Temmuz 13, 2024

First Time Foot Slave

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My wife and I have been married for just over 15 years; we met in our junior year of high school but didn’t start dating until college. We’re truly partners and our friends have always told us how great our relationship is, but behind bedroom doors our sex life has always been vanilla. Honestly, we’ve always been career focused so it’s been good for us. We worked long hours and it didn’t lead to a lot of free time for fun and exploration of each other. Vanilla worked.

The one area she always indulged me, even early in our relationship, was my foot fetish. Lovely naturally tanned slender size 8s, toes always painted or French tipped, high arches, and sharp thin ankles; they are truly perfect. The best part is that she knows how much I love them, so she makes sure to take extra care and show them off for me. Frequent trips to the nail salon that turned into frequent home pedicures during the pandemic. Always barefoot around the house, flip flops in public, and a delicate anklet to grab attention. I’ve seen more than a few men glance down at her feet.

Our foot activity even developed its own standard: fresh out of the shower she would lay back on the bed, feet clean and smelling of lavender and peppermint or rosemary, I would take them into my hands and give them a nice deep massage to get her relaxed followed by gentle kisses to her toes and soles before progressing into some light worship.

A handjob or a footjob might come next (on nights she wasn’t tired). I’d lay back with my head at the foot of the bed with her feet in my face or exploring my chest while I’d jerk off spilling cum onto my belly. Less often, I’d kneel at her feet and cover them with my warm glistening semen. I love the look of her tender soft soles slippery with my cum pooling between her toes. Then I’d grab a tissue and clean my stomach or her feet. That was that.

Maybe it sounds boring, but when you’re on something that works, you don’t feel the need to mess with the formula too much.

I’ve always had another mild kink; one that I’ve never fulfilled – licking her cum covered feet. To take her toes into my mouth and suck them clean. To erase every single drop of cum with my mouth. It’s not just that I wanted to taste my sperm, it was also the idea of eating it from her feet that turned me on. Submitting and humbling myself before her to thank her for allowing me to cum on her beautiful bare feet in the first place.

The major problem is that after orgasm I lose all interest and ability. I can obsess over it for days on end, but the moment the opportunity arises I reach for that tissue to clean up. I know there’s the whole refractory period thing. And, another part of me worries that she may think less of me (even though I know she wouldn’t). Either way, it has never happened. .

Long ago, early in our relationship, that desire was mild, something I thought about here and there. Along the lines of “yeah, I’d like to do that someday.” But, it has grown much stronger as I’ve gotten older. And, as our marriage is fully into its second decade, and as our sex life has been reduced to birthdays and special occasions, that desire has exponentially increased to the pount that it has become a borderline obsession. I read stories and watch videos of men kneeling at a woman’s feet, hungry for their own cum. And I’d fall asleep at night thinking that maybe tomorrow I will allow it to be my turn.

Then 2020 happened.

Believe it or not, when the lockdowns happened and we were confined to the same space 24 hours a day 7 days a week for days on end, our work life actually got even busier and there was even less time to spend together. Our sex went from being endangered to extinct.

On top of that, we were feeling a little body-conscious. We needed a physical outlet to keep ourselves moving since we could no longer get to the gym. Now, we aren’t fitness freaks, ataşehir escort bayan but we do our best to stay in shape. And, all the sourdough bread and cookies we made to cope with the lockdowns were beginning to stick to the ribs. That lead us to set up our own personal home gym when autumn began to set in and we foresaw a cold isolated winter. There was no way in hell we were going to reveal ourselves to the world in 2021 looking doughier than our bread.

Unfortunately a home gym doesn’t usually come with a lot of space and we couldn’t both be in the same space at the same time. So, usually I would lift first and then hop on the treadmill for a run. As I’m running, she usually gets started on her workout; yoga is her particular favorite.

Our treadmill faces in toward the middle of the room giving me a clear line of sight to the activity in front of me. Let me tell you, the half hour I run is an amazing experience on yoga day. Watching her athletic figure stretch into the various poses, always barefoot. She’s caught me staring more than a few times and always gives me a knowing grin. I swear she angles some of the poses in just the right way to give me a show. The half hour on the treadmill goes by both too fast and excruciatingly slow. I could watch it for hours and it’s over in a snap, but it’s also exceedingly difficult to run with a bone in your boxer briefs.

