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Good King Wenceslas

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Good King Wenceslas looked out of the frosted window from atop the tower of his castle. The snow had come early this year and there was no sign it was going to let up anytime soon. Snow drifts nearly 20′ high had accumulated around the outer walls of the castle, making the King a virtual prisoner. Usually at this time of year, the King paid visits to his subjects, extending his Christmas greetings and well wishes, along with his usual Christmas gifts. The people of his kingdom always looked forward to seeing their kind and generous King especially at this time of year. Everyone except the young women he fancied and took without a second thought to a back room of the cottage he happened to be visiting at the time for a romp and sexual release the King always craved. However, with the weather so harsh, he was unable to fulfill his yearly self-imposed obligation. This year, the bushels of food and barrels of ale and wine, and his heavy cum filled balls, would have to wait a little longer to be delivered.

Just as the King turned to leave the window, he noticed some movement outside. Wiping the moisture from the glass, he peered out into the bleak snow. Nothing. Scanning as far as he could into the never ending wintry white blanket of snow, he saw nothing. “Hmm,” the King mumbled, “I must be imagining things.”

“Beg your pardon, my Lord?” came a sweet female voice from across the room. The voice make his cock twitch, after all, it was his favorite wench who was alone in the banquet hall with him. He chose this servant to finish preparing his meal because he knew that at any time he would want to fuck her, and she would satisfy his carnal urges. She stood about 5’3″, with large round breasts, a small thin waist and a large rounded bottom. He loved her hourglass figure as she had plenty to offer…plenty of places to fuck and plenty to hold onto at the same time. Her sky blue eyes and long fiery red hair only made her that much more appealing to him.

“Oh, nothing. I just thought I saw something from outside, but I believe it is my mind playing tricks on me…wishful thinking I guess,” the King said, still searching for a hint of movement outside the window.

“Yes, my lord,” replied the voice. Turning from the window, the King surveyed his banquet hall. This year, it would be empty except for the King and his faithful servants. The scent of a large pine tree filled the room as it stood in the corner, adorned with brightly colored pieces of fruit as ornaments, thin strands of silk draped over the tips of the branches reflecting the flames of the fire and the candles spread throughout the hall. Brightly decorated baskets and wooden toys surrounded the bottom of the tree. The King made sure everything would have been ready should any of his guests arrive, but for this Christmas Eve, the gifts would sit until the children of the nearby village would be able to travel to the castle. And the women would be allowed another day or two of peace before the King arrived to exert his power and dominance over them.

The emptiness of the banquet hall only served to remind the King of the extreme horniness he was feeling. By this time last year on Christmas Eve, the King had already had his way with half a dozen women or more, and the majority of his female servants. The only ones that the King had not royally fucked were either too old for his liking or too large. The King liked his women on the petite side, and young. He so looked forward to Christmas, and this would be the first year that the halls of the castle would not ring with the sounds and voices of children, and cries and moans of the women he was fucking. Returning his attention to the noises in the banquet hall, King Wenceslas quietly stood watching as his faithful and devoted servant finished setting out the evening meal.

The King was a very regal and statuesque figure. Standing a dominating 6’3″, the King possessed strikingly piercing pale blue eyes, sandy blonde hair and a thick but trimmed beard and moustache. His physique was impressive, broad shoulders, muscular v-shaped torso, and powerful thighs. His cock was equally impressive. Flaccid, it hung at least 4 inches down his thigh, and hard was 9 ½ ” long with a 7″ girth. The King enjoyed all the activities that kept him in immaculate physical condition, and he was considered to be the most handsome King in all the land. All throughout his reign, he had been offered many choices for a wife from other kingdoms near and far. He had experienced the love and adoring attention of many women in his life, and was far from inexperienced, but none of them had been able to made him feel like make one of them his own. The King possessed everything he had ever wanted or desired.

Hearing a deep growl from his stomach, the King turned and again faced the window. “How much longer before our Christmas Eve meal will be ready, wench?”

“I’m sorry my Lord…only a few more moments,” the servant replied nervously hastily finishing setting out the food.

