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Fuzz Away on Saturday

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I had been reading naturist books and magazines for a few years and there always seemed to be at least one picture of a cute girl without fuzz over her puss, and I decided that when I had a girlfriend she would be asked to remove her puss hair. Then one magazine did a long feature article on going without pubes and I bookmarked the copy to show my girl.

Several months after the article appeared I asked my girlfriend if she would mind like to make her lap smooth and it did not have to be one sided as I was prepared to join in if she wanted me too. Her reply was that “you always think of different but romantic things to share, I would like to try it if I know you will join me. We could do it on Saturday.”

So the scene was set and during my lunch on the Thursday before I got some of Mum’s hair remover and applied it to my pubes. After the requisite time I removed the cream and my pubes to leave a smooth a patch as a baby’s bum and was satisfied that this would be the best way forward. That evening I showed my girl the smooth skin and she got much more interested and asked loads of questions. She agreed to buy the cream and took home the magazine with the article in it for some bed side reading.

I got to her home on the Saturday morning with my pulse racing partly from the experience we were about to share and partly because my girl had agreed that every Saturday meeting she would be wearing only a single item of clothing. I rang the doorbell and a few moments later the door swung open and I entered the hallway. She closed the door and revealed her dress that morning to be just a dazzling white Wonderbra topkapı escort her little boobies straining to be freed from the confines of the tight lace cups. We kissed our hello and she took my hand and led me upstairs her small boyish bum tugged at my eyes as she retreated upwards.

Once in her room she swiftly undressed me then I unclipped her bra and released the pressure on her boobs. As the limp garment was removed she cupped the firm swellings and massaged them gently, the pale nipples swelling to blood red teats.

I stood back to place the bra on top of her neatly piled clothing, looking down her naked body I saw she had already taken the scissors to her pubes as the sharp outline of her cleft was now clearly visible through what was left of he once bountiful cushion of curls.

She rummaged in a draw and pulled out a bag from the local chemist then took my hand and led me to the bathroom. Here she sat on the toilet seat and opened the bag took out the tube of removal cream and handed it to me. “You’ve used this stuff, do me first. Then I’ll do you.” she said and put one leg up on the side of the tub which opened her puss lips to my gaze. I knelt down between her thighs and squeezed the contents of the tube across the stubble in her lap. She shivered as the cream was cold when I looked up she was studying my actions over her puss and seemed to be enjoying the attention.

With my help she stood spread legged then knelt on the floor as I settled on the loo seat my legs well spread. Her cool hand held my penis before I too was subjected to the cold tuzla escort cream she worked the goo well into my untrimmed pubes and then sat back on her haunches, we chatted to pass the time. Then came the moment we were both looking forward to. My girl climbed into the tub and I took a large handful of tissues and slowly worked my way around her crotch removing the cream and dissolved hair. Slowly the full effect was revealed she looked fantastic. The last act was to sluice off the remaining cream under cold water, she took down the shower head and turned on the water gasping at the chill on her freshly revealed skin she rinsed off.

She climbed out of the tub and toweled herself dry before allowing me to study her beautiful puss, my cock was aching by now from the attentions of her hand and seeing her totally unveiled. She took down her Dad’s shaving mirror “I look like a ten year old” she remarked as she held the mirror over her puss. I longed to slip my hardness into that smooth puss. But it was my turn to be unveiled and I took my place in the tub.

Her hands worked fast and soon I was undergoing the water torture as I stood to towel myself dry she remarked “you look much bigger I need to feel you in here”. I knelt on the floor and she reversed her puss to my erection I reached down to open her lips and found her already slippery with her desire. My cock slid deep up inside her love canal and she gasped and dropping down onto her elbows she pushed back onto me to forcing my erection as high inside her as she could. She gave a little squeal and panted a little before pendik escort relaxing and letting herself slid from my intimate probing.

We noticed that we had spent rather too long having fun and hurriedly dressed. “My pants feel funny” she remarked as the silky material slid over her naked pubis, the outline of her labia showing through the light cloth. Shall we go for a walk I asked she was positive and we quickly finished dressing and made our departure. I drove us to a woodland and once we had passed out of public view we stopped to kiss both of us intent on getting our hands to feel each other’s smooth new skin.

My fingers found her puss to be slimy with her desire before I had got her panties down. I stretched pulled and probed her naked fanny until she came her thighs and pussy smeared with the fluid of her excitement. Once she had recovered she stood in front of me and unbuttoned her skirt to reveal her smoothness to me then she turned and bent over and grasped her knees. I levelled my hips to her and slipped my erection up deep inside her slippery puss she gasped as I slid full in and we stood coupled in the warm spring sunshine my cock getting ready to explode as I butted my knob up against her cervix, I withdrew rapidly and she straightened and took hold of my sticky cock working the foreskin back and forth for a few moments before my cum spurted out in thick white gobs.

We slowly recovered and dressed before returning home. She spent many months after this hairless giving up the cream for the daily run round with the razor whilst in the bath, being smooth really suited her slim body and she felt like “a million dollars” each time a hand or a silky pair of panties brushed over her pussy. She also became aware how often she got aroused during the day with no hair to dampen her feelings of ardour she was off to the bathroom “at least four times a day for non pee attention”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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