Because I know she’s on a tight schedule and usually has to log back in to work immediately after the midday workout, there’s rarely any time to show appreciation to that body or those flexible yoga toes. So, I hop in the shower and take care of myself before continuing on with the rest of my day.

But, last week, there was a change. It all began on an afternoon when, in typical fashion, I got on the treadmill for my usual run and she began setting up her mat for a yoga session. She looked at me, deviously smiled, and completely out of character said “ready for the show, foot boy?”

I was struck speechless; a rarity if you ask her. I managed an exasperated chuckle and said “always” with a smile on my face. That was very unlike her.

But, before I had even gotten off the treadmill, she started getting messages from coworkers on her phone. I knew, yet again, that nothing was going to happen and I would be left to my own. I went upstairs and took my normal self pleasing shower and went on with the rest of my day. She was still working late into the evening when I finally gave up and went to bed.

The next morning, I woke up and headed to my desk to get some work done. I wanted to let her sleep in a bit before the workday that was, as always, assured to be busy. A little while later, mired in reports, I heard the familiar pad of bare feet on hardwood that signaled that she was awake. Coffee cup in hand, hair up in a ponytail, baggy t-shirt and sweat pants, she leaned into the doorway to my office, one foot propped up on the opposite knee, told me good morning, and asked what my day looked like.

“Oh, the usual. Surprisingly free of meetings in the afternoon, but plenty of administrative work,” I told her.

“Well, that’s good,” she said. “Hey, do you mind if I work out before you today? I have some important meetings this afternoon that I’d like to be prepared for and some time on the treadmill will be just what i need to give me a chance to clear my brain.”

“Of course, not a problem at all. I’ll just head down a little later.” To be honest, I was disappointed. Watching her workout was one of my favorite parts of the day. But, there would be other days.

“Thanks babe. Love you, have a great day!” And, with a flip of her ponytail, she was off to get ready for the day.

After my seemingly endless run-on meetings, it was approaching the time I’d normally head downstairs to exercise. I heard the basement door open and shut. escort kadıöy A minute later, the electrical hum of the treadmill and the familiar but muffled tap-tap-tap of her trainers on the treadmill deck could be heard.

After about a half hour, I suited up for my turn to head downstairs. I could hear that she was no longer on the treadmill – just stretching out I assumed. But, as I came around the corner, she was just seated on the weight bench, trainers and legs gently dangling off the end of the bench, clearly waiting for me.

“Took you long enough,” she said as she smiled.

I was somewhat confused. “Long enough for what?”

“Long enough to show up. Come over and kneel right here.” As she said this, she pointed down in front of her feet.

I knelt before her as instructed. “Here?”

“Mhm, that’s perfect. Now untie my right shoe and take it off.”

Again, I did as I was told. This was exhilarating and my heart began to race. Gently I undid the shoe and slid it off. There was a faint and warm aroma of sweat and shoe that instantly made my cock stiffen. I began to slide my fingers into her white ankle sock to remove it when she stopped me.

“Oh no, not yet,” she gently scolded as she reflexively pulled her foot back. “There will be time for that, but don’t be impatient. Now, smell my foot, I’ve been making it extra stinky just for my foot slave.” And, with that, she extended her foot to my face.

I had never heard her say those words together. Foot slave. She had never commanded me to action like that. I promptly buried my face into the toe of her sock. The moist cotton covering my nose, my nostrils engulfed in the scent of her sweaty socked foot.

“That’s it,” she said, “just like that.”

Instinctively I began to massage her foot, holding it and pressing it deeper into my face. Unsure whether I wanted to smell her feet or suck her toes so I just sort of did both.

She giggled as though she was delighted with how this was unfolding. This was a new experience for me, too. She had always wanted to wash up to give me clean feet to play with. And I had never even expressed interest in her sweaty feet before. But, I was in heaven.

“Alright. Remove that sock now,” she commanded.

I did as I was told. Fingers into her sock at the ankle, peeling them off her warm and damp foot, slowly revealing each inch of skin and I went to dive my face back into them.

“Nope. Not yet. So impatient.”

I somewhat retreated, my disappointment audible.

“For being so impatient, you must be punished. Take off all your clothes.”

I eagerly complied, stood up and ripped my shirt off, slid my joggers and boxer briefs down exposing my rock hard shaft, and stepped out of them along with my shoes and socks.

As I stood there, she moved her foot up to my cock and gently nudged it a bit. “And, just what do we have here? Are you enjoying this?”