The King escort ataşehir closed his eyes and hung his head. At this time, nothing would make him happier than to have a woman or two on their knees in front of him, worshiping his big cock. He loved to hear the slurping and licking noises of multiple mouths pleasuring him, and looking down upon them as he made them masturbate each other at the same time. His cock stiffened as he thought about when he would have the pleasure of taking a common villager in her own home while her family listened in the next room. The King stood for a moment at the window in silence, rubbing his hard cock through his pants, while the only other noises in the room were the crackling of the fire in the stone hearth and the petticoats of the servant bustling as she finished the dinner preparations.

Sighing heavily with his hand now inside his pants and stroking his cock, the King lifted his head and looked outside.

His eyes widened as he again saw some slight movement. “Come here wench…do you see that?”

She hurried to the window and standing up on her toes, looked out. “I’m sorry my Lord, but I do not see anything. May I ask what it is you saw?”

“Down there…it looks like a person is out there in the snow. That heap in the snow drift doesn’t look like it should be there” the King replied. “Look closely.”

She pressed her nose to the icy cold window and looked out intently. The King grinned at her naïveté as he turned to see her leaning forward, her full plump breasts almost popping out of her low cut ruffled blouse, her firm and round ass poking out behind her. Rubbing his cock again, he quietly stepped behind her still peering out the window. Grabbing her hips, he pulled her back against him, almost making her lose her balance.

“Oh, my Lord…you startled me!” she exclaimed.

Reaching around her body, he pulled the ruffled edge of her blouse down, freeing her large breasts. He immediately grabbed at her stiffening nipples, twisting them hard, digging his fingers deep into her breasts.

“You know what I want from you, don’t you wench?” the King hissed in her ear.

“Yes, my Lord” she replied quietly. Reaching around behind her, she lifted her skirt and petticoats up, exposing her bare ass and pussy to him.

“Ah, what a good wench. You remembered I want you to keep your self ready for me at all times,” the King complimented, admiring her pale skin. Sliding his hand down and around her body, the King rubbed her pussy, feeling how wet she had already had become. Loosening his pants just enough to free his cock, the King pulled himself out, and with one swift stroke drove deep into his wench. With nothing to hold onto for support, she tried desperately to maintain her balance as her King fucker her mercilessly. Fucking from behind had always been his favorite position as he could have total control over his women. Sliding a hand up her back, he pushed her down at her shoulders, making her bend over at the waist. She placed her hands on the floor as the King drove deep into her, lifting her onto her toes. With a few more powerful thrusts, the King grunted, his seed filling her tight pussy. Feeling his cock throbbing and releasing his torrents of cum inside her, made her orgasm too, her own muscles contracting and milking him.

“Ahhhh, much the better,” the King said proudly. “Now clean me.”

She quickly turned and dropped to her knees, her body still trembling slightly. Starting at his balls, she licked him up and down with strokes of her tongue along the length of his cock. Up and down, up and down. Looking up at him, she smiled as she took the massive head of his cock into her mouth and sucked the remaining droplets of his cum, swallowing it.

“Thank you, my Lord,” she said, remembering that she must show her appreciation to the King for him taking her, anytime and anywhere. She had learned long ago of his insatiable sexual appetite and what was expected of her.

“Excellent…now is the Christmas Eve dinner ready yet?” he asked with a satisfied smile, and turning to look out the window again.

“Just another minute my Lord,” came her reply as she stood , flattening the bustles of her skirt, and replacing her breasts to inside her blouse. As she turned to hurry back to the table, the King grabbed her arm and pulled her to the window again.

“Did you see that?” the King asked, pointing out the window.

With her eyes wide open, she turned to the King, “Yes, my Lord. I did!”

Without another word spoken, the King turned and headed for the large wooden door. Throwing his long woolen wrap over his shoulders, he each picked up a candle and ventured down the long spiral stone staircase. A couple of his servants saw the King descending the stairs and quickly followed. The chill in the air made them shiver all over, as they reached a small side entrance to the castle. This door was known only to the King and a few of his most trusted servants. From the outside kadıköy escort bayan it appeared like the stone outer wall, but on the inside, it was adorned with steel bars and padlocks. Holding the candles close to the keyhole, the ice began to melt, dripping onto the rock floor below.

