Nisan 24, 2024

Forbidden Encounters Pt. 02

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Morning has come.

I wake, and immediately reach over to text you, “Good morning.”

I can’t help it. I don’t even know if you like me doing that. But you are the first thing I think about every morning and the last thing I think about every night.

Even though it may not be the same for you… you are all I want.

Every second of every day, all I want is you.

Your smile, your laughter, your words. Good mood or bad mood, doesn’t matter. I want you for every mood. I’m in love with you.

I’ve always had a crush on you, and then it got worse the first time we fucked in the backseat of my car.

But I am not sure when I realized that it was real love that I felt for you.

I know I said it to you pretty early. And you refused to say it back. Which I still don’t understand. Why don’t you love me?

You fuck my brains out every chance you get.

But you refuse to say you love me and I don’t understand.

You did say it once, when your cock was buried deep inside my ass while I was on top of you… but I am not sure if you meant it, even though it felt real at the time.

I try not to think about it though, because it makes me sad that you’re not in love with me, and I wish you were. I wish you wanted to spend the rest of your life with me, but you don’t.

Because you already have someone else. And you love her, and want your life to be with her.

Not me.

All I am is the friend who you like to fuck in the ass. So far, that’s been enough for me, because that means I get to be fucked by you. Which is better than not having you in my life at all, or having you as a friend, but not getting to be fucked by you anymore.

I walk over to the coffee pot and get my first cup. Usually by this point you’ve started texting me about the video game we play together. The one thing that keeps us in touch with each other. We always have something to talk about because of that game.

Every morning, I wonder if I will see you or not.

I think to myself about how badly I wish you would just drop whatever you are doing and show up to my house as a surprise.

Sometimes I think you are going to come over and you don’t… so I try really hard not to get too excited about it… in case you end up not being able to come over.

But usually… the moment does come… and there you are, pulling up in your car to the front of my house.

I get so excited, my insides leap for joy like a little school girl getting candy, bahis firmaları and my face starts smiling.

Your arrival at my house is enough to erase all my doubts or worries about everything.

Because I love staring at you. I love smiling at you. I love our conversations.

But there’s something better than talking to you… Fucking you.

I love when one, or both, of us start dropping those hints… you spank me as I’m walking past or we decide to hug and hold onto each other for longer than 20 seconds.

Sometimes, all I have to do is start talking about sex and you jump up to go lock the door so we can go into my bedroom.

This day is different though. Because today, the rest of the world does not exist. There’s only me and you and our lust for each other.

You walk into my house. And immediately you notice that I’m all dressed up for you.

Short skirt, fishnet stockings, skin tight top, and a new choker you’ve never seen before on me.

There’s a loop on it with a chain attached to it.

I am currently holding the chain in my hand and giving you the most innocent smile I can manage.

“Hello sir, how may I service you today?”

I can tell by the look in your eyes that you already want to rip off my clothes, but you also have superb self control, so all you do is smile and reach out for the chain.

“Hmmm, well, first I think you should get down on your knees for me.”

I immediately obey, and go down to my knees as gracefully as possible. You don’t close in the space between us right away… instead, you move over to sit on the couch and you pull the chain attached to my neck with you, forcing me to crawl along the floor to follow.

I move to position myself between your knees, and you lean forward to sweetly kiss my forehead and then my mouth, grabbing my lip with your teeth. You plant one more kiss on my neck under my ear, and then whisper to me… “I want you to put my cock in your mouth and suck on it the way you’re so good at.”

Which I obey. I pull your pants off and run my hands up the inside of your thighs.

I don’t waste any time teasing you here, and I immediately pull your cock into my mouth.

It’s such a big cock, that I struggle to get the whole thing in my mouth… but I don’t stop trying.

I try so hard to get my throat to relax so you can slide that cock in deeper. But then that gag starts to happen and I pull back.

But you say, “Don’t stop, do it again.”

Which causes kaçak iddaa me to seriously want to try again.

So I put my mouth back on your cock and start trying to get it in deeper… this time, you hold my head in place… and say, “hold it there… just a little longer… you’re doing so good..”

