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Gift For Brenda Ch. 2

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Note to the Reader: In the first Part Suzie has “given” her husband to her best friend Brenda for the weekend. Brenda has recently left a sexless marriage from a very repressed husband and she is feeling very lonely. Suzie thinks Bill is just the ticket to help Brenda through her doldrums. You might want to go back and read the first submission before starting this one.

* * * * *

I didn’t know how long we lay like that… my body draped lightly over hers… the tip of my now limp penis nestled just inside her. Almost simultaneously we both began to stir slightly… our senses slowly returning… slowly becoming aware of our surroundings… of each other. Rising up on my elbows, we looked at each other and almost simultaneously spoke “Wow!”

I softly asked, “Am I hurting you? Do we need to move?”

“No. I’m fine… really fine… great actually… wonderful,” Brenda smiled up at me. Then burying her head in my neck she started stumbling over her words again. “Bill… I… I’m sorry… sorry for being so vulgar a while ago… “

“Sorry?” I interrupted. “How can you be sorry for anything we just did?” pulling her chin up, willing her to look at me. “There was nothing wrong with anything you said – or anything that we just did. Understand? I think it’s very sexy for a woman to really ‘let go’ vocally like that during sex. I mean after all… when we’re being that open… that intimate… how can using words to describe it be wrong. “

“Then you don’t think I’m horrible for what I said… what I screamed out when you were… uhhh… making love to me?” Brenda continued haltingly.

“Brenda, nothing you said was horrible… or even bad. You were turned on… I was turned on… the words you used… we used… the things we did together were just natural. Okay?”

Silently Brenda shook her head and then whispered a weak, “Okay” in response. Nestling her head back in my shoulder Brenda brought her hand up to my face and started lightly touching my cheek… my lips.

“Why don’t we roll over on our sides so I don’t squash you?” I asked, concerned about the weight of my body on her tiny frame.

“Mmmm… I don’t want to move… I can still feel you inside of me,” Brenda quietly muttered. We lay still for a few more minutes… reveling in the afterglow of our coupling… enjoying the feel of our naked skin touching… her hand drifting from my face down to my neck… moving to my back… and then lower to lightly tease the dimple at the juncture of my ass cheeks. “Bill, can I ask you to do something for me?”

“Mmmm.. right now you can ask me for anything Brenda. ” Then raising my head and smiling at her, “Let me guess, you want me to hang those curtain rods for you. Right?”

“Can you turn over without slipping out of me?” she asked.

“I don’t know… I’m not hard anymore… I’m just barely inside you… so it may slip out. But we can try,” I answered. Carefully we attempted to roll over… keeping our bodies pressed tightly against one another in a successful effort to keep ourselves joined together – barely.

“So is that what you wanted to ask me? Or was there something else?” I questioned.

“No, there was something else,” Brenda replied folding her arms over my chest and resting her chin in her hands. “Peter is the only man I’ve ever been with,” and then quickly adding with a smile “before you that is. Well… Peter was always very inhibited… with his body. Back when we did still have sex it was always with the lights off… the covers pulled up tight… and… well… the only time I’ve ever seen a man’s… uh… thing was.. “

Interrupting Brenda I asked, “Brenda is ‘thing’ what you call a penis with your girlfriends… or in your own mind? It’s a dick… a cock… or if you will a penis… but it’s not a thing. Now stop being so embarrassed and call it what you want to,” I replied a little stronger than I had intended.

Emboldened by my little speech Brenda Continued, “Okay… I’ve never really seen a man’s ‘dick’ except in pictures… I’ve never really touched and looked at one… up close and personal… so I was wondering…

“Wondering if now that you’ve been made love to with my dick, if you could get a little closer look at it?” ankara escort I teased.

“Yeah, that’s kind of what I meant. Can I look at it… can I, huh… please?” she teasingly asked. For some reason we both found that hilariously funny and began laughing… our bodies shaking until suddenly my penis slid from her still slippery pussy. “Whoops,” she giggled “I didn’t mean for that to happen. “

“Well I told you that I wasn’t hard anymore,” I replied defensively. “But it still feels nice with you lying on top of me like this. “

“Not hard anymore, huh?” she replied coyly. “Maybe we should see what we can do about that… Or better yet maybe we should see what I can do about that,” Brenda teased rocking her body back and forth against mine. Then realizing what she had said, Brenda embarrassingly hid her face in her hands.

Gently rubbing her soft, naked body I whispered in her ear, “Brenda, stop being so bashful. I told you anything we did or said was completely natural. Okay? Just relax. “

Brenda seemed to contemplate what I had said for a minute or so before lifting her head to look into my eyes again. Her facial expression shifted from embarrassment to seriousness to merriment. Then her eyes seemed to become a darker shade. Fixing her eyes intently on my own Brenda began a slow jungle crawl backwards down my body – her eyes never leaving my own. As her head came even with my penis she took her eyes off me and stared intently at my dick.

