Temmuz 17, 2024

“Fifty Shades of Grey” Encounter

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I had taken the day off to run errands and catch up on things around the house. The only scheduled appointment was to have my teeth cleaned. My hygienist is tremendously sexy and really makes the experience wonderful. Even though insurance doesn’t cover this, it is one healthcare item I never complain about – thanks to her. I arrived at her office, for a late afternoon appointment. Normally, I wear a suit, but today I was in shorts, sports shirt and flip flops. Very casual for me, but it is my day off. I am 45, 5’9, 155 white male. Very well educated, articulate, successful and keep myself in pretty good shape for my age. My salt n pepper hair gives away my age, but other than that, I still look and feel like I am 35.

When I arrive at the office and sign in, I can tell something is up. A few minutes later, the receptionist calls me to the counter and explains to me that I am there on the wrong day. I explained to her that I am certain, I must have mistakenly put the appointment down incorrectly in my pda, but since I had taken the day off was there anyway they could work me in. A few minutes later, she returned and asked if I could come back at 6 and Mrs. T, the hygienist would work me in after her last appointment. I was thrilled. I decided to walk across the street to a small pub and have a drink, relax and wait.

At six, the office was empty. I noticed that they closed at 6 and I thought to myself, that she was working over just for me. When I stepped in, the receptionist explained to me that Mrs. T was working me in after hours and wanted to make sure it was OK with me – if the Doctor checked me first, because he had a meeting to attend. I was grateful to be worked in and willing to comply with whatever.

Just then she stepped out to greet me. WOW, I had forgotten how incredibly sexy she is. She is 5’7, wonderfully toned, she must be a runner. Her breast are deliciously perky in those scrubs and they accentuate her perfect ass. The best part was her million dollar smile, incredible white teeth and piercing blue eyes. She called me by my first name, Jake and told me how wonderful it was to see me again. As I followed her back, it seemed as though she was not wearing any underwear. If so, it had to be a sexy thong because there was no panty line disrupting the perfect view of the most perfect ass. She asked me why I was so casual, and I kidded her that I had taken the day off just to be with her. Well it was partially true.

She blushed and in her perfect southern drawl said, “Why thank you SIR!”

Damn, this stirred me deep. Was she flirting with me? Once I was in the chair, adjusted and positioned in a position of submission to this Goddess, canlı bahis şirketleri the dentist stepped in and hurriedly checked me. They talked some foreign medical language and he said Mrs. T was going to take great care of me and assured me that everything looked great and stepped out.

She then made some chatty small talk with me as I became lost in her dreamy blue eyes. She walked over to get something from her pocket book and moved it to the counter beside me. As she sat it down, it flipped over and the book, “Fifty Shades of Grey” fell out along with a pocket vibrator. I thought she was going to faint! She walked over very professionally, and put them back in and returned to me.

I guess the liquid courage was working, because that stir in my stomach had moved to my cock. I was semi hard, thinking about this Goddess, Southern Belle reading Mommy Porn. Very good mommy porn at that. The girls in my office had been raving about the book for weeks, so I downloaded it onto my I pad and finished it in two days. I could not let this go unnoticed.

“So you are readying about Anastasia being used by Christian in the Red Room?” She was beat red now.

She said, “OMG you have read the book? You must be the only man in the world that has read it. I have been begging my husband for months to read it.” She then locked eyes with me, very seriously and asked, “What did you think about it?”

“Well honestly I loved it, every pornographic detail of it. This book has opened up the imagination of women like you who have been shut down for years sexually.” And then, I smiled a real devious smile and locked eyes with her.

She said, “this cleaning my take a while, how much time do you have?” I responded, “All night.”

She placed her hand on my cock and grabbed it. I was of course, rock hard. She then nervously asked me to excuse her for a second. Then she left. My mind was racing. Did I cross the line. Is she going to have me thrown out? Oh SHIT, what have I done? A few minutes later she walked in and turned to overhead off. I could hear her voice, but laying back in the chair I could not see her.

She said to me, “This room in this office has been annexed into the city of Vegas, so what happens here stays here, got it?”

I responded, “Yes MAAM!” Mrs. T told me that the staff had left for an in-service training session at another office and we were alone. She was not expected to be at the meeting. I said that is fine with me. The exam room was dimly lit and the drawl in her southern accent was so intoxicating.

I could here a noise that sounded like she was changing clothes as she continued to speak. She then turned the blinding canlı kaçak iddaa light on above my face that they use when cleaning your teeth and sat down. I could not see anything. She then asked, “Jake, are you sure your ready for this?”

