “I’m going to go with Nate back to the store so he won’t forget anything babe won’t take a few minutes” blowing Mike kisses.

I looked up at Mike studying his face making sure he was ok with Ginn going with me. He smiled and waved to Ginn said “Don’t drive her to fast.”

“Alright be right back bro.” I got back in the car shutting the door and watching Mike wave and walk back into the house.

Starting the car and pulling out of the driveway heading back to town. Wasn’t too far away maybe 30 minutes to the liquor store if we didn’t have any traffic. Looking over at Ginger she was staring at my phone that she had been holding in a deathgrip this whole time, she said to me looking from the corner of her eyes. “I took some pictures of myself on Mike’s phone after he had been texting you, somehow I managed to send them to you by accident.”

Ginger is a cute girl but she was my buddies wife so I had never really checked her out or seen her as being someone I would have sex with. Well not a whole lot. What I could tell was she stood about 5 feet tall and was really skinny maybe 100 pounds. Her breast were maybe a B cup and she had strait long red hair that reached down to her small ass. She was muğla escort wearing this yellow sundress with little blue skulls and crossbones on it that went past her knees. it didn’t reveal much of her legs but was made with a thin material that was almost see thru and I could just make out her matching black bra and panties.

“Alright no problem when we get to the liquor store I will unlock it for you.”

“Thanks Nate it was really an accident I didn’t mean to send them to you was just messing around in the bedroom taking a few pictures to surprise Mike with.”

“What kind of pictures!” I blurted out, peaking my interest.

“Private adult photos.” She grinned glowing a bright red that made her hair seem almost pale in comparison.

“Ohhhhh Ginn’s a bad girl, I didn’t think you was in to taking dirty pictures.” Laughing.

“I’m not.” jabbing me in my side with her finger giving me a grin shushing me.

“I told you it was an accident I didn’t mean to send them to you.” Crossing her arms with a huff.

“Yeah yeah I know I’m just giving you a hard time Ginn.”

“If you would have seen my pictures I think that I would have been giving you the hard time Nate.”

“Well let me be the judge of that. You did send them to me.” Holding my hand out to her.

“Hey did you delete the messages you sent from Mike’s phone?” Before she could answer my question my phone rang and the screen lit up showing 10 unseen messages from Mike and that Mike was calling. She handed the phone to me and covered her face in her hands.


“Hey Nate where are you guys at?”

“Just pulling into the liquor store bro what’s up?”

“Hey hurry back Ginn’s sister is here and she is wanting to hang out with us tonight so you better get two bottles of tequila.”

“Oh ok bro. Will do, be back in a flash, is that all you needed? Wanna talk to Ginger?” Trying my best to not sound paranoid.

“Naaa just tell her her sister is here bro and I’ll see you in a bit.”

Looking down at the dash the fuel tank was a little under a quarter of a tank.

“Hey were probably going to have to get some gas before we head back.” “Alright we will be here, see you in a bit” Hanging up the phone.

“Well I guess you deleted the messages Mike didn’t say anything about the pictures you sent me Ginn.”

“Please just delete them Nate. Mike would be pissed for sure if he knew what I sent you. You said you would delete them when we got to the store.” uncovering her face.

“Yeah I did say that.” Hitting the delete all button on the screen. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 messages deleted. “There all gone Ginn no problem see.” showing her my phone.

“Thanks I owe you one”

“More like owe me ten how many pictures did you take?” Giving her my best smile.

“Shhhhhhh! How about I make it up to you with a little peek, then we call it even sound good to you?”

“For sure what ya got in mind?” leaning a little closer.

She turned red again and looked back and forth thru the parking lot of the liquor store making sure it was clear and started pulling up her dress inch by inch. Going further up her legs as she bunched the dress up into her little hands until it got right at her panties. She stopped and taking a deep breath she showed me what she had been hiding under her dress. Her panties were black silk string bikinis with five rows of little round beads covering her slit.

“Wow Ginn them are some kinky looking panties you have on there I don’t think I have ever seen a pair like that before. That’s fucking hot.”

“Thanks Nate I just got them in today I ordered them online to tease Mike, and they arrived this morning. These are called The pearly gates. Supposedly you could slide a cock thru the rows of bead to massage the shaft when your fucking but we haven’t tried them out yet that’s why I was taking the pictures today for Mike as a surprise for later he hasn’t seen them yet. That’s the other reason that I had to come with you they take batteries the beads vibrate.”

“Damn. Well thanks for showing me your panties and getting me hard you little tease.”

