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Glory Daze Ch. 07

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A series of stories about the pleasures of youth and the fun had during those glory years…

Story Seven — Tales from the Pussy Posse

“…and she has the biggest jugs,” said Bryerson, with some certainty, as if that should settle the matter once and for all.

I took a swig from my beer and watched Steve nod his agreement.

“You’d give Janet McAllister an eight?” Greg asked Todd Bryerson incredulously, “Man, your standards must be slipping.”

“Dude,” interjected Steve to Greg “She’s a great lay.”

There was a pause while we all thought about that.

“When did you get in Janet McAllister’s pants?” asked Harrison, ending the pause, sounding like he’d just been hit with the punch line.

“After Winter Formal,” replied Steve, smugly grinning, “She may have come with Bobby Davidson, but she left with me.”

“I hear that,” said Bryerson, giving Steve a high five.

I took another swig of my beer.

“What about that Pat chick,” said Greg to Todd, “She’s got better tits than Janet.”

“Pat who?” asked Todd, looking dumbfounded.

“You know that bitch on your cheerleading squad,” said Greg as if that ought to resolve the matter.

“There isn’t any cheerleader at my school named Pat,” said Todd sounding sure of himself, “You mean Cindy Thompson.”

“Oh, man,” said Steve, excitedly, “I know the chick you’re talking about. I got a blowjob from her once. I thought she was gonna bite my dick off.”

“No, dude,” said Todd, “That’s Zoë Clark. All the guys at my school know not to let her suck you off. You only fuck that hoe in her pussy. The bitch is psycho.”

“Hey, guys, the one I’m taking about is blonde,” said Greg, exasperated, “That Zoë chick has dark hair.”

“I still can’t believe you scored with Janet McAllister,” said Harrison belatedly.

“Harrison, dude, get over it. That was months ago,” said Steve, then he asked Greg, “Are you talking about the short blonde or the tall blonde?”

“Dude, the short one.”

“Oh,” said Todd finally realizing about whom they were talking, “You mean Michelle.”

“Yeah, that’s it,” said Greg, relieved, blowing it off, “When your dick’s up her cunt, who gives a shit what her name is?”

We all laughed, except Harrison, who still looked confused.

“Man,” said Steve to Todd, “Your cheerleading squad really puts out. Why the hell doesn’t ours put out like that?”

“I still can’t believe you had Janet McAllister,” said Harrison shaking his head.

“Harrison, for fuck’s sake, would you just shut up already?” I said authoritatively, then back to the matter at hand, all the guys paying attention to what I had to say, “I’ve had ’em both and I can tell you with certainty that Janet McAllister may have bigger tits, but Michelle Collins can work magic with her pussy.”

“Yeah,” said Todd dazedly nodding his head in agreement, “She does those Kugel exercises. She told me about it the last time I had a piece of her. I couldn’t believe what I was feeling.”

“It’s Kegel dumbass,” said Greg, “Kugel is something you eat.”

“Well, I eat pussy too, so what the fuck difference does it make?” said Todd, taking offense.

“So,” said Harrison playing catch up, “Michelle’s an eight. What does that make Janet?”

“Jesus Christ, Harrison,” said Steve, “Can’t you follow along? No one’s talking about Janet.”

Harrison looked pathetically confused at this point, and I suspected he was a little drunk, well, maybe a lot drunk. Harrison never could hold his alcohol. And it also looked like Greg and Todd might be getting ready to get into it, so I thought I’d better forestall any potential trouble.

“I’m fucking bored,” I said, indicating the empty field around us, “We can’t sit around here all night getting wasted.”

We were sitting in the middle of Beard’s Field in the back of Steve’s pick-up truck. The last light of the evening gloaming lit up the field with an orange glow.

“Yeah,” said Steve, throwing his empty beer bottle out into the field, “Besides our six packs are almost gone.”

“So, what do you wanna do?” asked Todd.

Todd was a buddy of mine. Our families were friendly. He went to the neighboring school. Our school and his had a friendly rivalry on the football field, but we were all cool enough to just hang together off the field.

“We could go to the arcade,” said Greg, but even he didn’t sound convinced of it being a good idea.

“Or go get a pizza or something,” suggested Steve, figuring food was always a safe bet.

I was a little flush with beer myself. Nowhere near buzzed, just enough to make me feel warm around the edges. I’d been to the arcade too many times before; there wasn’t much there that I hadn’t already seen. And, well, we could always get a pizza….