I can feel myself trying to swallow and those muscles in my throat squeezing your cock.

That gag reflex kicks in and I shift my body trying to readjust my position as if I can somehow fight the sensation. I start to whimper as I choke on your cock which just makes you moan and push in just a little more forcing your cock in deeper, as if my whimpers are making you want to choke me more… My eyes start watering and I can feel my drool dripping down past my lips.

You hold it there until you can get a handful of my hair and then pull my head back and off your cock… You look at me with that wild look in your eyes, and smile at my tears and drool…

“Would you like some more?”

“Yes sir, please I would like some more. I need it, I need your cock in my mouth.”

You lower my head back down and hold it directly above your cock… as my mouth moves into position, I can feel you holding the back of my head with both hands, and then you raise your hips to shove your cock in the rest of the way. This time, you only hold your cock deep in my throat for a second and then slowly start pulling it back out, but not very far because you push it back in again… then the pace quickens and you start fucking the back of my mouth… quickly… all i can do is let you keep sliding that cock into the back as far as it will go.

This continues longer than normal… and eventually you stop because you almost came and we aren’t done playing yet.

You move yourself to where you are laying on your back, and pull the chain attached to me to move me up onto the couch on top of you. I place myself into position and slide myself down onto your cock. With one hand on the back of the couch for support, and the other on your chest, I pull both feet onto the couch so I can lift myself easily and I begin rocking back and forth and up and down, as steadily as I can.

You end up placing your hands on my hips to help guide my rhythm, and just when I cum, I feel my legs start to give out, but you don’t let me stop… that simple command, “Don’t stop” slips out of your mouth and I can’t help but obey. So I push myself to keep going and try to ignore the pain in my legs, and focus on making sure kaçak bahis my pussy is riding your cock hard and fast until I can’t take it anymore and I collapse. My leg twitching from my next orgasm.

You rise up from the couch, while I’m still on your cock and you turn us around and lay me on my back on the couch… you fuck me in this position for a moment before you left my legs up to your shoulders and keep ramming into my pussy in this position… your cock slides out and lightly brushes against my anus, which makes me gasp. We lock eyes and stare at each other, both knowing what is about to happen, but you ask anyway, “Are you ready?”

“Oh yes sir, I’m ready for you to fuck my ass…”

The realization that we’ve never tried this position before hits me, but only makes me more excited… I point to the table nearby where I left the lube sitting because I was hoping for this to happen. And you are able to easily reach it

You get your cock all lubed up and put some in my ass, and then finger my entrance a little to open it up… then its time… you keep the pumping pace with your finger, and then place the tip of your cock again my opening and begin to push your cock into my tight hole.

This is always the hardest part for me because your cock is so wide along the shaft, but if I can just get those first two inches in, then the rest will slide in easily.

The sensations are so intense that I feel like my mind is completely overcome by ecstasy.

This is when you talking to me actually helps me get that cock in further… It doesn’t even matter what you say, just hearing your voice inspires me to relax the muscles and bare the pain of the entry.

Then it happens… I am practically screaming with joyous pleasure at this point, screaming “YES. THAT’S IT. YOUR COCK IS IN MY ASS AND I FUCKING LOVE IT. FUCK MY ASS HARDER. Fuck me harder and pound me until you cum in my ass. I love it when you cum in my ass. Cum inside me. I need your cum inside me.”

Your hands are on my hips as you start pounding me full force in the ass. Adding the occasional ass spanking, while I keep screaming and you keep grunting.

The sounds you make during our anal sex are the greatest sounds I’ve ever heard in my life.

Then you start to slow down and ram me hard just a few more times, until your cum starts pouring into my ass, and you collapse to lay on my back.

As we lay there breathing heavy and holding onto each other… All I can think about is how much I love you… but I keep my mouth shut.

Because I know you don’t want to hear it.

If anyone ever asked me what my favorite thing about you is, I wouldn’t be able to answer, because my answer is the way we fuck.

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