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First Day in the Caribbean 12

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The next morning Asch headed for town as soon as the library was due to open, which was after some writing and a quick breakfast. His first presentation in Easthaven was the next day, and he wanted to review some of the geology paper, look over some satellite photos of the area, and rehearse the approach he was going to take in his talk. He saw Clay when he got to the library a few minutes after it opened. He and the reference librarian were talking animatedly, and she barely glanced at him as he seated himself in front of one of the computers. Asch smiled to himself as he looked up the USGS site.

Asch made it a point to be in front of Octavia’s place when it was time for her to leave for work. She started out the door, saw Asch, held up a finger and dashed back inside. A couple moments later she reappeared wearing a revealing scoop-neck spaghetti-strap top and no bra, tucking her white work blouse and underwear into a pouch.

“Now I’m ready! I missed you, but Mom was beginning to think that I had moved,” she said as she snuggled against his upper arm, “so I figured I’d better spend at least the occasional night at home.”

“If that outfit is an attempt to make it up to me, I certainly approve of the effort.” On impulse he pulled her to him and kissed her. She cooperated immediately, pressing herself against him so he could feel her breasts and she could feel his responding member.

Finally they separated. “Too bad this is in public. I can tell you’ve missed me, too,” she grinned, putting her arm around his waist as he put his across her shoulders, a finger or two just under the strap of her top. She continued, “Let’s see—I get off when Rita’s closes, and have about half an hour before I have to be at Anchovie’s…”

“What! In a back alley someplace? I’m eager, but I don’t think it would be very romantic for you. —But thanks for the expression of interest.” Asch smiled, looked down her neckline, and gave her a squeeze across her shoulders. When he relaxed the squeeze, he slid the strap off her shoulder and it came to rest a couple inches down her arm. She smiled and left it there. He updated her on his morning adventures, including running into Clay.

She inhaled, making the view even more spectacular. “Tell you what,” she looked at him sideways, “I dare you to meet me behind Rita’s at closing. I know some pretty dark alleys. Don’t wear underwear.”

They pendik escort had just reached Rita’s back door, and she kissed him, mouth open and willing, grinding herself against him. Asch took in a shaky breath. “I’ll see if I can work up the nerve.”

“11:30.” She ducked into the restaurant.

Asch had trouble concentrating on his presentation the rest of the afternoon even though it was nearly done. He stopped by the bike shop on his way to his room for supper, a quick nap, and a shower.

Jenny and Sharon were in the back, working on posters, Charlie serving as their gofer. “See? We have six done, two more in the hopper. They even have QR codes for people who want more info.”

Asch was skeptical about the number of adults who used QR codes, but young people have a lot of influence on their parents, so he thought it was a good idea. The posters looked professional; attention-getting colors and not too busy. The headline was pretty good, too: The Bare Truth, with the’-are’ crossed out and replaced with ‘-eer.’

At 11:25 he was standing across the alley from Rita’s back door, wearing a black shirt and shorts. He leaned back against the building, pretending he was some kind of bad guy. He realized he didn’t have any actual experience with bad guys, so he didn’t know exactly how he should act. Well, he’d play it by ear.

She came out wearing her spaghetti-strap short shorts outfit. He approached her “Hey, babe, wanna have a good time?” he said in his sultriest voice.

She walked right into him. “Do I have a choice?” She looked up at him, batting her eyelashes.

He put his hands on her butt cheeks and pressed her against his crotch. “Does it feel like you have a choice?” he growled.

“Eek! a masher!” she whispered, turning away from the street but holding his hand so it stayed pressed against her butt cheek. “Obviously you’re picking the time; I get to pick the place. Over here,” and she walked deeper into the alley, turning left a few yards down. The light was burned out in the side alley, revealing an opening onto another street a good ways down. The end they were in was particularly dark.

As soon as they rounded the corner Asch hooked his fingers under the hem of her shorts and pulled her to him. Turning her around, he pulled down her straps and kissed her fiercely. She sefaköy escort met him with equal measure, reaching for the snap and zipper on his pants. “Let’s see what you’ve got, buster,” she said between clenched teeth, then plunged her hand into his shorts and her tongue into his mouth.

