Ocak 19, 2022

Game People Play Round 02

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Four young ladies had decided that as they were all of age, it was time to lose their virginity. They have gathered together for a wicked weekend, playing sexual games. After a morning of rather intense activity each of the girls had yielded up their virginity in a pleasurable manner.

Due to Denise failing to correctly identify the person who thoroughly drilled her and removed every slight trace of her virginity, Andy spanked her as a little extra to help them pass the time.

Unfortunately, in the final game of the round Suzy also failed to identify the man whose cock was at that time in the process of driving her wild. It was agreed that Suzy would be spanked after lunch as the start of the next round.

Over a relaxed lunch it was agreed that Carl and Michele were exempt from the next game. They would have a free choice of partners, including each other if they both agreed. Carl and Michelle glanced at each other, and then Carl shook his head. “No. Tempting as the ideas is I have already chosen my next victim. I mean partner,” he added with a grin. Michelle laughed. “Me too, and I do mean victim,” she said. “We’ll announce them after Suzy has her sweet little bottom spanked.”

After lunch they started gravitating towards the front room again to resume their activities. Carl stopped Brian on the way and murmured softly to him. “About that spanking you’re going to give Suzy. A suggestion.” Brian listened, laughed and nodded. “That’s nasty,” He said. “I’ll do it.”

“OK, Suzy. Time for your forfeit. Come on over,” called Brian. Suzy dithered. She did so not want this. She looked around at her friends. No help there. They were smiling and waiting. She nervously approached. “Do I need to take my clothes off first?” she queried. “Everyone else is dressed.”

“Of course not. We’re not going to bully you. Just a little spank that you’ll hardly feel,” soothed Brian. “Come on. Over my knee and smile.”

“Hardly feel, my ass,” fumed Suzy. “And I mean my ass literally. It sure didn’t look like Denise was hardly feeling it when Andy spanked her. She was squeaking and wriggling like an eel.” “Especially at the end,” she remembered with a smirk. “Ah, well. At least I’m fully dressed so it won’t be too bad?”

“You idiot!” she raged at herself shortly after. “You don’t need to get undressed! Of course not. That oaf has reserved the stripping party for himself.”

As soon as she had reluctantly lain across Brian’s knees his hand had come down and pressed firmly on her back, holding her in place. His other hand had then lifted her skirt and tucked it up around her waist, leaving her bottom effectively bare except for that sexy little thong she was almost wearing. No content with a bare bottom, Brian had stroked her bum, dipped his hand down to goose her pussy and then wandered back up, hooked the string on her panties and pulled them down to her knees, leaving her bottom and pussy bare and shining in the light for all to see.

“You said I didn’t have to strip,” she hissed quietly at him. “You don’t,” he murmured back, with a decided smirk in his voice. “You’ve still got all your clothes on. I never said I wouldn’t rearrange them slightly.”

Then the spanking started. A light slap to the rump. Not too bad. She could handle this. Then a harder smack. That one stung. And another. The spanking was picking up speed now, quickly turning her bottom a nice flushed red. Suzy was trying to wriggle away now, with little yelps as the hand descended, but Brian’s other hand held her firmly in place.

Then the tempo changed again, with Brian now spanking her so that his fingers slipped between her legs and punished her pussy as well. Suzy realised that her pussy punishment was doing odd things to her. She was heating up, starting to feel as though she were flushed all over. He hadn’t even touched her boobs but she could feel them tightening, her nipples peaking and demanding their share of attention. OK, she only had her panties pulled down but she felt as though she was naked, and her body was reacting to the dominant male smacking her bum.

Suzy was squirming more actively now, wanting the spanking to stop, wanting the touching to go on. Not sure what she wanted, but wanting it anyway. “Gods! No wonder Denise had an orgasm,” she thought. “I’m going to explode.”

That was when Carl made his move, as quietly discussed earlier with Brian. “Did I mention I’m choosing Suzy this time around?” he asked the group genially, while unzipping his trousers and showing that his erection was rampart and ready. He stepped over behind Suzy and nodded to Bruce, who reacted by lifting his knee, raising Suzy to a point where Carl was able to step forward and plunge his cock deep into the wet wild pussy that was quivering in front of him. With one stroke he fully entered Suzy, filling her with his engorged member.