I responded, “Anastasia are you sure your ready?” She grabbed my hand and pulled it to her breast. OMG, she is NAKED! She had slipped out of her scrubs and was sitting next to me completely naked. Blinded by the light, I could not see anything. Her breast were more incredible than I imagined. Very perky maybe a C cup and her nipples were very hard and larger than pencil erasers. Slowly, I worked my way down her tight, perfect body, to her shaved pussy, which was dripping wet.

This must be a dream? Nothing like this EVER happens to me! I reached up and turned the light off. I pushed away the tray and slipped off my shorts and took off my shirt. I then stood and told her to get in the chair. She was completely submitting to me. I had this unbelievably, HOT woman at my disposal. I leaned down and kissed her, passionately. Her tongue was hard, and quick. Her lips are delicious. She kissed me like a teenager, who had never been kissed. Her hands were exploring my body wildly. I grabbed her nipples and squeezed them hard. She winced and raped my mouth with her tongue. I pulled back and grabbed her wrist and pulled them over her head. I took my belt and bound them together and to the top of the chair. I grabbed some tape from the cart and pulled her legs apart and tapped each of her ankles down so she is spread eagle.

I went over to her pocket book and took out the pocket pussy toy. She had a little pouch that housed the vibrator and lube. I lubed it up and placed it on her nipples. I asked her if she had ever squirted?

She replied, “NO!” I then asked if she had been ass fucked. “NO!” she replied. Then I asked if she had been spanked. “NO!”, she replied. She was squirming as I worked her nipples over with the bullet. Slowly, I worked down her body with my hands and the bullet. Following with my tongue. Licking, kissing, teasing every inch of her incredibly beautiful body. Slowly I traced her pussy with the bullet. Her clit was rock hard and the juices were flowing hard. She had cum several times already and was BEGGING me to fuck her.

I told her that she was NOT going to get fucked until she squirted. I then, reached for the lube and began to lube up her ass. She begged me not to fuck her in the ass. Slowly, methodically I begin flipping her clit HARD with my fingers, simultaneously pushing the bullet into her perfect ass. She screamed with pleasure as it went in and was thrashing like a wild animal, begging me to FUCK canlı kaçak bahis HER. With the bullet in her ass, I began working her clit hard with my tongue, teeth and fingers. Faster and faster I flicked her clit and pounded her pussy with my fist as her ass was humming. What seemed like seconds went by and she began to convulse uncontrollably and screamed and screamed feeling her body tense I intensified my fist in her pussy and my mouth on her clit. Then she EXPLODED! I was soaked. She squirted and squirted and squirted.

I turned the bullet off and left it in place. Then I reached up and untied her hands, then her legs. She curled up in a ball and began to purr.

“Enough?” I asked.

She replied, “I have never felt this way before. No body has ever made love to me like that and you have not even put your dick in me?”

I laughed and replied, “Welcome Anastasia to the world of Grey!” She smiled.

I leaned down and kissed her and asked if she was ready for more?

Again she smiled and looked at me with those incredible Blue eyes and nodded.

I grabbed her head and led my raging hard cock into her mouth. She devoured my cock unlike any woman I have ever been with.

Before I knew it, I was raping her mouth. She was deep throating my cock and enjoying every second of it. I rotated her body, so her head was hanging down off the chair, so the angle of her neck would be perfect. I told her that I was going to unload my cum in her mouth and she was to take every drop of it. She looked at me with terror in her eyes as I exploded. My low hanging, shaved smooth balls were FULL of cum. I pumped and pumped her full. She did not spill one drop.

I slowly pulled my cock from her mouth and pushed her back into the chair.

I looked at the clock and it was eight. We have been playing for two hours and it seemed like five minutes.

This woman is AMAZING!

I reached down and grabbed my shorts and shirt and began to dress. I kissed her neck and worked up to her mouth and she tongue fucked me again.

I whispered into her ear, Welcome to My WORLD Mrs. T. You are now my slut. I will enjoy you often and I will share you with my friends.

She replied, “YES SIR!”

I then turned and walked out of the room and let myself out of the office.

All the way home, I replayed the events of the evening and said to myself that I am going to immediately join the author of “Fifty Shades of Grey”, E.L. James fan club. Then I wondered, how many women out there are like Mrs. T? How many like her has read this wonderfully amazing book and have been exposed to sex in a way they never dreamed possible. They then figure out how boring their sex life really is and wonder what could be?

So much work to do and so little time.

I pulled into the convenience store near my home and went in to buy as many lottery tickets as I could.

This is MY NIGHT!

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