I nodded. “Yes, very much. Your feet smell amazing.”

“Well, then get back down here and prove just how much you love them. Worship my foot, but under no circumstances should you touch yourself until i say so.”

I knelt back down, and instead of atroking my cock, I held her foot in my hands and began to softly kiss at her ankle moving my way down to her toes. I held her foot up and stuck my tongue out to her heel and then licked the length of her sole. I took each toe into my mouth. The warmth, the taste of salt, the smell of sweat. All combined, it was nothing short of sensational. This was the best worshipping session I had yet experienced.

She was clearly enjoying this, as well. Head back, sighs of pleasure, this seemed to be exactly what she was hoping for, too.

Every inch of her foot now wet and cleaned by my mouth and tongue, she slid forward a bit and dropped her foot down to my aching cock and began maltepe escort rubbing her toes along my throbbing shaft.

“Do you want to cum?” she asked.

“I do,” I nodded. “Thank you.”

“Okay, but you have two choices. One of them gets you a reward and the other doesn’t. So, do you want a reward or not?”

How could I say no? “Yes, the reward, please.”

“Ok, to earn this reward, you have to do what you’ve always wanted. I need you to clean my foot after you finish. I need you to eat every speck of cum that leaves that dick.”

I was nervous because I know my history and inability to follow through. And, she clearly saw the uncertainty in my eyes.

“If you don’t clean it all up, and I mean every drop, you’ll be punished. I’ll never let you relive this experience again. Are you still enjoying yourself? And are you ready?”

“I am, yes. You are incredible. I want to do this again”

“Okay, no going back now. Start stroking.” And she raised her foot to my mouth again. “Tell me when you’re ready.”

It didn’t take long, especially with her foot in my face. A couple dozen strokes, and I was on the verge of exploding. “I’m so close.” I moved her foot down in front of my cock so I didn’t miss catching my sperm.

All of the pent up and charged sexuality spurted out in one of the most intense orgasms I have experienced. Rope after rope of cum ejaculated onto her foot, more than I had ever seen leave my body at once. Five, six, seven spurts of hot sticky semen leapt onto the top of her right foot from her ankle to her toes, running down the sides to her arch, dripping through her toes as my orgasm finally subsided. an impressive amount.

But, this was when reality set in and I paused looking at the volume of cum enrobing her foot. “I can’t do this,” I thought. “I’m such a pussy. Why can’t I do this?”

I briefly looked her in the eyes as she wondered what my next action would be and then looked down at her beautiful fully covered glistening foot and that’s when it hit me: I want to do this. She wants me to do this. I can do this. And then brought her foot up to my mouth.

I took her now glossy toes deep into my mouth sucking off strings of cum, swallowing everything. Actually enjoying the flavor. The bitter sweetness of my semen. How it tasted coming off her soft and sweaty skin. I cleaned between each toe ensuring that every drop was removed. I again placed my tongue onto her heel and then licked all the way up across her arch to her toes collecting the wet and warm cum that had dripped down. I cleaned her entire sole before taking care of the top of her foot. it took a few minutes, but I ensured that ever inch of her was clean from her ankle down. That every ounce of cum had now been removed from her foot by my tongue.

She sat up and examined her foot. “Wow, good work,” she said. “But, you still have some left,” and she pointed down to the floor where a puddle of cum had dripped off her foot” She ran her toes across it and managed to pick some up as she lifted her foot back to my face. it took a couple of times

Excited, I opened my mouth to receive the final drops. Though truly a little sad that it was now over. i kissed the final drop off her big toe.

“Very very good. I believe you enjoyed that,” she smiled. “You’ve been wanting to do that for awhile. Look at all of these years wasted and the amount of cum you could’ve eaten.”

“Ha. Yeah,” I said sheepishly, somewhat embarrassed by how much I actually enjoyed it. “That was fun and I would definitely be down to do that again. Soon.”

“I’m happy to hear you say that,” she said, a devilish smile creeping onto her lips. Her eyes alive with this newfound dominance. “You’ve definitely earned your reward.”

In my excitement for finally fulfilling this fantasy, and being shocked by how much I actually enjoyed it, I had forgotten all about the reward. I looked her in the eyes, curious about what she was going to say.

She lifted her left foot up onto the bench, shoe still on. Looked me in the eye and with that grin that let me know I was in the best type of trouble. She simply said, “next.”

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