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First time sharing Anna

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First time sharing Anna
I had been with my Girlfriend a few months when I started to talk to her about fantasies while we were playing with each other. Asking her what her fantasies were and telling her mine, taking time to slowly build up to more and more naughty ideas. I particularly liked asking her which of these dirty ideas she would do and was pleasantly surprised when the answer always seemed to come back yes. At this point it was just dirty talk but it was still so exciting! One day while quite excited I said I loved the idea of watching someone else shag her. Happily she barely reacted and asked what I liked about that idea.

I explained that I loved the idea of her being dirty enough to let a guy she wasn’t dating see her naked, touch her and even put his cock inside her. The idea clearly turned her on too and got her dripping wet talking about it leading to frantic but ultimately quick sex!

I brought the idea up in similar fashion a couple of times after this, before eventually asking if she would ever do it. She kissed me as we played with each other and said “Yes if you want me to.”

I was so excited and quickly asked “who?”

“You can choose” she gasped in reply.

I asked if she meant a stranger or someone we know. She just stated that if it was someone we know they would have to promise not to tell.

For a while this led to us talking in bed about guys we know and which order of preference she would put them and also which guys she thought really wanted to shag her. She loved it when i told her my Best mate had admitted to frequently jerking off about her and how much he loved her big tits.

I asked her several more times in the same manner if she would do it for real and she always said she would. I finally got the courage to organise something while my parents were away in their summer holiday leaving me with the house to myself. Anna came over mid güvenilir bahis siteleri morning and as we started talking in the kitchen i was still racking my brain as to how to say what I needed to say. It seemed different saying it when we were in bed playing with each other but now fully dressed in the kitchen was totally different!

I eventually blurted out “You know what we were talking about in bed?”

“Which part?” she giggled. A fair point as we did talk dirty a lot at that time.

“About the idea of letting another guy shag you?” I spluttered.

“Uh hum” she replied coyly.

“Were you serious? Would you really do it? I pressed.

“Yeah, if you want me to i will” She replied, moving close to me.

I explained I had arranged for a guy i know who had moved away to university to come over for that purpose. Anna knew who he was but didn’t know him well. She was a little shocked and as she was processing what she had just been told she said “But he has got a Girlfriend hasn’t he?”

I confirmed he had but explained that ensured he didn’t tell everyone, also helped by the fact he lived a long way away. There was one other reason I chose him which I decided not to disclose at this point and left it for a surprise for her.

I asked her if she wanted to change her mind and just leave it as a fantasy. She just reiterated what she had already said about she would if I wanted. She then giggled “Its a good job I’m wearing nice underwear today!”

Fifteen tense moments later Martin arrived. I let him in and got everyone a drink of coffee and we chatted normally. I took the opportunity to speak to Martin when Anna had gone to the bathroom to ask if he was still up for it. He enthusiastically said he was.

When Anna returned I asked her what Martin had come over for?

She giggled and claimed she didn’t know.

I played along with the game and asked her what she was perabet giriş saying earlier about the nice underwear she had on today. Then said why doesn’t she show us?

She said “OK but you two have to show your underwear as well!”

She quickly stripped off her jeans and top leaving her in just a White Bra and thong. She started talking about how new her underwear was and where she bought it. I pointed out that things were now uneven. We only had our boxer shorts on while she has bra and knickers on. After some mock protests she undid her bra and exposed her big 36DD tits to us, giggling “Happy now!?”

After a couple of awkward moments I suggested we go upstairs and without a word we all went to my bedroom. Once inside i took my boxers off and Martin did the same. His hard cock sprang out and it was the first time she got a view of its size. I knew he had a reputation for having a huge cock and as it turned out it was well deserved! It must have been around 10″ and thick.

Anna’s hand covered her mouth as she gasped involuntarily at the size of Martin’s cock. I asked her what was wrong? She just half giggled “It’s huge!”

I asked her if she was going to take her knickers off and she did without replying, standing there naked; showing her freshly shaved 18 year old pussy.

Martin was sitting on the edge of the bed. I suggested she sit next to him, knowing it would kick start things. She sat down next to him and he immediately started groping her big tits. She reached out and took hold of his giant cock and started slowly jerking him off.

After a couple of minutes he pulled her head forward, gesturing for what he wanted. She moved to keel on the floor so it was more comfortable for her and took the tip in her mouth, making him grunt with satisfaction.

After a few minutes he pulled her up and started to position her bent over the bed. She asked perabet güvenilir mi if he had a condom. He said “They don’t fit. Don’t worry I will pull out!”

She didn’t take much convincing and bent over, reaching between her legs to guide the tip to her opening. Fortunately she was dripping wet and despite his size he was able to push his cock inside her almost all the way in a few thrusts. I was watching her face, seeing her gasp as he pushed it up her. She asked if it was all in, I told her almost and she asked if he could try to go all the way in so she knew what it felt like.

He started pushing further in and she gasped “Oh fuck!” I could see the excitement was getting to him as well and she must have sensed it as she gasped “Don’t cum in me, don’t cum in me!”

I asked where she wanted it. She said “Cum on my face”

He pulled out and pushed her to her knees and started jerking onto her pretty face. Her hand was between her legs frantically rubbing her clit bringing herself to climax as he was shooting his load all over her face and into her open mouth. She giggled as she looked in the mirror at her cum covered face and grabbed a towel to wipe it off. She turned to me and asked if i needed finishing off before she got a shower. Martin was getting dressed to leave before it became awkward but i asked him to stay for a minute until I had finished with her.

I bent her over and slipped into her soaking hole. I pulled her blonde pony tail and asked her if she had enjoyed letting another guy shag her. She just said “Yeah!”

I asked if she wanted to fuck him again. One word answer again “Yeah”

“Tell him then” I ordered.

“You can shag me again this week if you want!” She blurted out.

“Who are you talking to, me or him? I asked, still slamming into her.

“Martin, I want to let him shag me again this week!” she exclaimed. This tipped me over the edge and I started to unload into her sloppy cunt.

Martin left almost straight after, thanking us and saying hope to do it again sometime. Leaving us to an afternoon of play, talking about what we had just done! We both enjoyed it so much it was the first of many experiences involving others!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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