“Dude,” I said, “I’m not hungry, I’m horny. Let’s get laid.”

“Man,” said Greg jokingly, “I’d like to help you out, but I’m not that kind a guy.”

“Seriously, dude,” I said, punching him hard, “Let’s. Get. Laid.”

“You mean just like that,” gaziantep bayan escort said Greg, snapping his fingers.

“Yeah man,” I said, snapping my fingers back in his face, “Let’s find a girl we can bang.”

The guys looked at each other doubtfully.

“What?” I asked them, “Why’s everyone gotten so fucking quiet all of a sudden? I know none of you guy’s are cherry.”

“Marc, dude,” said Harrison, “You mean like all of us at the same time?”

“No, moron,” I replied, “There’s only so many holes to go around right? I meant one after the other. Don’t be such a pussy. It’s not like we haven’t seen each other naked since freshman gym.”

I was getting blank stares from Greg, Steve and Harrison.

“Guys, you’re all big talkers, but you can’t walk the walk? Let’s see you put your money where your mouths are,” I said, baiting them, “You’ll watch porn with me, but you won’t fuck unless the lights are off?”

There was still silence.

“Bryerson, man, I know you hear me?” I asked him in desperation.

“Dude I hear you, no problem,” he said to me, grinning from ear to ear, and then by way of explanation to the other guys, “Marc and I fucked my old girlfriend Angela together a few weeks ago this past summer at my place. It was at my parent’s Fourth of July picnic. I was in the den with Angela and she pulled my swim trunks down and just started sucking on me like a crazy bitch. Everyone was out in the back. Marc comes in and sees us, and I was just sitting there with her mouth on my dick. Marc was a fucking stud, man. I mean he just came up behind her, pushed her bikini out of the way and started plugging her right there. It was so hot.”

Steve and Greg had smiles plastered on their faces by now imagining it. Little did they know that in a few weeks Julie Shafer would fuck all of us on the football team as part of a dare. But up until that moment they’d never actually contemplated screwing a girl in front of another guy.

“Really, it’s no big deal,” I said, “When I popped my cherry it was with my brother’s girlfriend, Kelly Sue and Peter and his buddy Brian were there. They fucked her too.”

“Brian Tanton?” exclaimed Steve, “No fucking way! He was always such a tight ass.”

“Probably because he’s got a little dick,” I told them.

“Wow, I didn’t know that,” said Greg surprised, “I thought Shawna Mitchell was your first?”

“That chick I fucked two summers ago? Naw, she was my third. But I was her first. But her’s was the first cherry I ever popped. So now you know.”

“So,” said Steve, returning to the matter at hand, “We wanna get laid? Assuming that everyone is okay with the idea, where are we going to find a girl willing?”

Now that was the problem. But it was a problem that solved itself before the night was over.

We took off into town looking for a girl who would do what we needed. Now small town life on a Saturday night was pretty much plain dead. All the young kids would get in their rides and go cruising up and down Main Street. Normally we considered ourselves too cool for that kind of shit, either all ready having a girl lined up or a party to go to, or a game, or something. But it was the end of summer and nothing, but nothing, was going on.

So Steve put it in gear, Harrison got in the front with him, and the rest of us hung out in the back of the truck, letting the wind blow through our hair as we made our way into town.

It was a short ride from Beard’s Field to the main strip. The young kids were mostly already out in force, driving up and down. You’d get to the end of the drag and turn around and start all over again. That was pretty much it.

But it provided a harmless form of flirtation.

“Well,” I said, “If we are gonna fuck, we’re gonna need some rubbers. Steve pull into the pharmacy.”

Steve did as he was bid and I gathered up our money to go inside and buy what was required.

The condoms were kept behind the counter. Old Mrs. McElroy was working that night. Now its bad enough having to ask for them from a guy, but its worse when the clerk is a woman. Oh, well, there was nothing for it. If I went outside now, empty handed, I’d never hear the end of it.

“Hi, ma’am,” I said.

She looked at me expectantly over the frames of her glasses like she was a librarian.

“Can I grab a couple twelve pack boxes of the Trojans please?” I asked her.

She smiled at me indulgently.

“Marc isn’t it?” she asked.

“Yes, ma’am,” I replied.

“Does your mother know you’re in here asking for condoms?” she said in mock chastisement.

“No, ma’am,” I said matter of factly, leaning in towards the counter conspiratorially, “But I expect if she knew I was going to get laid tonight, she’d want me to have some protection. So can I have them or what?”

