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For a Potential Daddy

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For a Potential Daddy
(this was written for someone who wanted to know how I imagined our first meeting based on our talks it is done and dusted now but this story was one I wanted to share)

She looked in the mirror, adjusted her outfit… made sure her bows were straight.

She frowned unsure if she had picked the right outfit, the right underwear, was her make up ok?

Would he enjoy the pink colour she had painted onto her lips.

Would he like her hair in pigtails?

She took a deep breath, and another and another she was vibrating with nerves and excitement, she was not sure if she was feeling sick or just the nerves were getting to her.

She smoothed down her skirt, whilst she knew he really liked clothes that showed off her curves something about their first time held an innocence, so she chose her baby doll outfit, even making bows to match for her pigtails.

She had on her cute rufflebutt panties as she thought he would enjoy their sheerness and they went well with her Baby doll outfit.

Her make-up was light and natural, the only way she really knew how to do it. Her hands shook too much these days to apply eyeliner and she had never mastered that skill.

She had bought a new pink lipstick and gloss to apply to her lips.

She looked at the time gasped and went to wait outside like a good girl with her bag.

Just in time as she saw his car coming down the street towards her place.

She shifted, took her stance, eyes lowered, feet apart for balance, head down.

She gave her skirt one last tug to make sure it was sitting properly as the light breeze slightly billowed it. She had, of course, packed some other things he would enjoy her in but hoped this was a good first choice.

It was so hard for her not to watch him as he drove past, down to the turning circle and back around to park in front of her run-down place.

She shivered with anticipation and bit her bottom lip, which was both a nervous habit and something that happened when she was extremely turned on.

Finally, she heard his car door close. He chuckled knowing how hard this was for her. Knowing her nosey neighbour would be peeking out his window watching them.
He had met the Man once and she had begged him not to even talk to him as it opened the floodgates for him to harass her or be a jerk.

He had had a quiet word and told him to knock off harassing his property though he had used vanilla words at the time she still had no idea.

Yet he still spied like the nosey parker he was from his window.

He approached her. Stepped around her. Removed her bags from her hand. Put her handbag in the front seat and her overnight bag in the boot.

She wavered slightly not used to standing so long without moving but corrected her position immediately.

He walked back to her slowly walking around her. The breeze picked up slightly and he saw a glimpse of the black and white polka dot ruffles. Intrigued he lifted her skirt and dropped it just as quickly grinning.

He lifted it away from prying eyes and gave her a sharp spank as he whispered in her ear ‘You did well my little cum guzzler’

As he placed his hand on her chin and lifted her head to face him, he smiled and for the first time, she relaxed just a little. He felt her sigh in relief knowing she had been anxious to please him.

He took her hand and gentle guided her to the car. Opening the door for her and helping her with the seatbelt though she had an exemption letter from her Dr due to her size, a seatbelt extender had been on her shopping list however she was not in cars very often these days.

‘You may speak’ he chuckled knowing how hard it was for her to keep her mouth shut especially when she was nervous as she babbled a lot in those times.

She smiled ‘Thank you, Sir’

As she reached into her handbag and pulled out one last final touch to her outfit, well two she handed him a small matching pink whip she had gotten off eBay to match this outfit and put on a faux leather collar she had made herself with the word SLUT on it. They both knew she was not collared but for her, it was a part of this outfit and she honestly thought He may appreciate the fact that she knew for this time at least she belonged to him.

He had asked her to trust him. Something he knew she found difficult though they had met a few times by now working up to this moment it was sometimes a slow process. He was shocked by her willingness but in the most pleasant of ways as she sometimes surprised him with her raw honesty and self-knowledge.

He started the car

She pouted ‘not even a hint?’ she asked

‘not even a hint’ he smiled as he caught her pink pouting lips and started to imagine them wrapped around his cock

He lifted her skirt, happy to see she did not have on leggings under it today, he had made sure to tell her they would not be doing lots of walking so her thighs should be ok. He kept her skirt up slightly exposing her thighs and pink knickers noticing they already had a wet patch

He had decided neutral ground for this first time. Feeling she would feel safer than being in his home, though the image of her tied to his bed had teased him many a night in his dreams.