With enough of the ice melted, the King and his servants labored to open the door, followed by a large snowdrift falling inside the doorway. They ploughed though the snow until they reached the outer edge of the drift. Wading and struggling through the snow, the King and his servants finally reached the unusual heap. Wiping the snow away, they only had to dig a couple of inches before their hands felt what was most definitely not snow. Looking at each other, they dug deeper. Taking a hold of a small handful of cloth, the King pulled at it, uncovering a face. He inhaled deeply when he saw the face of a young woman…a beautiful young woman.

The whiteness of her face was shocking. The King knelt down and brushed the wisps of hair away from her eyes, uncovering her face completely. She was lovely, even in this half frozen state. Her almost white, blonde hair barely showed from under the wrap covering her head. Unsure if she was even still breathing or even alive, the King and his servants quickly brushed off the rest of the snow covering this flaxen beauty. Lifting her into his arms, the King had no trouble carrying this mystery woman back to the side entrance of his castle. As the King carried the young woman in his arms, he noticed how small she felt in his arms, but as he pulled her close, he could feel the roundness of her bosom against his body. A wicked grin soon came over his lips as his mind began to fill with carnal thoughts.

“You may bring anyone downstairs you require to make sure the door is closed again,” the King instructed. “I will take her upstairs and wrap her in blankets to warm her.”

“Yes, my Lord. Right away my Lord,” the dutiful servants replied, bounding up the stairs ahead of the King.

The King strode up the stairs, taking two, sometimes three at a time. Time was of the essence. He had no idea how long this woman had been outside in the cold, but he was going to do everything he could for her. Entering the warm room at the top of the tower, the King kicked some blankets to the floor and pushed them around making a soft layer in front of the crackling fire. Not even thinking to lay his beauty down, he gathered a few pillows and knelt down, carefully laying her atop the blankets, her head resting on the softest pillow. Looking at this woman he had found outside in the snow, he carefully covered her with blankets, his eyes not leaving her face for one second. He was mesmerized by her stunning beauty, even as she lay unconscious before him. He felt his cock twitching while entranced by her.

Bursting into the room, the servants who were out in the snow with the King cried out, “It’s done my Lord. The door is closed.” Peering over the shoulder of the King as knelt down at the woman’s side, the servants whispered among themselves. “I wonder who she is?” “What was she doing out there?”

“Silence!” the King bellowed. “I will not listen to your chatter!”

“Yes, my Lord,” the servants replied in unison. “What would you like us to do my Lord?” one of them asked.

“I am not sure there is anything either of us can do…except wait,” the King replied. “I believe we have done as much as we can for now. We can only hope that she will make it through the evening and be with us on Christmas.” The King stood and looked down, studying every curve of her face, memorizing it, taking in her beauty. He stood quietly for several minutes before speaking again. “I do not want to think back on our future Christmas Eves and remember this as the night we found a young woman frozen outside the castle.”

“Yes, my Lord. Indeed my Lord,” the servants replied.

“I think she will need to rest, but for now, I wish you to all stay and dine with me while I watch over her,” the King said with a loud booming and jovial voice.

The servants all smiled and nodded at one another, following the King to the dining table. “Go, bring everyone in so we may all enjoy this food. After all, what is Christmas without giving and sharing?”

One of the servants disappeared, his voice echoing down the hallway. “C’mon everyone. His majesty wants all of us to join him to eat!” The room quickly filled with the King’s servants. Everybody already knew their place at the table and stood behind their chairs waiting for the King to be seated and give them permission to sit. The King took another look over at the woman sleeping near the fireplace, wrapped in the blankets. With a nod of the head, the servants all took their seats, and looked towards the King. Smiling at the two female servants on either side of him, they rose from their seats and began piling food onto the King’s dinner platter.

