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Foreign Exchange

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He looked up and saw a happy local face looking at him. “C___? Hi!”

She had on a black leather jacket that only zipped up to the middle of her protruding chest. It didn’t look like she was wearing anything underneath. She had on a tight black mini-skirt that hugged her ample bottoms. A large metal necklace hung tightly around her neck.

“It’s me!” she beamed. “Wow you’re just as cute as your picture!” she said in her foreign (to him) accent as she squeezed his arm.

He had no delusions about his average looks, and her compliment made him blush.

“You’re gorgeous, C___!” he mumbled.

“Thank you! Have you been outside all day? Would you like to come up and get fresh before dinner?”

“That sounds great, yeah!”

“Great, because I want to quickly shower and re-do my make-up but before everything, I need to fuck!”

He was sitting on the edge of the bed with C___ kneeling in front of him, her lips around his throbbing cock. Her apartment was small but fashionable, just like C___. She had wasted no time in getting to know him very well. She had her tits out, hands in his pants, and tongue in his mouth, all before she even unlocked her door. For someone with a small frame her shapely breasts were large, and they swung before her as she bobbed her head on his lap. Her big ass was in the air, a sharp contrast to her small waist. “I’ve been so horny today”, she said between gulps, “and I wanted to see your dick ever since you sent the picture!” She then swallowed the larger than average cock down to the base, as if to punctuate her comment.

G___ was lightheaded with pleasure, which helped him forget to feel embarrassed about sending C___ a dick-pic, even though she asked him for it. She had responded with a picture of herself in a towel, having just stepped out of the shower. While it showed nothing that would have required any sort of censoring, her obscene proportions were generously outlined for his pleasure. He didn’t know why, but he thought it was somewhat amusing how just the previous night he had cum to that picture of her, and now here he was, his cock plunging in and out of her throat.

C___ had large, full lips that were glazed with spit and precum. She was thoroughly enjoying herself, and you could tell she knew what she was doing with how often G___ would let out an embarrassing groan. “Don’t apologize silly, I like to hear you moan”, she said this as she held onto his shaft and moved her lips on his throbbing bets10 head, “I like that you try not to!” She giggled and went back down to the base of his dick, gagging harder than ever until he fell back on the bed, his elbows no longer able to hold him up as he faced this onslaught.

She let out a little laugh, even though her mouth was full. It seemed that torturing him amused her to no end. She stood up, her mouth letting go of the glistening member. She beamed at him, her perfect, white teeth framed by her lush, dripping mouth. The hard nipples on her bouncing tits vouched for her arousal. With his vantage point on his back, he could see her ass from between her legs as she took her skirt off. Full of pleasure and gratitude, He sat up and kissed her on her taut stomach. He put his hands behind her thighs and slid them up until he hit the overflowing crease of her cheeks. She tousled his hair, but he could tell she was impatient, aching to fuck.

He stood up and gently pushed her back towards the balcony glass door. He knelt down before her and put his face between her legs. Her pussy was soaked, and her smell made his erection pulse. He grabbed her ass cheeks again and drove her pelvis onto his mouth. He gave her a long, slow lick, and she let out a deep groan. He felt her knees weaken, and so he put her right leg around his shoulder to keep her steady.

Pleasantly, he found out that C___ came easily. “OK…ok ok ok…fuck me already G___, please!” she gasped, as her leg quivered hard around his neck. She jokingly pushed him back and turned around. She bent forward and stretched her hands, planting her palms on the glass. She spread her legs for him, looking like someone about to be frisked. “Just put it in me…” He saw her ass in all its glory. Her rippling cheeks jiggled as she made her offering to him and his cock.

“C___, do you have a condom?”

“No, I’m all out…”

“Well…now what?”

“G___, I don’t care, fuck me.”


“G___!” still outstretched, she pleaded while looking over her shoulder. “Do you want to stop?” She added a little twerk to this bluff question, and it sent waves across her butt.

G___ hadn’t thought he’d get this far in the first date, and therefore didn’t think it necessary to bring condoms. He was surprised to even get the date with C___, but then again, he didn’t give himself much credit. Bent forward, shaking her ass at him, she resembled a matador taunting a bull. Except here, both parties bahis siteleri wanted the matador impaled.