Suzy screamed at this sudden invasion of her body, taken completely by surprise. Her whole body was quivering now, entranced by this kocaeli escort bayan rude invader, wondering what was happening. Slowly Suzy realised that it was only mentally that she’d been surprised. Her body wasn’t surprised. Her body had been waiting, hoping for this. Her body had adjusted immediately to the changed situation, and while her mind was still trying to come to terms with what was happening her body was surging back and forth gleefully, accepting the intruder as a long lost friend and making sure that cock knew it was welcome in its new home.

“I’ve been mouse-trapped,” Suzy realised. “They had to set this up before hand. That’s why Brian insisted in pushing my panties down out of the road. Swine, the pair of them, but I have to admit this feels good. I hope the others are getting a good look and getting turned on by this. They’re all up for a good screwing in very short order.”

“Is that rape?” Sandi asked Denise. “She was totally unprepared for it.” “Technically, I suppose when he entered her by surprise, but it sure stopped being rape when her cunt grabbed onto his pole and started trying to swallow it whole,” Denise laughed.

The girls watched, fascinated, as Carl repeatedly lunged into Suzy, who was pushing up to meet each thrust, gasping and mewling in a small voice. She wanted more, please. More.

Carl continued to carefully ravish Suzy, timing his thrusts to bring her to a peak and then hold her there, denying her the ultimate satisfaction while he enjoyed the feel of female flesh clasping and massaging his cock. Not too long now and he’d have to let it go, but he was determined to prolong it while he could.

Suzy was wailing to herself internally. “Why won’t he finish? What’s stopping him? I need this. I need this now! I’m going to die if he doesn’t finish me soon. That cock. It’s just banging inside me. It’s not stopping. Do it faster. Harder. Please!” She was writhing and gasping in sexual torment now, desperate for fulfilment.

Carl gave one last thrust and finally went over the line himself. His strong ejaculation flooded through Suzy, kicking her over the line and she shrieked as an orgasm came raging through her body, sweeping away self and the world and leaving feeling. Just feeling.

They both slowly returned to the normal world, and Carl grinned. That had really been something. If Suzy thought that was the first and last time he fucked her, she was half right.

“Do you mind, moving back now Carl, so I can finish the spanking?” queried Brian. Carl laughed and moved away.

“What did he say?” wondered Suzy. “What did he mean, finish the spanking?”

“Oh, fuck!” she screamed, as Brian’s hand came smartly down upon her bottom. “You’ve already spanked me. Stop it.”

“No, I haven’t” replied Brian. “I was spanking you, but we got interrupted. I’m now just finishing it off.”

Suzy tried to scramble up but Brian had her held firmly, and his hand started raining those tantalising little spanks on her bottom and between her legs.

“You’re a sadist,” gasped Suzy, squirming around and feeling the tension rising within her again. “Don’t do this. Another orgasm will kill me.”

“Really? Let’s find out,” murmured Brian, concentrating more on her trembling pussy now than on her flushed behind. The short sharp little spanks were sending vibrations racing deep into her, turning her to jelly, unable to move, just waiting in anticipation of what was developing, hardly daring to breath. She felt the tremors start and groaned, then screamed her relief as another orgasm ripped into her, through her, reducing her to nothing, again.

Suzy slowly descended, back to the real world, where she was bent over a mans knee, flashing her pussy to the world. The only one in the room with her pussy showing. She flushed and scrambled to her feet, hastily pulling up her panties and straightening her skirt. She looked across at the other girls and saw they were smiling. Laughing with her, not at her, and she laughed. She’d see how they handled their next fuck. She’d done alright. And if Carl thought that was his first and last with her, he was in for a surprise. Suzy suddenly turned and stared toward the other girls again. What had she noticed that was out of place. Ah. It appears that she hadn’t been the only person with their pussy on display. Michelle had slipped off her shorts and panties and was now crossing the room towards Brian.

“I’m claiming my choice now,” stated Michelle. “Don’t get up Brian. You’re my choice and I’m going to ride you while you sit on that chair. Just relax and let me do the work.”

Brian grinned and reached towards the pretty pussy standing just in front of him, but Michelle took a quick step back and waved a finger.

“Oh, no. No touching just yet. I make the running. And do you seriously think I need warming up after watching that last little exhibition? I suspect that if you slipped a finger inside my pussy I’d come on the spot, I’m that hot.”