He illegal bahis siteleri chuckled as she squirmed obviously very aroused, she looked at him and blushed, biting her bottom lip as she did so.

He handed her the blindfold ‘Here put this on’, the pout returned but she did as she was told.

He did not really want her knowing exactly how far they were going or where, so he drove a little extra stopping when he reached the place they were staying. He had made sure that food and drink were easily available and knew there was a supermarket not far away and that food could easily be delivered. After all, he did not want to waste too many precious moments of this first time.

He left her in the car while he checked in. Then once he knew which room, they were in he Took her by the hand and sat her on the bed still blindfolded

He searched in her bag finding her toys which she had packed on his say-so along with their charging cords and her laptop as they would at some point need to charge.

He pulled out his restraints and looked at the other toys she had slipped in her bag as he asked her to bring what she had.

There was a black and purple leather paddle, A red heart-shaped paddle with a fuzzy centre, a black braided whip with roses on the end that looked to be from the same collection as the leather paddle, both bondage rope and purple satin restraints, a roll of purple bondage tape and the little pink whip she had handed him in the car.

He smiled not knowing what she would have in her stash of toys and expecting that it would not be this much. He could see his kinky girl had wanted this for a long time and he was glad he got to be the first one to put her through her paces and maybe just maybe own her body mind and soul.

‘Stand’ he commanded

She stood arms at her side, legs slightly apart, head down. As he had taught her.

‘What made you choose this outfit’ he commanded

She bit her bottom lip for a moment ‘ Whilst I know you like figure-hugging outfits that show off my curves Sir, I felt our first time exploring together also had to it an innocence and I thought it would be fun to wear pigtails and dress up like a baby fuck doll for you’ she shivered at her last words really wanting to see his face

He took her hand and held it on his bulge ‘You chose well my little cum guzzler’

He bent her over the bed still blindfolded, lifted her skirt up, picked up one of her own paddles that he knew no one else had ever used on her and started to paddle her bottom through the sheer knickers she wore the pink becoming darker as he made her bottom pink

He could see the wet patch on her panties growing as he spanked her. She moaned and shivered with need and anticipation of what was to come.

He was taking it relatively easy this first time letting her get used to things.

He helped her stand up again, took off the blindfold, and looked into her eyes as he tasted her lips kissing her with a force and passion, she had yet to ever experience.

It was heady and she kissed back with everything she had not sure if she was supposed to but unable to help herself.

He drew away. ‘Strip for me’

He set some music up and watched as she awkwardly tried to move and look sexy. He would have to teach her to help her learn to move again in her body she was so out of practice but she slowly got more into it as she shyly lifted up her billowy blouse and dropped it down teasing him turning around, lifting it up showing him her voluptuous back and the roundness of her lower back and arse as she started to lift the blouse over her head he saw she was wearing a bra that he knew had to be hell on her because he could see the red marks. He frowned and noted that he would have to have a word to her about that in the future as the only thing that would mark his breasts would be him and most likely just some love bites here or there. He loved breasts unmarked and unblemished for the most part.

Her top fell onto a chair, as she started to shimmy her bra around to remove it, He walked over to her holding his hand up in a stop motion and she stopped for a moment as he undid her bra and let her heavy U U shaped breasts fall from the restraint of the uncomfortable bra he tossed it towards the bin as she resumed stripping for him

Wiggling her hips as she undid the zipper of the skirt she had on, lifting it over her head as she had the top for the easiest way to get it off.

She then danced around wiggling her red behind at him bending over and showing off her ruffles before trying to wriggle out of them, the sticky wicket being having them get caught on her wibbly wobbly jiggly bits but finally they were off.

She tossed them to him. And stopped to draw a breath that was a lot for her, and she was not used to it.

She came to a standstill waiting for his next commands wondering where today would lead. If she would pass his tests. if she would be able to handle all that he and she both wanted

She panted and caught her breath, hearing ‘I did not tell you to stop’ trembling ‘however I will let it slide as you are new to this and I promised you I would be careful not to push you canlı bahis siteleri to hard your first time’

She breathed a sigh of relief.