She was physically impossible to resist. He grabbed both cheeks and spread them back. C___ let out a little squeal of excitement. She arched her back to make herself more accessible. His rigid dick needed no manual assistance. He teased her lips with his tip while she tried to back onto it. They were both well lubricated and every time she enveloped the head of his cock, he would pull out.

“G___ I’m going to kill you…” she complained.

He moved his hands up her hips and held her by her small waist. He pushed his dick inside her warm, wet goodness. She gasped and quivered as her cheeks engulfed his entire shaft and exhaled slowly when he pulled out. Her mouth hung ever so slightly open as he pumped into her; saliva dripping off her lower lip. With his dick all the way inside her, he swung her back onto the bed, and lay her face down on the edge. He held her arms down and began pounding the yelping C___ from behind.

With every pump, he saw his dick appear and disappear between her massive, clapping cheeks. He slapped her ass. “Ahh…Yes!” He slapped it again. “Yes! Again!” He slapped harder, both cheeks. “Oh god yes!” She moaned. He put his palm on the small of her back, still holding down her other arm, and started thrusting slower but harder. “Oh! God! Yes! Don’t! Stop! Ple-” C___ got rigid and couldn’t finish begging. She groaned a deep long groan and he watched her shake.

She turned over as she was cumming, flush. Her orgasm flowed through her. She covered her face with her arms but he could see her smiling gleefully, licking and biting her lips. He put his hands around her coke-bottle-shaped hips and slid them up her sweaty, heaving torso. She put her hands above her head and gazed at him as he cupped her large quivering breasts. She was a sight to behold, and G___ was momentarily awestruck.

She wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him onto her. She held his face, still panting softly, and kissed him. Their tongues wrestled, and he could tell that she was getting close to going again. She reached for his cock with one hand and began stroking it. She pulled him close and whispered in his ear, “Will you fuck my ass?”

He sat back, grinning. He stepped off the bed, his cock aimed at her. She sat forward to meet it face to face and put both hands around it. One stroking and the other rubbing the head, working him güvenilir bahis siteleri into a frenzy. He had never tried anal before. Well, he had tried, with an ex, but it didn’t work out. C___’s big tits swung before her as she expertly handled his dick. He had always wanted to try anal, the thought of a girl letting him aroused him more. He had never shared this with his (very few) former partners. She slid her hips forward and lay back, smiling a sly smile at him, still stoking him with both hands like she was pulling a sword out of a boulder. He had been staring at her mighty ass all evening and that asshole had made several appearances. He had definitely thought about it. She put her legs in the air now, her knees by her elbow, and began dragging his cock over her ridiculously wet pussy and soon to be penetrated asshole. He was dangerously close, and C___ looked amazing at this angle, with her big tits pressed between her arms, looking like two balloons about to pop, just like he was going to pop! And with her legs in the air, she was presenting both holes for his viewing pleasure, one being fingered and the other waiting for his dick that she was still dragging over herself and stroking expertly and oH God C__-

She stopped suddenly. She had felt it just as he did. She jumped forward and wrapped her lips around his cock as it exploded. She raised her eyebrows and gurgled in surprise as her cheeks swelled. He was experiencing ecstasy, emptying himself into C___’s airtight mouth. This was her forte, and she was immediately back her element. She took a huge gulp, swallowing the massive load. “Mmmm…” she moaned with her mouth full of cock, eyes half open in her own pleasure. She continued to work her way up and down his shaft until he started bucking and groaning. This, of course, amused her to no end, and he had to unhinge her face from his groin. She laughed as he threw her back on the bed. She pantomimed licking her fingers and lips as she lay on her back, looking at him.

“Oh G___, what a pity, you could have fucked my ass”, she teased. He looked at this goofy girl, laying upside-down before him, happy and sweaty with her pornographic proportions, taunting him about not being able to sodomize her. “I’m actually really happy you came in my mouth. I wanted you to, the whole time. Your cum tastes sooo go-“. He knelt down, held her upside-down face and planted a kiss on her lips.

“It’s my last night in town and I’m ravenous! Do you want to shower first or should I?” he asked as he went around the room collecting his belongings.

C___ was still on the bed. Her head hanging off the edge, hair touching the floor. She looked at him upside down as she caressed her breasts. “We could save time by showering together!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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