Michelle izmit escort bayan moved back in front of Brian and reached down and unzipped his pants. Not unexpectedly, he was already fully erect, and his cock leapt out at her and almost attacked her of its own volition. Michelle laughed and told Brian to stand and drop his trousers and jocks as she wanted free access to his equipment. Brian was not unwilling to do this little thing and his lower clothes hit the ground so hard and fast that the watchers could almost hear a sonic boom.

A hand on his chest gently pushed him back onto the chair and then Michelle sank to her knees in front of him, took hold of the gently waving giant and ran the tip of her tongue over the engorged head. Brian groaned, and considered that he showed great restraint in not seizing Michelle by the ears and pushing her head firmly down onto his cock. Michelle continued licking around the top of his cock, while Brian sweated and waited. He felt Michelle’s mouth close slowly over his cock and move down it, her sharp little teeth sending shivering pin pricks of delight through him. He felt the suction as she gently sucked him, her head slowly bobbing up and down and she encourage his already engorged member to even greater heights. “What the hell was trying to do? Suck his brains out through his cock? If so she was well on her way to succeeding.”

After an eternity of torment, Michelle released his cock, stood up and moved forward so that she straddled the chair he was on, his cock waving perilously close to her gleaming and swollen pussy. As Brian waited, Michelle reached down, gently parted her lips and guided herself onto his waiting rod. Brian was about to surge upward, desperate to have his tool fully imbedded within Michelle, but Michelle gave him a forbidding look and murmured “My rules, remember.”

Michelle sank slowly down, thoroughly impaling herself on the waiting penis, relaxing internally and letting this titan completely fill her. What had been an aching void was now feeling swollen and bloated, but Michelle was content for the time being. She’d just let it stay there, not moving, enjoying the feel of it inside her, and also enjoying the way Brian was sweating, desperate to start moving towards completion.

“OK, Brian,” Michelle instructed. “You now have to take off my t-shirt and bra and entertain my boobs. When they’re feeling happy enough I’ll start moving and we can both enjoy the outcome.”

Brian held firmly to his self control, but not without thinking some very nasty comments about scheming wenches and vengeance to come. He lifted Michelle’s t-shirt up and off, moving slowly and deliberately. If she was going to tease him, he was damn well going to tease her back. He reached around and unclipped the bra, drawing it down her arms and letting it drop. He leaned down and placed his mouth on one firm breast, sucking and licking, using his tongue to roll her nipple around, agitating and stroking it. His hand came up and started stroking the other breast, gently squeezing and teasing, sending little ripples of delight surging through Michelle.

Michelle was breathing harder and faster and she realised that she’d have to start moving on his pole or she was going to lose it. She squirmed a bit, twisting back and forth on the rigid rod, and then started to lift herself slowly up the shaft. And realised with a horrified shock that Brian was moving up with her, not letting her slide along his cock, just holding it firmly within her.

“What are you doing?” she hissed. “What you wanted,” came the callous reply. “You wanted me inside you but not moving.”

“That was then!” Michelle thought if she wasn’t careful she’d be screaming at him. “Start moving. I can’t take it any more.”

“But you haven’t said please” came the mocking reply.

“All right! Please! Please, please, please, please, please. I need you to fuck me now.”

Brian laughed and relaxed back into the chair, letting Michelle drop that little bit more heavily onto him. Letting his cock surge that tiny, unexpected bit deeper. Michelle didn’t stand a chance. Her pending orgasm roared down on her like an express train, hitting her and sweeping her away before she even realised it was coming. She shrieked, and shrieked again as the bliss ripped through her, before slowly fading, leaving her to realise that she was still firmly in Brian’s grip, his cock still embedded within her, filling her, and Brian was finally starting to move.

Quite ready to finalise things now, Brian was thrusting energetically into Michelle’s tight pussy. Thrusting hard and fast, enjoying the sensation of Michelle turning to water and melting around him, her entire being nothing but a willing receptacle to his cock and his mastery. He thrust harder, higher and faster, driving Michelle back to the point she has just attained and left, using his cock as a piston to drive her home to ecstasy. With a last frantic gebze escort lunge he came, ejaculating deep within her, feeling her tip over the edge and again hearing her cry out as she was swept away. He felt like shouting his triumph himself as his own orgasm fired through him.