He gently guided her to the bed. Pushed her down into a sitting position and had her pull his cock out of his trousers. She moaned seeing him in all his glory for the first time.

He looked down at her, her eyes on his hard cock, you know what to do cum guzzler suck it.

She looked up into his eyes briefly mischief twinkling merrily in her eyes as she licked his cock up and down like an ice-cream, also running her wet tongue round and round it while her hands played with his still restrained balls.

He let her have her way for now enjoying her playful teasing of his cock as she licked the precum that was oozing from the head moaning in delight at the taste of him as she did so

He started to wrap his hands around her pigtails as she looked up at him that wicked gleam in her eye knowing she wanted him to force his cock into her mouth but he was going to enjoy letting her show him what her skills were like without encouragement

She smiled opened her mouth and began to suck him, her mouth bobbing up and down on his shaft as her tongue danced and teased his cock, undulating under the base, licking the salty cum from the tip. Her hands working in unison with her mouth making sure no part of him went without friction for long.

She was scared she was out of practice that she would not be able to handle much as she felt his cock swell and become even harder and her mouth more full she increased her pace wanting to make him cum wanting to be his little cum guzzler, his slut, his fuck doll whatever he wanted her to be she wanted to please him.

She looked up at him through her lowered lashes as she continued to suck his cock, before lowering her eyes back to what she was doing increasing the tempo and speed. Trying to earn his cum in her mouth.

She kept going until she felt it the first jet of his hot wet sticky cum, she moved her mouth so that she could let some dribble out the way she knew turned him on. His cock now sporting a pink ring of lipstick from her now clean lips.

She waited to make sure she had gotten every drop and cleaned his cock of all his cum.

She shivered waiting wondering how she fared if she passed this test…….

He took her gently by the hands and pulled her up for a kiss. He whispered in her ear ‘you passed’ he felt her body relax as the tension eased she was so worried about failing his tests and not pleasing him that knowing she had passed yet another hurdle gave her a sense of peace and joy knowing she had also pleased him.

She stood there as he began to move her towards the bed.

‘down’ was the only command she was given so she sat back on the bed, she saw the gentle shake of his head and laid down on her back. He smiled as he proceeded to bind her so that he could explore her body and inspect what may become his.

He had been looking forward to this for a long time. Her answers to his questions aroused not only his body but his mind. Her slutty side warring with her sweeter innocent side begging for him to corrupt and help set her free.

He made sure to tie her in a way that had her pussy as exposed as it could be given her thighs and huge belly.

He could see the glistening of her juices on her thighs and smiled knowing it was just the beginning.

He ran a finger down her body from the top of her chest to the bottom of her leg being careful to avoid her extremely ticklish feet.

He felt her shiver in anticipation. He put the blindfold back on her stopping her from seeing what was coming next.

She shivered again. Waiting wondering what would come next.

He picked up one of her heavy breasts in his hand weighing it. Gently teasing the nipple noting her minimal reaction as he started to pull on her nipple causing her some pain, he heard her squeak and moan and noticed the little dribble of juice that ran down her plump pussy lips.

He proceeded to do the same to her other breast noting something odd that he could make the nipple super hard lightly push on it and it would disappear again… one of her quirks she had neglected to mention to him she had no idea why it was that way as it had always been so.

He took the two pegs from his supplies and applied them to her nipples as she bit her bottom lip to stop from crying out with the new pain.

He then ran his hands all over her body feeling every inch of what he wanted to own.

Leaving her needy pussy till last as he pulled out some clamp-type restraints to pull her pussy lips open and expose her fully to him, he smiled to see how wet she really was. A sticky needy writhing mess.

He was only just getting warmed up.

He pulled the pastel pink flogger she had given him in the car and started to gently flog her body, building a little as he warmed up and she did not cry out in pain, he slowly started focusing more on her pussy watching it drip and pulse each time he swatted it with the whip, he kept building the intensity to see what she could handle waiting until she cried out or showed signs of being unable to handle more.

When bahis firmaları she finally cried out trying to do so quietly, he gave her pussy one final thwack with the flogger and stopped

Getting them both a glass of water he held it to her lips as she gulped deeply.