They vied for the King’s attention, leaning close to him, angling their escort bostancı bodies to face him, each trying to tempt him with their barely covered cleavage. Accidentally dropping a roll into the King’s lap, a small framed blonde servant smiled innocently as she retrieved it, making a point of rubbing his bulging cock as she did so. The King took her hand and pulled it downwards, indicating to her to kneel and crawl beneath the table. Beaming a smile at him, she gathered up her skirt, lifting it high enough to let him see her blonde pubic hair, then crawled beneath the table. With one hand the King reached down and opened his pants, the other picking up a roll and sinking his teeth into it.

The blonde servant giggled as she pulled her King’s growing cock towards her. She was one of the more talented servants when it came to oral pleasure, and she knew it. The King never passed up an opportunity to have this naughty servant service him, as she took such enjoyment and pleasure in doing it. Leaning as far forward as possible, she took the head of his cock into her mouth, lovingly sucking it. Her lips puckered as she slid the King’s cock in and out, her hand masterfully stroking in perfect rhythm with her mouth. Scooting right between the King’s knees, the servant lowered her head, engulfing his cock. The King moaned as he felt her hot little mouth so expertly taking him down her throat. She massaged and caressed his balls while she slurped loudly.

All the servants knew exactly what was going on, and they tried to ignore the noises and mental images flooding their minds as best they could, but it was hopeless. The male servants cocks began to harden and many lowered a hand, adjusting and rubbing themselves. A couple of them had been lucky enough to be on the receiving end of the blonde’s oral talents, and knew what incredible feelings the King was experiencing. But for now, as the King was not in the sharing mood, their sexual frustration would have to be taken care of later on.

Sucking more intently, the servant moaned at her King’s cock sliding in and out of her mouth. How she relished it. She adored how he slid between her lips, across the surface of her tongue and down her throat. The King, unable to hold his seed back much longer, sat upright and pushed her mouth down onto his cock, her chin resting against his heavy cum filled balls. Not expecting his forcefulness, she gagged but soon accommodated him. He thrust his hips up, pushing more of his rod down her throat, his balls emptying into her. Gulping down every drop of cum, careful not to dribble any from her mouth, she moaned satisfactorily as she swallowed mouthful after mouthful.

“Thank you my Lord,” she said smiling.

Stroking her hair, the King just looked down and smiled at her. That was all the praise she required and after carefully tucking his softening cock into his pants, she crawled back out from under the table and took her seat as if nothing out of the ordinary had occurred. Of course, on special occasions in the banquet hall, sucking the King’s cock while everyone else dined was not out of the ordinary for her.

Taking his time to watch as his servants eat and talked among themselves, the King found his attention returning to the woman sleeping by the fireplace. He still wanted to find out more, but until she awoke, there wouldn’t be much chance of that happening. The King sat and watched her, not taking his eyes off her. One of the servants offered a few platters of food to the King, but he just set each one on the table, not selecting anything. Sensing the King’s impatience about the woman, one by one, the servants rose, bowed in the way expected of them, and slipped away, leaving the King staring intently at the woman wrapped in blankets on the floor in front of the fireplace.

It took the King several minutes to realize he was alone. He walked to the corner of the room and stood beside his Christmas tree. He traced his fingertip along some strands of silk, watching the dancing candle flames reflect off them. This only kept his attention for a few seconds before his overwhelming urge to have this young woman took control and the King walked towards her sleeping body. Sitting beside her, the King suddenly felt a wave of compassion come over him. Usually a sleeping woman was no reason for him to hold back his lust and desire. Normally, the King would mount and begin to fuck her ruthlessly, having her awaken to him inside her. The King sat for a few minutes on the blankets. He lifted her limp and almost lifeless body into his arms, cradling her. She looked so small, so helpless. He pulled her to his body and closed his eyes, slowly rocking back and forth as if he was rocking a baby to sleep. He was startled to hear a quiet moan come from the bundle in his arms and looked down at her, hoping for another.

As he waited for more sounds of life, images of him and this beauty laying in his arms filled his mind. He thought about how it would feel to be kissing her lips, how her small body would feel during an explosion of ecstasy, how she would look as she lay beneath him amid the throes of passionate lovemaking. His shaft quickly began to respond to his thoughts and he felt her blanket wrapped body rubbing against him through his clothes.

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