“It’s… beautiful… all wet with our juices… just gently and quietly lying there… it’s just beautiful,” she whispered huskily. Then taking my shrunken organ in her hand she began to blow her warm breath against me. Looking briefly up at me “Your not to cover this up the entire weekend. I want to be able to see it anytime I want,” she ordered with a smile. Using her tongue she reached out and just barely touched the moist tip.

“Uhh Brenda… don’t you want me to wash up first? Clean my come off?” I asked.

“No!” Brenda strongly replied. “I want to taste it just like it is… all wet and shiny. Besides, a really close friend once told me ‘a little come never hurt anyone’,” she replied grinning back up at me. In one smooth motion Brenda sucked my glistening dick completely into her mouth… her lips sinking to the bottom of my shaft. “Ummmm,” she moaned letting my dick slip from her mouth. “You taste wonderful… we taste wonderful. I love the taste of it… of your come… well actually our come. ” Then Brenda once again became silent as she greedily sucked my spent penis back into her mouth.

Pulling my penis from her mouth… a thread of and saliva and juices still connecting us… not taking her eyes off my growing erection she whispered, “I’ve never done this before Bill. Tell me if I do something wrong. ” Then before waiting for a response she quickly sucked my dick back into her mouth. Swirling her tongue around the sides, my erection started to grow in her mouth… the growth causing the sides of her cheeks to expand.

My moans of approval encouraging her, Brenda became a woman possessed. Taking to it naturally she used one of her hands around the base to steady it in her mouth, while the other was wrapped snuggly around my balls… it was very apparent that this blow job was not being given for my pleasure… her technique was almost carnivorous… but what ever the intent, my pleasure was certainly the result. Quickly my dick sprang back to life. Brenda was totally lost in getting as much joy and pleasure as she could from the touch, taste, feel and heat of my now full erection. I was totally lost in a blow job to top all blow jobs. Oral sex with my wife Suzie has always been great… I dearly love to eat her sweet tasting pussy and can do so for hours… however, she doesn’t have the same desire for going down on me. Don’t get me wrong she sucks my dick pretty darn good… it’s just obvious that she doesn’t love it… not like Brenda apparently has discovered that she does.

Removing her hands from my penis and balls to place them on my hips Brenda began using her mouth to fuck my erection… up and down her mouth went… rising almost to the top then plunging back down to nestle her nose and lips in my pubic hair… up escort ankara and down her mouth went… rising till just the head was in her mouth… sucking… swirling her tongue over the tip… pulling with her mouth while shaking her head from side to side… then plunging back down to entirely engulf me in the warm cavern of her mouth… if I was not receiving so much pleasure from her mouth her actions would seem almost violent in nature.

Being so engrossed in the mind-numbing blow job I was receiving I had completely failed to notice what Brenda was doing with the rest of her body. As Brenda had crawled down my body she had come to rest with her pussy lying over the top of my right leg, near the ankle. Now she was using the firm bone of my shin to rub against herself. Her wet pussy had coated it allowing her to rock, rub and slide her clit against me. It was apparent from her sensual actions that this combination was pushing her closer and closer to an orgasm.

Brenda became an erotic, orchestrated blur of activities… bouncing her head up and down on my erection… rocking her pelvis up and down on my leg… while at the same time moving her hips back and forth… back and forth against me… totally lost in the pleasurable sensations of humping her pussy against my leg. Brenda’s breathing became more and more erratic as her release approached closer and closer… moans seemed to rise from deep within her body as she inched nearer… almost there… suddenly she pulled her mouth completely off my dick… gripped my almost painful erection firmly in her hand and began screaming… “AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! OHHHH GODDDDDDD!!!!! I’M COMING!!!!!! I’M COMING” her hips now pounding her pubic bone against me… “UNNNNHHHHH!!!!!! I’M COMING AGAIN”… her body went completely rigid with pleasure before once again releasing it to rock herself against my leg… searching for another release… “Unhhhhh… so good… soooo goooddd… Mmmmmmm!!!!” Four different times Brenda’s body stiffened in pleasure before flexing enough to once again ride my leg to another orgasm.

Finally totally spent Brenda collapsed against me. Trapping the stiffness of my erection between my abdomen and her cheek she fought to bring her breathing under control… her hands still tightly gripping my penis.

“Wow! That was… intense,” Brenda dreamily intoned. Then realizing she had a death grip on my erection she let me go. “Oh. I hope I didn’t hurt you. It was just so… Wow!… I just got so… lost… so wrapped up in coming I kind of forgot myself for a minute there. “

“No. You didn’t hurt me Brenda,” I explained. “That was the most amazing blow job I have ever had. But it’s a good thing you did get such a strong grip on me when you came… because feeling you… seeing you… hearing you come like that… I was only seconds from shooting off inside your mouth. “

Raising her head from my erection Brenda asked, “Really? Did I do it right? Did you like it?”