“I told you I would give you a little peek.” running her fingers across the beads.

“Let’s get this stuff and get back before I make an ass out of myself while staring at your pussy. Mike said your sister is at your house waiting for us to get back she’s going to party with us tonight so we need to hurry before were missed.”

Pulling her dress back down we got out of the car and headed in the store. she looked back over her shoulder with a mischievous grin staring at my rock solid 9 inches of zipper buster begging to get freed and said “it’s a good thing you didn’t see my pictures you wouldn’t have been able to drive with that thing sticking out.” Nodding towards my cock.

“Not my fault gatekeeper” I laughed walking into the door behind her.

We picked up two bottles of top shelf tequila and some ice not forgetting the batteries that she needed for her surprise later and ordu escort headed out to the car.

“Nate you have already seen my panties could you do me a one small favor? The battery compartment is on the back inside a little flap could you put them in for me?”

“Are you sure you want me to do that” Cocking my head sideways.

“Yes please I couldn’t reach it without taking them off and I want to see if it works before I get home.”

Sounded like almost crossing a line but what the hell I was just going to put batteries in them. It’s not like I was going to fuck her.

“Sure hand them here” Holding out my hand.

She handed me the 4 AAA batteries and bent over hiding her small body beside the car door pulling up her dress in the back uncovering her small tight ass and her silk panties.

From the backside there was only one silk string that went from the rows of pearls covering her pussy thru the crack of her ass cheeks up to a small round patch of fabric that held the batteries. From this angle I could see that she was completely shaven and that the beads were slightly wet from rubbing against her mound and all of the excitement we have been having on our trip.

“Ginn…” I froze looking at her.

“Yes Nate. Please hurry before someone comes around I’m not use to my ass being shown off like this in public.”

“Well I’m going to have to grab this string between your ass cheeks so I can put the batteries in is that ok?”

“Yeah that’s fine please just hurry.”


I slowly placed the backside of my hand on the side of her little round ass cheek and ran my fingers under the string I could feel the heat coming from her soft skin and could hear her taking a deep breath as my hand slid up the string pulling the pearls tighter against her softest spots goosebumps started covered her legs. Another second or two and I would have it. Popping the cover open I slid the batteries into place and closed the cover back. When it clicked shut the vibration activated bringing her to her knees. The vibration beat wildly at her clit causing her to shake all over making her throw her head back with a loud moan.

“Ohhhh myyy ggoddddd! It’s making me cum. Turn it off! turn it off!” She squirmed trying to escape the sensation.

I picked her up under her arms and slid her into the car closing the door just as a older couple was walking up going into the store.

I ran around the car jumping in and taking off out of the parking lot as fast as my car could go spinning tires heading back towards Mike’s house with Ginger beside me.

I looked over at Ginger her eyes were closed and she was biting her lip so hard that she was leaving teeth prints. Her long red hair was blowing in the wind and both of her legs were squeezed together still shaking from her orgasm. She reached over and grabbed my arm making claw prints in my skin.

“Nate I’m coming again she screamed, please pull over I have to take these off!” She ordered pulling up her dress and jerking her wonderful silk panties removing them with one motion and throwing them into the floorboard with a thunk.

“Holy Fuck!” She purred looking over at me with her dress pulled to her waist giving me my first view of her shaven uncovered pussy. By the looks of it was tight no gap at all was showing behind her slender lips.

“I had no idea it was going to work like that. I have never came so fast in my life, most of the time it takes me at least 30 minutes to cum once, and I just came twice in 5 minutes once in a parking lot and once in your front seat.”

“Well Ginn we have a few problems were going to have to take care of before we can take you home.”

I pulled the car off the main road onto an old gravel road that lead down to a small creek and a picnic table that I used to fish at during the spring. I knew this area was secluded and almost no one ever came here anymore. I thought it would be a good place to take a break. convinced we were going to be alone I parked the car under some shade trees shutting the engine off.

“Hmmmm like what?” She looked at me almost glowing.

“Well first of all your dress is almost see thru and when you came you got your dress wet and now my seat!”

“We need to dry it off.”

“Second, we need to find the off switch to your panties. If we can catch them as there still bouncing around the floorboard.”

“Third, holding up three fingers, is my hard on there is no way I’m going back to your house with this sticking out.”

“But don’t worry I have a idea.” Winking at her.

“I think I have a towel in the trunk for the seat but we need to take your dress off and put it on the picnic table in the sun to dry it out, probably won’t take long it’s hot and your dress is so thin.”

“That might work” She said softly in thought.