He smiled ‘You did well for your first time’ he watched her smile ‘thank you Sir’

His fingers tugged on the pegs on her nipples watching as her face registered the pain also noting how her pussy dribbled as he pulled on them.

He reached his hand down exploring her pussy with his fingers, bringing them to her mouth
‘lick them clean’

She obeyed making sure to suck her all juices off his fingers. Sucking each one like it was his cock, suctioning them, letting them slide in and out using her tongue to make sure they were clean

He pulled his hand out and wiped her slobber over her stomach. She shivered a little as it began to cool

His hand traced a line down the centre of her body touching her lips with a finger, lightly travelling down between her breasts, over her waist down her stomach, testing the depths of her belly button (it was deeper than most), finally travelling down to her hungry greedy pussy that she hoped would one day be his.

She felt his hands pulling at her hiding clit, tugging the hidey-hole, running a finger over the sensitive spot she shivered and moaned biting her lip remembering she was to be quiet.

He traced that button down through the centrefolds of her puss along the ridge that leads down into her aching dripping glistening pussy.

Without warning, he plunged two fingers hard into her wet hole, then added another as her body shuddered around him and her hips tried to buck up for more.

He pulled his fingers out, seemingly satisfied. Let a few moments go by before he continued with his inspection of her holes.

His finger tracing his way down to her arsehole, oh how he longed to be the one to take her anal virginity. To teach her what a delightful little 3 hole cum dump she could be.

He pushed a finger in her winking asshole as she opened up to it, trying to grind down on the finger but having so little movement she let out a frustrated sigh.

He smiled seeing her potential, having wanted to fuck her for so long.

He stripped slowly admiring the view of her splayed out naked before him.

He grabbed his phone and snapped several shots of her, some without her face showing just her pillowy voluptuous curves, her open gaping pussy, her abundant breasts

Without warning or preparation, he thrust himself deep inside the willing wet slut, no mercy no build-up just slammed his hard cock deep inside her pussy.

She bit her lip to keep from crying out in both pleasure and pain relishing the moment his cock forced its way in that moment was always one of her favourites when her pussy stretched around a cock for the first moment

He tugged the pegs off her nipples, relishing how hard she had to bite her lip to stop from screaming out but part of her let some sound out anyway it was too new a pain for her to be impervious to it. He smiled knowing he had a few excuses to punish her later after they had rested.

His hungry mouth came down on first one breast then the other soothing the pain starting to playfully and gently nip her had nipples before he sucked on them and bit them just enough to remind her who was in charge and that she was his for the weekend.

He thrust harder, felt her contracting her pussy muscles around his throbbing cock trying to draw him in even deeper. Her hips involuntarily trying to thrust up to meet him with the very small amount of movement she had.

He pushed harder inside her, relishing the sound of his balls slapping on her wet dripping pussy that was only getting wetter as he fucked her harder.

His hand came down and started to tug on her magic button, pinching and pulling her clit as he felt liquid start to seep even more out of her pussy.

He Pinched her clit hard and whispered in her ear ‘you will cum for me my little fuck toy’

She shivered bit her lip and focused on every sensation he was giving her

He pulled her clit harder whilst using one of her breasts as a way to hang on and pull himself in and out of her

She shivered as her thighs began to quake, he never let up relentlessly pushing her higher, it took a while but suddenly he felt her pussy start to convulse and try and force him out as she moaned in the pleasure and pain he had provided her with.

She squirted her juices coating his cock, his balls, the bed his stomach.

He moaned and forced himself into her harder her cum making it easier the wet sucking sounds of him fucking her filling his mind, her pussy contracting in aftershocks around his hard-throbbing cock

He grunted as he unleashed his cum insider of her dragging out his cock so he could spray the second jet over the stomach and breasts marking his territory

He collapsed beside her for a few moments before removing the restraints and helping her stretch her limbs out. She had a blissful smile on her face having never experienced anything so intense or amazing a part of her had thought that maybe sex was overrated now she knew she had been with people who were doing it wrong.

He took the blindfold off at long last, looking deep into her eyes, a little worried he may have gone too far or that she was not coping.

She blushed, thank you, Sir, that was more than I expected.


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