“That’s a lot of condoms for one young man.”

“Well ma’am,” I said ginning at her maliciously, “There’s five of us and we’re pretty horny. I know I plan on dropping my load at least three times.”

“Oh, my,” said Mrs. McElroy, a little bewildered.

She gave me another once over reappraising the football player she thought she knew. I think the old lady had actually gotten a little excited and I thought I detected a little flush growing on her cheeks.

“Oh, and ma’am?” I asked as she turned to retrieve the boxes.

She looked at back at me expectantly.

“You better grab me a box of the Magnum XLs,” I continued, leering, “I’m a lot bigger than the average bear, if you know what I mean? And I need a condom with a lotta room when I fuck.”

As I said this I grabbed my crotch crudely and gave it a couple lascivious shakes.

“Oh, my!” she said again, this time louder than before and there was a distinctly rosy glow to her cheeks.

I smiled my best winning smile, paid for my merchandise and took off out the door, keenly aware that Mrs. McElroy was following my ass as I walked away.

The guys were psyched. We were ready to play. Steve cranked up the rock and roll from the stereo and we took off our shirts in summer evening air so the girls could admire our hard bodies. When three or four girls in a car would pass us by and we’d shout and holler at them like guys are supposed to do. Making total fools of ourselves in the process. The girls loving the attention would shout back. In lots of the cars the girls were wearing just bikini tops in the warm summer air, some precious little else. If you were lucky sometime you could even get a girl to flash her naked tits at you.

We’d driven up and down for about forty minutes, when we decided to stop by a little ice cream parlor near one the end of the strip. Harrison had spied a bunch of girls hanging out near there, and we all knew nothing was going to happen just driving. Despite the available sights it was all looks and no play.

We pulled in and jumped over the railing of the truck, flashing our smiles. Boisterous football players, we were known and recognized about town.

Steve and Greg got in line at the counter and the rest of us sauntered after them. There were a few small groups huddled in the parking lot. Some were older couples together. But mostly they were younger kids like us in groups of the same sex. I saw three girls standing together that I thought were maybe the right type. They seemed to be younger than us, so I didn’t really know them.

I noticed the tall girl first.

Blonde, cute, and dressed in a preppy looking outfit. Rich parents, no doubt. The second girl next to her was shorter, curvier. Her blonde hair was darker than her friend’s. She was worth a second glance, so I gave her one. Her tits were nice and round, held firmly up with her bra. She was probably one of those girls who was still a virgin, but easily flattered by the attention she found men were paying to her newly developed body. Her ass filled up her jean shorts too; giving it a pleasing, rounded shape. In time she’d be stunning, right now she was already a knockout.

The first girl gave me a stony stare. The second girl met my eyes, but turned away bashfully as I smiled at her. The third girl smiled back at me with no problem. In fact she eye fucking me with what could only be termed open desire.

She could easily be a winner.

I flashed my grin back at her and she didn’t shy away at all. No, this girl knew she was hot shit, and she wasn’t afraid to flaunt it. I loved the look of her, long and tall, lean and luscious, beautiful and full dick sucking lips. I racked my brain for a moment and then it occurred to me that I had met her somewhere before, but she was younger than me. Maybe I’d met her through a church picnic or an after school activity of some kind? Whatever the case, wow, was she different from the way she normally was. If she hadn’t been wearing a bikini top and cut off jean shorts I’m not sure I would have usually noticed her. Her chestnut hair fall down her back. It was an absolutely stunning effect. I wondered if her mother knew she was out dressed like this?

“Greg, dude,” I said handing him a fiver, “Get me whatever you’re having.”

Greg smiled at me, “Sure thing boss.”

I heard Todd say as I walked away, “Dude, thinks he’s going to score with those girls.”

I swaggered over to the girls. The trick in a really good swagger is to walk in the most nonchalant way possible, while at the same time making it appear that your dick is three sizes too big for your shorts.

I have a big cock, so I’ve never found this to be a problem.

“Hey,” I said walking over to the girls, “Don’t I know you girls from somewhere?”

The preppy girl smiled politely, but it was clear from the outset she was not going to play along with whatever I had in mind. Her mother had obviously warned her about guys like me, and she was still young enough and frigid enough that that advice meant something to her. So, I just ignored her and turned my attention to the other two with big smiles for each.

