Ocak 31, 2023

Game Day

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Big Cock

It was a saturday afternoon, and my husband, Kendrick, was looking forward to watching college football. We’d been in a rut lately, and I wanted to do something to fix that. I knew he’d been missing watching sports with his friends, so I secretly invited a few of his buddies over to hang out, as a surprise for him.

I woke up early and started making food. I wanted it to be a fun day with snacks and beer. I even bought a new outfit to wear, to really make the entertaining better.

When Kendrick woke up, he came into the kitchen, to find me dressed in a football jersey dress, belted at the waist, with high heels on and my hair in a high ponytail. He liked what he saw! He picked me up and sat me in the counter, kissing me, passionately on the mouth. As he kissed me, he slid his hand up my thigh, right under the dress. He put his hand on my pussy, finding I wasn’t wearing any panties. He slid his fingers inside me and I wrapped my legs around his waist, heels still on my feet. I moaned into his mouth as he penetrated me with his thick fingers, making me wet and wanting more. I Pulled the drawstring on his sweats and dropped them to the floor. He picked me up from the counter top and started fucking me right there in the kitchen. I loved when he got so turned on by me that he would take me anywhere, anytime. He held me underneath my ass, sliding in and out of me, then he pushed me up against the wall. He was frenzied with passion, pounding me, making me cum on his yummy cock. I felt him expand and explode inside me. It was amazing. He set me down, kissed me again and went off to shower.

I went back to cooking, feeling his cum running down my thighs. I was still turned on by that little tryst. bahçeşehir escort I wanted more.

Ken came back a while later, looking sexy in his football jersey. I told him how much I enjoyed him fucking me. He patted my butt and told me sometimes he just cant resist me. Then he noticed all the food I was making, and asked why. I told him I invited his friends over for the game, and then the doorbell rang. He went to answer the door, as I set out all the snacks on the coffee table. They guys came in and chanted their football cheers. Then they noticed me. They all whistled and hooted as they came over to give me hugs and kisses. They all seemed to like my little outfit, just like Ken.

They all sat down on the couch and Ken put on the tv. Once football started, I figured I would be invisible. Guys really love their sports. More than sex? I wondered. I sat in the recliner and watched with them. I liked watching them watch football. They all looked manly and sexy, cheering and cursing as needed. I was still thinking about the way Ken fucked me earlier. I was getting turned on, with thoughts of these men, in their grey sweatpants. Seeing the bulges in their pants.

I decided to see how invisible I really was. First, I sat there, with my legs spread slightly. Not wearing and panties, I wondered if any of them would notice. I saw my hubby glance over and smile. He knew what I was doing. The other guys were still too distracted by the tv. I stretched my long legs out in front of me and made a stretching sound. No one noticed. I had to get more in their faces.

I walked iver to the coffee table and started clearing some of the snacks bahçeşehir escort bayan away. Some I just moved to another table, bending over in front of them. Now I had some attention.
They looked over at Ken. He was smiling. Then he said, “she’s sexy”. They all agreed. I moved toward the couch, and squeezed in between Kendrick and Harry, Ken put his hand on my leg and kissed my neck. I put my legs up on the table I had just cleared. I took Harry’s hand and put it on my other leg. Then I announced that the snacks were done, and I was the main course. Ken’s friends were kind of surprised, but they knew him and could tell he was okay with sharing me.

It was half time, the perfect time for them to take a break from the tv, and put their attention on me. Harry followed Ken’s lead, and slid his hand up my leg. I could feel both their fingers playing with my pussy. I was all ready so wet. I leaned back and let them okay with me. Andrew, who was in the other side o the couch, moved closer. He got behind the couch and pulled his cock out. Standing over me, he put it in my mouth. I went to town, sucking his big dick, as he gagged me, hitting the back of my throat.

When Andrew finished cumming in my mouth, Ken flipped me over on the couch, putting his cock in my mouth, next. I started sucking and licking his dick like it was popsicle. I couldn’t get enough. My ass was up in the air, while my head was burried in my husbands crotch. Harry didn’t waste time. He push himself inside my sopping wet pussy. As he fucked me from behind, a sucked Ken’s cock, deeper and deeper. I wanted to lap up every drop of his cum. He was such a good husband and escort bahçeşehir friend, sharing me like this. I wanted to make him feel as good as I did. Once he came, he moved off the couch to get a better view of Harry pounding my pussy. He loved watching me get fucked. It turned him on. He told Andrew to fuck me too, watching them stretch me out, double penetrating me, making my pussy sloppy for him. They both came inside me.

The game came back on and they went back to watching tv. I was feeling so good. Three cocks filling me up was a great way to spend a Saturday.

I went to the kitchen to clean up the dishes and counters. The guys came in every once in a while to grab a beer. They also came in to fuck me or get their dicks sucked when they wanted to. I didn’t say no. If they wanted to fuck me, they just bent me over and had me. If the wanted me to suck their cocks, I got on my knees. I was a subservient sex slave for the day. Being used for sexual pleasure. This made me cum hard, every time, knowing I was just a whore for them. And knowing how turned on this would make Ken. He would be fucking me so good this week.

Once the game ended, the guys were getting ready to leave. They hugged and kissed me goodbye, thanking me for my hospitality. We laughed and saw them out. Then Ken took me to the bedroom. He layed me down on the bed and stripped me of my dress. He spread my legs open wide and stared at my stretched, used pussy. He put his fingers inside me as he told me what a good girl I was. He had five fingers inside me, pressing all the cum in and out, watching it drip from me. Then he slid his hard, yummy cock inside my pussy.

As he fucked me slowly, he had me tell him about the other cocks that were in me. I told him how big they were, and how hard they fucked me. I told him how I liked being a dirty girl for him. I loved being pounded and gagged with his friends big cocks. He came hard listening to me talk about other men and their dicks in me. I was sure we were back on track. At least for a while. Maybe until baseball season.

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