Ocak 19, 2022

For the Very First Time Ch. 02

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“Whose the new guy?”

Amber and Jane were sitting in English class waiting for the rest of the students to enter.

“His name is Quinn. He lives next door to me. He’s from Texas, but doesn’t have a weird accent.”

“He’s cute. Did you guys make out?”

“Jane! Is that all you ever think about?”

“No. I also think about school work, occasionally.”

Both girls laughed and watched as Quinn entered the classroom. He was wearing worn jeans and a t-shirt. He must have been in a rush because he sat down in the very first seat and didn’t even notice Amber.

“… So we had the whole cottage to ourselves while his parents went to a flea market. It was amazing. Amber? Hello?” Jane had stopped talking and finally noticed Amber staring at Quinn, her face red. She had been friends with Amber since elementary school and knew when something was wrong.

“Sorry. Continue.”

“No. Tell me what’s wrong. Did you ask him out and he said no? Does he have a hot Texan girlfriend or something?” Jane was leaning forward a bit and was whispering since she didn’t want anyone to hear them talk about personal things. It was one thing to blurt out her summer loving, but when it came to her best friend it was different. Amber was about to open her mouth and tell her best friend, but just then their English teacher, Mr. Johnston, entered the room. Mr. Johnston was old and cranky. He had been a teacher at the school for over thirty years and you didn’t mess with him. The room immediately went quiet and you could hear a pin drop. Jane nodded at Amber. They would have to talk about this later.

Amber and Jane survived old Johnston’s English class and then went their separate ways to their second period class. Amber was happy that she knew no one in her Math class. Math was her hardest subject and she knew if she had friends in class with her she’d just chat with them and not pay attention to the teacher. She knew that if Quinn were in the same class she’d spend the whole time staring at him. She couldn’t get the image of the two of them on her backyard swing out of her head.

By the time the bell rang for lunch, Amber’s head kocaeli escort was hurting. Her head was filled with math equations and she was rushing to meet Jane at their normal spot. She wasn’t watching where she was going. She ran down the North Wing stairs and just as her feet touched the bottom, she ran into Quinn. If he hadn’t been so tall and muscular he probably would have been knocked over. Instead, he grabbed her so she wouldn’t fall backwards.

“Woah! Amber! Hi.”

Quinn had been minding his own business wandering around the school when a flash of red had come down the stairs and practically landed on him. He had wondered where Amber had gone after first period and now he had the answer.

“Quinn! Hi. Sorry.” Amber stood still and began to laugh. Quinn was standing there looking pretty goofy as he tried to make sure that Amber didn’t fall over. She was still a little dizzy from running into him.

“You ran out of English class pretty fast. Do you want to eat lunch together?”

“Sure. I’m eating lunch with Jane, but you can join us.”


The three high school seniors had an enjoyable lunch and when the bell rang for third period they all went their separate ways. Quinn was off to Biology. Jane was going to French class and Amber had another English class. Just as Quinn went down the hallway enough not to hear them, Jane whispered to Amber “meet me in the second floor bathroom in twenty minutes. You need to tell me about him.”

Amber nodded and entered her next English class. This was a class on creative writing and she glanced at the clock every few minutes. When twenty had passed she asked to go to the washroom and her teacher let her go. Ms Gardin was her teacher and she was much nicer then Mr. Johnston. Amber wouldn’t dare ask to leave class from him, but Ms. Gardin was a younger teacher and was more easy-going. Amber rushed to the washroom and was thankful that Jane was already waiting for her.

“You have four minutes. Talk. Stupid Monsieur Pilon has a stupid timer going and I’ll have to write an extra essay if I’m late.”

“Quinn’s parents are super religious. They’re Catholic and kocaeli escort bayan my mom told me that Quinn is not allowed to date anyone who doesn’t go to their church. We hung out a few times before school started and are good friends. It’s awkward between us because I think he wants to ask me out, but knows he can’t. He doesn’t know I know his mom’s rule.”

“Are you fucking kidding me? He’s eighteen and he still listens to his mom?”

“Yes. His family is very close and he wants to please his parents.”

“Whatever! Is he going to be eating lunch with us every day?”

“Yeah, probably.”

“Fine. I’d be flirting with him if I was you, but I’m not. I have to go back to class.”

Amber nodded and watched her best friend rush out to get back to French class in time. She leaned up against the counter and thought to herself. Why was it such a big deal that Quinn was only allowed to date someone Catholic? They had become friends pretty fast. Could she stay friends with Quinn? She walked back to class and was relieved that Ms. Gardin didn’t say anything about her being gone for so long.


Amber was sitting in the outdoor swing. A few days had gone by since her conversation with Jane and so far things were going well. The three of them ate lunch together every day and Quinn had moved to sit next to the girls in their first period English class. Amber still didn’t know what to think about her relationship with Quinn. It was like they had known each other their whole lives even though it was less then two weeks. She smiled when Quinn hopped the fence and made his way over to the swing.

“Can I join you my cute neighbor?” Amber blushed. He was always calling her cute and she bet he didn’t know how special that made her feel.

“Of course, Quinn.” Quinn sat down and stretched out his body.

“I have an idea. Just hear me out O.K.” Quinn turned and watched as Amber bit her lip sensually. She was sucking on it and it was driving him crazy. She had turned to face him and looked very worried. Whatever she was about to say was important.

“I know that you’re not allowed kocaeli escort to date anyone who’s not Catholic. I’m not going to even try to understand that, but I know. Your mom told my mom and she didn’t think I was home when she told my dad. I think we should kiss and hug and do regular boyfriend/girlfriend things, but without the complication of a relationship. I haven’t done anything with any guy and you mentioned you haven’t ever had a girlfriend either. We’d be each other’s firsts, but without the emotional crap.”

Quinn stared at Amber. His brain was processing everything she had said. He had wanted to ask her out that first night they had sat in the swing, but couldn’t. Since starting school he had figured out that she was single and wanted to tell her, but was scared. Now she was offering the best of both worlds. He really did like her and her common sense approach to this was just a little scary.

“Are you serious?”

“Yeah. Are you going to kiss me?”

Quinn nodded and leaned over, his lips barely touching hers. She smelled like vanilla. He touched the tip of his tongue to her bottom lip and tasted strawberries. He was breathing hard and moaned when she leaned forward and opened her mouth. Quinn slid his tongue into her mouth and was overwhelmed when she sucked on it slowly. It took all his willpower not to cum in his pants right then. She let go of his tongue and pressed her lips to his. It was a soft kiss and he moaned as she flicked her tongue against his.

Amber was hesitant at first to kiss him back. He smelled of cologne and wondered why she hadn’t noticed that before. She wanted to sit in his lap, but was worried about being too aggressive. She knew that was silly since she had been upfront and aggressive with her suggestion, but now that they were kissing, she wanted to take it slow.

Quinn turned a bit so he was laying on the swing. He pulled her on top of him and moaned. He knew she could feel his cock throbbing in his shorts and the weight of her on top of him was so erotic.

The two of them kissed for quite some time and when Quinn finally sat up both of them were trying to catch their breaths.

“I should go back home. I still have a curfew.”

“Does your mom know you’re over here?”

“No. She thinks I’m hanging out with the guy that lives down the street. What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her.”

“Night Quinn.”

“Good night Amber.”

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