Temmuz 17, 2024

Fun Times In College

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This is my first attempt at a story. I hope it is enjoyed. Please feel free to leave a comment or drop me a line with suggestions or ideas. Thanks!

After a long and dreary day at school, John finally arrived home. His head was pounding from the endless lectures he had to endure during class. As soon as he arrived home he collapsed on his bed and closed his eyes.

John was a 18 year old freshman attending a university far away from home in california. His original plan was to get away from home and venture out on his own, break loose from his mold and “find himself.” What he found however was never-ending classes, professors who had a penchant for assigning chapters and chapters of reading assignments and rarely a friend to share his grief with. John found that the people at his school were distinctively different than his friends back home, most of the people at the school were in cliques, of which he always seemed to be the outsider. That left John to have an active imagination just to keep his sanity. Apart from the countless hours studying or doing work-study at the school library, John spent his free time in chat rooms.

As the alarm sounded, John realized he had overslept and was already 15 minutes late for class. He scrambled to get dress and ran out of his room. Luckily for John, he lived a few minutes away from the lecture halls, and was able to walk in just as the professor finished writing some notes on the board. Unfortunately for John, the only available seat was in the front row, as the class was well-known for being so dreary that many of the students found themselves dozing off. As John took his seat in the front, Professor Grey shot him an disapproving look and watched him intently. As her eyes followed him to his seat, he noticed her eyes widened when he sat down. As he glazed down at what she was looking at, he realized that in his haste to rush out the door, he had forgotten to zip up his jeans. Combined that with the “morning woody” he was sporting when he first woke up, his sitting position gave Professor Grey a nice peek at the tip of his cock.

John’s face turned red immediately, and he froze with the idea of what the next course of action should be. He was afraid of making any sudden or drastic moves, as he did not want to alert anyone else in the classroom of what had “popped” out. It was then that John realized there was nothing to do but wait for the opportune time to cover himself up, it was then that Professor Grey stepped directly in front of him and inquired if anything was the matter.

“Ughhh…No Professor Grey. Sorry, I’m late. I just overslept”, John replied.

Professor Grey then smiled at him and said “That’s quite alright John, you must’ve had quite a nice dream to have ahem overslept.”

John couldn’t believe his eyes, but Professor mecidiyeköy escort Grey was staring straight down in his crotch as she said that. She then returned the front of the class and returned to her lecture.

As she spoke, John examined her. Jennifer Grey was 43 year old divorcee with 2 sons in nearby college. She had divorced her husbad of 15 years after catching him in bed with their next door neighbor. After the divorce, she was a shell of her younger self. She devoted herself to her career as a professor of modern literature. She rarely dated after the divorce, as she found herself shutting out anyone that tried to get close to her. She was still an attractive women at the age of 43, keeping herself physically toned by going to the school gym and running 3 miles a day. That day she had her blondish brown hair up, a loose fitting white buttoned shirt that showed her neckline and a long skirt that hugged in all the right places.

John found himself suddenly intensely aroused by her. The way she spoke and made eye contact with him, the way her hands moved as she spoke, the way she brushed her bangs away from her eyes as she spoke. It was intoxicating. It had an effect that made John even more uncomfortable in his seat as his cock rose and hardened. He could see that Professor Grey noticed that his cock was inching its way out bit by bit. She would lose her place as she spoke, and fumble at making a point.

Jennifer could not believe what she was witnessing. In front of her was a young, ripe 18 year old, who about the same age as her sons, with his penis growing right before her eyes. She was getting warm and soaked just seeing it come further and further out of John’s pants. She tried nonchalantly to unbutton an extra button on her shirt to cool off, but as she fumbled to get the button off, she ended up unbuttoning more than she had wanted and realized that the top of her ample 36D breasts were now in plain sight.

John almost shot in his pants as he saw the top of his Professor’s ripe breasts come into view. He could see a piece of the lacy white bra that she was wearing, and the glistening sweat that was forming on her cleavage. He let out an faint groan as his cock gave an involuntary jerk that seem to have a simultaneous response from Jennifer’s now soaking pussy. The same effect that Jennifer was having on John, seemed to have also stirred up some reaction from the rest of the class, as the normally drowsy male students seemed to have perk up to the exhibition that was in front of them.

There were faint whisperings among the group of students as Jennifer’s bra came more and more into sight as her breathing got heavier. For the first time ever, there was actually a slight groan from the class when the bell rung and Professor nişantaşı escort Grey quickly turned around and started wiping the board. As the class filed out, John sat in his seat motionless, afraid to get up, as his now fully erect penis was now completely sticking out from his pants.

Finally when the last of the students filed out, John quickly stood up, turned around and pushed his cock back into his pants. As he turned around to grab his books, he saw Professor Grey standing directly in front of him. This time however, she had a hungry look to her.