Brian helped Michelle down from the chair, but when Michelle reached for her clothes he stretched out a detaining hand.

“Sorry, sweetheart, but no clothes. Once they come off they have to stay off until the end.”

“But I’m the only one naked,” she squealed. “You and Carl and Suzy have all fucked and you’re all dressed.”

“True, but we didn’t get undressed in the first place. Carl and I only lowered our trousers and hitched them up afterwards. Suzy had her panties pulled down to her knees and back up once she’d been screwed and spanked. You’re just the first to actually strip. I wouldn’t worry. I’m sure the other girls will be shedding clothes shortly. Just wait a while.”

“I was going to arrange for a blind-folded grope for your next partner,” said Carl, “but as both men have already had one of the girls Andy will have to pair up with Sandi this time, while Denise goes with Paul. However, to keep the spirit of competition alive, all four of you will be blindfolded. You will have to find your partners and help them undress, without speaking. You will need to identify your partner by touch, so take a good look at them before the blindfolds go on.

Similarly, Denise has already had a spanking and it wouldn’t be fair to give her another one if she loses in this game. We’ve decided that the first girl stripped completely will be able to nominate one of the unspanked girls, Sandi or Michelle, to get a spanking and also to nominate who is to give it, Paul or me.”

“You mean that if I’m the first undressed,” said Sandi, “I can nominate Michelle to be spanked rather than getting one myself?”

“You will have that choice,” Carl laughed, “but maybe you’d rather just get the spank and nominate the spanker. You have to win first.”

The couples were blindfolded, spun and released. They moved around slowly, seeking, trying to ignore the helpful advice pouring in from the sidelines.

Sandi was the first to snag someone, bumping into Paul. Her hands darted over him, feeling his hair, trying to guess the length by touch, then darting down to touch where his erection was straining against his trousers. She squeezed it and then started to move away, sure that it was Paul and not Andy, her target. Before she could move on however, Paul had reached out, drawn her back to him and slid his hands inside her t-shirt to squeeze her breasts. The he released her and they both stepped back searching for their rightful prey.

“He knew that was me,” Sandi muttered to herself. “He was just copping a free feel because he knew I couldn’t say anything.”

At that moment someone bumped into her from behind, arms slid around her and while one hand was checking the length of her hair, the other was thoughtfully cupping and gently bouncing one of her boobs as though weighing it. Then both hands slid down to her waist, slipped around to her zip, unhooked and slid the zip down, then slipped her skirt downwards, fingers snaring her panties on the way and leaving her bottomless in about two seconds flat. The hands came streaking back up, grabbing the bottom of her t-shirt, lifting, hooking her bra on the way up and pulling both items up and over her head in one swift motion. Sandi was startled to learn that she’d gone from fully dressed to starkers in under five seconds, feeling slightly stunned at how fast she been stripped. She felt Andy kneel and slip her sandals off. “Sandi is stripped,” Andy announced.

Sandi heard a laugh to the side. “Paul is still trying to undo my bra” Denise said. “Looks like you get to pick the next spankee, Sandi.”

Sandi also laughed. “Common sense tells me to toss Michelle to the wolves,” she said, “but I suspect that if I did it would rebound on me eventually. I’ll take the next spanking and Carl can administer my brutal beating. Can someone refresh my memory as to just how what was supposed to be a gentle learning experience about sex has also turned into a series of spankings to go along with the screwing.”

“I wouldn’t worry about that right now if I were you Sandi,” a voice piped up from the sideline. “Andy has stripped of and he has a rod in his hand that looks as though it’s big enough for him to beat you to death with. I suggest you try to handle that beating before you worry about a little old spank on the bottom.”

Sandi gulped nervously. If the average size of the male member was about six inches, how did they finish up with this group. Put them in the testing group and they’d have skewed the average sharply upwards.

She felt Andy take her gently by the shoulders and turn her to face him. “After what you’ve just seen and after your experience earlier I suspect that you’re already hot and wet, so there will be no real reason for me to have to prime you,” Andy said, and she could just hear that wicked grin he must be wearing. Without any more warning Sandi felt his hands clasp her around the waist and lift her straight up and forward so she was pressed firmly against him.

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