He thrust his already wet member into her enclosing hand and she squeezed and pressed downwards, forcing his skin back. He gasped and went for her shorts, opening them and sliding them over her hips. She guided him into her slit and pressed herself onto him, moaning into his mouth. He grabbed her butt cheeks and pressed her onto him, lifting her up. Her shorts prevented her from wrapping her legs around him, so she contented herself with plunging back and forth, grunting with each thrust. He met her thrust for thrust, and in less than a minute they both tensed and climaxed. They never broke the kiss or their embrace. She sighed a little and he let her down gently, then caressed her cheek.

“I needed that,” they said to each other simultaneously, then laughed together. “I could have said I missed you” they also said together, to more laughter. He reached down and pulled up her shorts, which had fallen to her ankles, and she hitched his up. They were awkward enough fastening each others’ shorts that they both laughed and resorted to doing their own. She left the straps of her top hanging loose though, and they alternately kissed and walked arm in arm to the end of the alley.

She stopped him just before they got to the light. “I still have a few minutes. Let’s make out,” and she grabbed his butt and started kissing him. He responded with his hands on the sides of her breasts, pulling her into him. They experimented with different nose positions to their mutual amusement. He ended by tickling her neck with his nose. “I imagine you’ll need a couple minutes to clean up. Maybe I’ll come in for an early breakfast once you’re on the clock and I’ll use the men’s room. Nobody’ll have a clue.” He wiggled his eyebrows. “Except us.”

He walked back to pick up his bike, and looked in when he parked it at Anchovie’s. Two things immediately caught his eye. He saw Octavia behind the counter, dressed modestly (for her) waiting on a customer as if nothing had happened. And he saw Clay and Marian seated together.

Asch entered the café and sat down silivri escort on the stool he had sat on the first day. He rotated around toward Clay and Marian. “I can’t seem to get away from you guys today,” he grinned.

Marian answered first. “Clay and I went on a date!” She grinned bashfully, and Clay just looked sheepish. “It turned out that we both wanted to see Lend me a Tenor at the community theater, so we went together.”

Clay shook his head. “I don’t think I ever laughed so hard in my life. We had a pretty good time.”

Marian nodded. “So we’re ending our soirée with an aperitif.”

Clay smiled, “Yup. We’re ending the evening with a snack, too,” he mugged.

Marian playfully hit him on the leg. “You’re a bad man. You know what I meant, and Mr. Jones has an excellent vocabulary.”

Clay took the bait. “Jones? That’s your last name? Really? Plain old Jones?” and he gave Asch a good horse laugh.

“Ahem.” Octavia was behind Asch and interrupted the conversation.

“Uh, yeah!” Ash spun around, leaving the couple to themselves. “I’ll have, uh, lemme see,” and he grabbed the menu.

Octavia stood there, arms folded, tapping her foot trying to look stern, but grinning instead.

Asch couldn’t help but notice that the crossed arm stance emphasized her breasts, and he kept looking up. Octavia took in a big breath to increase the effect.

“Um, How about two scrambled eggs and bacon? Hash browns and whole wheat toast.”

She pretended to write on her pad, and headed for the kitchen. “Wreck two, four grunts, wheat down, spike on an oval,” she called out.

She put a cup of coffee in front of him. “Decaf.” Anything else I can do for you?

“Thank you, but I have been very well cared for already,” Asch tried to keep his expression completely serious, and almost succeeded.

Marian and Clay came over. “I told Marian about what we learned about Easthaven yesterday,” Clay confided.

“I think that’s just horrible! When anyone comes into the library from Easthaven, I’m going to mention it.” She pursed her lips, a determined look on her face.

“The girls have some posters ready, maybe they can put one in the library,” Asch offered.

“I’ll be looking for one.” She and Clay left, Clay talking about the poster designated for his tavern.

Octavia brought his meal. “They didn’t waste any time, did they?” she said out of the corner of her mouth.

“Actually, I’ll bet it was Marian who didn’t waste any time. Five’ll get you ten Clay had no plans for the theatah last night.”

“Well, if so, he doesn’t seem to mind being reeled in hook line and sinker.”

“I have to agree.”

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