“Ummmm…Sorry about coming to class late again Professor Grey. I really did overslept, and I didn’t mean to be rude or anything”, John said.

“John, it’s quite alright, I understand how hard it must be to be in college, away from home, free to do what and who you please”, Jennifer replied slyly.

“What do you mean Professor? free to do who I please?” John asked.

“Oh come off of it John, seeing that cock of yours before, it’s no wonder you overslept, you must’ve been up all night being fucked and sucked by some girl.”

John turned beet red when he heard Jennifer say that. Never did he think Professor Grey would be able to say something like this. John just turned his head sideways, embarrassed to admit that since college started months earlier, he had yet been out on a date with any girl, let alone have sex with them.

Professor lifted John’s head with a finger under his chin, “You haven’t??”

John nodded his head sideways.

“What a shame”, Jennifer replied, “this is something we must change.”

With that, Jennifer pushed John back onto the chair, slid the table to the side and got on her knees. John gulped at the sight of Professor Grey on her knees about to do what he could only have dreamt of. John quickly went to his belt to undo his pants, but Jennifer stopped him.

“No, I want it like it was before, sticking out from your fly,” she told him.

She then quickly pulled down the zipper to his pants, and reached in to pull out his hard cock. John groaned as Professor Grey pulled out his cock and started to rub the precum coming out from the head all over the shaft. With that, she licked her lower lip and and hungrily took his cock into her mouth.

John moaned as he almost collapsed in his chair, “Ohhhhhhhhh, Professor Grey.”

All Jennifer did was moan as she bobbed her head up and down Johns penis. She would bob up and down for a bit, then pull his cock out of her mouth with a little pop, lick the precum and saliva that had coated her full lips, and lick around the head of his cock. John was in estacy. He has had a few blowjobs before coming to college from a few girlfriends that had finally relented after weeks of pleading otele gelen escort by him, but this was completely different.

He wanted to cum so bad that he was pushing back into her mouth, fucking her in the face. Jennifer eagerly tried to meet his thrusts in her mouth, with every thrust she could feel his hard cock going into her throat. She loved it. As she sensed John was about to cum, she pulled her mouth off his cock and gripped his cock tightly.

“Mmmmmmm, baby you taste so good, but it’s been such a long time since I’ve had a cock in me that I need you to stay hard for me,” Jennifer said.

With that, she hiked up her skirt to reveal a pair of sexy white matching lace panties. John’s eyes widened when he saw her pull down her panties, and saw her beautiful shaven pussy. It glistened with juices and he could see the wet trail of it down to her leg. Jennifer smiled at him, pushed him back onto the seat, walked backwards to him, until he was under her, she then slowly lowered herself onto him. John and Jennifer both moaned loudly as his cock slowly entered her tight pussy.

“Oh fuck!!!” Jennifer moaned.

“Shit, shit, shit, shit.” As Jennifer lowered herself completely onto John.

John then grabbed hold of Jennifer’s waist as she started to go up and down on top of his cock. She quickened the pace and started to bounce harder and faster on top of John’s cock.

“Fuck me, oh shit, fuck me.” Jennifer groaned inaudibly.

John was all too eager to comply, and he grabbed Jennifer’s waist harder and started to bounce her up and down harder on his cock.

“Yeah Professor Grey, ride me. Your pussy feels so damn good, ughhhh,” John moaned.

John then rose up, with his cock still buried in Jennifer’s pussy and walked over to the nearby desk. With Professor Grey bent over on the desk, he started fucking her from behind, all the while fumbling to pull off her shirt and grab her breasts as it started swaying back and forth.

Jennifer moaned as John pinched her hard nipples, she has never gotten fucked so roughly before, and it was turning her on even more.

She started pushing back, meeting John’s thrusts, “Mmmmm, yeah fuck me, fuck me hard, ohhhh yesssss.”

“Oh fuck, fuck, Professor Grey, I’m going to cum!!!!” John screamed.

“yes, yes cum for me baby, cum in my mouth,” Jennifer replied.

With that, Jennifer turned around, got on her knees and started sucking John hard, John pushed his cock out quickly and came all over Professor Grey’s mouth and face, his load shooting into her hair, and on her blouse.

Jennifer, wiped her face with her hand, and hungrily licked it clean of John’s cum. She walked over to where her panties laid on the floor, put them in her briefcase, and buttoned her blouse and fixed her hair. She walked over to John with a smile, and gave him a long, wet kiss.

“Thank you John, I’ll suspect you won’t be late to my class again?” Jennifer said.

John grinned at her and wiped off some cum that was left on her blouse, Jennifer grabbed his finger and sucked on it, licking the cum off.

To be continued?

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