“I’m Marc,” I said oozing as much charm as possible.

“Yeah we know,” said the shorter blonde, “My name’s Marci, this is Ellen and Christy.”

She indicated the preppy girl and the flirtatious one, respectively.

“You’re on the football team right?” asked Christy, knowing the answer full well already.

Her eyes gave me a sexy once over, halting momentarily once or twice over my package. Then she licked her tongue around her ice cream like she was giving it a blowjob.

“We’re all on the football team,” I said, indicating my buddies who were at this point horsing around and pretending real hard not to notice the girls and me.

“We wanted to know if you girls wanted to take a ride with us.”

Christy gave a measured look at her two companions, making up her mind on the spot, “Sure. Love to.”

“Christy,” started Ellen, “Our ride will be here in a half hour. I promised….”

“Shut up El,” said Marci nudging her.

Marci was looking at me like I was a celebrity. Then again I suppose it wasn’t every day that these girls had football jocks hitting on them. They were far too young yet to move in the usual circles we moved in.

“Well, I am not going,” said Ellen decisively, looking at me like she was little red riding hood and I was the big bad wolf.

If she only knew.

But the other two, fortunately, didn’t share Ellen’s perspective. After a minute we all sauntered back over to Steve’s truck, leaving Ellen alone and waiting for her ride. At about the same time the other guys got there with the ice cream.

“Guys,” I said, winking, “These lovely ladies have offered to be our guests and come with us on a little drive. This is Marci and Christy. Marci, Christy these roughnecks are Todd, Greg, Harrison and Steve.”

Once everyone had exchanged their initial pleasantries, we helped Christy up onto the back of the truck and Marci, still a little shy, got in the front seat between Steve and Harrison. Steve peeled out of the parking lot heading back down the strip.

We made a couple rounds up and down the strip again, using it as time to get to know one another better and to finish our ice cream. Christy was not only cute, she was funny. Her wit more than a match for our own, such as it was. From inside the cab of the truck, Steve had cranked up the radio. Harrison had put his arm around Marci.

There was a good vibe going on.

Christy snuggled up between Todd and I in the back and it wasn’t too long before I started kissing her. She started necking back and Todd, working from my cue, started kissing her shoulder and neck.

Sensing no resistance I put my hand up to her breast and squeezed her tit in time to our tongues. I’m pretty sure it was not the first time that a guy had felt her up before. Christy then turned away from me to stick her tongue in Todd’s mouth; he went for her other tit.

I’m sure Steve was getting a good view of all this from the rear view mirror, but Marci and Harrison were pretty much oblivious.

As Todd and I massaged those gorgeous mounds, I reached behind her and undid her bikini top, letting her chest spill out into our waiting hands. Christy offered no resistance. Greg reached over and put his hand on her thigh.

She stopped only for a second, watching him, but went back to kissing me as Greg’s hand moved up her thigh to gently rub the area near her sensitive pussy. Todd worked his mouth down to suck on her nipple. We took turns sucking and kissing her tits and mouth as she lost herself between us.

By this time Greg had gotten his fingers as far up her shorts as they would allow. I figured all things being equal this girl was ready for more.

“Well guys,” I said confidently, “I think our little girl here is ready to party with us, aren’t you baby?”

“Hell, yes,” she said without reservation.

I hoped that she knew what I meant.

“Have you ever had yourself a little party before darlin?” I asked her.

“Only once,” she said, “With my last boyfriend.”

The way she said it I thought she might be lying. But she felt the bulge of Todd’s cock and it was obvious that whatever she’d done before, she was turned on by the idea of getting a chance to do something with the jocks tonight.

“Don’t be a tease Christy,” I said, “We’re either going to do this or we aren’t, but you need to make up your mind now.”

“What do you want me to do?” she asked rubbing her hand over my bare chest.

“Lie down with me,” I said.

There were beach towels laid down the back of the truck from our earlier party in the woods. Christy lay back and I lay next to her. Todd took up a position along her other side.

As she took up with Todd again, their eyes closed, their tongues exploring each other’s mouths. I put one hand on her lovely tit, and used the other to unbutton her shorts.

We were low enough in the back of the truck and the truck itself was high enough that most of the other vehicles on the road were oblivious to what was going on.

“Greg,” I said, “Give me a hand with these.”

Greg came up and helped me pull Christy’s shorts off; she lifted her ass for us without ever taking her mouth off of Todd’s. Soon she had nothing on but her silky white panties.

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