Temmuz 13, 2024

First Caress

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The sound of your voice on the phone makes me think your need is as great as mine. We’ve been meeting like this for months, but I still never know if you will be hot or cold. I do know you will always take my breath away. A cold night with you is hotter than I ever knew with anyone else.

It took us about three months to work up to meeting in person. There were notes and letters. There were long phone calls and flowers. Finally, when you knew I was ready and I couldn’t wait any longer, we started meeting regularly. Or at least whenever you asked. We met in hotels – one hotel – The Sienna. We both had housemates and really didn’t want to get them involved in our love life.

As my arms go around you – around your waist and up your back – you feel charged with tension. Just a little dangerous. An animal hunting its prey is loose, and ready to spring. I have always thought of you that way. But tonight, you are more tightly sprung than usual and looking to finish what you started. The tension is heightened by your effort to control yourself. I know before our caress ends, I’m in for a wild ride tonight.

I shuddered as your hands go down my back and moved across my ass. Then you tease them across my thighs and up to my waist. You push me against the wall and move your hands to my breasts. The heat from your hands is cool compared to the torch you light inside me. As you pinch my nipples through my clothes, like a strike of lightening, çatalca escort the heat finds a conduit and I gasp from the shock.

And that’s enough. Like the wolf that finds the weakest animal and runs it to ground – as my gasp relinquishes control to you – you feel the power you have over me. You loose a little control. You pull both my hands above my head. You hold them with one hand. When you pop the first button off my blouse, the heat from within melts my knees and they buckle. You hold me fast and finish the blouse and the bra. Your hand runs down my torso and then down to the bottom of my skirt. You torture me with a slow glide up my thigh and a teasing dance around my clit. Then you remove your hand and I groan in frustration. You take a hand in each of your hands and move to my sides, as you lower my hands, you lower your head and my cunt is electric with anticipation.

When your tongue touches me I try to grind against your face. But this is just a tease. This is just the torture you know will remove any stray thoughts and focus me on sex. You move your head up, ignoring my apparent protests. With my hands above my head again, you are moving your free hand down. When you touch my lips, then press fingers onto my clit, your mouth goes to my rigid nipples, I buck and arch and cum in your hand. I bite into your shoulder to hold back the scream.

As I fall against you, you capture my mouth and esenyurt escort ravage it. My mind is spinning. But I know I want more. I know I will be the slut you want me to be. I know I want you to fill me, to feel you on me, in me. To taste your skin, to feed on your lust. I want you to tease me, spank me and pull the passion from me. Fleetingly I wonder if I have asked for more than you want to give. But you know I will take what you give and won’t ask for more.

Just for these stolen moments – we are master and slave yet both slaves to our passions.

As your kiss ends, and leaves me breathless, I still manage to say I want you inside me. After I cum, my cunt is tight and the thought of your glorious head sliding slowly inside and then pounding me until I am writhing and screaming your name, has me lightheaded. I am reaching the point of no return as you continue to kiss my neck and breasts. You’ve let go of my hands and now they have a mind of their own. Actually my body is of one mind – that of getting you to fuck my brains out.

After a firm fast inspection of all the equipment through your pants, I get your pants off with an amazing show of agility. Once my hands feel your skin, you are the center of my quickly spinning universe. I have both hands on you now, one stroking your cock the other feeling around and under and over. I let go for a minute to revel in your chest. I run my hands up etiler escort your torso and thru your chest hair. As my hand go south I rub my breasts against your chest and slide my wet pussy up and down your thigh. Then I slide down your thigh and onto my knees.

You are now just a dick to me. The rest of you is just there to hold it at a convenient height. Making love to your dick is all there is in this moment. I slowly run it across my lips and cheeks, down my neck and between my breasts. The only time I wish my breasts were bigger is when I have your rod between then. I wish I could oil then down and squeeze you between them until your knees buckled. But for now, I have you back at my mouth and I am licking every rigid inch.

After lingering around the head I slip you in my mouth and you can hear me moan – it sounds more like a purr with you in my mouth. My hands are on your buns and I am sucking and moving and teasing with my tongue. Its all glorious sensation to me, but for you it’s a ride that has a climax. With your mood and my appetite this evening, I expect you to cum in my mouth. But you pull out and push me over to the bed. I fall down on my back. You quickly roll me over and let me know you have something else in mind. You can tell by my groans that there is no where I’d rather be.

The feel as you enter me from behind, makes me very glad to be a women. And I think to tell you that, but it come out as, “Fuck me, oh God, pound me hard”. And you do and do and do. And you cum and we both fall down on the bed. Then you hold me against you, caress me. You kiss my neck and breasts and with one deft hand bring me to an earth shattering climax.


As always, I appreciate your comments. Sincerely, V

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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