“What about that?” Pointing to my hard cock.

“Well that’s up to you Ginn but we are running out of time.”

She grabbed her panties from the floorboard and stepped out of the car.

“Come osmaniye escort on Nate like you said we don’t have much time.”

I hopped out of the car watching her peel the Sundress from her body and placing it on top of the hot picnic table to dry. She bent over and slowly slid her panties back on and turned to face me.

“Nate I think your just going to have to fuck me!” As she walked towards me with a wicked grin on her face.

“This has all been my fault you need to punish me for being so bad today. letting you see my panties. Letting you touch my ass, letting you watch me cum and getting your seat wet with my sweet juices then letting you see my little pussy after. I’ve been looking at you rod for a while now I know it has to be cramped up in them jeans being so swollen let me fix it for you baby.”

“Damn Ginn are you sure.”

“Come on Nate I know you need this.”

I looked up and down her small body only covered with her matching silk bra and vibrating panty that was still running causing her pussy to leak down both her legs. Her long red hair was a mess from the car ride. She took another step towards me biting her lip again.

“I’m going to cum! Come with me just this one time.”

“Alright Ginn your right you have been a bad girl and you definitely need to be punished.” I pulled my shirt off and threw it into the hood of the car then unbuttoned my jeans and slid them to the ground letting my cock swing free.

“Oh my damn your bigger then I thought you were.”

She fell to her knees grabbing my staff with one hand while the other went around my back pulling me closer to her waiting mouth.

“I’ve wanted your cock for years now I had to know what it was like to have you inside me Nate.”

I slipped the head of my rod past her lips meeting her hot slippery tongue as she went around and around the head tasting every spot. I started working my 9 inch cock back and forth going deeper in her with every stroke I was impressed.

“No gag reflex huh babe?”

She shook her head no and winked.

Well honestly it kinda pissed me off. Here I was throwing my cock down Ginn’s throat balls deep when hours before my ex wouldn’t let me because she always gagged on my shaft.

“You like my dick huh Ginger?”

As I started picking up the pace slapping my nutts on her chin.

She nodded and winked again.

Then I don’t know what came over me but I reached down and pinched her nose shut and slammed my cock into her throat holding it there so she couldn’t breath looking into her watery eyes smiling.

“You have been a bad girl.” After what seemed like forever I released her letting her take a needed deep breath.

“MMMMM that was fucking hot, I almost came with your fat cock buried in my throat!”

Lifting her up I placed her on the hood of my car with my shirt under her I slid her down the hood to my waiting member letting it touch the vibrating pearl gates of her black silk panties that were protecting her pussy from my ram taking a final deep breath as I pulled her onto my cock not stopping till my balls slapped her ass my cock reached bottom.

If she wouldn’t have been so wet I would have never fit inside her tunnel. She was so tight that I knew I couldn’t last long inside such a tight hole with the vibrating beads around my shaft she was going to make me cum. I slid her up and down the hood of my car slapping my balls against her with every stroke.

“NATE IM CUMMMMING!” As she squirmed to getaway from my cock as the orgasms rushed threw her body causing her to arch up and scream out clawing at the hood of the car I pulled my cock out of her amazing slit and pulled her from the car,

“Finish me off babe I’m so close”

As she took my cock back into her mouth and started humming the star spangled banner that was all I could take, I came down her hungry throat with rope after rope of thick creamy cum. Not missing any she got every last drop of my seed from my sack using her hands to fist my dick squeezing me dry.

“Wow Ginn that was amazing I have never came that hard before.”

“Yeah me too I’ve never had a dick that big before your at least three inches bigger then Mike and I thought he fit me perfect.”

“Well we better get back were being waited on.”

“Yeah I almost forgot about my sister being at the house.”


Watching her turn and walk to the table with her red hair sticking to her from the sweat glistening in the sun light. I pulled out my phone and click a picture of her walking away with her juices running down her legs perhaps the hottest picture I’ve ever seen.

I got dressed while watching her finish getting herself back to together trying her best to look like she hadn’t been fucking me.

A few minutes later we were back on the road heading to Mike’s house

“Looks like were only going to be a few minutes later then expected.” Pushing my car harder in the curves making up some time.

Turning onto the familiar dead end one lane road that lead to Mike’s house Ginger turned to me and said.

“Thanks for giving me ride today. I had a blast! We will for sure have to do it again.” With a wicked smile on her face.

As we got closer to the house I could see Ginger’s sister running out to meet us waving her hands and mouthing something we couldn’t understand.

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