Not bothering to answer I flexed my penis… now just millimeters in front of her face… forcing another small drop of pre-cum to ooze from the tip. “Oh. I guess you did,” she smiled broadly. “Or at least HE did anyway. ” Holding my erection steadily in both hands she greedily snaked her tongue out to lick the drops of liquid away. The attention causing my erection to painfully flex in her grasp.

“You know Brenda… if that was your first time then I would say you definitely are a natural at it,” I smiled longingly at her.

“Mmmm… and I can’t wait to get some more practice in,” Brenda replied before noisily sucking me into her mouth.

“Unnhhh… that feels so nice,” I moaned out. But tapping her on the cheek I motioned for her to move her mouth away. “Brenda, just remember… this weekend is your gift… entirely for you… for your pleasure,” I continued. “So… instead of giving me another wonderful blow job why don’t you tell me what you want. “

“Mmmm… I want this,” Brenda sighed, taking me back into her mouth. Then pulling her head up she looked up at me… her dark hair falling sexily across my face… lightly tickling my body. “Bill… I want to taste you… I want to taste your come,” Brenda sexily declared. Then adding, “I want you ankara escort bayan to come in my mouth. “

Tenderly Brenda lowered her mouth back down over my pole… breathing deeply through her nose… she removed the hand that was gripping me by the base and carefully lowered her mouth on me until her nose and lips rested firmly against my pubic hair… all six inches of my dick hidden within her… holding the position for several seconds Brenda worked her throat muscles in and attempt to swallow… the sensations causing my dick to pulse involuntarily.

Slowly Brenda backed her mouth back off my erection. “Wowww!,” she smiled up at me.

“You Wow?.. ME Wow!,” I hoarsely responded. “That was incredible!” I complimented her.

“Well, I’ve never really had much of a gag reflex… and I’ve always wanted to try that,” Brenda explained. “Now! You just like back and enjoy… or let me enjoy,” she ordered. Then, looking up at me with her dark, sexy eyes, “And remember… I want to taste you… I want you to come like this. “

“Well about two more strokes like that last one and you’re going to get you wish,” I warned.

“Mmmm! Promise?” she teased. Taking my balls in one hand and the base of my dick in the other, Brenda once again hungrily sucked me into her mouth. Wrapping her fingers around my balls to separate them from my penis Brenda lightly tugged them away from my body. Moans escaped from my mouth as she once again started jacking her mouth up and down my dick… saliva coating and lubricating my shaft as her lips formed a tight ‘O’ around me… her tongue doing wonderful things to the tip as she pulled her head back up.

My moans and breathing became more and more erratic as I quickly slipped close to my own release… my hips rising slightly off the bed.. pushing me deeper into her mouth… Brenda carefully lowered her mouth back down… once again moving her hand from the shaft to allow her lips to press firmly against my pubic hair… the tip of my dick was now nestled lightly against the back of her throat… the muscles of my abdomen began rising up and down as I could feel my orgasm quickly building…

Then simultaneously… Brenda began working the muscles of her throat… pulling and lightly squeezing my balls… as her other hand slipped between my legs… her fingers pressing firmly at the base of my dick… suddenly…

“AHHH!!! I’M COMING,” I shouted. Lightening burst! Lights flashed! I saw stars! As my orgasm burst from me… the first strong pulses forcing my juice straight down the back of Brenda’s throat. Swallowing hungrily Brenda raised her head slightly to give her hand room to work the bottom of my dick… using this hand Brenda milked me through six or seven strong bursts… each time greedily sucking my come into her mouth… swallowing hungrily… not allowing a single drop to go to waste… pulling her head completely off she continued milking my waning erection of the last vestiges of juice… my body shuddering in final release as I melted into the bed.

Brenda continued her milking action until she looked up at me and said poutingly, “It’s all gone. I can’t get any more to come out. ” Then squeezing my shrunken member one last time, “Ooops.. there’s one more drop. ” Insatiably she reached out with her tongue to draw this final drop into her mouth.

Unable to speak I lazily looked down at Brenda and just sighed. She looked like a kid on Christmas morning… obvious glee on her face. Her I was totally drained and Brenda appeared to be completely energized.

“That was great, Bill!” she excitedly exclaimed. “I think I’m addicted. Did you like it?”

A huge smile and “Mmmm!” was all I could manage as I lay exhausted from Brenda’s work.

Animatedly Brenda interrupted my attempts at recuperation, “Hey! I think we should call Suzie. I need to thank her for the neat present. ” Not waiting for an answer from me Brenda bounded up and reached for the phone.

“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you,” Brenda practically yelled into the phone. Then listening for a few seconds.

“Mmmmm. Actually we just finished the second round,” Brenda giggled. “By the way.. how long does it take Bill to recuperate? Right now he’s just lying here on the bed staring off into space… every once in a while he sort of moans incoherently. ”

Write and tell me what you think about the story line. I’ll probably complete the story in two more installments. Also don’t forget to vote.

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